Batman v. Superman Two-Voice Poem


Batman v. Superman Two-Voice Poem

Batman                                                        Both                                         Superman



I am the night                                                                                      I am the son of Krypton

He is a dangerous alien

His carelessness cost lives


I am a hero                   He is a crazed vigilante

Burning bats into shoulders

I should do something…

Protect my city

Gotham                                                                                                  Metropolis

From him

I…                                                                                                              I…

Must fight

To kill the alien                                                                                       Manipulated by Luthor

Face off

Special suit-Kryptonite                                                                         No time for talk


God will die by man’s hand                                                                   Martha

Why’d you say that name?                            Mom?                             Martha

WHY’D YOU SAY THAT NAME!                                                              Lois

Friends now

I will save your mother                                                                            I will face Lex

Trust me

Brutality.  Violence                                                                                     Kryptonian vessel


What can I do?                                                                                             He’s powerful

Is she with you?

Wonder                                                                                                           Woman

The Trinity


He’s gone

An inspiration

My fault

Together from now on.

May the 4th…

Both here and in a galaxy far, far away

We celebrate a very special day.

A day of wonder, a day of mirth

Unlike few days upon this earth.

When grand heroes will step into the light

To battle forces of the night

Luke and Leia, Han and Chewy

Droids with messages that are screwy.

Tatooine, where the rule of thumb

Is villainy among the scum

Mos Eisley cantina is where you can go

To see the creatures put on a show

Or find a ride into the stars

To avoid the Empire’s radars

That piece of junk?  Just wait a sec

The Kessel run under 12 parsecs?

You know that ‘s not a unit of time…

That story is the most sublime.

Just remember, to your chagrin

In chess you let the Wookie win.

So many great moments across the sky

for those who will live and those who will die

Yoda, the Ewoks, the massive Death Star

Lando, Kenobi and even Jar Jar.

Stormtroopers shooting and once again missing

Brother and sister unwittingly kissing

The Jedis killed off by one of their own

Boba Fett was an unaltered clone.

Tell me again, tell me with care

Boba Fett? Bobba Fett?  Where?

Yoda tells Skywalker “Do or do not”

While Luke uses the Force to lift up a rock.

Vader tells Luke that he is his father

Causing poor Luke a great sense of bother

There is so much to do.  There is so much to say

On International Star Wars Day

There is only one thing that you simply must do

Say to your friends, “May the 4th be with you!”

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Annoyed at the Movie

Lines at the concessions

when my shows about to start.



Too many other people

talking all the time



Light from the cell phone

that apparently can not wait.



Pop tops popping open

even though the show does not sell pop in cans.



Trailers before the movie

revealing too much of the plot



Late arrivals

walking in front of me




all over the floor



Concessions garbage

left behind



Lines in the bathroom

when I really have to go



Someone in the parking lot

who has parked too close to me



I’ll be back next week.






Today was a Great Day!

Today Was A Great Day!!


As I lay down upon my bed, before I slipped away,

I thought about the wondrous things that I had done today.

I learned to dance the Harlem Shake, and if that weren’t enough,

I danced it with my little dog, knee deep in marshmallow fluff.

I stopped a thief who robbed a bank, a hero tried and true.

My science trial showed its results and cured the stomach flu.

I braved the snow and frigid winds to reach Mount Everest’s peak.

And Jennifer Lawrence asked me if she should play Mystique.

About the new bill I advised President Obama.

At the zoo, without a care, I caught the escaped llama.

I wrestled with CM Punk, and I forced him to tap out.

I went to Cuba for the Dodgers as a talent scout.

Won an Emmy, Tony and the Academy Award,

I grabbed control of Disney; I’m the chairman of the board.

I read The Iliad; it was about the Trojan War.

I won an arm wrestling contest with the Mighty Thor,

I finished writing my first novel, it went really good.

My grammar may still need some work and work on that I should.

I parachuted from a plane and flew throughout the air.

And I discovered a Sasquatch inside its hidden lair.

I swam out in the swamp and I hog-tied a crocodile.

I was a tourist guide who floated upon Egypt’s Nile.

I led a crew of scientists up Kilimanjaro.

Oh, I can’t wait to see just what I will do tomorrow.





Little Foot the Bigfoot

Little Foot, the Bigfoot


By Kevin Fuss


The Pacific Northwest, a most wondrous land

With trees and with mountains, all nearby at hand.

In a county called Whatcom this story does place

With a creature of legend, an uncommon case.

The forests of Whatcom are home to a beast

Whose mythos is sung from the west to the east.

The Bigfoot, a Sasquatch, the hairy ape-man,

The beasties stay hidden like only they can.

So hidden, in fact, that the world as a whole

Believe Bigfoot a hoax, a rigamarole.


The uncommon case that’s revealed by this tale

Is strange when compared to an ox, lamb or snail.

A Bigfoot, a Sasquatch, a hairy ape-child

Whose size of his feet is to be quite reviled.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot was by what he was known.

His misshapen feet made him feel all alone.

More human than Sasquatch these bipedal paws

With whispers that claimed they were character flaws.


The young Little Foot had been constantly teased,

Berated and bullied, completely displeased.

Callous Bigfoot cubs rudely would point, laugh and stare

And call him man foot, gibbon, or baby bugbear.

As so, in pretense, that these words did not hurt,

He still felt so low, he felt low as the dirt.

And in his cave late in the night he would cry,

Why must my feet be small and freaky, oh why?”

And of his tormentors, the worst it would seem

Was Moloch the Sasquatch cause mean was his scheme.

His constant demands from the other young sprites

Were ruthless and brutal, a bully’s delights.

Yet all of the pack themselves would just savor

For Moloch the Sasquatch to grant them his favor.

To make matters worse, both his feet were so large,

He left little doubt about who was in charge.

Though status was never an issue for him,

With Moloch the Sasquatch, the bragging a whim.


So one day the braggart was weaving a yarn

A story displaying his guts, spunk and charm.

When throughout the green forest, who should approach?

Little Foot, the Bigfoot expecting reproach.

Look,” chortled the bully, enticing the crowd,

The Human Foot Bigfoot!”  His voice sang so loud.

The weirdest Bigfoot around without debate.

Feet smaller than any in Washington state!”


Little Foot, the Bigfoot ran off full of tears,

The insults stung worse when it came from his peers.

The sad, little creature, alone and afraid,

Behind a tree trunk, he escaped where he stayed.

Cruel laughter rang out through the forest of trees,

A daily occurrence, this scene would reprise.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot went home to his cave.

He wished to be happy, beloved and brave.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot knew where he could go

A place cold and icy and covered with snow.

Atop of Mount Baker the Sasquatch would thrive,

The mountain would help Little Foot feel alive.

But Mount Baker was not a place to embrace.

A stratovolcano, a dangerous space.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot could see lava flow

And glance at the forest found way down below.

He’d come to Mount Baker when he felt most sad,

While Nature’s power displays worldly earth clad.


His secret retreat gave a chance to reflect

On ways that his destiny could course correct.

Oh, what can I do to make my life better?”

As crystals of frost made his hair feel wetter.

The soft, salty tears, they would freeze to his face.

He hoped that bad memories he could erase.

A tabula rasa, the quest for the day,

Little Foot, the Bigfoot bad thoughts chased away.


As white snow matted in his brown fuzzy hair,

Little Foot, the Bigfoot jumped round with a flair.

He huffed and he puffed and his breath he could see,

The menacing niche was his safe jubilee.


So when he came home form Mount Baker that eve,

The terrible feelings had all taken leave.

Though Little Foot, the Bigfoot’s hope was renewed,

A relapse was something he couldn’t preclude.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot stared up at the stars,

The moon glowing brighter, much brighter than Mars.

A shooting star flashed cross the black nighttime sky,

A wish formed inside the Sasquatch’s mind’s eye.

He pictured a day when he’s not an outcast,

Accepted by all and no longer harassed.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot’s most desperate hope,

His wish to be granted; the world changing scope.

The nocturnal beast said a short, silent prayer

Yon shooting star’s moxie would smooth his despair.


The night turned to day and the day to the noon,

His secret dream he hoped no one would impugn.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot avoided the horde

Of Moloch the Sasquatch’s mindless accord.

The day was so lovely, the birds sang a tune,

He softly joined in with a growl and a croon.

Life could be good.  It could also be happy.

The flowery day made him act so sappy.


Unfortunate Little Foot, he could not hide

From the other Bigfoots though he tried and he tried.

Despite his best effort, despite his chagrin,

The voices would cry out and make crawl his skin.

With Moloch the Sasquatch nowhere to be seen,

The remaining rivals seemed really serene.

Why couldn’t he pick me to go with him too?”

Asked Hugo the Bigfoot, a whine all thru.

Yes, what I would give to be there with our friends,”

Said Benjamin Bigfoot, who lies ‘til the end.

Oh, Moloch is famed, he’s such a great hero,”

Said Tom the Sasquatch, an absolute zero.

The hangers-on wished they were able to go

With Moloch the Sasquatch, where he didn’t know.


But then the uncertainty cleared from his mind.

By facts undisputed the truth they did find.

That Moloch the Sasquatch had taken a group

Up Mount Baker’s slope to a point on the stoop.

The dangers they risked as they took this long route,

Little Foot, the Bigfoot knew well without doubt.

But things were about to become so much worse

Another young Bigfoot ran up a averse.

His name was Zu Kwan Jin, his fur very light.

He looked like a yeti, though not quite that white.

Hey Moloch’s in trouble and so are the rest,”

He said as he gasped for more air in his chest.

I tried to catch up to the group on their way,

But I ducked out of sight before things went astray.

Two humans I saw on the way to my meet.

How strange that they look with their odd little feet.”


Two humans are no match for Moloch the Great!”

Said Tom the Sasquatch with his loyalty trait.

But that’s not the worst part, the worst that I heard,”

A shiver of fear shook before the next word.

Overhearing this news scared me deeply,” he cried.

The mountain is going to erupt from inside.”


The assembled Bigfoots knew just what that mean.

The molten rock flowing, its normal routine.

And Moloch the Sasquatch and his sycophants,

Engulfed by hot lava like trees, shrubs and plants.

And they would be doomed, they would all pass away.

Their emotions showing and placed on display.


Little Foot, the Bigfoot knew there was a chance

Of saving them all though ‘twas hard at first glance.

I know the mountain like the back of my hand.

The nature is deadly, the mountain is grand.”

Little Foot, the Bigfoot describing his plans

Avoiding the lava and the two humans.

If there be two humans, then more are a knack,

By knowing that humans travel in a pack.


So Little Foot, the Bigfoot departed to go

A place cold and icy and covered with snow.

The other Bigfoots followed right behind him

Though snow was the last thing that made them feel grim.

They trekked out the forest and up on the hill.

The snow and the ice gave them all a deep chill.

The earth’s rumble rattled, the ground it did shake,

Foretelling the future of lava and quake.


The first shake sent Benjamin Bigfoot away,

His cowardice making him not want to stay.

And Zu Kwan Jin was the next Bigfoot to ditch

His self-preservation a huge, major glitch.

The Tom the Sasquatch and Hugo the Bigfoot,

Hightailed it away from the flame and the soot.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot alone he became

Since none of the other’s courage was the same.

And so up Mount Baker Little Foot did run

To save the bullies in the bright summer sun.


The ground shook again with a violent outburst.

This moment right now it was clearly the worst.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot continued his quest,

His heart pounding quickly inside of his chest.

He weaved through the ice and the snow in a heap,

But progress had slowed for him down to a creep.

Little Foot, the Bigfoot saw trouble up there.

These pesky humans were setting up their lair.

The human pack had Mount Baker’s pathway blocked

With machines and equipment, they’re ready and stocked.


So what could he do to avoid the blockade?

His skin all a quiver as he felt afraid.

A promising scheme popped right into his brain.

The feasible fortune he could ascertain.