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Inductees for 2018 are…


Pizza (received the most votes)

Marvel’s Black Panther


Dr. Seuss



Black Panther


Die Hard

Santa Claus


Congratulations to this year’s inductees into the EYG Hall of Fame!


Announcing this year’s Wild Card inductees to the EYG Hall of Fame


Tim Curry

Stranger Things

Josh Gates

Alton Brown


Congrats to the newest members of the EYG Hall of Fame Wild Cards






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Netflix has announced that they have canceled both Iron Fist and Luke Cage after their second seasons.  This news came out just prior to the release of Daredevil season 3.  This has led to some speculation online that Netflix may be leading toward a “Heroes for Hire” series, though that is just an unconfirmed rumor online. 



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James Gunn looks to be attached now to Warner Brothers’ Suicide Squad 2 as a writer and possible director.  After being let loose by Disney, Gunn certainly seems to have landed on his feet.

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Box Office Report for weekend October 19-21:

  1. Halloween $77.501 million

  2. A Star is Born $19.3million

  3. Venom  $18.1 million

  4. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween $9.715 million

  5. First Man  $8.565 million


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