Ms. Marvel S1 E4


“Seeing Red”

One of the items that I have meant to comment on over the last few week of Ms. Marvel on Disney + was how effective this show is for drawing connections with the viewers. I mean, I am not a 16-year old Pakistani Muslim girl, but I can relate with so many other aspects of the series. I have seen plenty of online reactors who have found parts of the story, especially with the family or situations, that brought them back to their own childhoods or their lives in some way.

This works because the show has plenty of overarching themes such as family, relationships, love that are universal. Plus, there is an amazing amount of cultural information and scenes that show us the lives of Muslims in the MCU in a positive light.

This week we head to Karachi, Pakistan (and the show actually recorded there) and see what the city is like, filled with color and foods. I swear Kamala spent half the time eating in this episode.

We are introduced to several characters in this episode including Red Dagger, a Pakistani hero that had been introduced in the comics, and Kamala’s grandmother, who we technically saw on the phone Facetiming with Kamala in previous episodes. Noni is a spark of energy in a little old lady body. She was more like Kamala and you can see why they have such a close relationship and why she and Muneeba may have had some conflict. Muneeba claimed that Noni always was spouting her “crazy theories” which could explain why Muneeba called the bangle junk in episode one.

There was a lot more fighting this episode as Kamala and Red Dagger squared off at first in the typical super hero fight. Then we got the Kamala/Red Dagger fight with the ClanDestines who escaped from DODC custody. This included a chase scene through the streets of Karachi.

It was during that last fight scene where Namja stabbed at the bangle and sent Kamala somewhere else. It is not clear if it was another dimension or time travel, but Kamala wound up at the train station during the Partition.

With only two episodes left, things are picking up with Kamala. Ms. Marvel has been a fantastic series so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

The Boys S3 E6



Seventy years ago. Founded by Soldier Boy. Poor Frenchie.

This is what a lot of the fans of the Boys comic book series have been waiting for. This episode of The Boys goes much farther than just a gimmick.

Are there sections in the show that have to be pixeled out by the YouTube watch along groups in order for their videos to be allowed? Absolutely. There is a ton of nudity and some graphic sexual moments. However, there is a ton of character bits and plot going on around the Herogasm.

Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie head to Vermont to try and find the Twins from Soldier Boys’ team. Soldier Boy has decided to kill all of his team and Butcher agrees to help if he adds Homelander to the list.

The battle that ends up at the Herogasm site between Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie against Homelander is awesome. They almost got Homelander, but he is able to escape, but he does – though clearly shaken.

So much happened here including:

  • Annie posts a streaming video showing the world the havoc that happened when Soldier exploded and she told the truth about everything, including Homelander. She announced that she was quitting the Seven. This was a shocking ending to the amazing episode.
  • The Deep and the Octopus. Come on…
  • Starlight and Hughie have a major fight as Hughie’s insecurities seem to be getting in the way.
  • Kimiko is grabbed by the same Russian thugs that grabbed Frenchie last week. She kicks their asses but thinks that she is a monster. She did stab that guy a few times…
  • A-Train out right murders the Blue Hawk by brutally dragging him at super speed across the road. But… is that the last straw for A-Train’s weak heart? Does he die?
  • Imagine there’s no heaven…
  • GPS, Bluetooth and Internet are made up words according to Soldier Boy.
  • Ashley ripped out her hair as she yelled at A-Train.
  • Black Noir cut out his tracker and he is in the wind after hearing about Soldier Boy going after former team. Is Black Noir scared of Soldier Boy or is there more to this?
  • Homelander stepped and squished Termite.

Obi-wan Kenobi Episode 6


“Part VI”

I have been up and down on Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Disney + series that dropped its finale for this (possibly) only season of the show. Some episodes were great, some were not good at all, and most had something worthwhile. The biggest issues I had with the series has been the writing, which feels as if they are not going too deeply and are having characters do some stupid stuff.

I felt the same way about the finale. There were parts that I thought were tremendous and other parts that just did not work for me. Overall, this was not as bad as some of the tweets I saw afterwards, but it was not a total win either.

Tremendous parts:

  1. Obi-Wan vs. Vader lightsaber fight. This is easily the best part of the show. Obi-Wan got his groove back and they had a knock down battle. The conclusion of the fight with Obi-Wan slicing open the Vader mask and seeing the scarred face of Hayden Christensen was epic and a beautiful way to leave it.
  2. We get to see the criminally underused Uncle Owen, played by Joel Edgerton.
  3. Did I mention that lightsaber fight?
  4. Should go without saying but Ewan McGregor is fantastic. Hayden Christensen got a chance to redeem his earlier performances.
  5. Qui-Gon Jinn.

Middle Ground:

  1. Leia. The use of the young actress in this episode was fine although I would have liked to have seen the reunion with her father.
  2. Kumail Nanjiani. It is always good to see Kumail, but his character here is reduced to a babysitter. He is the Stranger Things’ Steve here.
  3. Vader orders ship to follow Kenobi. This made no sense since we know Vader could have followed Obi-wan himself; However, I give a break to this since it fits right in with Vader’s anger overwhelming his logical sense.


  1. The whole Reva bit going to try and kill Luke. That made no sense to me and it was meant to try and show Reva in a better light, but it was way past time for that to happen. This has been easily the worst written character on the show. Moses Ingram did the best she could with what was here.
  2. Obi-Wan able to get back to Tatooine in such a quick fashion.
  3. Why does Vader start to leave Obi-Wan under the rocks. This was the only weak point for me during their lightsaber duel. After all this, why leave Obi-Wan beneath the rubble. Don’t you want to see him die, Vader.

Overall, I liked this more than The Book of Boba Fett, but it was nowhere close to the Mandalorian.

Ms. Marvel S1 E3



Another fantastic week of Ms. Marvel! I love this show. There were some awesome character moments with Kamala and her family as the wedding of Aamir gets underway, some exceptional Bollywood dance routines and some serious action.

We learned of Najma, the identity of the mysterious woman who was the mother of Kamran. She is a member of a group of Jinn called the ClanDestine. The Jinn existed as invisible creatures or demons in early pre-Islamic religion and mythology. We saw a flashback to 1942 British controlled India, where Najma and Kamala’s eventual grandmother Aisha originally found the bangle on a chopped off blue hand buried in a ruin.

So when Najma helped rescue Kamala last episode, we find out that she wants Kamala to help the ClanDestine to get back to their own dimension. She left out the fact that this could be terribly dangerous, a fact that Bruno found out about later (shout out to Dr. Selvig!)

Kamala texted Kamran that she needed some time, but when Najma discovered that Kamala was not immediately wanting to help them, she and her group went to force her to help. This turned into a disruption at the wedding.

I loved the wedding scenes. They were so wonderful and colorful and full of love and life that is was totally charming. The dancing was such a treat. I am glad that they waited until “Brown Jovi” (Ha Ha) started to bring in the ClanDestine.

The fight between Kamala and the ClanDestine was really tense and exciting as Kamala used her hard light to keep them at bay. Both Bruno and Kamran helped in the battle, but it was not until Damage Control arrived that allowed Kamala to sneak out the back. This was also where Nadia saw Kamala use the hard light and realized that she was “Nightlight” the whole time. You could see the hurt in Nadia’s eyes because her best friend did not tell her about this.

This show has just been so great and it only continues to improve every episode. Again, Iman Vellani is unbelievably charming and full of so much energy and life. Knowing that this is her first acting job is mind-blowing and it goes to show that Marvel clearly knew what they had in her.

The Boys S3 E5


“The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies”

Amazon Prime dropped the fifth episode of the third season of The Boys tonight, continuing the outstanding season. Things are really starting toward building up to the battle with Homelander.

Homelander continues to flex his figurative muscles to the people around Vought, including board members. With Ashley taking the CEO role, Homelander looks like he is finally realizing that running a business is not as easy as he thought. This seems like one more thing that is piling upon the crazy hero.

Highlander “dealt” with Maeve this episode. We are not sure what has happened to her outside of the fact that Black Noir helped take her down. Not before she had sex with Butcher though in a violent encounter with him. Maeve has been in a downward spiral this season. I hope she is okay.

Soldier Boy has found his way to America (pretty easily, by the way) and started blowing things up as he tried to figure out what the world was now like. Paul Reiser, of all people, appeared as The Legend, who provided info to Soldier Boy off screen, and told Butcher and his group about it after wards.

Soldier Boy has apparently made a deal with Butcher now to become the weapon against Homelander. This whole deal had its share of consequences though as Butcher had to slip MM a roofie because he knew that MM would not agree to team with Soldier Boy. It also lead to conflict in the relationship with Hughie and Starlight. Starlight is not happy with Hughie for taking the V-23 for powers. This is all done very well because Hughie is taking the V-23 to feel less of a loser and to protect Starlight, but Starlight doesn’t want his protection. She just wants him. She wanted Hughie to leave Butcher and Soldier Boy, but he chose to follow behind Butcher.

Karma was rearing its ugly head for A-Train, whose tip lead to Super Sonic’s murder by Homelander last episode. Now, as A-Train tried to get the racist hero Blue Hawk to apologize after he had been brutalizing black communities, but it went really poorly, and A-Train’s brother wound up in the hospital, apparently paralyzed. This whole storyline is right out of the headlines with BLM and the police.

Kimiko recovered from the attack in Russia, but she lost her powers, which made her very happy. We also had a song and dance routine to “Who Could Ask for Anything More”. This was remarkably charming with Kimiko and Frenchie leading the background dancers through the hospital. It was all an imaginary scene, of course, but it was still so great.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 5


“Part V”

I am torn by this episode.

While I think it is considerably better than last week’s contribution to Obi-Wan Kenobi, I do not think this was up to the levels of Part I or Part III.

The episode featured a light saber battle between young Obi-Wan and Anakin which would have been around the “Clone Wars” time. I thought Ewan McGregor looked weird de-aged at first, but as the flashbacks continued, it did not bother me as it did at first. Of course, the light saber battle was meant to echo was would be going on in the episode as a whole.

This felt more like Reva’s episode as we discovered what we already had guessed. She was one of the younglings during Order 66. We do not know why she survived, but, now, Obi-Wan used this to say that Reva was “hunting” Vader herself. Though we never saw even a hint of this, the show went ahead and tried to turn her. In the end, we learn that Vader always knew who she was and stabbed her with his light saber. Strangely enough, that did not kill her and he left her alone. I found that entire confrontation to be bizarre. Am I supposed to be rooting for her now?

We also got another example of how bad of a shot the Stormtroopers are. How did they not completely butcher those people when they were like ten feet away firing into the crowd?

Obi-Wan going back and forth inside that station, giving himself up, escaping, giving himself up, escaping. I guess it was just to delay the Empire, but you would think that he could come up with something better.

And, why are you holding onto that bomb that would eventually kill Talia? Why not use it like a hand grenade before this on the Empire? I am sad that Talia and her droid had to go. Their death was heroic, but it felt as if it did not need to happen. Wasn’t she some kind of military officer? This was the best she could come up with?

It was nice, though not vital, to see Kumail Nanjiani again. He did not serve a purpose outside of…hey, there is Kumail!

And those who claimed that the Grand Inquistor was still alive, they were proven to be correct as he appeared from out of nowhere today to stand beside Darth Vader.

I enjoyed a lot of the action of this episode, but it just did not feel as if it were very smart. So far, if I were ranking the episodes, I would go like this:

  1. Part I
  2. Part III
  3. Part V
  4. Part IV
  5. Part II

Ms. Marvel S1 E2



I love this show. It was “very pleasing.”

After only the second episode of Ms. Marvel, I have truly enjoyed the introduction of Kamala Khan and the development of her character. The way the show seamlessly melds the Pakistani Muslim background of the character into the show without making it feel like it is out of place is masterful.

This week we got even more of the culture of Ms. Marvel and we got much more with Kamala’s friend, Nakia, while introducing us to Kamala’s crush, Kamran. Bruno received some good news about Cal-Tech, but he was unsure how to feel about it, because of his feelings for Kamala.

Perhaps my favorite scene was Kamala returning home from the party where she met Kamran for the first time, dancing to the song “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes.

The show started looking closer at the mystery behind Kamala’s great grandmother and what the bangle is. We learned in this episode that the powers Kamala has gained did not come from the bangle, but was inside her and was unlocked by the bangle.

I hope the fans are not going to be criticizing the show for the fact that we have not gotten a ton of action scenes or that we have not seen Kamala in her costume much. I heard a lot of the complaints during Moon Knight and this feels the same in that way. They are spending plenty of time working on the character outside of the super hero, which is certainly the Marvel way. Kamala Khan is a fantastic character and I am looking forward to seeing how the show continues to grow with her.

Oh, and Iman Vellani is so perfect in the role of Kamala Khan. Marvel has done a historically great job of casting, outside of a few kinks, but this one feels on that next level: like with RDJ as Tony Stark, Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Chris Hemsworth as Thor. I can’t imagine anyone else playing this role already.

I enjoyed the rescue the kid moment for Kamala, but the kid’s dialogue left something to be desired. Ice Cream Pizza? It did a nice job showing that Kamala has improved her skills with her powers (thanks to some Bruno training), but that she is not incredibly smooth with it yet. She got the job done, though it may not have been without a hiccup or two. She did get to pull out a “super hero landing” though.

We learned this week that Kamala’s parents owe their marriage to Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet.” I loved that little detail as well as Kamala’s brother’s response of “That’s gross.”

I do wonder how the Dept. of Damage Control can interrogate these children without their parents or a lawyer there. They did it in Spider-Man: No Way Home too. I also think that they were using some drones from Spider-Man: Far From Home when they were chasing Kamala.

I spend the entire show laughing and sitting with a big smile on my face. Nightlight? How funny was that? This is so well written and brings every character on the screen to life with details specific for every one of them. I feel as if I am meeting these real people and that I forget at times that this is a superhero show.

Keep it going Ms. Marvel.

The Boys S3 E4


“Glorious Five Year Plan”

Every season I get to a point where I am just on the edge of hating Billy Butcher and then he pulls back enough for me to ease down again. We are just about to that point in season three. Butcher clearly cares for Hughie and MM, but he couldn’t give two craps about Kimiko and, because of that, he treats her like a weapon that he can do with what he likes. He looks down on the her, probably because she is a supes.

The season is halfway over and things could not be much worse than they are right now. Butcher and the Boys just awoken Soldier Boy with his gigantic beard and he blasted Kimiko with his chest ray (something I do not know if Soldier Boy could do). The blast was killing Kimiko as her healing did not seem to work. I wonder if that is the eventual way to stop Highlander.

I do not want Kimiko to die, but it was clear that something was going to happen to her or to Frenchie when they had decided to leave the group after this final mission. That is a terrible sign in super hero stories. Don’t be happy and think you are getting out.

Highlander has also really been feeling his oats lately too. He went to Victoria and had her turn on Stan. He had been tormenting all of the members of the Seven. You can tell that he believes he has no weakness right now.

With Starlight and Maeve teaming up to plan an attack on him, Starlight went to Super Sonic for help. This guy has always looked to be a straight laced hero and I did not really expect him to turn on her. However, when he tried to recruit A-Train to the cause (after a confrontation with The Deep), I saw this was a bad move. I even said out loud, “don’t tell him!”

Unfortunately, I was right. A-Train went to Highlander (off-screen) and told him about the plot against him, which led to Highlander murdering Super Sonic as a way to try and keep Starlight in line. It was not surprising that Super Sonic was killed, but it was a shocking moment. Funny, I was listening to John Campea’s show recently when he and Rob Meyer Burnett were talking about Super Sonic, and they set the Over-Under for Super Sonic’s death at 5.5 episodes. Well guys, it is under.

Oh, I skipped over Kimiko’s dildo fight. Not a sentence one would expect to type. It was an awesome segment.

The Boys episode 4 is the low point for the season (at least I hope). I really hope that Highlander gets his comeuppance this season. He deserves it.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 4


“Part IV”

Okay, so this feel fairly familiar.

Episode 4 of Obi-Wan Kenobi is another rescue mission as Obi-Wan and Talia head into an Empire stronghold to rescue Leia, who had been captured by Reva, the Third Sister (which was probably one of my biggest issues with last episode).

Obi-Wan and Talia head into the heart of the beast pretty easily. They find Leia, fairly easily too. And there is yet another Deus Ex Machina to pull his fat out of the fire.

There were a couple of interesting things: such as Obi-Wan using the force to hold back a cracking window with water behind it. I liked that moment (it reminded me of the “Not Penny’s Boat” scene form LOST, just with less emotion behind it).

It was also weird that Reva was able to foresee the possibility of Leia’s escape and plot to stash a tracking device on her droid. When she told Vader that she had a tracking device on the ship, I rolled my eyes big time because I did not think there was any chance that Reva could have possibly planted a tracker on the ship. However, at least it is plausible that she planted it on Lulu.

My problem is that this really does not seem to have any purpose in this episode. We basically ended up in the exact same spot we were before the episode. There were a few nice scenes with Obi-Wan and Leia after the rescue, but those did not require going through the rescue.

Only two more episodes and, for me, there have been two great episodes and two average to below average episodes.

Ms. Marvel S1 E1


“Generation Why”

The newest Marvel Disney + show debuted this morning and it was Ms. Marvel. I’m not going to lie. I was not sure how this would work. I have enjoyed the character of Kamala Khan in the comics, but I was unsure how that would translate and would I enjoy watching a coming of age version of the character?

The answer is…very much so.

I really enjoyed the first episode of Ms. Marvel, which brought a fun. energetic burst of energy to the screen. Colorful, charismatic and charming, Ms. Marvel Episode 1 combined the feel of a John Hughes high school film with that of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Kamala Khan was a 16-year old High School Junior who daydreamed her way through the day with visions of Marvel superheroes bursting form her imagination. Creating fan fiction on YouTube, Kamala was able to create adventures for her favorite superhero, Captain Marvel.

With the first ever Avengercon coming up, Kamala, and her best friend Bruno, tried to figure out a way that they could convince Kamala’s overprotective parents, Yusuf and Muneeba, to let her go.

The show has played with the origin of the character of Ms. Marvel. In the comics, Kamala Khan is an Inhuman and gained her powers through exposure to Terragin Mist, as the other Inhumans have. However, here she found a arm band of some kind and it gave her these light based powers. Her TV show abilities are still undefined as of yet, but I saw some highlights on Jimmy Fallon showing Kamala and Bruno working on them on a roof top. I know there has been some controversy over changing Kamala’s powers, but that does not bother me. These seem to be a interesting variation of them and we do not know where the show will be taking them. I’m fine with what we got.

Easily, the best part of this show is young actress Iman Vellani, who, in her first acting role, is so charming and so realistic that you can’t help but be swept up in her life. She may be the perfect casting for the first Muslim superhero to have her own comic.

The cast around Iman is amazing too. I immediately loved everyone in her family, Bruno, the actors at school. It all just flowed so wonderfully.

I also loved how they worked in the Pakistani culture while still making me relate with her. I am looking forward to expanding that culture.

The visual style of the show is unlike anything that we have seen in the MCU yet and it is so full of humor and creativity. There are some amazing shots included that create a style all of its own.

I am excited to see what comes next in this enjoyable new show.

The Boys S3 E3


“Barbary Coast”

The third episode of The Boys Season 3 was released on Amazon Prime along with episode 1 & 2 and just like every episode has plenty of amazing moments and shocks.

“The bold and the batshit” was a line dropped by MM in this episode and it absolutely feels like a perfect description of what we get.

Highlander’s crazy rant at his birthday party last episode has made him MORE popular among the people (particularly white males). I should have seen that coming. Highlander is our Trump in this series where the worse he gets, the more his base loves him. Suddenly now, Highlander has a new upswing in his attitude as he is filled with confidence and bravado. So much so that Highlander announced on the decision show for the reality show American Hero, that he and Starlight were in love … #Homelight.

We get our first look at Jensen Ackles’s Soldier Boy in a flashback to a mission where the original super team, Payback, was involved in Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra situation. Soldier Boy was believed to have been killed and taken by the Russians. Meanwhile, several of Payback were killed or injured. Black Noir was there and we get a little bit about how he was scarred. I have wanted more about Black Noir the whole series and I love that we are getting info on him.

Butcher is still suffering from using the V-23 last episode. Continually puking green vomit, Butcher tried to keep Ryan safe by turning on the kid and making him hate Billy. Butcher made himself look like a real asshole.

The Deep is back in the Seven, thanks to Highlander’s mind games and attempts to show Starlight who had the real power. However, the scene later where Highlander forces The Deep to eat a living squid (who was begging for his life, to Deep who was the only person to hear it) was horrible. His name was Timothy, and Highlander forcing him to eat Timothy to prove his loyalty was absolutely rotten.

Highlander is really feeling himself as the master manipulator and is taking his newly found leverage a whirl. He had even dared Starlight to release the tape of him on the plane. He believed it would not matter any more and that the public would still love him.

Next week the show will continue as there are 5 more episodes of season 3 coming.

The Boys S3 E2


The Only Man in the Sky

Episode two of season three really built on the fallout of the first episode… in a big way.

The knowledge that Victoria Neuman was the “head-popper” sent Hughie into an existential crisis, doubting everything he had done in the last year of his life and sending him into a spiral.

The insecurities and grief drove Butcher to continue his investigation into the death of Soldier Boy by confronting Soldier Boy’s former teen sidekick, Gunpowder, and using the V-23 to give him powers. Those powers leading Butcher into murdering Gunpowder in the typically gruesome manner that we have become accustomed to.

MM is having his issues as well as the talk around Soldier Boy apparently is triggering for him. He realized that he had to do something after losing control in front of his daughter.

But this was the combination of everything that has been going on in Highlander’s life that was the real highlight of “The Only Man in the Sky.” Highlander’s birthday special was being planned and he continued to get crazier and crazier. News of Stormfront’s suicide (by biting off her own tongue, ewww) hit him hard as did the constant pressure from the crowd, his dwindling numbers, Starlight’s continual rise in the ranks, Stan’s disrespect all blurred together to finally send the “hero” off the deep end and spew his vitriol live on television during his birthday celebration. It was a shocking moment that has been building truly for all three seasons.

You could almost hear the Vought P.R. department bouncing off the walls. It was a stunning monologue from a man whose image has meant more to him than just about anything. This was finally the true Homelander coming out for the world to see… not the processed, managed hero that had been carefully crafted for public consumption.

I am anxious to see where the show goes from here.

Also, the show felt extremely topical this episode because the fact that Gunpowder was speaking at a gun show/convention, proclaiming the far right ideas of gun ownership and gun rights and promoting for the Vaught Rifle Association. It felt way too real with the tragic occurrences we have been facing over the last month with the barrage of mass shootings and the desire of many for this to be the time that changes the culture. That scene with Payback was difficult to watch, but placed the character into our understanding right away.

Episode three is also dropped on Amazon Prime today and then it will go into a weekly release schedule.

The Boys S3 E1


I checked in at Amazon Prime tonight, knowing that some times they drop premiere early and there was The Boys Season 3, Episode 1 waiting to be watched.

The streaming site were scheduled to drop the first three episodes of the new season of The Boys on June 3rd and then go weekly after that. I loved getting a chance to see the first episode early (to be honest, I could go on to two, but I’m saving that until tomorrow).

What a wild beginning.

Do you all remember around the time of Avengers: Endgame when there was such an outcry on social media and the internet wanting Paul Rudd’s Ant Man to fight Thanos by climbing inside his butt and then going full size? Well, it may not be Thanos, but we do get an idea of what it might have been like in the opening sequence of The Boys.

The Boys has not lost its crude and graphic nature since season two is all I will say about the arrival of the super named Terminte.

After picking my jaw up off the ground of that opening, The Boys settled into the concept that appeared to be the throughline for season three, and that is the fact that Highlander is cray cray.

They kept poking the mean puppy too as Stan Edgar appointed Starlight as Co-Captain of the Seven and he did not care what Highlander thought. Add that to the fact that he has lost his son, he is having his decision making ability questioned for having fallen in love with a Nazi (in season two) and having to go around to all of the talk shows to constantly explain himself… well, you can see how the stress might be getting to him. Heck, it is not like Highlander was the cover boy for sanity in the first place.

Billy Butcher has had a rough year too. He has been playing by all the rules and having to answer to Hugh in Hugh’s new position with the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs’ (FBSA). Of course, Hugh works for Victoria Neuman, who makes people’s head explode. A secret that she does not keep from Hugh for long. I’m curious to see what Hugh does now that he was being showered with blood and guts from Victoria’s latest kill. Unbeknownst to her, Hugh saw everything.

Going back to Butcher, he has a few vials of the new temporary drug that gives someone super powers for 24 hours. He may have found his key to taking on Highlander without dying.

The Deep wrote a book…sort of… well, ghost writers wrote it. Then, A-Train came into conflict with Highlander, showing us all that you should never mumble insults under your breath about a man with super hearing.

And we will soon be getting.. Soldier Boy!

Excited to see the next couple of episodes tomorrow.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 3


“Part III”

So…. this happened.

Darth Vader, with James Earl Jones’s voice and (potentially) Hayden Christensen in the suit, made much more impact in this episode than I thought he would, but we are now half way through the series. Vader cements himself as one of, if not the, best movie villains ever. He dominates every scene and he shows his anger with every breath. His very presence is amazing.

This episode was a big step back. I loved episode 1 and I found episode 2 to be a big step backwards. While I still think episode 1 is the best of the series, episode three made some huge strides.

There were so many great things in Part III. Everything with Vader was awesome. The Vader vs. Obi-Wan confrontation was epic and showed how low Obi-Wan had fallen. Vader’s stroll through town, breaking the necks of random people, was intense and frightening.

The interactions between Obi-Wan and Leia were absolutely enjoyable. The dialogue was well written and heart-felt. The entire scene in the back of the truck with the Stormtroopers was gold. When Leia asked if he was her real dad, my heart broke. You can see how different the two of them were, with Obi-Wan broken and pessimistic and Leia positive and full of life. It creates a great contradiction between them.

Then, Leia is a great improv partner. The young actress playing Leia is named Vivien Lyra Blair and she has been doing an incredible job, especially in this episode. She really reminds you of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher).

This episode though is not a slam dunk. There are a few problems I had with Part III. I did not like some of the choices made. When Leia sent Talia back to help Obi-Wan, I thought that was ridiculous. Sure, she wound up helping, but she promised to get Leia back to her father and she dumped that quickly. Then, how did Reva get to the end of that tunnel? I rolled my eyes big time when she showed up. That should not have happened.

What is wrong with these Stormtroopers? They are supposed to be hunting Jedis and they get into a truck with a guy that couldn’t be dressed more like a Jedi if he tried. This is starting to be a running joke.

Finally, the episode seemed to have all kinds of barriers that seemed to prevent people from moving forward that could easily be WALKED AROUND in just a few seconds. Then, how did the fire caused by Talia stop Vader and the Stormtroopers when, one- it was not that huge and two-Vader just used the Force to put out the other fire. Why couldn’t he do that again? (I think he may just be letting him go). It’s little things like that which brings the episode down a little.

Things did get much better this episode. We saw a Stormtrooper cut in half.

By the way, people on the internet who are spending their days tormenting and leaving racist and hatred toward Moses Ingram (Reva) need to stop. You are the worst. She has every right to not be harassed just because she is playing a role you do not like. Morgan Ingram is not the problem. You are. Stop it.

Stranger Things S4 E7


“Chapter 7: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”

Okay, that was the end of Volume One of Season 4 of Stranger Things and it was fantastic.

The final two episodes, including the oversized 2 1/2 hour 9th episode, drop on July 1st. Thankfully, though, there was no horrific cliffhanger making me yell at the screen when it went to black,

Of course, it went to black several times so I had that terrible feeling multiple times.

The biggest reveal in this episode is how they connect Vecna to the orderly at Hawkins Lab and to Victor Creel. I did not see it coming and I really liked how it all developed. Of course, the orderly that had been approaching Eleven in the flashbacks turned out to be Henry Creel, son of Victor, who turned out to be the mysterious One from Hawkins Lab. He also was the one who slaughtered all of the kids in the lab. I said last write-up that I thought there was going to be a twist coming and that Eleven did not turn out to be the person who killed the kids, despite that is what the show wanted you to think, and I was right.

However, I never guessed that Eleven would open a door to the Down Under and that would cause the creation of Vecna. I like that a lot because it gives Eleven an even deeper reason to be involved in the upcoming final struggle with Vecna besides the fact that she needs to help her Hawkins friends.

No Mike crew in this episode. I very much expect them to arrive at Nina Project near the beginning of episode 8.

Hopper threw down with the Demogorgon in the Russian prison camp while Joyce watched on. The intensity of the confrontation was cool and the reunion of Hopper and Joyce was great, but I am ready for them to be out of Russia.

Dustin truly is a rock star. His theories have been 100% on target all season long and he has to be considered one of the MVP of the Haskins group. It is Dustin or Nancy.

When Vecna stepped in and took over Nancy, I was literally yelling at my screen.

Now that the first 7 episodes are in the book and we have a month to wait for the last two episodes, I can look at the first part as a whole. I found it somewhat uneven and I was not a fan of several of the storylines that took place. It definitely built to a strong final few episodes.

Favorite Episode: I’m torn between “Dear Billy” and “The Monster and the Superhero”. It is one of those. I would lean toward “Dear Billy.”

Least Favorite Episode: Still Chapter 1: The Hellfire Club” by far.

Best Actor: It is Millie Bobby Brown for the whole season, but I would say that the best single performance was Sadie Sink in episode four.

Most Underused: Will Myers. Why can’t Noah Schapp get his own storyline. He is a great actor, but it seems as if this show constantly sticks him in the background.

Best New Character: There are a bunch, but I have grown to like Eddie. I was not a fan of him in episode one, but he has become a much more enjoyable character so far.

Worst new character: I have no interest in Argyle.

Favorite Storyline: The Vecna investigations in Hawkins.

Worst Storyline: Hopper in Russian prison camp

Other Pros

  • Dustin. He has been awesome this season.
  • Paul Reiser. Always good to see him.
  • Jason as the charismatic leader of the Hawkins flash mob.
  • Victor Creel. Great cameo from Robert Englund
  • The special effects and look of the show is brilliant.
  • Vecna. Great villain. Absolutely menacing.
  • Murray. And then Murray as Yuri.
  • Characters interacting. This show does individual conversations extremely well.

Other Cons

  • The group all split up. I want them all back together.
  • Dumb ass parents.
  • The government led by Lt. Colonel Sullivan
  • Not enough Erica Sinclair
  • Lack of Jonathan. I’m fine with Jonathan and Nancy seemingly growing apart. I always liked her with Steven more anyway. But that does not mean that we have to turn Jonathan into a stoner waste.

July 1st should be a big day for Netflix.