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This is the EYG news news news…updated 5/12/2017


Announcing the first of the three LEGENDS inductions into the EYG Hall of Fame for 2018.  The announcements will be made on April 1st, August 1st and December 1st. 

April 1st inductees:

Mister Fred Rogers

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Walter Cronkite

Howard Cosell

Congrats to the first inductees of the LEGENDS

First of three groups of LEGENDS inducted into EYG Hall of Fame on April 1st.



ABC has cancelled several series including Marvel’s Inhumans, Designated Survivor, Quantico, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, The Mayor, Ten Days in the Valley, The Crossing, Alex Inc, and The Crossing.  The biggest surprise of the list would be Kiefer Sutherland’s  show, Designated Survivor, which has been steady in the ratings on Wednesday nights.  Inhumans is not a surprise as the show was basically gone before it had finished its run and now it is simply confirmed.



ABC made the announcement!  Agents of SHIELD will return to ABC for a shortened 13-episode sixth season!  WHOO_HOO!  This is great news that will hopefully have some answers later down the road.  It is possible that season six will be its final season (hope not).



NBC has picked up Brooklyn Nine Nine one day after the show was cancelled by FOX.  The show is a favorite of the online community and the chance to continue watching it was met with some great celebration on Twitter and other social media platforms. 






 The longest reigning Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team champions, The Patriots, JTE and Jeff Sneider, lost their championships to the team of Above the Line, Samm Levine and Drew McWeeny after 500+ days as champions. The match with this pair of teams is one of the best matches of the year from the Schmoedown.  Samm Levine became the only competitor to hold both the single title and the team title at the same time.  He then defended the title successfully against Clark Wolfe in a dramatic and extremely hard fought game.



 Coming on June 2nd, the next LIVE Schmoedown….



 Marvel Studio’s head honcho Kevin Feige has hinted that Marvel Studios has some new heroes coming in phase 4. While not confirming anything, Marvel is supposedly preparing to have Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and the Eternals as upcoming films.

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Box Office Report for weekend May 18-20:

  1. Deadpool 2 $125 million

  2. Avengers: Infinity War  $29 million

  3. Book Club  $12.3 million

  4. Life of the Party $7.5 million

  5. Breaking In $6.5 million


And that is the news news news.