Shrinking Season 1

Harrison Ford’s name attracted me to start watching Apple TV +’s series, Shrinking. I knew practically nothing about it going in except that Ford was on it and that he had said some great things about the scripts that he had read.

It was a few episodes into the season before I started watching, but once I started, it became my Thursday night go to show. I loved how funny, heartwarming and emotional the show was.

Shrinking starred Jason Segal as Jimmy Laird, who was in the process of grieving the loss of his wife. Jimmy was a therapist in the practice run by Ford’s character, Dr. Paul Rhoades. Jimmy was a mess through most of the season, trying to deal with his daughter Alice (Lukita Maxwell), his patients like Sean (Luke Tennie), his neighbors Liz and Derek (Christa Miller and Ted McGinley), his best friend Brian (Michael Urie) and his co-worker and wife’s best friend Gaby (Jessica Williams).

I thought these characters were outstanding. It was brilliantly written and was always funny, outrageous and thoughtful.

Not only was the series about dealing with grief, it also focused on Harrison Ford’s character and his Parkinson’s diagnosis. This side storyline was one of the bests on the show because Harrison Ford was epic in the role. Dr. Paul Rhoades was grumpy, mean, and completely uncomfortable… meaning Harrison Ford was perfectly cast. If Harrison Ford does not receive an Emmy nomination for this series, it will be a crime.

I have seem some criticism of the show by people claiming that the therapy shown on the show is not accurate and that these characters would never be effective psychiatrists. None of that bothered me. The therapy helped us dive into characters and give us an insight into Jason Segal’s character. I have never had therapy nor have I studied anything about it, but it did not give me any problems. He was certainly unconventional about therapy and he does get called out about some of the things he does, especially with Sean.

Along with Ford, Jessica Williams played a therapist at Paul’s practice and she was absolutely awesome. She was funny and brought an attitude that helped carry several moments throughout the season. She had lost her best friend when Jimmy’s wife died and she had her own arc of grief to go through.

The show was ten episodes and the season finale aired tonight. I feel that Apple TV + has now a second excellent comedy (dramady) to go along with Ted Lasso. If you have not watched Shrinking, give it a try. It is a lot of fun.

The Last of Us (1 x 09)


“Look for the Light

The HBO show, The Last of Us completed its first season run Sunday night and I am going to say that I do not think they had a weak episode among the nine. This show was consistently powerful and emotional every episode and built brilliantly on the week prior in such clever and well developed ways. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the best video game adaptation in any format of all time. That may not be the highest bar to exceed, but The Last of Us has now set that aforementioned bar at a remarkably high level.

Sunday’s episode saw Joel and Ellie arrive at the Fireflies (although they were not as nice about it as you would have thought). Prior to the Fireflies’ attack, Ellie was showing some definite problems from her battle for survival with David last episode. Joel and Ellie seemingly switched places in their roles. Ellie was brooding and withdrawn and Joel was talkative and wanting more bad puns.

I had wondered if when they arrived at the hospital that they were heading to, if Ellie was going to be in danger. I thought maybe they would be trying to dissect her, but that wasn’t quite right. They were going to go into her brain and remove the part that was making her immune and mass produce it. It would be Ellie’s sacrifice. She was not told about it.

Joel was told though and that was a bad mistake for the Fireflies.

Joel went into murder-mode, coldly and without emotion, shooting everybody in his way to save Ellie. Even those who were laying down their weapons and surrendering wound up with a bullet in their head. It was brutal. It only cemented my comment from last week. If Joel was on The Walking Dead, he would be the villain that the survivors would be trying to protect themselves from.

Pedro Pascal completed his season with yet another spectacular episode. He has been on point as Joel in every episode, bringing his best work of his career. How he lied to Ellie at the end, to protect her from making a different decision about sacrificing herself to save the world was amazing. Joel knew that Ellie would choose to sacrifice herself if she was given a choice and he could not lose her too. So his saving of Ellie was really a selfish move, but he could not lose another daughter.

And… giraffes.

The episode started off with a pregnant woman and I was totally confused. She kind of looked like Ellie so I wondered if this was supposed to be a flash forward to a time when Ellie was pregnant. That was not making me happy. I did not want to see Ellie as a mother later because it felt as if it would mean that she was safe in any future storytelling. I figured it out soon though. It wasn’t Ellie pregnant in the future. It was Ellie’s mom, pregnant with Ellie in the past, giving us some indication on how Ellie wound up immune. As soon as I figured that out, it changed my opinions. Ellie’s mom was played by Ashley Johnson.

The Last of Us has been a spectacular series and I looked forward to it every Sunday night. I am going to miss it now that season one has come to a close. I will be looking forward to the second season when it arrives in the future.

Poker Face (1 x 10)


“The Hook”

Season one of Poker Face starring Natasha Lyonne dropped its season finale on Peacock the other day, bringing to a close a very solid freshman season for the show. Poker Face has been confirmed to have been renewed for a season two, and we got a pretty good idea what the overarching storyline for that season would be in the finale.

I have been talking all season about the show’s general format and how, after the first half of the episodes, it began to be tinkered with by the creators. It was important to keep the show fresh and not become dull. The show did an excellent job of varying the concept and this episode was totally different while still feeling the same.

I was shocked when, as Charlie was involved with a discussion with Sterling Senior, played by the epic Ron Perlman, was shot dead. He turned into the murder victim that Charlie was involved in. He had been offering Charlie a job to use her BS radar (which showed that he had not intended on having her killed as she thought). Benjamin Bratt set Charlie up for the murder, sending her on the run during the episode.

Simon Helberg returned to the show as FBI Agent Luca. He had gotten a promotion because of his last interactions with Charlie and he provided her with an inside perspective of what the FBI was doing in the case. Luca and Charlie had a nice connection and it added to the show’s ambiance.

I also enjoyed how they kind of looked at Charlie and some of the bad choices that she had made in her life, especially in connection to her sister and her sister’s daughter. This show did not go out of its way to hide the negative results of Charlie’s choices for her sister and it made the character even more interesting.

As it was solved, we discovered the hook (no pun) for next year. It seems as if Charlie is back on the run to avoid another crime boss. However, she went into it with more confidence and bravado than she did at the beginning of season one.

Benjamin Bratt brought it by randomly speaking the rap section of ‘Hook’ by Blues Traveler.

Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in
If you’re Rin Tin Tin or Anne Boleyn
Make a desperate move or else you’ll win
And then begin to see
What you’re doing to me
This MTV is not for free
It’s so PC it’s killing me

So desperately I sing to thee of love
Sure but also rage and hate and pain and fear of self
And I can’t keep these feeling on the shelf
I’ve tried, well no, in fact I lied
Could be financial suicide but I’ve got too much pride inside
To hide or slide
I’ll do as I’ll decide and let it ride till until I’ve died
And only then shall I abide by this tide
Of catchy little tunes
Of hip three minute diddies
I wanna bust all your balloons

I wanna burn of all your cities to the ground
But I’ve found, I will not mess around
Unless I play then hey
I will go on all day
Hear what I say
I have a prayer to pray
That’s really all this was
And when I’m feeling stuck and need a buck
I don’t rely on luck

Poker Face will be back on Peacock next season and I will be curious where it goers from there.

The Last of Us (1 x 08)


When We are in Need

The penultimate episode of the first season of HBO’s The Last of Us premiered on the streaming service tonight and it gave us an episode that could, quite possibly, change Ellie forever.

Joel is still recovering from his stab wound and Ellie is forced into surviving on her own while he is out. When she goes hunting for a deer, she comes across David and another man from a nearby community. Through a tense standoff, David agrees to give Ellie medicine in exchange for the deer.

Ellie is able to get away from them. She did not know that this was the group that included the man who had stabbed Joel and they were out for ‘justice.’

David was shown as a preacher, a leader, but I never believed that he was a just or kind man. As we find out, he had been serving his followers the cooked remains of their dead in a desperate attempt to stay alive.

David led a group to go back and find Ellie and Joel. He wanted Ellie brought back alive because he had intentions for her.

Ellie had been giving Joel some of the medicine and she decided to lead the men away from him. Unfortunately, this led to her being captured. However, Joel was able to capture a couple of the men who stayed to look for him and he tortured them to find out where they had taken Ellie.

This was the time in this episode that reminded me of The Walking Dead. Many times the humans of that show were the worst part of the show. I actually had Joel pictured as the dangerous man who would try and kill the heroes. Joel was anything but honorable in this situation, but you can’t help but understand why he killed those men.

Meanwhile, Ellie is fighting for her life as David has seemingly become obsessed with her. He is looking for a partner, someone who he can train as an equal and he is impressed with Ellie’s survival instincts and her darkness. He sees her as a worthy partner.

Ellie has to go through all kinds of struggles at David’s hands, including trying to avid being chopped into little pieces. The final showdown between Ellie and David inside a fiery building is tense and suspenseful. It shows Ellie with her violent side as she stabbed David repeatedly until he was dead (plenty dead too).

The reunion of Joel and Ellie was a nice moment as she seemed to be in shock over everything that had happened and did not realize that it was Joel at first. He had come up behind her and he was lucky that she did not have that cleaver still because I imagine that she would have just swung away. Joel’s referring to Ellie as ‘baby-girl’ was a powerful moment that was played very under-the-radar, but it meant a lot to the character of Joel.

Performances from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey were outstanding this week. Bella Ramsey showed her wild side of the character of Ellie and Pedro Pascal was very understated this week. Both provide us with amazing work.

We have one more episode in season one next week. I know there are some people who are disappointed at the lack of infected in some of these episodes, but I find every week to be filled with drama and emotionally-charged energy. This has been one of the best shows in a long time and I will be anxious to see where they leave it next week.

Poker Face (1 x 09)


“Escape from Shit Mountain”

Now that is more like it!

This may have been my favorite episode of Poker Face this entire season. It destroyed the formula that the show had followed and it was all the better for it.

To be fair, the show had been playing with the format of the show for the last few episodes after the first part of the season was starting to feel a little repetitive.

The show still had the big time guest star, this time being Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Instead of Charlie finding herself involved in the life of the victim, she got hit by a car driven by Gordon-Levitt during a snowstorm. Gordon-Levitt took her to a hole in the woods where he had buried an old girlfriend ten years ago and he threw Charlie in with the remains.

Charlie showed an amazing ability to survive. In this episode alone, she dug herself out of the grave with a human femur, survived being stabbed with a knife, and struggled to move around with a badly injured leg.

Charlie was truly amazing here and showed some ferocity that we had not seen this season. She also started talking about the year as a whole being dark and having been followed by death.

The show was also quite brutal as two of the secondary characters of the episode died in horrible ways, including a klepto friend of Charlie’s that she met at a convenience store.

The confrontation with Charlie and Gordon-Levitt was dramatic and tense. I loved every minute of it. The show even made me wonder what was going to happen. When he drove that knife into Charlie, my mouth went agape despite me knowing that they were not going to kill off the main character of the show.

Then, just when it seemed that Charlie was finally out of trouble, Benjamin Bratt arrived, ready to re-spark the story that kicked off the season.

Just a tremendous episode that surpassed the pilot and the episode starring Judith Light.

The Last of Us (1 x 07)


Left Behind

Sunday night and it is time to have your heart ripped out again by watching HBO Max’s amazing series The Last of Us.

Never fails.

This episode picks up with Ellie frantically trying to help Joel, who was stabbed in episode 6, but Joel tells her to leave, go north and find Tommy.

This triggered a flashback episode with Ellie at her military school and we get to meet her friend Riley, who had run off and joined the Fireflies, leaving Ellie behind. Riley comes back to give Ellie a night of fun at the mall before Riley has to leave on assignment.

Of course, as soon as we saw this flashback and the timing of it, it was clear that we were going to see the first time that Ellie was bitten and infected.

As I watched this episode, I kept thinking to myself that I knew the actor playing Riley and I was not sure where I had seen her before. I was racking my brain, but it wasn’t until they mentioned her name on the “Inside the Episode” bit that follows each week’s episode that I heard the name Storm Reid.

That name rang a bell. She was the lead protagonist in the film Missing, which came out in January of this year. I remember thinking that Storm Reid was going to be a star after such an exceptional performance leading her film. She and Bella Ramsey were excellent together. As Ellie, Ramsey showed the utter joy and childlike glee over little things at this mall, such as an escalator (aka ‘moving stairs’) or a Mortal Kombat II video game.

You knew that the episode was too happy and that some tragic circumstances were going to happen at this mall. It’s that kind of show.

Both girls wind up being infected. We know that Ellie was going to be immune, but we also knew that Riley was going to come to her end. Riley’s words of positivity, taking every second life gives you and making them count instead of giving up, lead to Ellie refusing to give up on Joel at the end of the show.

There are only two episodes remaining and it looks as if Joel is going to be in a bad way still next episode while Ellie is coming across some more humans.

Poker Face (1 x 07 &08)


“The Orpheus Syndrome

The next episode of Poker Face came on Peacock today and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Two big time guest stars, Nick Nolte and Cherry Jones, brought the goodness to this episode.

I also enjoyed the set up this week as we had the first murder that Charlie was not connected to as she had been typically (only slightly tied to this one), but she was much more connected to another murder that happened during the show. I like how the show makes some adjustments to the formula in an attempt to keep things fresh.

Cherry Jones was outstanding as the killer in this episode. The end of this seems to be another potential trend that is starting to show up. The killer killing themselves. It has happened three times now (if I remember correctly).

It was fun seeing Nick Nolte involved in the story as well. I liked the way they incorporated this character into the story. It felt as if Charlie was more important in this episode than some of the others.

“The Future of the Sport”

As I was doing this, I realized that I missed last week’s episode 7. It was another departure from the formula as we did not even get a murder this week. The intended victim survived and the person who we initially thought was going to be the killer, Tim Blake Nelson, was flipped. He went from someone you were meant to hate to someone who showed he was more sympathetic than you thought.

Poker Face continues to be a very engaging and entertaining series with the guest stars on each episode really bringing the quality work. Natasha Lyonne is original and unique as a lead protagonist and is always a joy to watch.

The Last of Us (1 x 06)


“The Ties that Bind”

The Last of Us is currently the best show on TV. Without fail. There have been six episodes of the show and each one has been rough, emotionally powerful and filled with character development.

There was a ton of things that happened in this episode. They kicked it off with an older couple that Joel has by gunpoint to try and find information. This older couple was just an awesome pair. They were funny and brought a feeling of cheerfulness. They were so perfect with each other and their inclusion is just so great.

They find Tommy in his little town, Jackson, with his new wife, who is pregnant. They find the location of the Fireflies at the University in Colorado only to find it deserted. Joel gets stabbed and the episode ends on a cliffhanger with the unconscious and bleeding Joel.

We did not see any infected, but I am not missing it because there are still a ton of tension. When the dog was approaching Ellie and Joel thought the dog would smell the infection in her was just a anxiety-driven moment.

Pedro Pascal has been such a great performer in the series, but this was a standout performance for him as there sere several moments where Joel was dealing with his PTSD and trying to talk Tommy into taking Ellie to Colorado in his place. The scene between Joel and Ellie when he was telling her they were splitting the next morning was exceptional. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are amazing together and they both bring a realness and a connection to Joel and Ellie.

Ellie finds out about Joel’s daughter Sarah and her fate. Joel admits that he cares for Ellie.

Perhaps the only criticism I may have for this show was that there were a lot of things that were sped over. There was a three month time jump and they make it to Jackson, make it to Colorado, make it out of the university, in no time and I think some of this could have been spaced out a little more. I understand there is only so much time available and they are hitting the big points.

I don’t know what could possibly happen next. I can only assume that Joel will not die, but how he is going to survive is anyone’s guess.

Great episode again.

The Last of Us (1 x 05)


“Endure and Survive”


The Last of Us has consistently brought the quality to HBO Max every week. This week, the show arrived on a Friday night in order to avoid the scheduling conflict with the Super Bowl, which is airing during the shows normal release time frame. It was a very intelligent move and it brought something even more special for a Friday night.

This episode’s conclusion did not bring tears to my eyes. It was so far past that. I had an empty feeling, a hollow feeling in my gut. It was devastating.

Such an amazing roller coaster ride of emotions.

As I have mentioned before, I have not played The Last of Us video game so I am approaching this show without any prior knowledge of these characters and their eventual fates. So the introduction of Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard), brothers who were on the run from the crazy Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) for a reason we did not know, at first, felt like the expansion of our group. Henry and Sam, the young boy Sam who was deaf and had to use ASL), seemed to fit beautifully with Joel and Ellie. Which only made it more heart-breaking when they met their fates.

That scene where Henry shoots the infected Sam, with the blood pooling upon the floor, and then, in shock, kills himself, was beyond much of anything I can remember. The last time I remember feeling that anguish in my gut over a TV show was when Negan killed Glenn on the Walking Dead.

These two actors who played Henry and Sam, Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Woodard, did an amazing job of making us care about their characters in a very short time. They had a natural charm about them and I know I was rooting for their continuation in the series. Alas, it was not to be.

But the horrible ending was not the only epic part of this episode. We also got an unbeleivable zombie reveal as a ton of the infected came running out of a sinkhole to attack and brutalize Kathleen’s forces just as she was about to kill Henry. The little girl clicker was unbelievably frightening and The Bloated was massive and dominant.

Oh and… damn Joel… who knew you were such a great shot with a sniper rifle? He was picking off infected mere steps away from Ellie. I would have to question every shot, afraid that I might accidentally shoot Ellie.

The show has done a sensational job of creating the tone of anxiousness and the feel that something is about to happen around every corner. It really does an excellent job of giving the audience an insight into what it would be like to live in this Hellscape world. However, we still are able to find those little moments of humanity and joy even in this world. For example, the laughs of Sam as Ellie showed him the stupid pun book from last episode. Even Henry commented about not hearing that laugh in a long time. Ellie’s very existence provides the show with something that was lacking with The Walking Dead, hope.

Every episode has been absolutely stunning so far and, in five scant episodes, has taken its place at the very top of the list of video game adaptations.

Poker Face (1 x 06)


“Exit Stage Death”

A show about a woman who can tell when people are lying get involved with actors whose very job is to be false.

This episode may have been a touch over the top with Charlie running around trying to figure out what had happened while the play was actually being performed.

Kathleen Townsend and Tim Meadows are our murderous pair of actors, former TV show partners on a buddy cop show. They reunited to perform a play for one night only, and they set up a stage trap door to become a trap.

This whole episode was quite a departure from the other episodes. Charlie is not on screen a lot and the case was spent with more humor than past cases.

I am very happy that the show has been changing the formula up a bit. The general concept is still there, but it has switched up just enough to keep the show from feeling stale.

I would be ready to see Benjamin Bratt to make a reappearance and bring the story back to Charlie. I know that is happening this season so I would be anxious to see Charlie take the lead.

The Last of Us (1 x 04)


“Please Hold My Hand”

“Did you know diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your genes.”

I did not expect some laughs in The Last of Us. The show, while being brilliant so far, has been less than a happy romp. It has been painfully emotional with death and loss and an intense mood with dangers around every corner.

And yet, with one book of puns read through by Ellie, The Last of Us brought laughter and snickering at some of the worst puns around.

The show was never going to be a stand-up routine though and there were some tough problems. This episode the dangers did not come from the monsters or the infected. It came from the humans.

This was an episode that was meant to highlight the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Joel has not, to this point, connected with the little girl. He was with her now because of Tess. We saw the humanizing of Joel and the beginning of a real relationship with Ellie that he had avoided up until this point.

After several very emotional episodes in a row, this one stepped back a bit and gave a more laid back episode (to a point) and I dug it.

Poker Face (1 x 05)


“Time of the Monkey”

I had a chance to watch the fifth episode of Peacock’s new series, Poker Face yesterday, starring Natasha Lyonne. I had started to be concerned about the show. The last episode was my least favorite of the series so far and the formula had started to wear a little thin. I was hoping that it would right itself because I have really enjoyed the character of Charlie Cale and Lyonne’s portrayal of her.

I am happy to announce that I found episode five to be highly entertaining (though very unlikely) and that the series took the formula that it had been using and piqued it a bit, making it feel so much fresher than it had become.

Then, when you add a talented actor such as Judith Light to the cast as a guest star, things are destined to improve.

As in past episodes, we start off with the murder. This time, it was the wheelchair-bound Judith Light playing Irene, and S. Epatha Merkerson as Joyce, who were collaborating to murder a man at the old-age complex called Mossy Oaks. The manner in which they pulled off the murder was the part of the show that really required the viewer to suspend disbelief.

Getting past the actual murder itself, the format changed a little bit. The show did go back in time to show that Charlie was still there, but unlike previous episodes, Charlie did not befriend the eventual victim, she became friends with Joyce and Irene, the soon-to-be killers.

Turned out that Irene and Joyce were not just some cool old broads, but were domestic terrorists from the 1960s who used bombs to send their messages and had intended on targeting a group of high school students at a Model UN conference. They were stopped by a man they had been intimate with,named Gabriel and they wound up spending years in jail.

Of course, Gabriel, under his witness protection, was placed at Mossy Oaks, triggering the revenge-minded pair.

Charlie’s lie-detecting skills helped her uncover Gabriel’s “fake nephew” who was his FBI handler, played by Howard Wolowitz himself, Simon Helberg.

Charlie wound up in some dangerous situations as the two women were anything but push overs and the fight scene between them was a real hoot. Judith Light is an outstanding actor and she had several moments of excellence in this episode.

I enjoyed this episode a great deal and I am pleased that episode 4 seemed to be the exception for me.

Poker Face (1 x 04)


“Rest in Metal”

I will say that this has been my least favorite episode of Poker Face so far.

Same format. We see the murder and then we see how Charlie was already there and connected to the victim. I hope that format gets mixed around some because it is starting to get a bit dull.

The whole metal rock thing was not something I could connect with. A band who killed their new drummer in order to steal a song that he wrote was not he best story I have ever heard. I did like how they wound up getting caught. The people who were ready to sign the band presented the fact that the song had stolen the music from the theme of the sitcom Benson. That seemed to be the biggest sin to these record execs. Only after this did they reveal that the group had been revealed as the killers of their drummer.

Chloë Sevigny guest starred as Ruby Ruin, the lead singer of the group Doxxxology, who had one major hit early in their career that had been written by their drummer at the time and they received zero royalties for it. This sets up the story of the episode.

The only hope was that Benjamin Bratt returned this episode and brought the story of the pilot with him.

Natasha Lyonne continues to be excellent as Charlie Cale, the human lie detector. She was the best part of this episode and some of the highlights coming from the future look great. I hope this was just a bump in the season.

The Last of Us (1 x 03)


The Last of Us has been a fantastic show so far. I never played the video game that the show was based upon so I have been coming at this fresh and it has been so great. Coming into Sunday night, I enjoyed the show’s format and the emotional power.

Sunday night’s episode started off differently. There was no flashback to kick off the show. Instead, we found our way to Joel and Ellie right away. Little did I know that the flashback was still coming and that it would be the major chunk of the show.

Not only was it still coming, but it was involving two characters that we had not met or had any connection to. It was a strange decision to me, but it paid off big time.

We spent most of this episode with the love story/relationship of Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett). It was weird at first, but it did not take long to be engaged with the drama.

I have heard some people claiming this was one of the greatest hours of TV ever. I may not go quite that far, but it was clearly a brilliant episode that was not afraid to spend most of the episode diving into the relationship of two characters that we did not know. As I said, those early doubts washed away quickly.

The connection between the two actors was amazing. You believed everything that they did and said to each other. As their relationship grew, each obstacle presented a new challenge or conflict, but they faced each one together.

We saw Joel and Tess make an appearance in the flashback, helping Bill and Frank out with some chain fence tips and friendship. That would set up the final scenes with Joel and Ellie arriving at Bill’s house at the end of the show.

Before that happened, we got some of the most touching and painful moments between the two men. The love between these two unlikely lovers was on display here and how much they completed the other. As Frank was suffering through some kind of unspecified problem, he made a decision that he would take control of fate and have one more day before ending his life. He and Bill had a wonderful day together, including a marriage and a perfect dinner. It was ended with a drug laced wine that was intended to end his life. Bill had a surprise for Frank, saying that he was his reason for living, his purpose. Bill would join Frank in death.

Sad, yet remarkably romantic.

This was an outstanding episode that, apparently, was not included in the actual game. They were able to add details to the character of Bill from the game and we learned about the relationship between the two men. It shows that The Last of Us is nto afraid to exceed the content and to improve it.

Poker Face (1 x 03)


“The Stall”

The third episode of Poker Face on Peacock was another fun episode, with Charlie finding her way into another murder mystery, this time thanks to a MAGA dog.

Picking up a barking, little dog that only stopped barking when the radio was on a far right radio podcast, Charlie got a job with a BBQ joint in Texas. Taffy Boyle (Lil Rel Howery) had his own podcast, which led to his plan to off his brother, George (Larry Brown).

Once again, Poker Face showed Charlie and her lie detecting skill in a very positive light. She is smart and the show absolutely gives examples of this.

I will say that I was not a big fan of the little dog. Its constant yipping was annoying, but the use of it as a plot device was a tad sad.

Benjamin Bratt does not make an appearance in this episode, for the first time in the series.

This is, yet, another episode that used the basic formula of showing the murder and then showing that Charlie had arrived already and had some kind of connection. So far the formula has been fine, but I am hoping that this does not make the show become repetitive. It looks as if things may be changing up soon, and I do hope it will to keep things fresh.

Good so far though.