The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to the TV Week That Was, although it is actually closer to the TV MONTH That Was, as I have had a few weeks where I was unable to find the time for this column.  But hey, that just means that this one will be chocked full of TV goodness (and some not so goodness).

Speaking of that not so goodness, I found out this past week that Starz has decided to cancel Ash vs. Evil Dead.  What an epic failure in my book.  This show has been one of my absolute favorite shows this season, just catching up on Netflix.  Season three has been so great that the news caught me completely off guard.  I can’t imagine why Starz would make this decision, but it certainly makes my decision to cancel my Starz subscription immediately after the series finale next week an easy choice.  Ash is involved in a huge battle with the Dark Ones in next week’s series finale and it looks tremendous.  This week was awesome as well as we saw the end of Ruby and everything falling into place for the big knockdown.  I have also watched American Gods on Styarz, but I will not be watching that one live on Starz any longer because it made a mistake that I just will not forgive it for.

I started and finished Netflix’s new series Lost in Space over the last few weeks and this was a great reboot and some damn fine science fiction.  The interpersonal relationships in the Robinsons were a lot of fun and remarkably deep, and I loved the new Don West played by former General Hospital villain Diego, Ignacio Serricchio.  Don was the rapscallion of the crew and he was hugely charismatic and funny.  And I was so ready for someone to kill Dr. Smith, played with a ton of wicked gusto by Parker Posey.  I was never a fan of the original series, but I found myself strangely tearing up when the robot first said the words, “Danger Will Robinson.”  I am unsure the reason, but I was fully engaged in the series, which had a LOST flare to it as well.  The 10-episodes featured several moments where it felt as if one of the main characters would be biting the dust.  I have to say, after so many teases, I almost felt as if someone important should have died.  It is worth a watch for sure.

I also finished the second season of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  After the first few episodes, I was feeling as if this series might not be able to grip me as the original season had done, because it had too familiar feel to it.  It desperately needed some adjusting and fortunately, that adjustment came in the being of Nathan Fillion, as Jacques Snicket.  The set up of each episodes changed just a bit and the show was considerably better for it.  In fact, I was extremely unhappy to come to the end of the 10th episode as the show left us on a desperate cliffhanger.  Season three has been greenlit and will be a final season for the show which should allow a conclusion to the story and maybe even some kind of happy(?) ending for the Baudelaire orphans.

Season 8 of the Walking Dead came to a close ending the weakest season of the series’ run.  The finale had the same feel as the confrontation between Rick and Negan had a distinct anticlimactic feel to it.  I did enjoy the betrayal from Eugene with the exploding bullets, but I saw it coming a mile away.  As soon as he handed Negan that gun to “test” it was obvious what Eugene had decided to do.  And then the let’s imprison Negan storyline was not exactly the monumental final battle we thought we might get.  I am not against keeping Negan alive, but the manner in which it was done felt like disrespect to Glenn and the other victims of Negan.  We also saw Morgan leave to head to Fear the Walking Dead, which had its season premiere immediately after the Walking Dead finale.

Roseanne on ABC has had a pretty good couple of weeks worth of episodes including the return of Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki as David.  There still seems to be some weirdness among the actors as some of their lines feel as if they are being delivered woodenly.  It is as if they have forgotten how to act.  I cringe much of the time when John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are on screen and they should be the two best actors on the cast.  Still, the writing has improved, story wise at least and the characters are coming into their own.

The WWE Network featured Wrestlemania 34, which was a solid show.  The last hour or hour and a half was a bit lackluster.  After the debut of Ronda Rousey with Kurt Angle vs. HHH and Stephanie, the rest of the card disappointed.  However, the clear winner of match of the weekend went to NXT Takeover with Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa.  That may be the Match of the Year leader at this point.  Following these events, the WWE also had the nights after Wrestlemania, where a bunch of NXT stars debuted on the main roster (as well as Bobby Lashley returning) and then the following week they had the Superstar Shakeup, which moved performers between RAW and Smackdown.  WWE has some momentum right now as they are preparing to have their next major show live from Saudi Arabia on Friday morning.

Struckersheadcrushes.pngAgents of SHIELD is full blown crazy as the agents are trying desperately to prevent the future from happening that lead to the destruction of the earth.  The young villain Ruby tried to combine herself with gravitonium but it only led to her death by the hands of Yo-Yo.  Yo-Yo believes that she may have stopped the future, but it looks as if there may be more coming.  Still, the scene where Ruby accidentally crushed the head of the young Strucker was another one of those unexpectedly disturbing SHIELD scenes.

HBO premiered the documentary on professional wrestler Andre the Giant last week and the documentary featured much about the life of the Eight Wonder of the World.  It featured interviews with Andre as well as some important people in his life.  We saw old footage from his early days, heard details about the life of Andre and focused on his Wrestlemania 3 match with Hulk Hogan.  The end of the line for Andre the Giant turned out to be a sad one as he died alone in a hotel room in France.  The people interviewed clearly had a strong love of the Giant, speaking of him in glowing and kind terms.

Designated Survivor has been picking up pace while finding ways to connect the fictional world of Tom Kirkman to today’s world.  Recently, Kirkman has been having therapy sessions about the death of his wife and now those tapes are being leaked to the media, bringing into question the suitability of the President to carry out his office.  Designated Survivor has been strong the last few weeks, and it looks as if next week will feature a bit of a betrayal of its own.  It looks as if we have the fortunate luck to have Michael J. Fox on the cast of this show for the remainder of the season.  Fox is a lawyer who is trying to determine whether or not President Kirkman is able to keep his job and avoid having the 25th Amendment enacted.

Scandal came to an end this week with a whimper.  Instead of sending Olivia Pope and President Fitz to Vermont to live happily ever after and to give the happy ending to the Gladiators, Shonda killed off the last good character on the show, David Rosen, by Cyrus’s hand, and allowed Cyrus to escape with nothing more than a resignation of the VP role.  It also brought Papa Pope out to speak to the Congressional hearing admitting to leading B613 and basically bragging about how a black man was making all the decisions the past thirty years.  I guess that was not info that should come out because they offered up a scapegoat, Jake, as the leader of B613.  I guess the theme of this show was that if you were a good person, your life was worthless and if you were a killing lowlife, you have a chance to life happily ever after.  I was very unhappy with the end of the series that had never recovered from the kidnapping of Olivia Pope a few years ago.  Even with the ending scene where some young black girls walk through the portraits of former presidents and stop at one of Olivia Pope (not sure if that was to mean that Olivia would become President in the future or what) and looked at it with inspiration, that felt flat since we knew all the horrid things that Olivia did in her time in Washington.  Major disappointment.

Speaking of scandals, this time a real life variety, former FBI Director James Comey was making the rounds on the talk shows this week to promote his new book that seems to be causing President Trump a lot of tweet-storms.  Comey had a one-on-one interview on ABC with George Stephanopoulos, appeared with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show and the View on ABC.  He was also with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC this week (and I may have missed a few appearances).  I must say though that Comey came off as intelligent, well-spoken, honest, and thoughtful.  Prior to these interviews, I did not have near the positive thought of Comey as I did after seeing these.

Gotham may have finally answered the question about who exactly is the Joker, as suspect number one, Jerome, was killed on the show. Prior to his death, Jerome had sent some of his special Laugh-X gas to his twin brother, Jeremiah Valeska, who has become the Clown Prince of Crime.  This twist is just one more way to show you that Gotham is really more about the villains than the heroes.  The villains, from Riddler to Penguin, from Joker to Catwoman, from Grundy to Leigh, are the most interesting characters on the show.  This week, Ra’s Al Ghoul made his return form the dead to reclaim his Death’s Head from Barbara.

I got a chance to see the most recent episode of Riverdale this week after missing several episodes in a row.  It did not seem as if I missed much, outside of the departure of Betty’s new brother.  This week’s episode seemingly saw the return of the Black Hood, who killed a girl, Midge, during the show’s play.  Of course, it was not just any old play.  It was Carrie the Musical.  And the entire show was a musical.  I guess the Black Hood, who had sent a message to the kids to replace Cheryl Blossom in the lead role, wanted to kill those who were bad singers.  If that was the case, everyone on Riverdale is in danger.  This was not the best TV musical episode ever… by far.  I think that still goes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Once More With Feeling.  It was a weird episode to return to, but the eerie murder at the end was pure Riverdale.

Westworld season two debuts later tonight on HBO.

Happy viewing.


Free4All II


There will be spoilers contained in this piece if you have not yet watched the Free4All, be aware.

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown’s latest “big event” dropped on YouTube yesterday, April 13th as the second annual Free4All was revealed in two parts.  I am not sure that there was as much promotion for the Free4All this year as it did sneak up on me and made for an exciting surprise.

first roundAs the Movie Trivia Schmoedown has some of its roots in the world of the WWE, the Free4All would be like the Royal Rumble, which is always one of my favorite events of the year.  The unpredictability of whom is coming next always makes for exciting television.  While this year’s competition may not have had an amazing moment as the XX5XX moment from last year, there was some great displays of movie trivia knowledge and a ton of fun entrances and surprises.

I’m going to jump around the two videos and give my thoughts on them, in no particular order.  If you have not yet seen these, they are absolutely worth your time.  Here is a link to PART ONE and PART TWO.

the beast entrance

I found myself cheering for William “The Beast” Bibbiani for most of the time.  Bibbiani, an online critic, is one of the most engaging and colorful characters in the Schmoedown and his Baby Driver entrance was a lot of fun.  Bibbiani lasted an astonishing 21 rounds.  After entering at number 20, Bibbiani was in the final five.  He was remarkable in his trivia knowledge and was very funny with his quips and jokes.  John Rocha seemed annoyed by The Beast, but I found him completely enthralling.  Bibbiani was named the Free4All MVP.

DowngoesJTEOne of my favorite moments in the first video was when “Little Evil” JTE, team champion, was eliminated and Bibbiani, Drew McWeeny and Matt Atchity reacted with relief and excitement for having finally defeated JTE.  Bibbiani said, “This is what it is like to beat JTE.”


NotDanMurrellThere were 48 competitors this year, up 13 from last year, but there were still some famous names missing from the event.  JTE’s partner Jeff Sneider, the Innergeekdom champion Jason Inman and former champion Dan Murrell were missing.  Yes, Dan Murrell was retired, but I know there were people online that were hoping to see Dan make a special return for the Fee4All. This gave the Schmoedown a license to swerve us all.  In Shawn Michaels-in-Montreal-playing-Bret-Hart’s-music stature, they played Dan’s music and even announced him as #47, but in truth, it was a returning Team Action member Andrew Ghai.  You could almost hear the sigh of relief from the rest of the group when it was revealed that it was NOT Murrell coming through the curtain.

NoControversyHereThere was no controversy in the Free4All, but there was a moment where I thought there should have been.  There were tons of “Jane Fonda” jokes at the expense of John Rocha.  If you do not know about this, in a team match vs. the Patriots, Rocha changed an answer at the last minute, scribbling Jane Fonda illegibly on the white board.  This led to a huge controversy.  Well, here, RB3 wrote down the answer Tippi Hedren and you clearly cannot read the last name.  He was given this point, and I think he should not have been.  They took away points from others who only wrote the first name and, to be fair, you cannot make out Hedren here.

BuffyMissMoviesThere were some awesome entrances as always in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  I already touched on Bibbiani’s Baby Driver entrance, but some of the others included the returning “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler and her Buffy the Vampire Slayer entrance.  Other great entrances included :

the crusherRachel “The Crusher” Cushing…crushing the competiton (notice Bibbiani selling her motion in the background)



LatearrivalMarkEllisMark “Baby Carrots” Ellis, who they said had arrived at the studio directly from the airplane a half hour prior




MacugaAnd the t-shirt hocking “The Wildman” Josh Macuga of the Wildberries, whose gimmick is that they are hard drinkers.  The Wildberries have become one of the more popular teams int he Schmoedown and this kind of antics are why.  A little help in this pose from Mark Ellis and Roxie Striar, as well as Macuga’s Wildberries teammate Eliot Newberry.

WildberriesMacuga had made his presence felt throughout the Free4All as you could hear him shouting from the crowd many times prior to his entrance.  His loud brashness fits with the character, but did, at times, appear to irritate some of the competitors.  His ultimate interruption was when his teammate was announced, Josh pulled a little drunken race across stage, yelling Wildberries.

WinnerIn the end, Miss Movies won the competition, outlasting Bibbiani and rookie Ethan Erwin (who was very impressive as well, lasting 15 rounds).  The Free4All chose that once all competitors had been introduced, the high score at that table would be the winner, which was kind of odd.  I don’t know if they chose to do that because of how long the day would have already been, but it took away some of the drama.  If the winner would have had to eliminate each opponent until there was only one left, that would have really cemented the suspense.  Not taking anything away from Brianne’s win because she certainly earned it.  Last season, Brianne stepped aside from the Schmoedown citing personal issues.  Although I never officially heard her state for certain why she did that, there were some rumors of depression being the cause.  If that is the case, she should be commended all the more for returning and winning the whole thing.  With her win, Miss Movies has earned an automatic title shot at whatever title she chooses.

ReillyThere were some fun returns to the Schmoedown as well.  Besides Andrew Ghai, Mark Reilly came out of retirement for one night only and joined the game.  finstockTom Dagino’s alter ego Finstock, pulling a page out of Mick Foley, also made a return to the Schmoedown after being suspended for over a year.

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown does these large “PPV-style” events extremely well and the Free4All is just the most recent.  I watched late into the night Friday, enjoying the pageantry and being awed by the impressive knowledge of a lot of my favorite YouTube personalities.  Kristian Harloff should be commended for his dedication and efforts to provide the best entertainment to the audience.  He is one of the major driving forces behind the Schmoedown, along with Mark Ellis and several others, and you can see the passion for this project every time Harloff takes the stage.

Thank you to all involved.

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The TV Week That Was


Late this week because of the Great Easter Binge-a-Thon, but we have the TV Week That Was coming up during Monday Night Raw- which is, of course, on the road to Wrestlemania.  This week sees the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday, NXT Takeover on Saturday and 7 hours of Wrestlemania on Sunday.

moviefightsCHAIRSOne of my favorite YouTube shows has been Movie Fights and this past Thursday, the show re-rebooted themselves.  They changed the format back to three fighters from the two that they had been doing recently.  They also brought back the main thing that the internet wanted to complain about… CHAIRS!!!!  Yes, the fighters could sit down this week.


Image result for series of unfortunate events season 2I was truly surprised this weekend as I was doing the Great Easter Binge-a-Thon and going to Netflix and I saw that season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events dropped.  I could not believe it!  On a weekend packed full of viewing, I could not binge another show.  I have been able to watch three episodes so far and I have to say that I am finding it irritating.  I do enjoy Neil Patrick Harris’s over-the-top performance as Count Olaf, but it is becoming annoying at some of these rotten adult characters.  There were so many characters that I hated in the first two episodes that I almost wanted to stop watching.  Not only are there cruel adults, but the constant stupidity shown as NOBODY ever recognizes Olaf… that needs to change up a bit or else the show is in danger of becoming too formulaic.  I do like the addition of Nathan Fillion to the cast though and the Quagmire triples too.


Image result for santa clarita diet season 2The other show on Netflix is Santa Clarita Diet.  I finished the last half of those episodes today and I really loved them.  I think that series is brilliant and it features perhaps the best husband and wife relationship on television.  The show is laugh out loud funny and clever.  Timothy Olyphant is a hoot and a half as Joel.  I think his dialogue is one of the highlights of the show.  I also think Liv Hewson is tremendous as the daughter Abby and has a really sweet chemistry with neighbor and friend Eric.  Plus, Nathan Fillion returned as a severed head as a huge scene stealer.  This one is great if you have not seen it, please do it.


Ash vs. the Evil Dead continues to be one of the best shows on television.  This week’s episode saw a monumental battle between Kelly and Ruby where Kelly wound up dead on the floor.  Then, Kelly is used as a vessel for one of the demon buddies of Ruby.  All the while, Ash was dealing with a dual headed creature from through the rift found in the basement of the Ashy Slashy Hardware Store.


Image result for rocha vs jte liveThe Movie Trivia Schmoedown this week showed us the matches that they recorded live on their special Live Schmoedown.  First on Tuesday, we saw the Reel Rejects lose to the Wildberries.  Then on Friday, we got the “Outlaw” John Rocha defeat “Little Evil” JTE.  Rocha was very strong in his match and showed that he was not yet done.  At the end of the match, Rocha insinuated that he would be reforming the 4 Horsemen.


Image result for new roseanneOh, I also watched the debut of Roseanne this week and I was pretty disappointed with it.  I just did not think that it was that funny.  I always enjoyed the show back in the day, so I was disappointed with the reboot.   I do plan on giving it a few more episodes to see if they can capture the old magic, but the acting seemed off, even for those great stars John Goodman and Oscar nominated Laurie Metcalf.


Happy viewing on the Road to Wrestlemania!

The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.

Just got done watching the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claimed to have had sex with Donald Trump in 2006.  I am sure that everyone was watching it, as Trump seems to equal ratings.  She came off as intelligent and well spoken, but she had made several comments over the years denying the potential affair.  That is problematic for her credibility.  To be fair, she seemed to have an answer for all of the times she lied and the explanation of how a man approached her and made barely veiled threats to her in a parking ramp sounded very creepy.  I thought 60 Minutes/CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was very fair with his questioning and he laid out the story well.  Who knows if this becomes one of the biggest stories of 2018 or if it just slips into the forget it file.

Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet (2017)It was a busy weekend so I did not get to binge the whole season, but I watched the premiere of the second season of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and absolutely loved it.  I was laughing the entire time, unless of course when I was covering my mouth.  The blood continued to fly freely and when Shelia came out of the basement and attacked the Serbian guy who had vomited for Abby (yes, that is what I said) and started eating him, it was laugh out loud funny.  I am excited to see the remaining nine episodes.

Image result for x files season 11 conclusionThe X-Files season 11 came to an end this week with an awesome episode that I really hope is the series’s final episode.  Gillian Anderson has stated that this was her last time playing Dana Scully and, if that is the case, then this is a beautiful send off.  The story centered around the contagion conspiracy and Mulder and Scully’s son William.  Of course, we learned earlier this year that William was not Mulder’s son, but was an experiment produced by the Smoking Man.  There was an emotional end as we saw William shot and killed (though not for good) by Smoking Man (who thought he was shooting Mulder), Mulder found out the truth from Scully about William, Fox shot and HOPEFULLY killed Smoking Man and Scully told Mulder that she was pregnant.  Oh, and Skinner got run over by a car.  In the end, this was an exceptional end for the series.

Image result for flaming lucille walking deadOn the Walking Dead, we saw a great conflict between a grieving Rick and Negan.  Rick was able to get his hands on Lucille and he used Glenn’s lighter to set the barbed wire bat on fire and used it on some Walkers.  He was unable to actually use it on Negan, but he drove Negan away in such a state that he wound up unconscious and in a car with a potentially vengeful Janis.  There was also the arrival of a new survivor named Georgie who offered the Hilltop food in exchange for records.  She also provided information to Maggie that may help them rebuild their community.  I liked this character quite a bit since this was quite the departure from other characters on the show.

Image result for ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 5Ash vs. the Evil Dead is tremendous.  Ash’s battle with the little child who has a small chainsaw on his hand just like Ash was all kinds of amazing.  Who this kid really is has yet to be revealed but he has some connection to Ruby and seems to be some kind of demon.  His use of the headless dead body to hid inside while crawling and sticking his head from out of the top and “bottom” of the body was something I never thought I would ever see,  Legitimately the most original disturbing thing I have seen.  And then, Ash with the bowling balls… I may never look at bowling balls the same way again.

fitzAgents of SHIELD pulled off what was an absolutely BRILLIANT twist during the Friday’s episode.  The breach between dimensions has been around in the lighthouse for several episodes and we know that the breach had been allowing our agents’ worst fears into our dimension.  They had been setting this up with flashes to past villains of the series for weeks.  So when we see Fitz from the Framework knockout Deke, we knew that it was just another fear.  We even saw two Fitzes.  Only… it was not a fear, it was the real Fitz having some sort of break.  Although even after he realized he was the problem, Fitz realized that he was doing what had to be done.  And before we knew it, he had operated on Daisy and removed her inhibitor.  I had never once considered that this was anything but a fear and the writers of Agents of SHIELD should be commended for setting up this brilliant twist so perfectly.

Related imageGotham had a big week as well as we saw Lee shoot Sofia in the head to save Jim, who had already been shot several times by the crimelord.  Or maybe she was just doing it as revenge for the hand from last week.  Penguin and The Riddler seem to be past their previous issues and are back to buddies.  Grundy remembers he is Butch and promises that he will find his way back.  Bruce and Selina had a nice little interaction.  Bullock is on the road to forgiving Jim, but slowly.  Riddler rescued Penguin’s kid friend.

That’s it this week.  Looking forward to The Terror preview tonight after The Walking Dead.  Happy viewing!

The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to the TV Week That Was!

Image result for #16 beats #1 NCAAThis is March and so there are a lot of college basketball games going on as the NCAA March Madness Tournament is underway.  Biggest surprise of the first round was the defeat of a number one seed by a number 16 seed for the first time ever.  UMBC defeated #1 Virginia 74-54 in arguably the greatest upset in NCAA Tournament history.  There were other upsets already as well as Texas A & M beat #2 North Carolina, #7 Nevada beat #2 Cincinnati, #13 Buffalo beat #4 Arizona, #11 Loyola defeated #3 Tennessee, #11 Syracuse defeated #3 Michigan State, #13 Marshall defeated #4 Wichita State.  These upsets are what make the NCAA Tournament so much fun to watch.

Image result for x files bloody old ageThe X-Files had a bloody and gory one shot episode this past week with two “vampire”-like characters who were harvesting organs that they would eat to keep them younger.  It was a dark episode but still darkly funny.  The episode focused on how Agent Mulder was getting older and struggling to adjust to his new glasses.  The main villains was an old time actress obsessed with her beauty and the crazy doctor who came up with the procedure.  There is one more (I believe) X-Files episode for season 11 and, with Gillian Anderson talking about being done with the show after this season, it could be the final X-Files episode ever.


Related imageAsh vs. Evil Dead has been tremendous this season.  Ash is just funny as can be and today’s episode featured some interaction between Ash and his father (Lee Majors) who returned as a ghost this week (after returning as a creature last week).  The connection between Ash and his father was wonderful and they bonded over the idea of Ash’s daughter.  They also found the missing pages of the book of evil in the basement of Ashy Slashy’s Hardware Store.  This is consistently the funniest show on TV right now.


Image result for walking dead flaming lucilleThe Walking Dead had a knock down battle between Rick and Negan tonight and we actually got a flaming Lucille bat in action.  Rick really showed his anger and bitterness toward his opposition, despite Carl’s last wishes was for them to stop their fighting.  Negan was worse for the ware, but was able to get away from the angry father.  Still, he wound up unconscious in a car with Jadis.  Negan knows now that Simon killed all the garbage people against his wishes so he must know he is in deep trouble.


Image result for gabriel maddoxHow to Get Away With Murder had its season finale this past week with the storyline of Laurel’s baby coming to an end.  Laurel’s father went to jail.  They called ICE on Simon.  Connor is getting back into school.  Laurel gets her baby back.  The Supreme And the cliffhanger brought us a character named Gabriel Maddox, who may be the long-believed dead son of one of our female characters (Annalise?  Bonnie?)  Frank seems to know who this Gabriel kid is a he is applying to college.  Another storyline cliffhanger is we do not know whether or not Laurel has murdered her mother, who has disappeared.  Lots to digest from HTGAWM for the summer.


Image result for scandal TV charlie arrested season 7 episode 14Scandal continues to pretend like the fans should not remember that Olivia Pope was a sociopathic killer earlier this year, power mad and crazed.  Now she is fighting the #metoo movement and trying to keep Cyrus from pulling his machinations against President Millie.  Every time she says that she must stop Cyrus because he hijacked Air Force Two, I wonder if she forgot that she had a plane blown up killing a world leader and his innocent daughter.  I am sorry, but Olivia Pope has gone too far and there is no retribution for her.  Now, Charlie has been framed for the the hacking of Air Force Two and that sends Quinn running to Olivia.  Yuck.


Happy viewing.

The TV Week That Was


Quite a week this week.

Image result for john campea twitterJessica Jones Season two dropped on Netflix.  The first thing I saw was a tweet from John Campea, an online personality/critic, who said that it was horrible.  I was sad that Campea did not like the show, but what upset me more was seeing one particular response to John’s tweet that immediately attacked him and his own online show.  It is so sad that we cannot be allowed to express our opinions on Twitter without having some Troll come along and make it into an attack.  I did not agree with John’s comment but he has every right to express it without being attacked for it.  It is the worst part of the Internet and I wish those people who feel the need to protect what they like by downgrading other people would just go away.


Related imageHaving said that, I could not disagree with John more.  I found Jessica Jones season two to be extremely engaging and entertaining and full of emotional depth and powerful moments.  Yes, it is not your typical super hero show, but that is a good thing.  Everything that happened continued to develop the character of Jessica Jones or the character of Trish Walker or another one of the excellent side characters.  The use of Jessica’s mother as an antagonist turned the second half of the season into a real conflict between mother and daughter and the final episode with Trish shooting Jessica’s mom was both shocking and heartbreaking.  The relationship between Jessica and Trish has been forever tainted.  And Trish is seemingly much closer to becoming Hellcat than ever before.  And the cameo from Kilgrave was awesome.


janefondascribblingThen, everything went to crap on the Movie Trivia Schmoedown this week.  This was Championship week and the first match of the week was strong and might have been surprising, but it had nothing on what happened in the team match on Friday.  Samm Levine defeated Rachel Cushing in the title match, retaining his championship.  Most people thought “The Crusher” Cushing was taking that title, but Levine proved he should not be underestimated.  However, in the team match where the Patriots took on Top Ten, controversy reared its ugly head. In the third round, the betting round, Jeff Sneider spun Westerns on the wheel.  Westerns is a well-known strength of Top 10, in particular John “The Outlaw” Rocha.  The question harloffsheadache.pngwas asked and John wrote something down and then, at the last second, erased it and scribbled something else down.  The Patriots missed the question and lost a point.  Top Ten wagered 3 points.  Patriot member JTE said that Rocha did not write anything down.  Rocha said he could say it.  When told he had to write it and say it, he said that he had written it down in the corner and the answer was “Jane Fonda”.  That was right and, after some thought, Kristian Harloff awarded Top Ten the three points.  The Patriots immediately challenged the ruling and then, apparently, all hell broke loose.  What happened when the dust settled, the question was thrown out and the Patriots were allowed to re-spin.  Top 10 then lost 3 points while the Patriots gained three points changing the score to a 10 point deficient instead of being tied.  Top 10 had lost the fire and was quickly KO’d in the next round.  This is extremely unfortunate for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  One side said that Rocha should have written the name down so it could be read, but the other side said that he said the answer without hearing it so the writing was not as important.  The biggest issue most people have had is the re-spin being rewarded for unspecified reasons- perhaps because the Patriots, in particular Sneider, campaigned for it.  It was a hot mess that was not going to have an effective resolution no matter what way it went.  Harloff knew that he was going to face a tough weekend on social media because of this.  And it makes the upcoming live Schmoedown one-on-one match up this Thursday March 15th with Rocha vs. JTE all the more compelling.


Image result for wayne sees batman in vision on gothamGotham showed us a delusion in Bruce Wayne’s head of the future where we see a version of what looks to be the Dark Knight.  The problem?  This was the whiniest Bruce Wayne has been in a long time.  I have never been one of the haters on Bruce Wayne on this series, but I could see the reasons behind it in this episode.  The stuff with the Penguin and Jerome was more interesting and the story with Poison Ivy was also more interesting.  I am a little concerned that Gotham is coming back down from the heights it reached during the Professor Pyg storyline, but I will continue to hope.


Image result for scandal air force two cyrusScandal pulled the most obvious twist in their most recent episode where “terrorists” take over Air Force 2 and turn it back toward Washington.  With V-P Cyrus Bean on board, Cyrus made it sound as if Jake was at fault, but I knew the entire time that this had Cyrus’s stink all over it.  And sure enough, the show went there.  Despite the fact that it made no sense and that the Air Force was literally seconds away from shooting the plane from the sky, Scandal wants us to believe that this was a plot from Cyrus to undermine Jake’s position as Chief of Staff.  The episode was tense and exciting, but the whole time I was just hoping that they did not go in the way that they were obviously setting up.  Meanwhile, of course, they had Olivia go see her mother to try and continue to redeem Olivia from her season long courtship with evil.  Scandal’s final season has been an extremely disappointing one with more baits-and-switches than engaging drama.


Image result for wes killed by laurels parentsOh, someone died on How to Get Away with Murder.  Honestly, this show is more deadly than Murder, She Wrote.  This time, there is a car crash at the end and we do not know who is being wheeled away on a stretcher.  However, the gunshot wound to the head does not kill Simon, who recovered this week.  We also see some flashbacks to the day before Wes died and we find out that Laurel’s mother tipped off her father about it and that lead to Wes’s murder.


Image result for Oscar celebrities crash movieThe Oscars ran their broadcast late into the evening on Sunday.  The Shape of Water was best picture.  Guillermo del Toro won best director.  Frances McDormand won bets actress and Gary Oldman won best actor.  The best bit of the night was when host Jimmy Kimmell took a group of celebrities including Mark Hammil, Gal Gadot, del Toro, Armie Hammer, Margot Robbie and crashed a showing of A Wrinkle in Time next door to where the Oscar’s broadcast was going on.  They brought “treats” to the fans as a thank you for being fans.


DX5UjmOWsAAATWCAgents of SHIELD reached their 100th episode Friday night with its typical brilliance.  The team finally found out that Agent Coulson is dying and what happened when he was possessed by Ghost Rider.  The show was very emotional and felt like it was going to be a goodbye for Coulson, but he was able to survive for now, thanks to help from Deathlok- a returning Mike Peterson.  Then, at the episode’s end, we were treated to a great surprise.  The wedding of Fitz and Simmons.  And that was not all.  We also learned that Deke was the grandson of FitzSimmons.  Mind blown!

Still behind in my watching.  Missed Walking Dead, Riverdale, Ash vs. The Evil Dead and Speechless this week.  Need to find some time to catch up.  There is also Fastlane tonight, the final PPV on the Road to Wrestlemania for the WWE.

Happy viewing.



The TV Week That was


I have the red carpet on in the background right now, as it is Oscar night.  Interesting to see the best of the world of movies tonight on television.  Jimmy Kimmell is hosting tonight on ABC.

Image result for carl diesWell, it happened last week.  Carl died on The Walking Dead.  The episode was full of emotion and drama as they showed both Carl and his slow decent into death (although he did end it on his own terms by his own hand) and balanced it out with Carol, Ezekiel and Morgan killing all the Saviors left at the Kingdom.  Everyone did a remarkable job on this episode and hopefully The Walking Dead, which has been desperately inconsistent this season, can build on this momentum and give us good story without just killing off characters that we love.  Only Rick, Carol, Daryl and Morgan remain as originals (and Morgan is leaving the show to go to Fear the Walking Dead at the end of this season).

Related imageScandal and How to Get Away With Murder had a crossover pair of episodes this past Thursday.  Olivia Pope seemed to be back to her other self, dropping the evil harpy that she had become.  Olivia helped Annalise get her case to the Supreme Court and Annalise won the argument.  Of course, Olivia and Annalise spent much of the time fighting with each other over which one is the real one in charge.  These two alpha females were never going to get along right away.  Then, I have to say, the fact that Michaela cheated on Asher with Marcus felt so forced that it was a real bring down.

ash and semenAsh vs. the Evil Dead continues to be the most outrageous show on television as the second episode of the season was available early today on Amazon Prime.  In an attempt to get rid of all of Ash’s off-springs, that meant that it required a trip to the sperm bank.  Only Ash Williams can make this cringe-inducing potential scene into something unbelievably funny and epic.  The first two episodes this season have been amazing and I cannot wait to see it next week.

Related imageDesignated Survivor returned this week with a strange episode.  After the midseason finale, President Kirkman’s wife died in a car wreck.  The show picked up several months later, skipping over some of the biggest moments.  Kirkman was still reeling from the loss, and we got some scenes in flashbacks.  I’m not sure the presentation of the drama was used in the most effective manner.  It almost felt like the show just wanted to get past the tragedy and get back to the White House story.

Agents of Shield also returned this week as the agents returned from the future.  As always, Agents of SHIELD is an epic hour of television.  This week, Yo Yo lost her arms and we meet a brand new bad guy.

Oscars are starting.  Gotta go.

Happy viewing

The TV Week That Was


Good day everyone.  It has been a couple of weeks since I did one of these columns as there was not much last week.  This week however has some definite stand outs.

Image result for the tick part two on amazonStarting with the return of The Tick to Amazon Prime.  The second half of season one dropped on Friday on the streaming service and made  for a quick and extremely funny binge.  The Tick left off with the presumed dead Terror having kidnapped Arthur, leaving the Tick aimless and scared for is sidekick.  The season jumps right back into that and we get all kinds of weird and wondrous stuff such as Midnight, the talking dog with star and stripes sunglasses, Danger Boat which has fallen in love with Arthur (including a remarkably awkward shower scene), the giant, naked walking man actually tying into the overall series arch, the first utterance of “spoon” from the Tick, and the Tick asking Arthur the age old question, “Am I a yeti?”  The Tick is absurdist fun and a deconstruction of the super hero genre, while also propping it up in what has to be considered a love letter to the genre.  The cast is magnificent and the binge flies by easily.  Treat yourself to a big. blue slice of justice with the Tick!


Image result for ash vs evil dead season 3And if that wasn’t enough evil fighting for you, Ash vs. the Evil Dead returned this weekend as well on Starz.  Ash seems to be happy and opening up a hardware store in his hometown, but little does he know that evil was coming back with a vengeance.  We meet a new character, introduced to us as Ash’s unknown daughter.  I just recently binged seasons one and two of this horror/comedy show and I am so happy I did.  Ash vs. the Evil Dead is a complete hoot and Bruce Campbell is a master of the cheese needed to carry off this series.

matchgameMatch Game looks to be done for another season.  Alec Baldwin does an amazing job hosting this show, despite the gignormous shoes of Gene Rayburn that he had to step into.  This final pair of episodes saw one of the most shockingly funny answers of the year, sending Alec down to the ground in front of the contestants in shock.   I am always amazed at how raucous this show has been and I will miss laughing at it every week.  Perhaps it has been moved somewhere else but I know that Designated Survivor will be returning to the Match Game time slot.  I am sure Match Game will return in the future.

Image result for carl bit by walkerTonight, The Walking Dead will return from its winter break to end the story of Carl, who, when last we saw him, had revealed to his father that he had been bitten by a Walker.  We all know what that means… Carl is doomed.  One of the few remaining original cast members, Carl has not always been the most popular character.  However, it seemed that with his fate sealed, the thoughts of Carl may have turned.  The first half of season 8 of The Walking Dead has been very lackluster, with only a couple of really stand out episodes.  Let’s hope that the death of Carl will be able to kick start this once brilliant series back to prominence.

Image result for general hospital 14000General Hospital had its 14,000 episode this past Friday.  That is quite an achievement and, while I do not get the chance to see GH much any more, I made sure to pull this episode up on Hulu.  Thing was that there was not much more to it than a regular episode.  There was some interesting drama involving Sonny and his father Mike, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  There was also some unintentionally funny parts where Sonny apparently mispronounces the disease every time he says it.

Image result for USA Curling goldThe Winter Olympics came to a conclusion after a couple of weeks of entertaining action in South Korea.  And while the US Female Ice Skating team flopped like few other US teams have done before, the US Curling team brought back gold.  No, really…USA Curling.  Funny enough, the US Curling team was actually rewarded with the Gold medals for the Wonen’s curling.  The mix up was fixed and the US team did receive their proper gold medals.


It looks as if several of my favorite shows will be making their way back this week from hiatus.  Not only will The Walking Dead be back, but so will Agents of Shield, The X-Files, Designated Survivor, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (those last two having a Shondaland crossover event this Thursday).  The week after will see Riverdale return as well so the TV landscape is looking to get busy again.

Happy viewing


The TV Week That Was


Good afternoon.  Welcome back to another TV Week That Was.

This week, the Winter Olympics kicked off in South Korea with the opening ceremonies and the first few events.  Norway has started off with 8 medals so far, though only one of those was gold.  The USA only has two medals so far, one gold, one silver, and one of those, surprisingly in luge.  17-year old Red Gerard gave the USA its first gold medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle.   Chris Mazdzer finished with a silver in luge on Sunday, shocking everyone as he was not expected to be anywhere near contention.  It was the first US medal in luge in history.  Skier Lindsey Vonn among other members of the ski team will be decked out in ski apparel base on Marvel super heroes.  Vonn’s outfit is Captain America and there will also be a Captain Marvel outfit.

Image result for altered carbonI watched the premiere episode of Altered Carbon which dropped on Netflix this week.  The show starred Joel Kinnamen as Takeshi Kovacs, a man who was brought back from the dead over 300 years prior to solve a murder of a fancy rich man, his own.  This series is based on Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk noir novel of the same name.  The futuristic sci-fi program demanded attention while watching it and the first episode definitely felt like a large expository dump.  I’m not sure how else they could have done it, and the show felt interesting. I hope to be able to find time to continue to sample more of the episodes on Netflix.

Riverdale Season 2Riverdale continued its unbalanced season with a good episode after the last couple of weeks of weaker offerings.  This week, the story featured the resolution of the FBI angle with Archie.  It was revealed that the FBI agent trying to stick it to Archie was actually in the employment of the Lodges and was only a test for Archie.  Of course, Archie passed the test.  The second part of the story this week was the mysterious drug dealer that Betty discovered, bleeding and dead on her house’s floor, with her mother and brother desperately trying to clean it up.  Betty helps dispose of the body, supposedly killed by Chic, but her guilt and fear of the body being discovered eats her up and she turns to Jughead for help.  Jughead gets his dad to do a better job of body disposal.

Related imageThursday’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder continued to send Annalise’s former psychologist Isaac down the rabbit hole.  He not only fell off the wagon after (he says) 23 years sober, but it was revealed that his daughter Stella died from an overdose of pills that he brought into the house.  We also discovered that Isaac had, in a panic, actually typed the text message on her phone indicating that she was going to kill herself.  All this info came out as Isaac was starting to pull closer to Annalise.  However, Annalise was pretty clear that they could not be together and that they would be toxic together.  But in good news, Connor said that he and Oliver should get married, and Oliver agreed!

Scandal saw the power struggle with the White House and Olivia Pope come to a possible conclusion when Olivia resigned as the Chief of Staff, despite having dirt on President Mellie.  Quinn revealed herself to Olivia as being alive and she also returned to the other Gladiators who had been having trouble doing their jobs without her.  There was also the scene that helped me hope once again for Rowan to catch a bullet between the eyes as he held Quinn’s baby in front of her and implied that he would strangle the baby to death if Quinn did anything to harm Olivia. Rowan needs to die at the end of this season.  Please.

Image result for letterman and clooney on netflixThe second episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman appeared on Netflix this week and it was another entertaining interview, this time with George Clooney.  The pair eat hamburgers together and Letterman goes with Clooney’s parents to his hometown for some sweetness.  These episodes reminds us how much we missed David Letterman, even with the gigantic weird white beard.

No Agents of SHIELD this week.  Missed it terribly.

Happy viewing.

The TV Week That Was


Welcome to a late arriving TV Week That Was.

Of course, the reason the column is late is because last night was the Super Bowl.  The Philadelphia Eagles defeated The New England Patriots 41-33 in an entertaining offensive struggle between two of the top offensive teams in the NFL.  Nick Foles, the Eagles QB who was a backup as late as Week 11, was the game’s MVP.  Foles replaced potential league MVP Carson Wentz after he injured his ACL.  Foles struggled at the end of the regular season, but he had really stepped up in the playoffs.

The commercials of the Super Bowl were another let down this year, but there were a ton of awesome movie trailers that were shown during the big game.  We got trailers for Mission Impossible 6, Avengers Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Rock’s Skyscraper, Annihilation, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the surprise release of The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix (which dropped as soon as the game ended.)


triplethreat.pngThis week saw the return of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown on Collider Video on YouTube.  The first match was a Triple Threat Number One Contender match between “Little Evil” JTE, Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing, and Mike “K.O.” Kalinowski.  Rachel Cushing won the match in dominant fashion, knocking out Kalinowski and TKOing JTE.  Rachel earned a championship match against current Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion Samm Levine.  The video also saw the long anticipated announcement of Rachel’s new partner, “Classy” Clarke Wolfe in the new team to be called Shirewolves.

This week’s X-Files was one of the best episodes of the new season.  “Ghouli” focused on a monster of the week story, or, at least, that is what it seemed.  However, it turned out that the person that Mulder and Scully wound up chasing was their son, William, whom they put up for adoption years before.  William, who was known as Jackson, had some kind of mental illusion ability that can cause people to see things that were not there.  This was an emotional episode and brought a light on the mysterious son of Mulder(?) and Scully.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 10Agents of SHIELD brought the Kree battle in the future to a satisfactory ending as Flint helped create a new monolith to be able to send the Agents back in time.  Of course this was not before Yo Yo found Kasius’s seer and discovered that it was an older version of her.  Older Yo Yo spoke to younger Yo Yo and implied that this moment had happened many times in the past, implying that the future was set in a loop.  She also said that everything happened because they saved “him” and that this time they had to let him die.  Older Yo Yo said that Coulson was dying and they had to let him die.

Image result for nathan west diesGeneral Hospital had an emotional week as police detective Nathan West was shot and killed by Cesar Faison, a man Nathan just learned was his biological father.  Ryan Paevey had chosen to leave the show so the popular character who was married to Maxie Jones, found himself being killed in the line of duty.  The General Hospital ensemble cast is very powerful and everyone brought their top game with these emotional episodes.  Faison became another victim of the week as he died from complications of a gunshot from Jason Morgan.

Image result for riverdale season 2 episode 12Riverdale has been slipping in my opinion as of late.  After a less than stellar first half of the season with the Black Hood, the last couple of episodes have been pretty low.  Characters constantly do things that make no sense or do not fit the characters that we have grown to know of over the first season and a half.  The whole Archie is being used by the FBI is ridiculous.  Jughead and his obsession with the Serpents brings about some of the worst written sections of the show.  Archie seems to be fine with the Lodges and their connection to organized crime.  None of it works.  I will say that it was nice to see Betty and Jughead back together, despite their break up being short and not believable.  Riverdale needs to start improving or it is in danger of falling back off of my viewing habits.

Image result for scandal the interventionScandal continued its final season with an attempt by Olivia’s friends to hold an intervention for her and get her to admit her wrong doings.  They took her to Vermont and held her prisoner for a few days.  Of course, in the end, Olivia outsmarted the entire crew and got herself back to Washington.  Meanwhile, President Millie was discovering the truth behind Olivia and B613.  Mellie struggled with what exactly she wanted to do to reestablish her own power as President of the United States.  At the end of the episode, it looked like Mellie had decided as Olivia’s things were being moved from out of her office.

Happy viewing.

The TV Week That Was


Yesterday was packed full of fun, so the TV Week That Was had to be delayed until a Monday night.  But here we are!

royalrumblewinnersLast night saw the Royal Rumble PPV on the WWE Network.  The first ever all-female Royal Rumble main evented the show with “The Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka winning.  The male version was won by Smackdown star Shinsuke Nakamura.  Shinsuke then announced that he would be challenging WWE Champion A.J. Styles at Wrestlemania, which is a huge match.  Other major winners last night included The Usos retaining their Smackdown Tag Team Championship, The Bar regaining the RAW Tag Team Championship by defeated Seth Rollins and Jason Jordon, A.J. Styles defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in an handicap match to retain the WWE Championship, and Brock Lesnar pinned Kane in the triple Threat match with Kane and Braun Strowman.  Then, at the end of the night, a surprise came out from the back to make a challenge for Wrestlemania.  Rhonda Rousey came out and pointed to the Wrestlemania sign.  Social media then indicated that Rousey had signed full time with the WWE. The women main evented the PPV and this was a great way to go off the air.  We are officially on the Road to Wrestlemania.

There was more wrestling this week as Monday Night RAW turned 25 years old and presented its bog show with a lot of nostalgia and not much else.  Stone Cold Steve Austin came back to stun Vince McMahon once again.  The APA played poker.  The Undertaker made an appearance.  DX made an appearance.  Match wise there was not that much.  Miz defeated Roman Reigns and became the Intercontinental Championship once again.  Honestly, the show was a bit lackluster for how big the show was promoted to be. Thankfully the Royal Rumble delivered more.

And delivering even more after that was NXT Takeover: Philadelphia.  Saturday night prior to a big WWE PPV brings us the epic NXT card.  We had a brilliant Extreme Rules match between Adam Cole (BABEEEE) and Alastair Black, won by Black.  Just as people were getting ready to dub this the match of the night, out came NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas took on Johnny “Johnny Wrestling” Gargano.  This 31 minute match was one of the best NXT matches of all time and is easily your January leader for match of the year.  It was simple epic.  Almas held off Gargano and defeated him to retain his title.

Netflix dropped the first episode of David Letterman’s new show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. Letterman, the iconic late night TV show host, spent 50 minutes interviewing former President Barack Obama.  Letterman had not missed a step as he was extremely interesting discussing all sorts of specifics with President Obama.  The gigantic beard on Letterman’s face is hard to take your eyes off of, admittedly, but these two had me fascinated the entire time  Next up is George Clooney.

The Flash SpoilersI gave Flash another chance this week, and I liked what I saw more than I did with the Trial of Flash.  Bill Goldberg guest starred as a felon who Barry met and bonded with.  Apparently, Goldberg was someone who owed a favor to Barry’s father.  However, the best part of the episode was the elevation of Ralph Digby from joke sidekick to full fledged super hero. The Elongated Man, which turns out to be a better name than Stretchy Man, was the best part of the show.

Scandal revealed that, as expected, Rowan did not shoot Quinn after all.  She has given birth to her son and fought her way out of the basement being.  I was pretty disappointed by this as it just felt like the typical bait and switch and it underplays the entire emotions from last week’s solid episode.  There was a lot of flashback and showing us scenes that we had already seen, but maybe just slightly in a different perspective.  These characters are just lost to me at this point.  Olivia is gone dark side without chance to be saved, in my opinion.  Rowan is well past due time for a bullet in his head.

General Hospital brought back one of their most compelling villains of all time and unleashed him on Port Charles for a few weeks.  Cesar Faison, played by Anders Hove, showed us why he is continually brought back.  He was an amazingly intense and vicious character, terrorizing Anna Devane, Lulu Spencer, Maxie and, his surprise son, Nathan.  Cesar shot Nathan before he knew who he was.  Thankfully, Jason was there to intercept Faison, who had taken Carly hostage.  Faison told Jason that he couldn’t make the shot… which Jason did, of course.  Jason wants answers about his twin brother that, apparently, Faison had something to do with it.

Image result for x files mulder as a child on his couchDisturbing was on display on the X-Files this week as we saw young Mulder on a couch enjoying his Twilight Zone was not.  The episode was actually quite a funny one, but this shot of Mulder as a child watching TV was just about as silly as anything you will see on TV.


Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 9Agents of SHIELD is great each week.  This week was a dramatic and emotional one as Robin, the young girl seer from the past, was now an old woman, who has secrets to reveal.  One of those was that May raised her after something happened to her mother.  When Robin is killed, there is nary a dry eye int he house.  Sinara also comes down to the surface of the destroyed planet (was it really Quake?  not sure)and winds up biting the big one.  Plus, Mack, Yo Yo and Flint’s rebellion against Kasius seems to be going well, but I guess Kasius still has a seer.  Oh, and by the way, he brought back to life Tess.  Agents of Shield is driving toward their 100th episode and it is a joy-ride each week.

There is more I could write, but I am tired and getting ready to go to bed.  So I will skip Speechless, Child Support (new game show), Match Game, Black Lightning (a good 2nd episode), How to Get Away with Murder, the Schmoedown Awards (have a blog post about that) or Movie Fights Live.

Next week:  The new season of Movie Trivia Schmoedown starts on Friday with a triple threat #1 contenders match.  I have to catch back up with Riverdale.  Oh, and there is a little game called the Super Bowl.

Happy viewing.

The TV Week That Was


It is time for the TV Week That Was!  Welcome every one.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 8Agents of SHIELD continues to have a fantastic season five.  I am not sure how a show that was a superhero/spy show can all of a sudden has become one of the best science fiction shows on television.  The return of Robin in the future brought some real emotional moments to the story, especially for May.  The team is preparing for the eventual return from the future in order to save the world from being destroyed.  I think there are some answers we will get, such as Quake not being responsible for the destruction of the earth.  We also are gearing up for the showdown between SHIELD and the Kree.  AoS has just been spectacular all year long and shows no sign of slowing down.

Image result for the trial of flash CWI took a chance to watch Flash this week.  I used to watch Flash regularly the first couple of seasons, but I lost interest as it seemed like every week was the same thing.  I did enjoy the characters and the actors so I figured I would give it another chance.  The trial of Flash was quite the disappointment.  There was nothing that happened that I didn’t expect would happen.  Despite having some opportunity to do something different, Flash just stuck with the old cliche of the super hero alter identity convicted and sent to prison.  Then, the villain of the week was one of the weakest I had seen.  I do have some hopes for Ralph Digby, as I have always been a fan of Elongated Man, but I am not sure that I will be sticking with this show long enough to see Ralph.

Image result for black lightningThe reason I was watching the Flash was because I wanted to see the debut of the CW’s newest super hero, Black Lightning.  This was much more like it.  Black Lightning was a very enjoyable first episode and I am looking forward to seeing episode two.  Black Lightning was in retirement and living happily with his family and as a local principal, Jefferson Pierce.  However, when his daughters get into serious trouble with local crime lord and gangs, Black Lightning had to come out of retirement.  The series explored several black issues, such as gangs and being pulled over by police officers, and it did it seriously and with intelligence.  It was not just checking the boxes.  It was speaking seriously about the problem.  So far, Black Lightning is full of promise.

Image result for scandal quinn is deadScandal returned this week with a very strong episode until the end.  We started it out believing that Rowan had shot and killed Quinn.  They then spent the whole episode mourning her and doing things they would do if Quinn was dead.  Huck had found evidence that he believed pointed toward Olivia as Quinn’s killer and his emotions pulled him apart throughout the entire show.  Huck was tremendous here.  Olivia was very good as well, truly playing off her guilt.  However, all of the emotion looks to be for naught as Charlie, who had been spiraling out of control, went to Rowan looking to get back to his old job as a killer.  And then he hears a baby crying.  He rushes in and there is a baby.  Is it his and Quinn?  Is she still alive.  I think so and that would waste all of the emotional beats of the episode.

Image result for how to get away with murder He's deadHow to Get Away With Murder returned as well this week with a very solid episode, but one that kind of reset the season for the second half.  No matter what they had done, though, it would have paled in comparison to that unbelievably dramatic mid-winter finale.  However, it did get things rolling with Jorge Castillo gaining control of the newborn, the Keating 5 finding out that Simon was not dead, and how Wes had left a voicemail message on Dominic’s phone. (?)  Dominic wound up dead at the hands of Frank too.  Lots of things happen and the gaps in the story from the first half get filled in.

Image result for riverdale betty's brotherRiverdale also returned this week, fresh off the dumping of the Black Hood storyline.  However, Archie is speculating that something did not feel right about it and it could be that we will be returning to that story before too long.  Could it be Betty’s long lost brother, Chick?  They brought Chick in from a couple of towns over and he does seem to be a little off.  Also this episode, the FBI approached Archie to do undercover work to spy on the Lodges in the weekly “how stupid can the cops be in Riverdale” situation.  Archie rightly asked the FBI agent about them talking to him (a high school student) without his parents present and the FBI guy said that they did that because they may suspect Archie’s dad as well.  Duh!  Plus, Southside High was closed down and the Serpents were sent to Riverdale High for some great gang shenanigans.  I have to say that season two of Riverdale ahs been a dramatic step down from season one.

Image result for patriots eaglesThe New England Patriots won the AFC Championship in a close battle with the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 to head to their second straight Super Bowl appearance and the 8th Super Bowl in the career of Tom Brady.  They will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles who, is currently playing, but crushing the Minnesota Vikings.  At the moment, the score is 38-7 in the 4th quarter.  The Patriots and Eagles will meet in the Super Bowl in Minnesota in two weeks.

Welcome back to Bill Maher, whose HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher returned from vacation this week and immediately found its voice in making jokes about the Trump Administration.  Maher’s guest included Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff.

Happy viewing

The TV Week That Was


Hey all.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was.

Image result for Oprah at the golden globesLast week started off with the Golden Globes.  Now, none of the awards were too controversial or questionable, even, but everyone came out of the event with three words in their heads.  Oprah for President.  Oprah Winfrey was given the Cecil B. DeMille Award for career excellence and she took her opportunity to speak out on behalf of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements in an acceptance speech that was just amazing.  Image result for dwayne johnson listening to Oprah at golden globesIt felt like a speech that was … presidential.  As soon as the speech was over, Twitter erupted with speculation and #Oprah2020 hashtags.  The speech was surely inspirational (just look at the Rock listening to Oprah intently) and it was a remarkable moment for the Golden Globes.  A typical Golden Globes Awards presentation was a semi-drunken affair where “anything could happen.”  This year’s Golden Globes felt considerably more adult and grown up and I think that Oprah had a great deal of reason for that.

Agents of SHIELD is is full swing right now and the show is getting better and better.  We came very close to a reunion of the whole team this week as everyone except May met back up.  It is so sweet when Coulson sees Daisy and Fitz and he treats them like he is their father.  Then, we find out that Kasius did not die last week as it seemed. Instead, his scar was across his face.  It gave him character, according to Kasius’s brother, Faulnak.  While I was not sure about Kasius’s fate last week, there is no question about Faulnak and his fate this week as Kasius stabbed his brother in the back, killing him.  Kasius and Sinara became much deeper and awesome villains this week, setting up what is sure to be an epic conclusion to this pod when it is finally ready to end.  Agents of SHIELD had multiple call backs to previous episodes this week, including one from the very first season!  Word is that head honchos at ABC have been impressed with AoS this season and may be considering renewing it for season 6.  To that I say…YAY!

runawaysHulu’s Runaways finished its first season with the kids actually heading out on the run.  The fans of the show have been waiting all season for this to happen, finally occurred as the group took off.  However, the show has done a good job of easing the evil of the kids’ parents, and tossing most of the shade toward Jonah.  There are a lot of questions still up in the air with this show but the good news is that Hulu has renewed Runaways for a second season so some of those answers may be coming.

LanglyThe X-Files had a wild and, yes, confusing episode featuring former Lone Gunman Richard Ringo Langly, who died 15 years before this.  Seemed as if Langly had some connection to an attempt to digitize people’s minds and create a new world of scientific discovery where the Ramones are playing all the time.  This felt like one of the classic old X-Files episodes where they dealt with a case a week, although this also fit in with this season’s overarching conspiracy as we see Price involved in this one as well.  And, just like classic X-Files, there is not a nice, clean ending.  I have enjoyed season 11 so far.

mflSomething that has been missing for far too long has been Movie Fights Live from the Screen Junkies.  The show returned this week in its new format.  The format was adjusted and tweaked in order to shed the memory of Andy Signore, the former host and judge of Movie Fights who was revealed as being involved in several sexual misconduct/harassment cases last year.  The new format features two fighters instead of three and adjusted the number of rounds involved.  This week we got a movie fight between Joe Starr and Danielle Radford, with Danielle getting the W.  Hal Rudnick is the new host of the show and one of the judges.

Image result for patriots vs jaguarsImage result for eagles vs.vikingsThe NFL season is continuing to work its way down to finding the two teams that will participate in this year’s Super Bowl.  Right now, in the AFC, we have the New England Patriots taking on The Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game and, in the NFC, the NFC Championship game will be the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings won a game against the Saints to advance to that game with the most remarkable and improbable walk-off touchdown with no time left on the clock.

Happy viewing!


The TV Week That Was


Good afternoon everyone.  Welcome back to the TV Week That Was. Things are starting to pick up again after the slow run around the holiday season.  Tonight is the Golden Globes Awards and hopefully so of the favorites will pick up a win.

Related imageLast week saw the return to television of The X-Files in a controversial fashion. The show revealed that the real father of William that Scully had had and had been hiding for years was not Mulder, but in actuality, the Smoking Man.  Apparently, CSM had drugged Scully and had used “science to impregnate her.”  The controversy blew up the internet for quite a bit last week with a lot of anger from the twist. It also seemed that much of, if not all of, the season ten finale was being made into a premonition by Scully and that it did not actually happen.  Seems as if Chris Carter was ready to stir things up with what could be the final season of the show.

Related imageI completed the second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix this week, and it was flippin’ tremendous.  In particular, the episodes at the asylum featuring the puppet, Ashy Slashy, were some of the best of the series.  This show constantly took risks and placed its characters into situations that were unconventional and ridiculously funny.  The glorious Bruce Campbell hammed it up regularly and brought so much life and humanity to a character that could be nothing more than a rotten human being.  Ash is truly a hero and the show does a great job showing this. I am very excited for the debut of Ash vs. Evil Dead Season three on Starz starting on February 25th.

Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 6Agents of SHIELD was in high gear this past Friday with one of the best episodes of the new season.  It feels as if they are preparing to wrap up the future storyline soon as lots of major events happened.  We got May vs. the telepath Ben in the Inhuman Fight Club.  We get Quake vs. Sinara as the main event.  Image result for agents of shield season 5 episode 6We got several major deaths including Tess, Grill, Ben and, it looked like, Kasius too.  A new Inhuman (straight out of the comics) Flint who controls rocks is introduced to the crew.  We also got Fitz to propose to Simmons, though she does not hear him… later Jamma pops the question to him instead.  This episode was directed by Clark Gregg himself and the show was awesome.

Image result for NFL playoffs 2018The NFL playoffs have begun with the Tennessee Titans coming from behind and defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 22-21 and the Atlanta Falcons defeating the Los Angeles Rams 26-13 on Saturday.  The first game on Sunday was Jacksonville Jaguars defeating the Buffalo Bills 10-3.  Carolina will be playing New Orleans later tonight in the remaining Wild Card game.  Coming up in the AFC next week will be Tennessee at New England Patriots and Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Steelers.


Related imageThe Runaways penultimate episode of season one aired on Hulu this week and it was excellent.  Everything is coming to a head as the Runaways have come together to confront their parents at the site of their parents dangerous plan.  When this episode ended, I cried out “no” because I was just not ready for it to be over.  I have really enjoyed the slow burn and the character development of this series, but it is time for some Pride vs. Runaways goodness.  There was also quite a bit of surprising Runaway romantic action going on as Chase and Gert got busy and had sex while searching a house.  Karolina also revealed her feelings to Nico.  I am excited to see where this series ends its first season.

Returning is the Match Game with Alec Baldwin.  Although I never would have believed it, I have found this version of Match Game to be an extremely entertaining and suitable follow up to the classic with Gene Rayburn.  Alec Baldwin is a perfect host and the stars are clearly encouraged to be outrageous.  This week, however, one of the contestants got seriously screwed by the judges.  One woman answered the question: “ Oprah Winfrey’s so rich, at Thanksgiving she DOESN’T use a gravy boat– she uses a gravy ______.”  Clearly the answer should be “yacht” but the contestant says “ship”.  Every celebrity wrote “yacht” and the judge gave her credit for it.  Not the best judgment ever made on the show.  Twitter was outraged. 

Have a great week everyone.  Happy viewing and enjoy the Golden Globes tonight.




The TV Week That Was


Welcome to the TV Week That Was.  Actually, I guess, it has been the TV Two Weeks That Was, since I did not do a write-up last week.  It has been a slow period over the holidays, and that was okay since we had the 2017 Year in Review list to work on.

levinechampOne of the major things that happened during this period was the huge special The Schmoedown Spectacular 2 from the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  Three videos dropped on December 22 of six special Movie Trivia Schmoedown matches.  This is like the show’s Wrestlemania with major match-ups and feuds being settled.  “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine became the new Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion by defeating Kristian Harloff.  The Patriots, JTE and Jeff Sneider, continued to retain their team titles by defeating Above the Line, Levine and “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny.  A new Star Wars champion was crowned as Sam Witwer knocked off Ken Napzok in an Iron Man Match.  Then, Top 10, John Rocha and Matt Knost, defeated Team Action, Andrew Ghai SpearSpearSpearand Ben Bateman.  Following that match, Ghai attacked Rocha and tackled him.  Jason Inman became the new Innergeekdom Champion by defeating Hector Navarro.  Finally, Emma Fyffe won the first ever Manager Bowl and revealed that her surprise client was Marc Andreyko, who left the Lion’s Den.  There were so many great moments throughout the video that the Movie Trivia Schmoedown continued to up their game.

Related imageWithout much on television, I started to binge the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix.  I made it through the first season and I enjoyed it tremendously.  I loved how the show used the history and mythology from the original movie to deepen the story.  The return to the cabin from the movie was a great touch as well.  Bruce Campbell is the king of cheese, and he brings that fully through this series.  He is very charismatic with the other characters in the show.  There was a lot of blood and gore, although some of it seemed cartoony.  I hope to be able to finish season two on Netflix as well.

Related imageThere was also the next episode of The Runaways on Hulu.  It was really great too.  Victor had been shot and the attempts by Pride to save him were tremendous.  We also are moving closer to the possibility of the Runaways actually running away.  Chase destroyed the computer with the video on it because he was in such a bad way after seeing his mother shoot his father.  There was also more with Old Lace, which is awesome.  Runaways has been a slow burn and I am enjoying that.

Image result for anderson and kath new years eveTonight is New Year’s Eve and I am going to miss the team of Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.  Kathy was released by CNN after her ill-advised comedy tweet where she posed with a picture of a decapitated head of President Trump.  It was a stupid thing for Kathy to do, but it also shows how some people get punished for their actions and other people continually get away with their bad behavior.  CNN replaced her with Andy Cohen.

Coming up in 2018… American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Black Lightning, Roseanne (returns), Jessica Jones 2, Waco…and, starting this Wednesday… The X-Files!

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Happy Viewing.