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This was the second time that I watched this movie.  My memory was of the first time figuring out what was going on.  On this second viewing, I liked it even more because I could notice set up that I did not see before.

It is 1954 and federal marshal Leonardo DiCaprio arrived on Shutter Island, an insane asylum, to investigate the escape of a prisoner/patient who had been committed because she murdered her children.  As he investigated, DiCaprio discovered that there was much more going on at this facility than was obvious.

I will protect the ending in this review so if you are someone who has not yet seen the Martin Scorsese film, you can still approach it with a blind eye.

This is well crafted and constructed.  The story works well and unfurls at a good pace.  There are several distinct, almost horror-like aspects here too and they all work in detailing the narrative of what is going on here.

Along with DiCaprio, the film features strong performances from Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow, and Michelle Williams.  The acting is stellar here, especially since the performers are acting in a way that is meant to be interpreted differently later.

The film has some fantastic scenery and some beautiful shots, except for one point when DiCaprio and Ted Levine were in a jeep.  That was a painfully noticeable green screen.  Other than that, the film was beautifully rendered.

The mystery of the film is gripping and does a great job of moving you through the story.  It may be a touch too long, but that is a minor complaint.  You do have to pay attention for maximum enjoyment, which should not be a negative either.  I enjoyed Shutter Island quite a bit.


One thought on “Shutter Island (2010)

  1. I agree. I really like this one and I think it’s some of Scorcese’s best late-period work. There’s a real edgy, alienated quality to it but it’s an engrossing watch. The flashback/dream sequences are cool and kind of expressionistic in places. Really good stuff.


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