MTS Star Wars Tournament


This post will have SPOILERS for the matches held today on Twitch between Scrimshaw/Dimalanta and Damon/Witt.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


The Movie Trivia Schmoedown has found a way to provide content to its fans during this time of isolation and social distancing, and it takes place on the site called Twitch.

On Wednesdays, the MTS has arrived on Twitch to host matches from the Star Wars tournament, where 8 competitors are striving for the chance to challenge the reigning Star Wars Champions, the seemingly unbeatable Alex “The Demon” Damon.

I am going to be honest with you.  I have hoped that the powers that be in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown would have taken the Star Wars Division and closed it down.  I had never felt that it was worth having a whole division over Star Wars.  There were several reasons.  One, there were not very many competitors.  You would have three or maybe four that were real challengers.  Two, the champion, now Damon, and before him Sam Witwer, were so unbeatable that there was no one who could legitimately challenge them.  Three, the division did not have very many matches.  In fact, you might get two or three Star Wars matches a year.  Four, the questions are such deep cuts that it is practically impossible to play along, one of the fun aspects of the show.

However, with this current tournament, my opinion has changed, big time.

The use of the tournament helped provide matches for the division.  While the questions are still insanely difficult for me to answer, this tournament has eight challengers in it (nine if you count the play-in game) and these challengers are all just really strong.  Honestly, I could see several of them give the champion are real battle.  In fact, I legitimately think there are 5-6 players here that are outstanding and whom I could see as championship material.

And since we have been able to see the players more (whether it be in the game or in the promos leading up to the matches), we are able to see more of their personalities, giving us more chance to root for them.

StarWars1Yes, I did not know very many answers today during the double header on Twitch, but it was amazing and thrilling the entire time.  The match between Joseph Scrimshaw and Andrew Dimalanta was unbelievable, with both men having perfect games and having the match decided in sudden death.  Unfortunately, the final question was decided by a challenge and Andrew Dimalanta won 32-31.  Even that question, one could argue that Joseph Scrimshaw’s answer was correct, just not correct enough.

That is why this division has become suddenly so strong.  These are amazing performers who are answering questions that you just should not know and it depends on a level of specificity if you intend on advancing.  The Dimalanta/Scrimshaw match was one for the ages and one of the best matches of the season.  All of the other competitors in this tournament had to be happy that these two had to play one another in the first round because they certainly played a match that could have been in the finals.

Molly Damon, the wife of the current champion, was in the second match against Movie Guy Adam Witt.  While this match was not one as precise as the first one was, this was an extremely contentious contest.  Within the first round, there were three challenges thrown down, which is a remarkable number for the first round and you could see that some involved were a tad shaken.  Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, the hosts of the match, were clearly bothered.  It took incredible composure to get through the round.

Molly Damon nailed her 5 point question at the end to finish off the match 24-19.  The answer she had was really tough and it was impressive that she pulled it.  She showed some great composure to make it through this challenging match and Adam Witt looked very strong in defeat.

Next week, we get to see “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok, author of a Star Wars book, take on “Ace” Cabrera.  Ken had dropped perhaps one of the greatest promos in Schmoedown history prior to the beginning of this tournament.


So, Star Wars Trivia on Twitch.  It has been amazing so far and it sure looks like the best is yet to come.

Cherry Bomb vs. The Hurricane Schmoedown


This post will contain ZERO spoilers for this match (maybe one…).

The Patreon match today (which will be released on YouTube to the general public on Friday) is between two rookies and I was inspired to write about them.

I am not giving any spoilers for the match (unless you count the fact that

SPOILER…Andrew Ghai is the manager for the Usual Suspects here).  END SPOILER

But I wanted to talk about these two new competitors and I was inspired from their match.

cherry bombFirst up was Britney Young, nicknamed “Cherry Bomb” as a member of the Dungeon.  Young was a star of the Netflix series GLOW, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.  This was actually her second time involved with the Movie Trivia Schmoedown as she was in a celebrity match a few years back, playing with the current commissioner Clarke Wolfe.

HurricaneNext is Jader Paramo, known as “The Hurricane.”  Jader was the winner of the special audience competition that was held prior to the Orlando event.  He won one of the “Golden Tickets” (story which he talks about in the video so I won’t go into it) placing him in a competition with four fans.  His victory in Orlando earned him a match in season 7.  He wound up with the Usual Suspects faction.

I will admit that it typically takes me some time to enjoy rookies in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  Not to name any specific names, but some of them come in way too cocky for my liking and I do not find any real reason to cheer for them.

However, that was not the case for these two new competitors.  Both of them came off extremely charming and likable.  They were funny and quick-witted.  Their interaction was outstanding and refreshing.  The game was solid (no spoilers).

And although one of them won and one of them lost (no spoilers), I would find myself cheering for either moving forward and looking forward to seeing them both to continue the positivity.

If you want to see this match early, join the MTS Patreon page at the $10 level to get it on Monday.  I believe lower $ levels get it later that week.  That $10 level is well worth the money.



Schmoedown’s The Chosen


SPOILERS for Thursday’s IG Match

Today’s Innergeekdom match for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown was Chandru Dhandapani vs. Brandon Hanna and it features one of my personal favorite Schmoedown competitors.  He is “The Chosen.”

Chandru Dhandapani not only has a standout personalities in the Schmoedown, but he is also a remarkably well versed competitor in the Innergeekdom division.  The match was fun, but there was a distinct feeling that Chandru had taken a step up toward the upper echelon in the division.

Innergeekdom features a lot of solid competitors, but there are about three who are considered above the rest.  They are the champion, Kevin “Smasher” Smets, Mike “K.O. Kalinowski, and Mara Knopic.  These three are seen as the top of the division.  I think they need to step aside and make some room for The Chosen.

Chosen2Chandru had a perfect game in the match with Hanna, answering everything with precision and perfection.  With the exception of one second round question that he had to go to multiple choice for, Chandru showed his knowledge across the entire IG spectrum in the match.

You can see now in his second season of action that Chandru was taking his time to answer these questions.  Last season, he lost some important points because of mistakes in pronouncing a few of the answers, particularly in round two.  Chandru, originally from India, was close enough to the right answer that one wondered how much his accent cost him.  Here you could clearly see him focus and make sure that what he said was right.

Chosen3But not only his Chandru highly knowledgeable, but he also has a shining personality like the beacon of light from a lighthouse.  He always arrives to his matches in attire that fits perfectly within the IG division such as a Chewbacca jump suit or his Captain America uniform, but he also is constantly in motion.  Chandru comes through the curtain and starts dancing.  His energy is infectious.

Chandru seems to be a different force in the division.  Most of the competitors are intense and serious.  Chandru has been able to combine the joyfulness of doing something that he so obviously loves with the seriousness of the game.  That is a combination that would have to be incredibly challenging to play against.

Chandru is on the faction S.W.A.G., managed by Winston Marshall.  Though we wait for the Innergeekdom title match between Kevin Smets and Mara Knopic, neither of them should fall asleep on Chandru Dhandapani because he is coming up strong.


Final Exam vs. The Experiment


Released on $10 Patreon today was the latest team match-up, with two new teams debuting.


The two new teams are the Final Exam, which included Lon Harris and Paul Oyama, and The Experiment, who are Marc Edward Heuck and Eliot Dewberry.

The match was good, but I really wanted to talk about Lon Harris.

He was fantastic.  Previously, Lon Harris had played the character of “The Professor” and was snooty and was a film snob.  He formed teams with JTE and his brother, but neither really took off.  Last time we saw Lon, he stormed off the set and it was unknown what he was going to do.

LonandWinstonThen, there was a cut scene with Lon and Winston Marshall, the manager of S.W.A.G.– the team that drafted Lon, and we got a hint of the new character that Lon is going to play.  There is no more of the academic.  Now he is the Delinquent.  Drinking alcohol, lacking any motivation, ready to give it all up, Lon is completely different than the last time we saw him.

Then, watching this match, Lon was on fire.  Not only with the trivia, but with his character work.  As The Delinquent, Lon was funny as Winston and Paul tried to keep Lon from wandering off.  Lon played it as if he had never seen a Schmoedown before and was even surprised it was being filmed.  He acted as if he had no idea who Shannon Barney, KOrruption manager and manager of The Experiment, was.

He seemed refreshed from the last time I saw him and he showed it in his game.  I am very excited to see Lon continue this character and to see where he goes with this.

Lon was not the only new direction shown in this episode.  Paul Oyama dropped the leather jacket and sunglasses and brought a new approach with his attitude.  Oyama was more likable here than at any point last year.

We also saw the continuation of the storyline of the break up of the Wildberries with Shannon and Marc Edward Heuck tormenting Eliot Newberry.  At some point this season, this is building up toward Josh Macuga returning and saving Eliot from the evil KOrruption.

The team league looks to be off the charts this season, with a ton of new teams joining the fantastic carry over teams.  Such a powerful group of teams.

This match will be available to all on YouTube this Thursday.

team match

The Family vs. KOrruption (Schmoedown Throwdown)





Season 7 of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown has come out hot.

One week out of one of the greatest single title matches in the Schmoedown history, they are at it once again.

Kristian Harloff, attempting to provide the best content available for $10 and above Patreons of the MTS, had announced that they wanted to do more Schmoedown Throwdowns, live streams of matches from Collider Studios.  The first of which took place on March 7, 2020 and it was a doozy.

In a number one contender match, former champions KOrruption (Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison) took on The Family (Drew McWeeny and Andrew Ghai).  This match was strong and showed how competitive both teams were.  KOrruption pulled out a 36-31 victory as they broke a tie game by answering their 5-point question in the third round.

As competitive and entertaining the match was, the biggest news happened in the post interviews.  The wonderful Jenn Sterger returned from her AEW duties to conduct the backstage interviews and chaos ensued.

After speaking with the rightfully braggadocios KOrruption, managed by Shannon Barney, who spent some time ripping on the reigning team champions Founding Fathers (Dan Murrell and John Rocha) Jenn suddenly found her hands full with The Family.

An interview with Andrew Ghai is always a challenge, but this shock wave was created by “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny.  The Family is a member of the faction called The Usual Suspects, managed by Samm Levine, McWeeny’s former team championship partner (in Above the Line).  However, Samm could not attend the match this Saturday and assigned team faction member Jeannine the Machine to take his place.  McWeeny expressed some frustration after the loss to KOrruption.

[Responding to Sterger’s question about being beat up over the loss] “I wouldn’t say that I was beat up over it.  I’ve just reach a point where I’ve realized something. Um, you know I was promised a lot of stuff by a lot of people,” said McWeeny.  “I think I’d feel better if my manager had shown up, and I feel, in general, like, maybe, just maybe, you guys can do this by yourselves.  I think I’m retired, folks.  Have a good day.”

At this point, McWeeny walked out of the interview, leaving Ghai and Jeannine with their mouths open.  This opened the door for a gloating Kalinowski to come into the interview to rub the salt into the wounds.  Kalinowski made reference to the time he left his team, DC Movie News, because of lack of support.  He took the opportunity to challenge Ghai to a one-on-one match in Houston in April.

Ghai, never off balance for too long, apologized to Kalinowski for his own behavior during the DC Movie News break up and told Mike that it wasn’t his fault.  Offering a hug, Ghai kept telling Mike that it wasn’t his fault, finally accepting the challenge.  The apology may not have been too sincere.

This was shocking.  It was also turnabout.  Twice now over the last couple of years, Drew McWeeny has had a team partner up and retire on him.  First, Samm Levine retired from active game play while they were Above the Line.  They were also the team champions at this point, causing them to forfeit the titles.  McWeeny has been unsuccessfully chasing those belts since that split.

Then, last year after the defeat of The Family by Shazam (William Bibbiani & The Kid) for the Ultimate Schmoedown Team Tournament victory, Ghai, frustrated over his inability to get those titles back for McWeeny, announced his retirement.

Ghai changed his mind on retirement, but there were still several weeks/months that McWeeny did not know what was going to happen (although the match where Ghai retired aired only days before the match where he reversed the retirement, the team match was pre-taped and had occurred in real time considerably earlier).

This shocking announcement from McWeeny has opened a ton of questions.  Is this McWeeny actually looking for a break?  Is this storyline?  Will McWeeny try to force a trade from Levine?  Is The Family completely broken up?  Will we get a Samm Levine-Drew McWeeny pre- or post-scene?  The announcement from McWeeny was extremely well done because I did not see it coming and, since the studio audience went completely silent when it happened, they did not see it coming either.

This match also saw the return to form of snarky heel Mike Kalinowski.  There was no breaking character from Mike this week as he was in full heel mode and was doing some top line work.  The idea of some of the wicked promos between Kalinowski and Ghai leading to the Houston event makes me giddy.

The excellence of season 7 of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown continues on.  Get all of the great trivia entertainment by joining the Schmoedown Patreon at


Bateman vs. Murrell: Atlanta Schmoedown Live


Tonight, we had one of the great Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship Matches of all-time as the current champion, Ben “The Boss” Bateman defended his recently won championship against the G.O.A.T, the 3-time former Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion, “Dangerous” Dan Murrell at a live Schmoedown event in Atlanta, Georgia.

SPOILERS from this point on…

SchmoedownAtl3In an epic battle, trivia vs. gamesmanship, old guard vs. new guard, faction-mates inside the Finstock Exchange, Horsemen, Dan Murrell reclaimed the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship in sudden death overtime, 27-26, to become a four-time singles champion.

Dam Murrell is certainly the greatest player of all time and should be the first player named to anyone’s list of Schmoedown Mt. Rushmore.

Ben Bateman has become one of the more strategic planners of the league.  There has not been an angle to a match that he has not considered.  He had been on a massive run at the end of season six of the Schmoedown as he won the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament and won the singles title against former champion Paul Oyama in a dominant performance at the Spectacular in December.

SchmoedownAtl2Ben had a lot of history going against him tonight.  Not only was he staring across the stage at someone who is widely regarded as the best to play the game, but Dan had some other seemingly insurmountable facts.  Dan Murrell is undefeated at live events (including last year’s Free-4-All).  Dan Murrell had never lost a match in which he was challenging for the championship.  His career record was a masterful 13-5 with 8 KOs.

However, Ben Bateman has a drive to be the best ever and he knew that, if you want to have a chance to one day call yourself the G.O.A.T., you had to defeat Dan Murrell.

There was also some controversy leading up to the event as Ben Bateman complained that, since they were in the same faction, letting Dan be managed by active player, faction-mate, team partner and one of the all-time greats, “The Outlaw” John Rocha was unfair.  Bateman claimed that Rocha’s knowledge of trivia would give Dan an advantage if dealing with a challenge, whereas the actual faction manager, “Bobby Gucci” Tom Dagnino would be unable to help at the same level.  This played out on SEN Live and other online shows, teasing a rift inside the Finstock Exchange.

The level of hype for this match had been unmatched.  Since Dan defeated William Bibbiani and “The Kid” Brendan Meyer at the last live event in a triple threat number one contender match, Schmoedown Chairman Kristian Harloff has been pushing the narrative that this could be one of the greatest championship matches ever seen in the Schmoedown.  They pushed this match for the last month a great deal on his Schmoedown Entertainment Network (SEN).  This was a case where the match delivered on the hype.

SchmoAtlanta1Dan had a perfect round one and led 9-6 going into the wheel round.  After the second round, Dan’s lead had slipped to 15-14.  Dan Murrell had spun the category Anne Hathaway and he missed a question about Colossal.  This was a huge swing in the match because, in hindsight, we know that, had Ben been able to steal that one point miss, the end of this match would turn out differently.  This was going to be a theme of the night.

SchmoAtlanta2In the third round, which is the betting round, Dan spun Opponent’s Choice and Ben chose Tyler Perry movies.  Ben bet 3 points and got the question right.  Dan, however, missed the question.  In a key moment though, Dan had risked zero points on the question.  It is not something you see often (in fact, I am not sure I ever remember someone actually betting zero points).  Last year, in a live show, had Jeff Sneider bet zero points in the category of Harry Potter against Paul Oyama, he would have won the championship instead of losing in sudden death.  Dan’s choice to not even risk one point was a second major moment in this match.

In the fourth round, with Bateman leading by two, 17-15, Ben destroyed Dan in the speed round.  Ben got 4 out of the five questions right.  The problem though was that Ben missed a MCU question about Black Panther and he lost that point.  If he had not blown that question, again, the end of this match would have changed.  Dan has not shown to be as strong in the speed round and that may be the chink in his armor.

SchmoAtlanta3With Ben up five points, the final round started.  Dan got his 2 point and 3 point question to tie the score.  Ben answered his 2 point question, sending it back to Dan.  Dan’s five point question was in the world of Rom-Coms and I know that is not one of Dan’s strongest categories.  That worried me, but Dan was able to answer the question, taking the lead,  25-22.

Ben answered his 3 point question to tie the game.  Then it came down to Ben’s five point question.  Unfortunately for “The Boss,” he drew a terribly difficult question about Judd Apatow and he was unable to answer it.  This took the match into sudden death, as many had predicted.  When you have two men this skilled, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

I have seen complaints that the five point questions were not equal in difficulty, but that is part of the game.  Ben chose his numbers and luck just happened to go against him and he got a very tough five point question.  It happens all the time.

SchmoedownAtl4On the second question of sudden death, on a question about Charlie Sheen’s co-star in the comedy Men at Work, Dan answered it correctly while Ben missed it and we had a new champion.

While Ben may be the future of this league, Dan Murrell continues to show why he is seen as the top performer in the game.  The term G.O.A.T. has been overused recently, but there are few competitors in any competition that can make an argument for such a distinction more than Dan Murrell, who, by all accounts, is one of the nicest, most respected and honorable people in the online space.   He is well-spoken, honest and totally respectful.  He is the clear definition SchmoedownAtl8of a “face.”  Kristian Harloff has said before that he would love to turn Dan Murrell “heel” (using wrestling kayfabe terms), but Dan has told him that he would not feel comfortable doing that.  That is because Dan Murrell is a good guy from the top of his FSU hat right on down through the flannel and jeans.


Dan has been teasing entering the Innergeekdom division as well.  He is currently Dan Two-Belts… could a trio be in his future?

Congratulations to the NEW Movie Trivia Schmoedown Singles Champion of the World… Dan Murrell!  Thanks to Ben Bateman for a match of all-time.  He’ll be champion again.


The Outlaw and his Journey that Changed the Movie Trivia Schmoedown


If you are not a Patreon for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, you should immediately join up because you receive content like this documentary (as well as a ton of other awesome material).


Image result for The Outlaw John Rocha"John Rocha, known in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown as The Outlaw, is not only one of the greatest players in the history of the Schmoedown, but also one of the most impactful and influential performers to ever play the game.  So there are very few who deserve a documentary about their time int he Schmoedown more than John.

Personally, John Rocha is one of my favorite competitors.  He was one of the first to really embrace the character in the trivia contest.  It was not just answering the questions.  It was the promos, the character work, the intensity, the heel mannerisms of The Outlaw.  He is one of the most inspirational forces in the league and this new documentary, dropped on Patreon on Friday, January 31st for $10 tier and above members, does a remarkable job showing just how important John Rocha was to the evolution of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

I am not going to spoil anything about the documentary because I want everyone to see it on their own (join up at  Kristian Harloff, chairman of the Schmoedown, has said that he plans on keeping this documentary as a Patreon exclusive.  I know that I was very happy to have been one to see it today.

Image result for The Outlaw John Rocha"The documentary features all of the big names of the Schmoedown giving their honest thoughts and backstage impressions of John Rocha.  Such notable competitors as Ben Bateman, Dan Murrell, Samm Levine, Rachel Cushing, William Bibbiani, Kevin Smets, Mike Kalinowski… just to name a few talked about Rocha both in front of the camera and backstage and how he drove himself to become someone who would be found on the Mount Rushmore of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

The documentary did not shy away from some of the controversial moments of Rocha’s Schmoedown career either and the section on these moments where John faltered was one of the most inspirational parts of the doc.  I will say that, for a moment, I was worried that they were just going to brush past that without going into depth on the rochatopic, which would have felt as if there was a hole in the narrative.  However, they did these moments justice and, by looking at them, show how much perseverance John Rocha has.

Congratulations to everyone at the Schmoedown Entertainment Network (SEN) for this documentary.  It was 51 minutes long, directed by Eric Rodriguez, aka NerdChronic, and it was a wonderful analysis about a beloved figure in the show’s history, a man whose Schmoedown career helped to shape what the Schmoedown has become over the last four or five years.  Heel, face or tweener, John Rocha, ups and downs, never failed to be real or genuine.  It is why the audience of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown has gravitated toward John Rocha.  The Outlaw has gravitas.


MINOR SPOILERThe only thing I would have like to have had was some comments from John’s long time partner Matt Knost, from Top 10.  That felt as if it were the only thing missing here.  


The G.O.A.T- Schmoedown Season 7



Last night, the Movie Trivia Schmoedown kicked off their seventh season with a live show in New York with a pair of matches.  Drew Ghai defeated Robert Meyer Burnett in the undercard and, in the main event, there was a triple threat match with William “The Beast” Bibbiani vs. “The Kid” Brendan Meyer vs. “Dangerous” Dan Murrell.

Murrell1The greatest of all time (aka The Goat) Dan Murrell won what is arguably one of the greatest triple threat matches of all time, 27 points to 26 points (The Kid) to 25 points (Bibbs).

There is something truly special about Dan Murrell.  He is my personal favorite Schmoedown competitor among a group of wonderfully entertaining people, but it is more than my own like or dislike.  He exudes respect.  He is as honorable of a man as you are going to find.

MovieFightsI was introduced to Dan Murrell on Screen Junkies’ Movie Fights Live program.  This debate show took movie topics and the competitors would argue their choices for the topic.  Dan Murrell was the fact checker on the side couch.  He would keep the debates in control, filling in information for the audience.  Covering the social media as well, I would love every time that Dan Murrell would give me a shout out from my Tweet about the show.  He also would step in to fight some weeks and he became the Movie Fights Live Champion because of his intelligent, cohesive and complete arguments.

It is about this time when the Schmoedown started its expansion and the first match they promoted was Dan Murrell vs. John Campea.  They promoted this intriguing match as AMC vs. Screen Junkies and they did them with a series of trash talking videos, first from John Campea, and then by Dan Murrell.  I remember being very excited to watch this match, with my allegiances solidly with Dan.

Murrell dominated that match-up and he started his first run in the Schmoedown, becoming the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion.  Through some great rivalries with “The Outlaw” John Rocha and Mark Reilly, Murrell cemented himself as a champion.  He eventually stepped aside, going into a retirement that we all hoped would not be permanent.

Thankfully, it was not.

5horsemenMurrell was re-introduced as a new member of the Five Horsemen, along with former rivals Rocha and Reilly.  After a major shock of losing to Andrew Ghai, it seemed as if Dan might have had the Schmoedown pass him by.  However, he did not just step away again never to be seen again.  Instead, he began to figure out what it took to compete in the new world of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.  It would not be wrong to say that Ghai’s heel antics disturbed and bothered Dan, and he had to figure a way to change the way he played the game.

ghaiwinsghaiwinsDan Murrell is always up for a challenge.

There were ups and downs in the next few months, but he found his footing and Dan defeated the seemingly unbeatable Edwin Erwin at the New York live event last year, scoring a perfect game.

Last year was hugely successful for Dan Murrell as he defended that title once, won the Free-4 -All, won the team titles with John Rocha and ended the year announcing a new challenge:  entering the Innergeekdom division of the Schmoedown.

However, fate entered the orbit of that man referred to as The GOAT.  Season 7 was scheduled to start with another live event in New York featuring the Innergeekdom championship on the line as champion Kevin “The Smasher” Smets defended against Dan’s lady love, Mara Knopic.  Unfortunately, health issues for Mara forced that match to be delayed.  Schmoedown Chairman Kristian Harloff approached Murrell to headline the event in a triple threat match.

finstockExchangeEven though it meant he had to delay his entry into Innergeekdom, Murrell accepted the challenge.  The winner of the match would be the number one contender for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship and would receive a championship match in Atlanta on February 29th vs. current champ Ben “The Boss” Bateman, who happened to be a member of the Finstock Exchange along with Dan.

The level of play in this triple threat match was remarkably high, with each competitor only missing one question each.  Dan and The Kid missed theirs in the first round and William Bibbiani missed his in the second round.  The problem for Bibbs was that the question he missed could be stolen by his opponents.  Both Dan and the Kid got that steal and earned an extra two points.

That was the complete swing of the match.  Bibbiani had a perfect round one and was ahead 9-7-7 going into round two, but that steal gave Murrell the lead and put the entire game into his own hands.  All he had to do was answer his three questions in round three correctly and there would be nothing that Shazam (Bibbiani and The Kid’s team name) could do about it.

Not that there was not controversy and awkwardness in the match.  There was a series of challenges made that took away from the momentum of the match, but, many times, the strategy of the challenge is used as a way to change momentum, not for actually questioning the validity of a question.  Bateman is the current master of this strategy, something he criticized Bibbiani for on an episode of SEN Backstage.

challengeYou can see Dan get frustrated every time a challenge was made.  It made me think of the old days on Movie Fights when Angry Dan would come out and would blast whoever needed blasting with an epic rant.  But as the mind games were playing out around the stage, Dan did not let it get to him.  I kept saying to my screen, just answer your questions, Dan (not that he could hear me, but it was my way of supporting him).

There was one challenge in particular, coming from Bibbs, who I love by the way, about Dan’s answer for the actor who played the owner in Jurassic Park.  Dan answered Sir Richard Attenborough and Bibbs challenged that it should have been “Lord” Richard Attenborough instead.  This was the one time in the match that the crowd turned on Bibbs, but I believe he was being honest in his challenge.  However, there is no doubt that it was meant to try and shake Dan as well.  The challenge was denied and Dan got the points.  Interestingly enough, Dan turned out to be right, as Attenborough had not received the title “Lord” until about a month after Jurassic Park was released.

winnerDan weathered all the ridiculousness of the challenges without letting it knock him off his track and, coming down to his final 5 point question, if he answered it correctly, he would win.  It came in the dastardly category of Movie Quotes, one category that typically could be very difficult.  Not this time as Dan knew the answer and wound up winning the match.

In the post match interview, Bibbiani was asked if Dan Murrell was his Kryptonite. He responded that if that were so, it would only affect him, but Dan Murrell affects everyone. He compared Dan to a deadly weapon that should be registered with the government and only be used in self-defense, not against good, nice people like the Mouthy Mercs.  Then he turned, pointed to the Kid and said, “How could you Dan Murrell this?”

Dan always carries himself with such dignity and he clearly respects everybody involved in everything that he does, it is almost impossible not to root for the man.  He is the ultimate “face” character.  Actually, he is not a character.  “Dangerous” Dan Murrell is simply who he is.  A deeply competitive man who carries himself with class as every competitor, in whatever competition you are involved in, should.

The match next month: Ben Bateman vs. Dan Murrell for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Singles Championship could be one of the best of all-time.  Dan has a chance to become a four-time Singles Champion and be double-belted. There is something about a live crowd that brings the best out of the GOAT.  He is currently undefeated at live shows.

It is as if every year, the GOAT adds to the list of accomplishments that only solidifies him as the greatest of all-time.  And that is not just movie trivia.