The TV Week That Was


Good afternoon.  Welcome back to another TV Week That Was.

This week, the Winter Olympics kicked off in South Korea with the opening ceremonies and the first few events.  Norway has started off with 8 medals so far, though only one of those was gold.  The USA only has two medals so far, one gold, one silver, and one of those, surprisingly in luge.  17-year old Red Gerard gave the USA its first gold medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle.   Chris Mazdzer finished with a silver in luge on Sunday, shocking everyone as he was not expected to be anywhere near contention.  It was the first US medal in luge in history.  Skier Lindsey Vonn among other members of the ski team will be decked out in ski apparel base on Marvel super heroes.  Vonn’s outfit is Captain America and there will also be a Captain Marvel outfit.

Image result for altered carbonI watched the premiere episode of Altered Carbon which dropped on Netflix this week.  The show starred Joel Kinnamen as Takeshi Kovacs, a man who was brought back from the dead over 300 years prior to solve a murder of a fancy rich man, his own.  This series is based on Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk noir novel of the same name.  The futuristic sci-fi program demanded attention while watching it and the first episode definitely felt like a large expository dump.  I’m not sure how else they could have done it, and the show felt interesting. I hope to be able to find time to continue to sample more of the episodes on Netflix.

Riverdale Season 2Riverdale continued its unbalanced season with a good episode after the last couple of weeks of weaker offerings.  This week, the story featured the resolution of the FBI angle with Archie.  It was revealed that the FBI agent trying to stick it to Archie was actually in the employment of the Lodges and was only a test for Archie.  Of course, Archie passed the test.  The second part of the story this week was the mysterious drug dealer that Betty discovered, bleeding and dead on her house’s floor, with her mother and brother desperately trying to clean it up.  Betty helps dispose of the body, supposedly killed by Chic, but her guilt and fear of the body being discovered eats her up and she turns to Jughead for help.  Jughead gets his dad to do a better job of body disposal.

Related imageThursday’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder continued to send Annalise’s former psychologist Isaac down the rabbit hole.  He not only fell off the wagon after (he says) 23 years sober, but it was revealed that his daughter Stella died from an overdose of pills that he brought into the house.  We also discovered that Isaac had, in a panic, actually typed the text message on her phone indicating that she was going to kill herself.  All this info came out as Isaac was starting to pull closer to Annalise.  However, Annalise was pretty clear that they could not be together and that they would be toxic together.  But in good news, Connor said that he and Oliver should get married, and Oliver agreed!

Scandal saw the power struggle with the White House and Olivia Pope come to a possible conclusion when Olivia resigned as the Chief of Staff, despite having dirt on President Mellie.  Quinn revealed herself to Olivia as being alive and she also returned to the other Gladiators who had been having trouble doing their jobs without her.  There was also the scene that helped me hope once again for Rowan to catch a bullet between the eyes as he held Quinn’s baby in front of her and implied that he would strangle the baby to death if Quinn did anything to harm Olivia. Rowan needs to die at the end of this season.  Please.

Image result for letterman and clooney on netflixThe second episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman appeared on Netflix this week and it was another entertaining interview, this time with George Clooney.  The pair eat hamburgers together and Letterman goes with Clooney’s parents to his hometown for some sweetness.  These episodes reminds us how much we missed David Letterman, even with the gigantic weird white beard.

No Agents of SHIELD this week.  Missed it terribly.

Happy viewing.

The TV Week That Was


Welcome to a late arriving TV Week That Was.

Of course, the reason the column is late is because last night was the Super Bowl.  The Philadelphia Eagles defeated The New England Patriots 41-33 in an entertaining offensive struggle between two of the top offensive teams in the NFL.  Nick Foles, the Eagles QB who was a backup as late as Week 11, was the game’s MVP.  Foles replaced potential league MVP Carson Wentz after he injured his ACL.  Foles struggled at the end of the regular season, but he had really stepped up in the playoffs.

The commercials of the Super Bowl were another let down this year, but there were a ton of awesome movie trailers that were shown during the big game.  We got trailers for Mission Impossible 6, Avengers Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Rock’s Skyscraper, Annihilation, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the surprise release of The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix (which dropped as soon as the game ended.)


triplethreat.pngThis week saw the return of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown on Collider Video on YouTube.  The first match was a Triple Threat Number One Contender match between “Little Evil” JTE, Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing, and Mike “K.O.” Kalinowski.  Rachel Cushing won the match in dominant fashion, knocking out Kalinowski and TKOing JTE.  Rachel earned a championship match against current Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion Samm Levine.  The video also saw the long anticipated announcement of Rachel’s new partner, “Classy” Clarke Wolfe in the new team to be called Shirewolves.

This week’s X-Files was one of the best episodes of the new season.  “Ghouli” focused on a monster of the week story, or, at least, that is what it seemed.  However, it turned out that the person that Mulder and Scully wound up chasing was their son, William, whom they put up for adoption years before.  William, who was known as Jackson, had some kind of mental illusion ability that can cause people to see things that were not there.  This was an emotional episode and brought a light on the mysterious son of Mulder(?) and Scully.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 10Agents of SHIELD brought the Kree battle in the future to a satisfactory ending as Flint helped create a new monolith to be able to send the Agents back in time.  Of course this was not before Yo Yo found Kasius’s seer and discovered that it was an older version of her.  Older Yo Yo spoke to younger Yo Yo and implied that this moment had happened many times in the past, implying that the future was set in a loop.  She also said that everything happened because they saved “him” and that this time they had to let him die.  Older Yo Yo said that Coulson was dying and they had to let him die.

Image result for nathan west diesGeneral Hospital had an emotional week as police detective Nathan West was shot and killed by Cesar Faison, a man Nathan just learned was his biological father.  Ryan Paevey had chosen to leave the show so the popular character who was married to Maxie Jones, found himself being killed in the line of duty.  The General Hospital ensemble cast is very powerful and everyone brought their top game with these emotional episodes.  Faison became another victim of the week as he died from complications of a gunshot from Jason Morgan.

Image result for riverdale season 2 episode 12Riverdale has been slipping in my opinion as of late.  After a less than stellar first half of the season with the Black Hood, the last couple of episodes have been pretty low.  Characters constantly do things that make no sense or do not fit the characters that we have grown to know of over the first season and a half.  The whole Archie is being used by the FBI is ridiculous.  Jughead and his obsession with the Serpents brings about some of the worst written sections of the show.  Archie seems to be fine with the Lodges and their connection to organized crime.  None of it works.  I will say that it was nice to see Betty and Jughead back together, despite their break up being short and not believable.  Riverdale needs to start improving or it is in danger of falling back off of my viewing habits.

Image result for scandal the interventionScandal continued its final season with an attempt by Olivia’s friends to hold an intervention for her and get her to admit her wrong doings.  They took her to Vermont and held her prisoner for a few days.  Of course, in the end, Olivia outsmarted the entire crew and got herself back to Washington.  Meanwhile, President Millie was discovering the truth behind Olivia and B613.  Mellie struggled with what exactly she wanted to do to reestablish her own power as President of the United States.  At the end of the episode, it looked like Mellie had decided as Olivia’s things were being moved from out of her office.

Happy viewing.

The TV Week That Was


Yesterday was packed full of fun, so the TV Week That Was had to be delayed until a Monday night.  But here we are!

royalrumblewinnersLast night saw the Royal Rumble PPV on the WWE Network.  The first ever all-female Royal Rumble main evented the show with “The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka winning.  The male version was won by Smackdown star Shinsuke Nakamura.  Shinsuke then announced that he would be challenging WWE Champion A.J. Styles at Wrestlemania, which is a huge match.  Other major winners last night included The Usos retaining their Smackdown Tag Team Championship, The Bar regaining the RAW Tag Team Championship by defeated Seth Rollins and Jason Jordon, A.J. Styles defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in an handicap match to retain the WWE Championship, and Brock Lesnar pinned Kane in the triple Threat match with Kane and Braun Strowman.  Then, at the end of the night, a surprise came out from the back to make a challenge for Wrestlemania.  Rhonda Rousey came out and pointed to the Wrestlemania sign.  Social media then indicated that Rousey had signed full time with the WWE. The women main evented the PPV and this was a great way to go off the air.  We are officially on the Road to Wrestlemania.

There was more wrestling this week as Monday Night RAW turned 25 years old and presented its bog show with a lot of nostalgia and not much else.  Stone Cold Steve Austin came back to stun Vince McMahon once again.  The APA played poker.  The Undertaker made an appearance.  DX made an appearance.  Match wise there was not that much.  Miz defeated Roman Reigns and became the Intercontinental Championship once again.  Honestly, the show was a bit lackluster for how big the show was promoted to be. Thankfully the Royal Rumble delivered more.

And delivering even more after that was NXT Takeover: Philadelphia.  Saturday night prior to a big WWE PPV brings us the epic NXT card.  We had a brilliant Extreme Rules match between Adam Cole (BABEEEE) and Alastair Black, won by Black.  Just as people were getting ready to dub this the match of the night, out came NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas took on Johnny “Johnny Wrestling” Gargano.  This 31 minute match was one of the best NXT matches of all time and is easily your January leader for match of the year.  It was simple epic.  Almas held off Gargano and defeated him to retain his title.

Netflix dropped the first episode of David Letterman’s new show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. Letterman, the iconic late night TV show host, spent 50 minutes interviewing former President Barack Obama.  Letterman had not missed a step as he was extremely interesting discussing all sorts of specifics with President Obama.  The gigantic beard on Letterman’s face is hard to take your eyes off of, admittedly, but these two had me fascinated the entire time  Next up is George Clooney.

The Flash SpoilersI gave Flash another chance this week, and I liked what I saw more than I did with the Trial of Flash.  Bill Goldberg guest starred as a felon who Barry met and bonded with.  Apparently, Goldberg was someone who owed a favor to Barry’s father.  However, the best part of the episode was the elevation of Ralph Digby from joke sidekick to full fledged super hero. The Elongated Man, which turns out to be a better name than Stretchy Man, was the best part of the show.

Scandal revealed that, as expected, Rowan did not shoot Quinn after all.  She has given birth to her son and fought her way out of the basement being.  I was pretty disappointed by this as it just felt like the typical bait and switch and it underplays the entire emotions from last week’s solid episode.  There was a lot of flashback and showing us scenes that we had already seen, but maybe just slightly in a different perspective.  These characters are just lost to me at this point.  Olivia is gone dark side without chance to be saved, in my opinion.  Rowan is well past due time for a bullet in his head.

General Hospital brought back one of their most compelling villains of all time and unleashed him on Port Charles for a few weeks.  Cesar Faison, played by Anders Hove, showed us why he is continually brought back.  He was an amazingly intense and vicious character, terrorizing Anna Devane, Lulu Spencer, Maxie and, his surprise son, Nathan.  Cesar shot Nathan before he knew who he was.  Thankfully, Jason was there to intercept Faison, who had taken Carly hostage.  Faison told Jason that he couldn’t make the shot… which Jason did, of course.  Jason wants answers about his twin brother that, apparently, Faison had something to do with it.

Image result for x files mulder as a child on his couchDisturbing was on display on the X-Files this week as we saw young Mulder on a couch enjoying his Twilight Zone was not.  The episode was actually quite a funny one, but this shot of Mulder as a child watching TV was just about as silly as anything you will see on TV.


Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 9Agents of SHIELD is great each week.  This week was a dramatic and emotional one as Robin, the young girl seer from the past, was now an old woman, who has secrets to reveal.  One of those was that May raised her after something happened to her mother.  When Robin is killed, there is nary a dry eye int he house.  Sinara also comes down to the surface of the destroyed planet (was it really Quake?  not sure)and winds up biting the big one.  Plus, Mack, Yo Yo and Flint’s rebellion against Kasius seems to be going well, but I guess Kasius still has a seer.  Oh, and by the way, he brought back to life Tess.  Agents of Shield is driving toward their 100th episode and it is a joy-ride each week.

There is more I could write, but I am tired and getting ready to go to bed.  So I will skip Speechless, Child Support (new game show), Match Game, Black Lightning (a good 2nd episode), How to Get Away with Murder, the Schmoedown Awards (have a blog post about that) or Movie Fights Live.

Next week:  The new season of Movie Trivia Schmoedown starts on Friday with a triple threat #1 contenders match.  I have to catch back up with Riverdale.  Oh, and there is a little game called the Super Bowl.

Happy viewing.

The TV Week That Was


It is time for the TV Week That Was!  Welcome every one.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 8Agents of SHIELD continues to have a fantastic season five.  I am not sure how a show that was a superhero/spy show can all of a sudden has become one of the best science fiction shows on television.  The return of Robin in the future brought some real emotional moments to the story, especially for May.  The team is preparing for the eventual return from the future in order to save the world from being destroyed.  I think there are some answers we will get, such as Quake not being responsible for the destruction of the earth.  We also are gearing up for the showdown between SHIELD and the Kree.  AoS has just been spectacular all year long and shows no sign of slowing down.

Image result for the trial of flash CWI took a chance to watch Flash this week.  I used to watch Flash regularly the first couple of seasons, but I lost interest as it seemed like every week was the same thing.  I did enjoy the characters and the actors so I figured I would give it another chance.  The trial of Flash was quite the disappointment.  There was nothing that happened that I didn’t expect would happen.  Despite having some opportunity to do something different, Flash just stuck with the old cliche of the super hero alter identity convicted and sent to prison.  Then, the villain of the week was one of the weakest I had seen.  I do have some hopes for Ralph Digby, as I have always been a fan of Elongated Man, but I am not sure that I will be sticking with this show long enough to see Ralph.

Image result for black lightningThe reason I was watching the Flash was because I wanted to see the debut of the CW’s newest super hero, Black Lightning.  This was much more like it.  Black Lightning was a very enjoyable first episode and I am looking forward to seeing episode two.  Black Lightning was in retirement and living happily with his family and as a local principal, Jefferson Pierce.  However, when his daughters get into serious trouble with local crime lord and gangs, Black Lightning had to come out of retirement.  The series explored several black issues, such as gangs and being pulled over by police officers, and it did it seriously and with intelligence.  It was not just checking the boxes.  It was speaking seriously about the problem.  So far, Black Lightning is full of promise.

Image result for scandal quinn is deadScandal returned this week with a very strong episode until the end.  We started it out believing that Rowan had shot and killed Quinn.  They then spent the whole episode mourning her and doing things they would do if Quinn was dead.  Huck had found evidence that he believed pointed toward Olivia as Quinn’s killer and his emotions pulled him apart throughout the entire show.  Huck was tremendous here.  Olivia was very good as well, truly playing off her guilt.  However, all of the emotion looks to be for naught as Charlie, who had been spiraling out of control, went to Rowan looking to get back to his old job as a killer.  And then he hears a baby crying.  He rushes in and there is a baby.  Is it his and Quinn?  Is she still alive.  I think so and that would waste all of the emotional beats of the episode.

Image result for how to get away with murder He's deadHow to Get Away With Murder returned as well this week with a very solid episode, but one that kind of reset the season for the second half.  No matter what they had done, though, it would have paled in comparison to that unbelievably dramatic mid-winter finale.  However, it did get things rolling with Jorge Castillo gaining control of the newborn, the Keating 5 finding out that Simon was not dead, and how Wes had left a voicemail message on Dominic’s phone. (?)  Dominic wound up dead at the hands of Frank too.  Lots of things happen and the gaps in the story from the first half get filled in.

Image result for riverdale betty's brotherRiverdale also returned this week, fresh off the dumping of the Black Hood storyline.  However, Archie is speculating that something did not feel right about it and it could be that we will be returning to that story before too long.  Could it be Betty’s long lost brother, Chick?  They brought Chick in from a couple of towns over and he does seem to be a little off.  Also this episode, the FBI approached Archie to do undercover work to spy on the Lodges in the weekly “how stupid can the cops be in Riverdale” situation.  Archie rightly asked the FBI agent about them talking to him (a high school student) without his parents present and the FBI guy said that they did that because they may suspect Archie’s dad as well.  Duh!  Plus, Southside High was closed down and the Serpents were sent to Riverdale High for some great gang shenanigans.  I have to say that season two of Riverdale ahs been a dramatic step down from season one.

Image result for patriots eaglesThe New England Patriots won the AFC Championship in a close battle with the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 to head to their second straight Super Bowl appearance and the 8th Super Bowl in the career of Tom Brady.  They will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles who, is currently playing, but crushing the Minnesota Vikings.  At the moment, the score is 38-7 in the 4th quarter.  The Patriots and Eagles will meet in the Super Bowl in Minnesota in two weeks.

Welcome back to Bill Maher, whose HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher returned from vacation this week and immediately found its voice in making jokes about the Trump Administration.  Maher’s guest included Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff.

Happy viewing

The TV Week That Was


Hey all.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.

Image result for Oprah at the golden globesLast week started off with the Golden Globes.  Now, none of the awards were too controversial or questionable, even, but everyone came out of the event with three words in their heads.  Oprah for President.  Oprah Winfrey was given the Cecil B. DeMille Award for career excellence and she took her opportunity to speak out on behalf of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements in an acceptance speech that was just amazing.  Image result for dwayne johnson listening to Oprah at golden globesIt felt like a speech that was … presidential.  As soon as the speech was over, Twitter erupted with speculation and #Oprah2020 hashtags.  The speech was surely inspirational (just look at the Rock listening to Oprah intently) and it was a remarkable moment for the Golden Globes.  A typical Golden Globes Awards presentation was a semi-drunken affair where “anything could happen.”  This year’s Golden Globes felt considerably more adult and grown up and I think that Oprah had a great deal of reason for that.

Agents of SHIELD is is full swing right now and the show is getting better and better.  We came very close to a reunion of the whole team this week as everyone except May met back up.  It is so sweet when Coulson sees Daisy and Fitz and he treats them like he is their father.  Then, we find out that Kasius did not die last week as it seemed. Instead, his scar was across his face.  It gave him character, according to Kasius’s brother, Faulnak.  While I was not sure about Kasius’s fate last week, there is no question about Faulnak and his fate this week as Kasius stabbed his brother in the back, killing him.  Kasius and Sinara became much deeper and awesome villains this week, setting up what is sure to be an epic conclusion to this pod when it is finally ready to end.  Agents of SHIELD had multiple call backs to previous episodes this week, including one from the very first season!  Word is that head honchos at ABC have been impressed with AoS this season and may be considering renewing it for season 6.  To that I say…YAY!

runawaysHulu’s Runaways finished its first season with the kids actually heading out on the run.  The fans of the show have been waiting all season for this to happen, finally occurred as the group took off.  However, the show has done a good job of easing the evil of the kids’ parents, and tossing most of the shade toward Jonah.  There are a lot of questions still up in the air with this show but the good news is that Hulu has renewed Runaways for a second season so some of those answers may be coming.

LanglyThe X-Files had a wild and, yes, confusing episode featuring former Lone Gunman Richard Ringo Langly, who died 15 years before this.  Seemed as if Langly had some connection to an attempt to digitize people’s minds and create a new world of scientific discovery where the Ramones are playing all the time.  This felt like one of the classic old X-Files episodes where they dealt with a case a week, although this also fit in with this season’s overarching conspiracy as we see Price involved in this one as well.  And, just like classic X-Files, there is not a nice, clean ending.  I have enjoyed season 11 so far.

mflSomething that has been missing for far too long has been Movie Fights Live from the Screen Junkies.  The show returned this week in its new format.  The format was adjusted and tweaked in order to shed the memory of Andy Signore, the former host and judge of Movie Fights who was revealed as being involved in several sexual misconduct/harassment cases last year.  The new format features two fighters instead of three and adjusted the number of rounds involved.  This week we got a movie fight between Joe Starr and Danielle Radford, with Danielle getting the W.  Hal Rudnick is the new host of the show and one of the judges.

Image result for patriots vs jaguarsImage result for eagles vs.vikingsThe NFL season is continuing to work its way down to finding the two teams that will participate in this year’s Super Bowl.  Right now, in the AFC, we have the New England Patriots taking on The Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game and, in the NFC, the NFC Championship game will be the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings won a game against the Saints to advance to that game with the most remarkable and improbable walk-off touchdown with no time left on the clock.

Happy viewing!


The TV Week That Was


Good afternoon everyone.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was. Things are starting to pick up again after the slow run around the holiday season.  Tonight is the Golden Globes Awards and hopefully so of the favorites will pick up a win.

Related imageLast week saw the return to television of The X-Files in a controversial fashion. The show revealed that the real father of William that Scully had had and had been hiding for years was not Mulder, but in actuality, the Smoking Man.  Apparently, CSM had drugged Scully and had used “science to impregnate her.”  The controversy blew up the internet for quite a bit last week with a lot of anger from the twist. It also seemed that much of, if not all of, the season ten finale was being made into a premonition by Scully and that it did not actually happen.  Seems as if Chris Carter was ready to stir things up with what could be the final season of the show.

Related imageI completed the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix this week, and it was flippin’ tremendous.  In particular, the episodes at the asylum featuring the puppet, Ashy Slashy, were some of the best of the series.  This show constantly took risks and placed its characters into situations that were unconventional and ridiculously funny.  The glorious Bruce Campbell hammed it up regularly and brought so much life and humanity to a character that could be nothing more than a rotten human being.  Ash is truly a hero and the show does a great job showing this. I am very excited for the debut of Ash vs. Evil Dead Season three on Starz starting on February 25th.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 6Agents of SHIELD was in high gear this past Friday with one of the best episodes of the new season.  It feels as if they are preparing to wrap up the future storyline soon as lots of major events happened.  We got May vs. the telepath Ben in the Inhuman Fight Club.  We get Quake vs. Sinara as the main event.  Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 6We got several major deaths including Tess, Grill, Ben and, it looked like, Kasius too.  A new Inhuman (straight out of the comics) Flint who controls rocks is introduced to the crew.  We also got Fitz to propose to Simmons, though she does not hear him… later Jamma pops the question to him instead.  This episode was directed by Clark Gregg himself and the show was awesome.

Image result for NFL playoffs 2018The NFL playoffs have begun with the Tennessee Titans coming from behind and defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 22-21 and the Atlanta Falcons defeating the Los Angeles Rams 26-13 on Saturday.  The first game on Sunday was Jacksonville Jaguars defeating the Buffalo Bills 10-3.  Carolina will be playing New Orleans later tonight in the remaining Wild Card game.  Coming up in the AFC next week will be Tennessee at New England Patriots and Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Steelers.


Related imageThe Runaways penultimate episode of season one aired on Hulu this week and it was excellent.  Everything is coming to a head as the Runaways have come together to confront their parents at the site of their parents dangerous plan.  When this episode ended, I cried out “no” because I was just not ready for it to be over.  I have really enjoyed the slow burn and the character development of this series, but it is time for some Pride vs. Runaways goodness.  There was also quite a bit of surprising Runaway romantic action going on as Chase and Gert got busy and had sex while searching a house.  Karolina also revealed her feelings to Nico.  I am excited to see where this series ends its first season.

Returning is the Match Game with Alec Baldwin.  Although I never would have believed it, I have found this version of Match Game to be an extremely entertaining and suitable follow up to the classic with Gene Rayburn.  Alec Baldwin is a perfect host and the stars are clearly encouraged to be outrageous.  This week, however, one of the contestants got seriously screwed by the judges.  One woman answered the question: “ Oprah Winfrey’s so rich, at Thanksgiving she DOESN’T use a gravy boat– she uses a gravy ______.”  Clearly the answer should be “yacht” but the contestant says “ship”.  Every celebrity wrote “yacht” and the judge gave her credit for it.  Not the best judgment ever made on the show.  Twitter was outraged. 

Have a great week everyone.  Happy viewing and enjoy the Golden Globes tonight.




The TV Week That Was


Welcome to the TV Week That Was.  Actually, I guess, it has been the TV Two Weeks That Was, since I did not do a write-up last week.  It has been a slow period over the holidays, and that was okay since we had the 2017 Year in Review list to work on.

levinechampOne of the major things that happened during this period was the huge special The Schmoedown Spectacular 2 from the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  Three videos dropped on December 22 of six special Movie Trivia Schmoedown matches.  This is like the show’s Wrestlemania with major match-ups and feuds being settled.  “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine became the new Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion by defeating Kristian Harloff.  The Patriots, JTE and Jeff Sneider, continued to retain their team titles by defeating Above the Line, Levine and “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny.  A new Star Wars champion was crowned as Sam Witwer knocked off Ken Napzok in an Iron Man Match.  Then, Top 10, John Rocha and Matt Knost, defeated Team Action, Andrew Ghai SpearSpearSpearand Ben Bateman.  Following that match, Ghai attacked Rocha and tackled him.  Jason Inman became the new Innergeekdom Champion by defeating Hector Navarro.  Finally, Emma Fyffe won the first ever Manager Bowl and revealed that her surprise client was Marc Andreyko, who left the Lion’s Den.  There were so many great moments throughout the video that the Movie Trivia Schmoedown continued to up their game.

Related imageWithout much on television, I started to binge the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix.  I made it through the first season and I enjoyed it tremendously.  I loved how the show used the history and mythology from the original movie to deepen the story.  The return to the cabin from the movie was a great touch as well.  Bruce Campbell is the king of cheese, and he brings that fully through this series.  He is very charismatic with the other characters in the show.  There was a lot of blood and gore, although some of it seemed cartoony.  I hope to be able to finish season two on Netflix as well.

Related imageThere was also the next episode of The Runaways on Hulu.  It was really great too.  Victor had been shot and the attempts by Pride to save him were tremendous.  We also are moving closer to the possibility of the Runaways actually running away.  Chase destroyed the computer with the video on it because he was in such a bad way after seeing his mother shoot his father.  There was also more with Old Lace, which is awesome.  Runaways has been a slow burn and I am enjoying that.

Image result for anderson and kath new years eveTonight is New Year’s Eve and I am going to miss the team of Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.  Kathy was released by CNN after her ill-advised comedy tweet where she posed with a picture of a decapitated head of President Trump.  It was a stupid thing for Kathy to do, but it also shows how some people get punished for their actions and other people continually get away with their bad behavior.  CNN replaced her with Andy Cohen.

Coming up in 2018… American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Black Lightning, Roseanne (returns), Jessica Jones 2, Waco…and, starting this Wednesday… The X-Files!

Related image

Happy Viewing.



The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to another episode of The TV Week That Was here at EYG.  Here is what is happening this week.

promoThe Movie Trivia Schmoedown finished its season, preparing towards the Schmoedown Spectacular II on December 22nd.  There was only one match this week, but it was a doozy.  “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok no showed his Nerd’s Watch teammate Rachel”the Crusher” Cushing in their team match with The Lion Den’s Blofeld’s Cat.  Cushing, as a competitor who did not want to forfeit, took on the duo by herself.  She showed great heart and battled to the very end, but eventually fell to the team Blofeld’s Cat.  At that point, Ken Napzok came out from the back and revealed that he had officially joined the Lion’s Den and that he had left Rachel alone on purpose.  The ensuing promo between Movie Trivia Champion and former Commissioner Kristian Harloff and Napzok was right out of the WWE book.  Harloff, and especially Napzok, was just tremendous with the passion and the story they told with their words.   When the Collider series adds these type of storylines, it certainly adds dimensions to the program.  The game is untouchable, but the storylines bring even more excitement to the show.  The Schmoedown Spectacular II looks to be awesome this coming Friday.

Image result for kree villain on Agents of shield season 5 fitzAgents of SHIELD continues to move along as the ABC show has taken its main crew into the future.  The Kree has captured Daisy and figured out that she is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds, thanks to Deke.  However, Deke is playing a long game and may not necessarily be opposing the agents.  Kasius plans on selling Daisy to the highest bidder and taking that money and leaving the remains of the earth.  Mae might have gotten beat in the inevitable confrontation with Lady Sinara.  Everything looked bad for our heroes until an unexpected face arrived.  With the removal of a helmet, we see Fitz, who had been left in the past had found his way to the future somehow.  The scenes for next week look as if we get the story of Fitz and how he arrived in the dark future.

Image result for dirk gently season 2 finaleSaturday night saw the finale of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season two as Dirk gets the boy back to Wendimoor, to complete the prophecy and bring the story to a happy conclusion.  The boy was able to fix all of the terrible things that had happened over the last several episodes.  Meanwhile, Blackwing looks to be under complete new leadership in Ken, after Friedkin derailed it and helped Dirk return to Wendimoor.  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency finished a tremendous season with a happy ending unlike season one.

Image result for runaways hulu episode 6I will say that I found this week’s Runaways fairly underwhelming after the last few weeks of awesomeness.  The kids were trying to get the video of their parents released out into the world but the party that they decided to do it at was some kind of big party for Prime.  We also got big bad Jonah who seems to be Karolina‘s real father.  We also saw Chase’s dad dropped Image result for runaways hulu episode 6 stan leefrom his brain tumor, but apparently cured by a unknown injection.  The standout of the episode was clearly the Stan Lee cameo as the limo driver.


Ten Days in the Valley, which I had watched on Sunday nights for the first four episodes, had then disappeared.  It reappeared here on Saturday night.  I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, but it does not speak to the future of the show to have it pulled off Sunday nights, a big TV night, only to be dropped on the worst TV night, Saturday.

Image result for riverdale black hoodRiverdale seemingly killed the Black Hood vigilante this past week, but there is some question that this story was actually over.  The Black Hood was revealed to be the school janitor Joseph Svenson, but he had been eliminated as a suspect last episode and Archie still talks about his eyes.  Either way, Riverdale continues its homages to Twin Peaks as we get the Black Hood doing his best Killer Bob impersonation in one of Betty’s dreams.

Happy viewing

The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.

Image result for carl walking deadJust finished watching the Walking Dead special 90-minute mid-season finale.  Most of the episode was leading toward a shocking ending, an ending that they were teasing that everyone would be talking about.  And what they were referring to is that Carl was bitten by a Walker.  After Negan had gotten free of the zombie trap, he came to Alexandria for vengeance.  However, Carl had gotten the others out and confronted Negan.  After that, in the sewers where the survivors were hiding, Carl showed the Walker bite to Rick and Michonne.  Carl is not dead yet, and, on the Talking Dead, writer/producer Scott Gimple teased that Carl will have something important to do when the Walking Dead returns in February.


Dirk Gently on BBC America continues to be solid television each and every week.  The show has tremendous humor, exciting action, twists and turns and some great characters.  This week, the violence capita went through the roof as several of the characters from Wendimore were killed.  Hardest of all, moments after the sweet reunion, Panto and Silas were shot to death.  However, the sight of Bart with a chainsaw preparing to unleash holy hell is really dramatic.  I am hoping that the Boy will be able to save some of these characters when Dirk rescues him from Blackwing.  Either way, we found out this week that Sheriff Sherlock Hobbs is not dead.  Whoo-Hoo!  Of course, he then promptly got shot along with Farrah and Tina.  This show has really been on a breakneck pace this season.

Agents of SHIELD was just off the charts again this week with the group still in the future and in space.  Not only did we get more awesomeness from the crew, but they officially introduced the concept of the Multiverse in the MCU.  It was a difficult week for Simmons, though she is just looking all kinds of beautiful with her gold trimmings.  She was brought out of her weird daze to help train an Inhuman with her phasing power. The girl wound up in a gladiator style showdown, eventually sending her fist through her opponent’s chest.  And what did she get for it?  Sold.  Besides this plot, Coulson came across some kind of strange message coming from the surface of what is left of the earth, that is covered with the roaches.  Agents of SHIELD is rocking season five hard so far.

On Gotham we had a bratty Bruce Wayne sighting this week.  Bruce’s bad behavior had Alfred very concerned, but Bruce was not in the mood to listen to his guardian/butler.  So Alfred got into some fisticuffs with Master Bruce and blackened the brat’s eye.  Because of that, Bruce got himself emancipated and fired Alfred.  Bruce’s evolution in Bratman is well under way.  Also on the episode, we saw he murder of Carmine Falcone, who arrived to retrieve his daughter.  Everyone believed that Penguin had ordered the hit, but it turned out that it was Sophia, his daughter.  Sophia blackmailed Jim Gordon into keeping it quiet.  Plus, she shot the escaped Pyg in the head.  That was my least favorite part of the episode, because I really enjoyed Pyg.  Then, with Penguin returned to Arkham, he wound up in the cell next to Jerome.

Image result for Speechless star warsStar Wars hype continued on the Disney owned network ABC on Speechless as JJ and his brother Ray were able to get tickets to the premiere of the new Star Wars movie.  This, of course, led to conflict when JJ wanted to use the tickets to get a hot girl to take him.  There is a funny cameo on the show by famous director Kevin Smith, which is even more ironic since Smith talked about not being invited to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere on his latest Fatman on Batman podcast.

Related imageI tried to watch the new SyFy series Happy, which is based on a Grant Morrison/Darick Robertson graphic novel but I just could not get into it.  Happy starred Law and Order star Christopher Meloni and a blue, flying unicorn that only Meloni could see. 


Marvel’s Runaways took another awesome step this week as the group came together for the first time and showed off their powers.  And old friend of Alex’s father, who had taken the rap for him to get him out of prison, returned this week and grabbed Alex fro leverage.  Little did he know that the Runaways were here to take care of business.  We got a good scene between Chase and his father as well, as it turned out that Victor revealed that he had a brain tumor.  The show on Hulu has been really great so far and I have enjoyed the slow burn on it.

Image result for star wars schmoedownThe Movie Trivia Schmoedown continues its push towards its big show, The Schmoedown Spectacular on Dec. 22nd.  This week they had a number one contender for the Star Wars Championship, currently held by “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok.  The fatal five way match saw Sam Witwer come out on top after a very dramatic match.  However, after the victory, they brought out Napzok who apparently turned to the Dark Side of the Force and joined the Lion’s Den.  Seemingly, Napzok’s Nerd’s watch partner Rachel Cushings talked him out of it, getting Ken to agree to team up with her again against the Lion’s Den team Blofeld’s Cat.  That match up is Tuesday, and I expect some shenanigans, especially if Ken and Rachel lose.

The week ahead features a sneak peak of the return of Movie Fights to Screen Junkies.  The show that has been off the air since the Andy Signore sexual harassment situation is on its way back and Thursday has a sneak peak.  Also more from Agents of SHIELD, a new Runaways, and more.

Happy viewing

The TV Week That Was


Good evening everyone.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.  First, a plug.  Here at EYG, December means it is time for the Year in Review for 2017.  There will be multiple categories in all areas of pop culture, including television,  So stop in and see where your favorites fall.

Image result for agents of shield premiere season 5Agents of SHIELD returned with a two hour block of episodes this Friday.  What a series premiere.  Just amazing.  Not only did the agents wind up in space (as in outer, like Coulson said), but also in the future, a future where the Kree had arrived to pick the bones of humanity after the earth was destroyed by, supposedly, Quake.  What?  Agents of SHIELD is consistently the best show Marvel out and it is full of action, drama and comedy.  Mack and Coulson were hilarious with their one liners and quips and it never fails that Agent May is destined to kick some ass.

Image result for runaways characters hulu episode 4Marvel’s Runaways continues to slowly build toward the eventual running away.  I like the fact that we are four episodes in and the kids have yet to leave their parents.  It allows some serious character development.  This week we see more with Old Lace, the mysterious dinosaur, and Karolina shared her powers with Chase.  It seems that Gert;s parents are not quite evil as much as they are trapped.  I did not read the initial comic run so I do not know what happens, but I am suspecting something more tragic with these two.  Each episode has been wonderful so far so I am looking forward to Tuesday on Hulu.

Image result for lennie james on fear the walking deadIt was announced on the Talking Dead this past week that the cast member that would be crossing over between the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead and it turned out to be Lennie James, who plays Morgan.  How this would work out was not revealed as it looks as if there will need to be a time jump on Fear.

Image result for season 8 walking dead episode 6Meanwhile, on The Walking Dead, a conflict on the Hilltop threatened to cause trouble.  Maggie, however, quashed the problem sending the snake Gregory into the prison camp that they had set up for the POWs.  We also got Daryl Dixon arriving at the perfect time to prevent the escape of some Saviors with sound equipment in a dramatic way and we also got a rocket launcher.  Then Rick gets himself taken by the garbage people who, apparently, do art in the nude.  This show has not had a great season so far with a few breaks.

Image result for designated survivor season 3 episode 8President Kirkman is showing his inner Jack Bauer on Designated Survivor taking a secret trip into Afghanistan to meet with the opposing sides of the war.  This is something that NEVER would have happened.  When the suicide bomber went off in the camp, President Kirkman stayed right there and dug in.  Any real president would have been on Air Force One and speaking to people on the phone.  I enjoyed the episode though it was perhaps the most unlikely and unrealistic one on TV.

Related imageI am working on catching up on American Horror Story: Cult on the FX app.  I just finished episode 7 of 11 in the season and I am really enjoying it.  I am not sure about the Zodiac Killer part of the story, but I really find Evan Peters transcendent this season playing cult leader Kai.  The realism of the year is also pretty frightening.  In the past, American Horror Story has had some trait of the fantastical about it, but this year, any of this could happen.  That make it all the more scary.

Image result for carol burnett showI am watching at this very moment, the 50th Anniversary of the Carol Burnett Show on CBS.  It is a basic clip show featuring Carol along with a bunch of special guests.  It is too bad that there is not a variety show like this in prime time any longer.  Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence never failed to bring laughter, even if it was just themselves.  Jim Carrey is on the show right now, saying something strange.

Happy viewing.


The TV Week That Was


Good afternoon, Geek Nation, and welcome back to the TV Week That Was.  Last week was a huge week, but this week was a little less.  Filled with holiday offerings and breaks for Thanksgiving, the TV was a bit less.  However, there were still several great things happening.

Image result for runaways marvel HuluLet’s start with Hulu dropping the first three episodes of Marvel’s Runaways, the new adaptation of the classic Marvel comic by Brian K. Vaughn.  The series has given us some of the best adaptations of characters we have seen yet.  The Runaways are a group a kids who discover that their parents are members of a super villain organization and they take off on the run.  We have yet to get the runaway part of Runaways yet, but I am enjoying the movement toward that.  We got to see Old Lace, the dinosaur partner of Gert.  There has been some changes to Molly from the comics, but they seem to work very well in the live action and as long as the changes to a particular character still encompasses the character’s basic vibe, then I am fine with it.  Nico is great.  All of the young stars have shown some impressive work so far and I am fully interested.  Hulu is not dropping the whole series at once in this case.  They will be releasing it weekly on Tuesdays.  I would have binged this fully had they dropped the whole season, but now… I must wait.

Image result for agents of shield 17 minute preview'Speaking of interested, ABC released the first 17-minutes from next Friday’s season debut of Agents of SHIELD, which will be two hours in length, and the debut is beyond epic.  Agent Coulson is back and seems to be in outer space.  Mac steals the entire segment with his quips and lines.  He was a complete riot in the short preview.  In the preview, I literally screamed out twice in shock and laughed I do not know how many times.  I have missed Agents of SHIELD and I am very sorry that there are so many people who do not watch this awesome show.  Seriously, the first half of season one was pretty weak, but as soon as they got through the Captain America: Winter Soldier, this show has been on fire ever since.  Last season with the shortened arcs that included Ghost Rider and the A.I.’s were amazing and this season’s space start was compelling, intriguing and downright scary.  All played with the typical wit and humor of Agents of SHIELD.  I believe this may be the show’s final season and if that is the case, you need to give this fun ride a chance.  Two hour premiere this coming Friday!  Be there!  This is a HUGE step up from the Inhumans.

Image result for professor pyg and meat pies Gotham'There was no Gotham this week, but I had missed the episode from the week before and…holy crap!!!  Professor Pyg returned and brought the chaos with him.  It was one of the best, downright disturbing moments of television this year.  Professor Pyg had taken over a party full of the high society of Gotham and forced them to eat some meat pies a la Sweeney Todd.  In other words, the pies are people.  I am not sure if that was the most disturbing aspect or if it was how the Penguin, trying to protect the boy Pyg held at knife point, grabbed a handful of the people pie and chomped it down.  Seriously creepy.  Jim Gordon got there soon after and was able to bring and end to the reign of Pyg, but not before some of the wealthiest of Gotham got their comeuppance.

Image result for wendimoor dirk gently episode 7“I’ve solved it!”  Dirk Gently yelled at the end of the latest episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  It was especially sweet because Dirk had been in such a depressed mood recently.  It was truly a welcome sight to see him break free from the doldrums.   However, it may be too late since the warring factions of the fairy tale world Wendimoor attacked one another leading to major casualties on both sides.  Series creator Max Landis tweeted that he was really excited because the next episode (next week) is his favorite of the entire series run.  Dirk Gently is consistently one of the most fun shows on television.

Image result for walking dead negan and father gabrielThe Walking Dead’s latest episode was pretty average considering how great the week before was.  We got some information and progression on the Negan front, finally going inside the building where he was trapped with Father Gabriel.  Meanwhile, we returned to the Saviors who were having some extensional crises with who might be in charge without Negan.  That wasn’t working very well and was going to lead to some issues.  We also saw an apparent rift between Rick and Daryl as the two best buddies came to blows over a plan.  I found that to be pretty dull since we all know that there is no way any sort of rift will continue between Daryl and Rick.  In the end, The Walking Dead did not sustain the momentum from last week’s excellent show.

Image result for aj brock ssSurvivor Series was last week with a great match between Brock Lesnar and A.J. Styles on the card.  This might have been the best match Brock Lesnar has been involved with since CM Punk.  There was also an excellent match between the reuniting Shield and the New Day that kicked off the show.  The final match with Team RAW and Team Smackdown seemed a bit of a bungled mess as the people they should be making look great were not the ones there at the end.  However, Braun Strowman continues to be the best booked character in the WWE.

Can’t wait for Agents of SHIELD this week.  By the way…exactly, who is this guy from that 17-minute clip?  Friday can’t get here soon enough!  Happy Viewing.

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The TV Week That Was


Wow.  What a week.

Image result for shiva tigerWhere to start?  How about the Walking Dead?  Last week, I wrote that I had been unhappy with the new season of the Walking Dead because the show had become boring.  Just a few hours later, the Walking Dead would have the best episode of the season.  Why? Easy.  They focused on people that we knew– with stakes for them.  King Ezekiel, Jerry, Carol, Rick and Daryl.  Then, they gave us the most emotional scene of the year and it was about the death of Shiva, the CG tiger that had been prowling the Kingdom.  I could not believe that Shiva died, even though it was a heroic death as Shiva saved Ezekiel from the Walkers. I was on the edge of my seat.  More episodes like this one please.

Image result for jon bernthal punisherThe Punisher debuted on Netflix this weekend and… HOLY CRAP.  This series was not what I was expecting.  There was more character development and characterization than any of the Marvel Netflix series.  It had remarkable writing and tremendous dialogue.  I was very engaged by the story, even though some claimed that the early episodes were slow or boring.  I love the character stuff so I was enthralled.  Then, when it came time for the Punisher violence, this show went further than I ever believed it would.  People who complained about Marvel/Disney not doing Deadpool right if FOX sells to Disney should just look here for the example.  There was so much blood and there were several times when I had to look away because it was so graphic.  This was easily the best version of the Punisher ever on film and Jon Bernthal deserves an Emmy nomination for his work as Frank Castle.

annaliseBut the most emotional I was all week was at the end of the Winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder.  All season we had been fed tragic scenes making us wonder what exactly had happened, and tonight we found out.  Laurel passing out in a stuck elevator as she went into labor, giving premature birth.  There was blood everywhere, and it was up to Annalise to try and save the baby… the baby that we knew had disappeared from the scenes all season.  Those desperate cries from Annalise to the 9-1-1 caller and her yelling “live” at the baby was just unbelievable.  Watching her give CPR to that tiny preemie was as emotional as you are going to get.  I have never taken a deeper breath than when we heard the baby cry as the screen went black.  Amazing.

Image result for robert kirkman secret history of comicsWe got a new series on AMC this week that I have enjoyed.  Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics told the story about the unknown back stories of the comic industries.  The first episode talked about Stan Lee and the history of Marvel.  There was a great deal of focus on Jack Kirby as well.  There was a second episode that I saw this week with the story of William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman.  I had already seen the film Dr. Marston and the Wonder Women so I had a background on this story already, but it was cool to see it again. 

Image result for ghosted Sam the computerThis week’s episode of Ghosted was fun, but it showed the strengths and weaknesses of the series.  Ghosted has a great cast, with some creative stories… this week dealing with an A.I. named Sam who went evil.  The problem was that the show goes too fast.  The half and hour show always feels that as soon as they get things properly introduced, the plot wraps up because the show’s time was over.  Perhaps if Ghosted was an hour show, or they did two part episodes the show would feel less choppy.  I really enjoy the humor of the show and the interaction with the characters, so I hope they figure out the pacing issues.

Image result for last week with john oliver the trump presidencyLast Week Tonight with John Oliver ended their show for the remainder of the year and they did it with a great episode looking at the Trump presidency.  Oliver showed clips showing how Trump and other Republicans use the techniques of “delegitimizing the media,” “whataboutism” and “trolling” as a way to distract and detour his opponents.  It was a really funny show.

Image result for samm levine schmoedownThe Movie Trivia Schmoedown concluded their team and singles Ultimate Schmoedown tournaments this week and one person stood out as the highlight of the week, “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine.  First, the team tournament finals happened where Above the Line, featuring Samm Levine and Drew McWeeney defeat the heelish Team Action.  Then, later in the week, Levine won the singles tournament as he upended “Little Evil” JTE.  So now, Samm Levine, at the December Schmoedown Spectacular, has two title matches.  Above the Line takes on the team champions The Patriots, and then Levine takes on the Schmoedown Champion Kristian Harloff.  Congrats to Samm Levine on his big week.

Related imageIt seems as if Dirk Gently is having some serious trouble with all the death going on around him.  He has really lost the sparkle in his eye and he has become tired of the mantra that “Everything is connected.”  That is making the stakes on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency all the more tough.  There is a lot of strangeness going on on Dirk Gently and it is awesome fun.  However, please do not let Farrah be dead.

Did Papa Pope kill the very pregnant Quinn?  He supposedly kidnapped her in a way to get his freedom and his dinosaur bones back, but when Olivia did not fold, he shot her…off screen.  Personally, I do not believe for one minute that he did it.  I believe that Quinn and Pope were working together to try to save Olivia’s soul.  However, her soul is very, very dark right now.  Scandal is in its final season and will be off until January 18th.

Image result for future manI also sampled the first few episodes of Hulu’s new show Future Man starring Josh Hutcherson.  After the first three episodes I had not been convinced to watch the remainder.  It was not terrible, but it did not grab my interest as much as it needed to. I may still continue to watch it, but I am not feeling the need to binge it.  Here is hoping that the next Hulu series, The Runaways which starts this week, is more engaging for me.

Survivor Series on WWE Network is happening right now.

Happy Viewing.



The TV Week That Was


Good evening, Geek Nation.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.  There are some television programming to talk about this week.

Related imageFirst off, what is wrong with the Walking Dead?  This season has been fairly weak so far as they have entered all out war with Negan. You wouldn’t think that this would make things duller, but it seems as if it has.  The show brought back a character from season one at the end of the program one week, Morales, only to kill said character in an anticlimactic manner the very next episode (and only about 15 minutes into it.)  Morgan has seemed to be reverting to his past stage, tossing aside any character development we saw from him over the last two seasons.  They keep killing off characters that we don’t have much attachment to, expecting it to mean something to us.  Worse of all, they allow Gregory back into the Hilltop despite his clearly lack of loyalty.  When he betrays you AGAIN please don’t come crying to me.  It has been several episodes since we have seen Negan.  Season eight has been a mess so far.  Hopefully, things will start to straighten themselves out.

Image result for inhumans finaleSpeaking of a mess, The Inhumans ended its 8-episode run this Friday night with an okay episode.  However, I, for one, found Black Bolt leaving his brother stranded in a bunker on the moon as the city collapsed around him to be a bit less than heroic.  I understand that they did not want to kill of Maximus and he had done some terrible things, but perhaps he could have been stranded accidentally… presumed to be dead… instead of making Black Bolt be the one to carry out the sentence.  Plus, there were several questions that were raised in the series that, I believe, will never be answered since I cannot believe that this series will get a season 2.  Now, the Inhumans have moved to earth, and we know the Asgardians are on their way to earth as well.  Hm… hope there is enough space.  I also want to call out how weak of a death it was for poor Henry Ian Cusick.  He was killed by the reanimated Gorgon, and, honestly, no one even gave a single crap.  Was I wrong, but he was truly an innocent bystander in this, right?  I mean, he was manipulated by Maximus, but he was not evil and I thought he deserved better.

olivia skrullOlivia Pope is officially evil now.  Any semblance to the Olivia Pope from the first several seasons of Scandal is gone now.  It was revealed this week that Olivia was actually behind the plane explosion and the murder of the foreign leader and his daughter.  Then, she spent the whole episode trying to keep the rest of her friends from finding the missing Quinn because she thought Quinn was going to reveal the truth about Olivia.  Turns out, Quinn was truly kidnapped.  I’m sorry, but I think that Olivia Pope died back when she was kidnapped and they replaced her with a Skrull.  That is the only explanation for the character assassination that has gone on with her since that horrible storyline.

Image result for gotham season 4 jim harveyA lot of complaining going on this week.  Let’s hit on some positives.  Gotham continues its hot streak as the James Gordon-Harvey Bullock feud rages on.  This week, Jim has officially replaced Harvey as police captain of the GCPD and Harvey was not too pleased about it.  Some may see this as the first step to creating Commissioner Gordon, however, the fact that Jim is beholden to Sofia Falcone.  This is certainly leading to bad things.

<p>Jack Falahee, <em>How to Get Away with Murder</em> </p> How to Get Away With Murder is in high speed right now, heading dramatically towards its mid-season finale and an explanation of exactly what is happening.  Whatever it is, it is going to be terrible.  It was tough to see Connor get blindsided with the truth.  Especially after he had spent the whole season in the sad world and he had finally found his smile.  I am afraid for his fate in the upcoming episode because that it an awful lot of blood in those flash-forwards and it must belong to someone.

Image result for jughead kisses toniRiverdale seems to be fast forwarding its story as well and it is doing what it can to trash the relationship between Betty and Jughead.  The fans of “Bughead” took it hard as the Black Hood apparently has some kind of Jones for Betty and then proceeds to threaten her family (including her sister) with murder if she did not break up with Jughead.  Then, Jughead kissed the Serpent Toni in some kind of rebound kiss thing.  I am not sure I am too happy with the way the Black Hood has moved forward and it does feel like these characters change to fit whatever the plot of the show needs them to do.  Still, Riverdale is a continually interesting show and a must watch.

Arsenio juggling ‘Mayor’ role, stand-up and a ‘not famous’ girlfriendtv_arsenio1aArsenio juggling ‘Mayor’ role, stand-up and a ‘not famous’ girlfriendArsenio juggling ‘Mayor’ role, stand-up and a ‘not famous’ girlfriendThere was a fun cameo by Arsenio Hall this week on ABC’s The Mayor.  Arsenio played a reverend who was trying to get Courtney’s mother, Dina (Yvette Nicole Brown), to join his church’s choir.  The Mayor has been a fun show each week, but it has never had that really awesome episode that places it on the map.  It is a consistently good show though so maybe if we continue to get some more of Arsenio Hall, who knows where The Mayor may go.

Image result for aj styles vs. jinder mahalTuesday night saw the crowning of a new WWE Champion on Smackdown, and it was awesome!  A.J. Styles defeated “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal for the title. I was so excited when the hand hit the mat for the count of three that I yelled out and applauded.  It has been a long time since I reacted to WWE television in that manner.  I had hoped that this title change would happen for many reasons, chief among them being that I really like AJ Styles’s work.  But even more so was that now, next weekend at Survivor Series, AJ Styles will be in a Champion vs. Champion non-title match against Brock Lesnar.  This could be a match of the year candidate.

Related imageAnd perhaps the most consistently entertaining and weird show on television right now is Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency.  Dirk, whose motto has always been that “everything is connected” and has said that all he has to do is wait until everything come to him, has begun to find the coincidental aspect of his fate annoying, and it is extremely funny.  Seeing Dirk react to the major coincidences as if they are doing it just to spite him is extraordinarily funny.  The show also has great side characters that it spends time developing.  I am very concerned that we just lost Sheriff Sherlock Hobbs this week.  Hobbs has been one of my most favorite additions to season two and I hope that he has not been killed off, as I fear.

This upcoming week will see the Netflix debut of The Punisher!  That should be brutal.  We also see the Winter finales of both How to Get Away with Murder and Skrull Olivia.

olivia skrull

Happy viewing.


The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to another episode of The TV Week That Was.  Unfortunately, this Sunday has brought another mass shooting, this time in Texas.  As I am writing this, there are not very many details available outside of the shooting taking place at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs just past noon.  According to an article at the New York Times website, officials believe there have been 27 deaths, with that total perhaps to rise.  There will be plenty of news coverage of this on the cable news, but I really think the time has long since passed that the US steps up and does something instead of allowing the gun lobby and the NRA to continually push these national tragedies aside in the name of the 2nd Amendment.  I see lots of Senators on Twitter sending out thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.  How about doing something besides just praying, you sycophantic slugs?

Okay, got that off my chest.  Let’s get on with something happier.

Image result for houston astros on SNLWell, at least, happier for some.  The Houston Astros won game 7 of the World Series this week to become World Series Champions.  The Astros defeated my Dodgers 5-1 in the final game of an excellent series.  Congrats to Houston, which brought some good news to a city that has not had a lot of good news this year.  Also this week, members of the Astros found their way to Saturday Night Live and onto the set of Weekend Update.  Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Alex Bregman walked out and Altuve ended up on Lesley Jones’s lap.

Image result for rick and Morales walking deadI have to say, I have not been into The Walking Dead yet this year.  Last week’s episode was difficult to get into.  They kept bouncing back and forth between people I did not know and other people I did not know firing guns at each other.  There was not enough interactions with the characters who I do know and love.  There was also another fake out on a character’s death as it sure looked like Morgan had been gunned down.  Yet, he survived.  I’m not even sure exactly how he did this.  There was an interesting turn at the very end of the episode as Morales, a character from season one returned to stick a gun in Rick’s face.  I assume Rick will be fine since we saw him as Old Man Rick last week.

Image result for inhumans episode 7The Inhumans brought both Triton and Gorgon back to life this week as the Royal Family returned to the moon, made a deal with Maximus, handed over Dr. Desmond from LOST to Maximus, and then acted surprised when Maximus did not keep his word.  The episode ended with Maximus being led into a trap and winding face to face with Black Bolt.  Only one episode left as I continue to count the days until Agents of SHIELD returns and fills this time slot with watchable Marvel TV once again.  Seriously, Marvel TV has been pretty average to poor lately with Iron Fist and Defenders both being “meh” and Inhumans being downright bad.  Hopefully Agents of SHIELD and Punisher in two weeks (as well as Runaways on Hulu) can start matching Marvel TV with the excellence that is happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Marvel Studios.

Image result for riverdale black hoodI am also split on Riverdale season two.  I loved season one, but I am just torn with this Black Hood killer storyline.  I love serial killer storylines and I do like how they have woven the killer into Betty’s story as well, but I am just not sure what to think about how this story is completely altering Archie Andrews as a character.  He has turned into a crazed and violent nutjob.  Archie bought a gun and got into an Outsiders style street fight with the Serpents.  I understand that the Black Hood started by shooting Archie’s father, but he seems to be going way over the line.  I am interested in the character of the Black Hood and I do wonder whom this killer truly is, so I hope some of the characterization can get straightened out before it ruins Riverdale completely.

scandalplaneboomDark Olivia Pope continues on Scandal as the White House CoS and “Command” of the B613 secret organization each week and even being outed as the head of B613 did not stop Olivia this week.  Show of hands if you expected something to happen to that airplane at the end of the episode?  Yeah, my hand is up too.  This final season has been very disappointing as Olivia has really gone over to the dark side and I am just about ready to say let her stay there.  I also hated how President Mellie Grant, the first female president, fell for the first handsome foreign leader she came across.  So much for female power.  That was terribly cliched and borderline offensive.  Why couldn’t have Mellie just been a strong and powerful woman without having their be “sparks?”  Well, at least the leader was on that plane so there won’t be any more sparks.

Image result for professor pyg gotham episode 7Gotham continues to be must see each week as the Professor Pyg storyline continued this week with Jim Getting a lot of kick back among GCPD for his NOT being targeted by Pyg (that’s like Pygmalion, btw).  However, Jim’s act of bravery to save a group of cops won them all over.  All of them, that is, except Harvey Bullock.  There are definite cracks appearing in the relationship between Jim and Harvey, and it all makes sense.  We also got a storyline with Bruce Gone Wild at a nightclub and getting heavy into it with a girl.  The Bruce Wayne part was the weakest part of Gotham this week, easily.

Image result for designated survivor episode 6 two shipsDesignated Survivor has been consistently entertaining for the last several weeks.  I like how it has moved away from the deep seeded conspiracy to events that a president may have to deal with every day. This week, a US spy ship crashed with a junker in waters where it was not supposed to be.  We got some really good drama, especially between President Kirkman and the young captain Griffin, played by Gregory Smith, who had to step up as leader after the higher ranked officers died in the accident.  The conversations with these two were very emotional and took its toll on Kirkman when we learn that Griffin stayed behind to make sure that the ship’s secrets did not fall into enemies hands.  It was a strong episode of a series that has been very reliable this year.

Related imageHow to Get Away With Murder continues to amp up the situation and continues to drive Annalise toward what looks like some sort of bloody confrontation.  This episode showed us some demons in the mind of Annalise’s therapist, Isaac Roa.  It looks like Jimmy Smits’s character has lost a daughter in his own past and the fact that Annalise has confided in him that she lost a child in the hit and run seems to have sent him into his own emotional tailspin.  The flash-forwards of this show are getting closer each week and soon we will be able to put it all together.

Image result for schmoedown rocha vs. levineThe Movie Trivia Schmoedown is continuing its Ultimate Schmoedown singles tournament, which is turning out to be full of major upsets.  The number one seed, “The Outlaw” John Rocha fell this week to “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine in a close and dramatic match.  That means our final four consists of Levine, a 9 seed, taking on Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing, a number 12 seed, and Mike Kalinowski, a seven seed, taking on “Little Evil” JTE, a number 11 seed.  The winner will receive a shot at the Championship, currently held by “The Commish” Kristian Harloff, at the Schmoedown Spectacular.  The finals of the team tournament are scheduled next week as well with Team Action vs. Above the Line.  If you enjoy movie trivia and you are not watching the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, you need to get on it immediately.  There is fun every match.

Have a great week.  Smackdown Tuesday has a WWE Championship match with Jinder Mahal defending against A.J. Styles.  The Inhumans final episode airs.  GH is continuing its Tale of Two Jasons.  There are lots of great TV programs to watch.

Happy Viewing.

Oh, and by the way… Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

The Gunpowder treason and plot.

I can tell of no reason, why the Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgot.

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The TV Week That Was


Image result for noah schnapp stranger things 2Stranger Things 2 was awesome.

I know that some people were worried to see if the show could improve upon an excellent first season that came from out of nowhere.  Well, season 2 was tremendous, and, in my opinion, had 8 out of 9 episodes that were amazing.  Plus, the kid actor who had the least amount of screen time in season one was absolutely brilliant in season 2.  Noah Schnapp, who plays Will, brought so much emotion and just about every possible reaction a kid could have.  His performance is Emmy worthy.  All of the kids were great in season two, including Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard.  The story was tight and dramatic.  There were moments where I literally yelled out loud.  It was a great season 2 and I cannot wait until season 3 comes around.

Image result for old man rick walking deadThe Walking Dead debuted last Sunday night with its season 8 opener that was, truly, kind of meh.  There were some interesting confrontations with Negan, but it felt as if there was a lot of set up involved in this episode.  The most notable moments in the episode were the strange “Old Man Rick” flash forwards (?) sections.  There were not very many of these, but it is something different that makes you wonder exactly what is going on.  Plus, we had Weird Al Yankovic’s “Another One Rides the Bus” played.  Then, poor Father Gabriel got screwed over by Gregory and wound up face to face with Negan as our cliffhanger.

Related imageThe TLC PPV for the WWE had some trouble with a viral infection and had to redo some of their main matches.  Because of that, we got the return to action of RAW GM and our Olympic Hero Kurt Angle, and we got a Match of the Year candidate in AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor.  Angle wound up doing the Shield power bomb in place of Roman Reigns, getting the pin on Miz and Finn Balor beat Styles in a wonderful match.  Styles vs. Balor showed that two professionals who know what they are doing can still have a great match without any build prior.

Related imageGotham brought out an unexpected Batman villain to the world of FOX network.  Professor Pyg was a character that I did not know much about but he was an extremely creepy and perfectly cinematic villain to really bring a fearsome factor to Gotham.  With Professor Pyg going after Gotham cops who had been taking money from Penguin, the episode also dropped a bomb on us that our beloved Harvey Bullock had been doing that as well.  Professor Pyg got away at the end and I look forward to more from him a Gotham moves into the season.

Related imageThis was the best episode of The Inhumans so far this season, but that was not saying much.  It was still not a great episode, but we got a lot with Karnak, and that is something this episode gave us.  The episode also surprised us by killing off Gorgon, a member of the Inhuman Royal Family.

Image result for mr robot tyrell wellick episode 3 season 3Mr. Robot showed us what had happened since the end of season 1 to Tyrell Wellick.  Told basically in flashback, we saw how loyal to Elliot he was.  And we saw a dramatic interview of Wellick by Wallace Shawn (The Princess Bride’s Vizzini).  This interview was a must see moment…as was the mustache.

Image result for speechless halloween michael JacksonSpeechless had a tremendous Halloween episode last week.  It involved finding some really old candy hidden in the DeMeo house that caused the kids to hallucinate and dream.  And these dreams were awesomely funny.  Plus, Kenneth ran through a series of Michael Jackson costumes.  Spechless is a consistently funny and warm comedy that has complex characters and wonderful plotlines.

Image result for kershawThe World Series started this week and, as I am typing this, the series is tied at 2 games each.  The Dodgers won game one and four, while Houston won game 2 and 3.  Houston and Los Angeles are two very evenly matched teams and game five will see the return to the mound of LA’s Clayton Kershaw.

Related imageGhosted had a great “monster of the week” episode this week.  A water based monster loose in the headquarters lead to a lockdown.  This was probably the best episode of the series so far– a series that has been surprisingly solid so far.  I had not expected to like Ghosted, but it has been entertaining, mainly because of the chemistry between the two main leads, Max and Leroy.

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton Filmed Behind the Scenes - Patient Six Shocking Party RescueGeneral Hospital’s Patient 6, which is the return of Steve Burton, crashed through the skylight of the Metro Court and literally dropped back into the Port Charles world.  Burton, who left the show, once played iconic Jason Morgan.  After Burton left for Young and the Restless, GH replaced Jason with Billy Miller.  Now with Burton returning, GH has began scripting the Tale of Two Jasons story that has been pretty solid so far.

Have a happy Halloween this week everyone!  Happy viewing.