Annoyed at the Movie

Lines at the concessions

when my shows about to start.



Too many other people

talking all the time



Light from the cell phone

that apparently can not wait.



Pop tops popping open

even though the show does not sell pop in cans.



Trailers before the movie

revealing too much of the plot



Late arrivals

walking in front of me




all over the floor



Concessions garbage

left behind



Lines in the bathroom

when I really have to go



Someone in the parking lot

who has parked too close to me



I’ll be back next week.






Today was a Great Day!

Today Was A Great Day!!


As I lay down upon my bed, before I slipped away,

I thought about the wondrous things that I had done today.

I learned to dance the Harlem Shake, and if that weren’t enough,

I danced it with my little dog, knee deep in marshmallow fluff.

I stopped a thief who robbed a bank, a hero tried and true.

My science trial showed its results and cured the stomach flu.

I braved the snow and frigid winds to reach Mount Everest’s peak.

And Jennifer Lawrence asked me if she should play Mystique.

About the new bill I advised President Obama.

At the zoo, without a care, I caught the escaped llama.

I wrestled with CM Punk, and I forced him to tap out.

I went to Cuba for the Dodgers as a talent scout.

Won an Emmy, Tony and the Academy Award,

I grabbed control of Disney; I’m the chairman of the board.

I read The Iliad; it was about the Trojan War.

I won an arm wrestling contest with the Mighty Thor,

I finished writing my first novel, it went really good.

My grammar may still need some work and work on that I should.

I parachuted from a plane and flew throughout the air.

And I discovered a Sasquatch inside its hidden lair.

I swam out in the swamp and I hog-tied a crocodile.

I was a tourist guide who floated upon Egypt’s Nile.

I led a crew of scientists up Kilimanjaro.

Oh, I can’t wait to see just what I will do tomorrow.