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This is the EYG news news news…updated 3/15/2017


Announcing the Jan. 1st Special Inductees into the EYG Hall of Fame.  This year the category is COMEDIANS.  Welcome to the EYG Hall of Fame to the following well deserving people:

The Marx Brothers

Abbott and Costello

Richard Pryor

Carol Burnett

Lucille Ball

The Three Stooges

Laurel & Hardy

Congrats to this year’s Jan 1st Inductees into the EYG Hall of Fame! Coming soon…Legend inductees for 2018.


A new Avengers: Infinity Wars trailer, the final before the release of the film on April 27- which has been moved up a week to prevent spoilers from over seas, was released Friday morning as the Russo Brothers, the director of the film, tweeted that everyone should set their alarm clocks. 

Here it is…




Ava DuVernay New Gods

Ava DuVernay is closing a deal to helm the director’s chair of Jack Kirby’s classic DC property New Gods for a big budget film release.  DuVernay had said in the past that her favorite super hero was Big Barda.  




Image result for NCAA 2018 tournament bracket

NCAA Tournament -known as March Madness… is underway.





Box Office Report for weekend March 9-11:

  1. Black Panther $41.136 million

  2.  A Wrinkle in Time  $33.316 million

  3. The Strangers: Prey at Night  $10.48 million

  4. Red Sparrow $8.15 million

  5. Game Night $7.9 million


And that is the news news news.