EYG Top 10 Young Adult Books Into Movies


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This week’s topic for John and Matt were Top 10 Young Adult Books into Movies in honor of this weekend’s release of The House with a Clock in Its Walls. The first thought I had was …heck, how many Harry Potter movies will have to be on this dang list?  The horrible YA movies started flooding my head such as Twilight, The Host, Divergent, The Giver, Mortal Instruments, that last one that was more X-Men like than anything else.  I was not hopeful.

However, after listening to the show and doing my own research, I realized there was a plethora of awesome choices.  So many so that I had to make some real choices of which ones to cut from my list.  That number ten spot could have gone to several films and I would not have missed a beat.

It is also interesting that five of my top ten are films that were not mentioned today by either Matt or John.


Image result for love, simon#10.  Love, Simon.  This was a wonderful film from this year that told the story of a young gay teen and his path to coming out via an e-mail relationship that he was having with an anonymous students from his school.  Love, Simon was so sweet and heart warming that you did not even realize how much of an important jump forward making a film like this was.  The ending might have been a bit weaker than the rest of the film, but Love, Simon was so good before the end that it did not falter after the end.  It was a wonderful film.


Image result for a monster calls#9.  A Monster Calls.  Another heart-wrenching film that has a beautiful performance from the young actor Lewis MacDougall.  It is the sweet story of a boy and his gigantic tree.  Actually, it is a story of survival and grief and overcoming the pain of loss.  Liam Neeson provided the voice of the monster and never once delivered the line “I am Groot.”  Bring your tissues to this one.


Image result for mrs doubtfire#8.  Mrs. Doubtfire.  Robin Williams classic that I had no idea was based on a young adult book until John Rocha brought it up on the show.  Daniel is only trying to spend time with his children, but that pesky judge and court system was preventing him from doing so he took it into his own hands and became an elderly British woman.  Mrs. Doubtfire is one of the best and most consistent comedic performances Robin Williams ever gave, and that is saying something.


Related image#7.  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.  Another one that I did not expect, but it was so great and emotional that I think I may have even given it five stars.  It was so creative with the story telling and the characters that I hadn’t seen anything like it before.  It is another film that requires a hanky to watch.  There were amazing performances from the three main actors and they gripped your emotions and completely messed with then.  And it was FUNNY!


Related image#6.  Mary Poppins.  One of the most iconic Disney classics of all time featuring an amazing musical performance from the entire cast and an unbelievable dance from the master himself, Dick Van Dyke.  Mary Poppins was full of great music that we sing yet today.  I absolutely love Chim Chim Cher-ee.  In fact, Disney is preparing to continue the saga of Mary Poppins with a sequel this Christmas with a brand new Mary Poppins. We’ll see if Emily Blunt can come anywhere close to Julie Andrews.


Image result for prisoner of azkaban#5.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  The lone Harry Potter movie in the top ten, this really is the first time that the crew of Harry, Hermione and Ron faced something that would bring serious stakes.  It introduced a series of new and wonderful characters to the world of Harry Potter as well, including Gary Oldman’s Sirius Black.  Plus, the film actually started to introduce some darkness into the series, a necessary evil for the series to grow and thrive.  This was the first Harry Potter film directed by filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron and he does a tremendous job movie the third installment of this series ahead.


Image result for the two towers#4.  The Two Towers.  Matt mentioned this one on the Top 10 and I hadn’t thought about it, but I agreed that the J.R.R. Tolkien series of books were read by plenty of young adults and high school students.  I also agree with Matt that this is my favorite entry in the series.  It just seemed as if every time the film switched from story to story, it was the perfect time for me.  I remember sitting in the theater and thinking, “I wonder what the hobbits are doing?” and then the film would go to the hobbits.  Plus, Gollum and Treebeard.  Epic.


Image result for the wizard of oz#3. The Wizard of Oz.  One of the greatest, most magical movies of all time.  This was one of my childhood favorite films.  I loved the Wizard of Oz and I looked forward to its appearance on television so I could watch it every year.  I have several of the songs on my phone right now.  Judy Garland was great as Dorothy, even though her little dog really was a bad little dog and did bite that poor woman.  Somebody find me the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon CD!  It’s so trippy.


Related image#2.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Roald Dahl’s classic story (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) was adapted brilliantly int this film and Gene Wilder was just perfect in every step of this film. He was funny, dramatic, sinister all in the same scene.  He sang like a bird and tortured those little brat children to no end.  Plus, the Oompa-Loompas were charming as could be.  I don’t blame Veronica Salt for wanting some.


Image result for the princess bride#1. The Princes Bride.  I had never considered this film until Matt brought it up on his list.  My mouth dropped open when he said it, because I could not believe that I had not thought of it immediately.  The Princess Bride is my favorite movie of all time and I could not love this movie any more.  It is the most quotable movie of all time.  It is such a treat, focused on the fact that true love can overcome any obstacle.  “Death cannot stop true love…all it can do is delay it for a while.”  An amazing cast featuring some of my favorite people ever in Andre the Giant, Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest.  The fresh faced Robin Wright was note perfect as Buttercup.  I absolutely loved the fencing contest between Westley and Inigo.  The Dread Image result for the princess bridePirate Roberts could not be anyone else but Cary Elwes.  The fact that this gets to be my number one on this list on the eve of Talk Like a Pirate Day is the perfect synchronicity.  This film is laugh out loud funny no matter how many times you see it.  I laugh time Westley gets attacked by the R.O.U.S mere seconds (in perfect comedic timing) after he had said that “I don’t believe they exist.”  I could go on an don about this movie, but it just may be time to storm the castle.  And I did this whole bit without saying “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.”  That is certainly inconceivable!!! (By the Image result for the princess bride fred savageway, is there a better stand up and cheer, goose bumps moment in movies than when Inigo says “I want my father back you son of  a bitch“?)

I just love this movie.  Can you come back tomorrow and read it to me again?  As you wish.


Honorable mention:  So many!  These movies competed for the number ten spot.  Hunger Games.  I couldn’t believe I wound up cutting this one, but there were films I just liked better.  Charlotte’s Web.  I loved this animated film as a child.  I almost put it at ten just because of how much I loved it as a child.  The Apple Dumpling Gang almost made the list, because it was also a childhood favorite.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was just about here too, but I went with Prisoner instead.  Amazing that I only had to do one Harry Potter film.  The Mighty is a film based on the awesome book Freak the Mighty and it is very entertaining.  Coraline was a great film and so was Hugo.  I considered To Kill a Mockingbird as well.  The first Maze Runner wasn’t bad, but it really did not have much chance of making this list and neither did Percy Jackson.  One that I was sure was making it until it faded after I started expanding this list was A Series of Unfortunate Events with Lemony Snicket.  I have not seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


EYG Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies


It was a little late today, but the brand new Top 10 episode finally dropped and it was worth waiting for.  This week, in honor of the Shane Black Predator coming out this weekend, John and Matt did their Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies episode.

This topic was loaded.  I wound up with 19 possible films and there were several that originally made my top 10 list, but had to be bumped off when I thought of other movies.  This one was one of the tougher lists of recent memory.


Image result for the day the earth stood still 1951#10.  The Day the Earth Stood Still.  The 1951 classic starring Michael Rennie tells the tale of a UFO arriving on earth with a message for the leaders of the world.  Set during the Cold War, the nuclear proliferation was being noticed everywhere.  The film had a great message and it was still amazingly entertaining.  This was way better than that remake that was done a few years ago.  That is a theme of this list.


Image result for x files fight the future#9.  X-Files: Fight the Future.  I was a huge fan of the television series, The X-Files, and this movie may not have lived up to that level, but I still enjoyed it.  And any film with the wonderful pairing of David Duchovny and Gilliam Anderson can’t be that bad.  This film had some of those pesky bees and I actually thought for a moment that Agent Scully was done for.  The film has the typical X-Files witty banter and humor that became a trademark of the series.  Because the series was such a highly loved one, this tends to be vastly underrated as a film.


Image result for i aint got time to bleed#8.  Predator.  “I ain’t got time to bleed.”  Jesse “The Body” Ventura was a huge piece for me at this film’s initial release.  Being a huge WWE (at the time, WWF) fan, seeing Jesse with Arnold Schwarzenegger was a cool treat, and Jesse got all the best lines.  Sure, he died too soon, but that did not take away from the movie.  And, by the way, the creature of the Predator was all kinds of epic.   In my first attempt at a list, I was going to leave this one off because there was only one alien invading, but I changed my mind and placed it at number eight.


Image result for 10 cloverfield lane#7.  10 Cloverfield Lane.  I loved this movie.  John Goodman was tremendous in this movie and the way the film just kind of appeared after an unexpected trailer (which was brilliant by the way), showed that Hollywood could actually keep a secret.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead was outstanding as Michelle, the young woman brought down into Goodman’s creepy bunker.  What had happened to the world outside the door?  We did not know, but we were anxious to find out.


Related image#6.  Edge of Tomorrow.  The science fiction version of Groundhog’s Day starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is just so great.  It has made several other lists I have had since I have been writing these, and it is so deserving.  Honestly, the fact that I have had it on other lists caused it to slip down this one.  Plus, a surprise entry above this one sent it down the list a little bit.  At one point, Edge of Tomorrow was at my number four.  It truly is a great action movie with some really fun scenes.


Image result for a quiet place#5.  A Quiet Place.  The most recent film on this list was one of the best theater experiences that I have had this year.  Just the way the theater played along with the film without even intending to do it was amazing.  You could barely breathe because you just did not want to be the one to make the noise.  Great performances all around and one of the most emotional moments you are ever going to find in a movie.  John Krasinski found himself a fantastic hit.


Image result for john carpenter's the thing#4. The Thing.  This was John and Matt’s number one and I love it too, but I must say that I am not as huge of a fan of it as some are.  Still, it climbed from around number 5 to four on my list.  I actually considered dropping it from the list because of the lack of numbers of aliens, but when that did not seem to matter to the Top 10 guys, then I put it back on the list.  Kurt Russell is great and John Carpenter is a master of this type of film.


Image result for It#3.  It.  Here is the movie that messed everything up.  When Matt Knost dropped this one on John Rocha and made a case for it to be an alien invasion film, I knew I had to have it on my list as well.  I loved It so much.  They did a magnificent job creating a film that was more than just a horror film or an alien/monster story.  It was a coming of age tale as well.  This wound up bumping another classic from the list, but it had to happen because, if It works in the category, then It was going to make the list.  It is an awesome film.  It might be a bit of a cheat, but with Matt Knost’s blessing (and it made the show’s top 10 list as well), I am including it here!


Image result for they live fight scene]#2.  They Live.  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper came to this John Carpenter movie for two reasons… to chew bubble gum and kick ass… and he is all out of bubble gum!  They Live is a great film that features one of the greatest, most realistic fight scenes ever filmed between Roddy Piper and Keith David.  Those two just looked like the beat the crap out of one another.  Sure the film is bizarre and maybe even silly at times, but it is completely entertaining and surprisingly relevant.


Image result for the avengers chitauri Hulk punches#1.  The Avengers.  As I was doing my research, I came across this film and I thought to myself, look, it sure is an alien invasion film.  The Chitauri are aliens and they are invading New York.  And this is one of my favorite movies of all time.  So I had to include it.  I did not include Avengers: Infinity War, even though the Black Order and Thanos are invading earth because I decided that it was more of a trip to earth to find something, maybe steal something.  Thanos was not trying to invade.  So I took it off.  The first Avengers film however fit beautifully at the top of this list.


Honorable Mentions: Oh boy there are a bunch.  Independence Day did not make John or Matt’s list and it was bumped from mine bu It.  1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers almost made it but I haven’t seen this in a really long time.  District 9 was a favorite, but came up short.  The original 1953 War of the Worlds.  I was not a fan of Tom Cruise’s version.  Avengers: Infinity War as I stated above.  Cloverfield was dropped in favor of its sequel.  Arrival was a really epic science fiction movie, but I was not sure it was an actual invasion.  Men in Black got some consideration.  Rocky Horror Picture Show was going to make my top ten list at first, but it was one of the sad cuts I had to make when I realized that there were 19 films, which is way too many for a top ten list.


EYG Top 10 Summer Movies of 2018


Looking back this week.  The Top 10 Summer Movies of 2018 was a pretty good summer.  Trying to come up with my list, I found up to 18 films and probably could have gone even more if I had to.  It turned out that the top 9 were set and I had to debate the #10.

I have never done a mid year list of any kind so it will be interesting when the year end list comes around and how it will affect this order.

I started the summer with the new Avengers movie and I ended it before this weekend.  If I had not, the new movie Searching would have made this list as I absolutely loved it.  However, I saw it officially on September 1st so I eliminated it from the summer films.

I always have SPOILERS on this list, but you should be especially aware this time.

#10.  RBG.  Okay, I had a really tough time choosing this spot, and who would have guessed that a documentary featuring Ruth Bader Ginsberg would be so freakin’ entertaining.  I enjoyed every second of the movie.  I do not see that many documentaries in the actual movie theater but I was so glad that I saw RBG on the big screen.  She was as awesome of a woman that could possibly be and I had no idea that she was so epic.


#9.  Deadpool 2.  The sequel wasn’t quite as good for me as the original, but I still enjoyed this completely.   I absolutely loved the X-Force section of this movie.  I sat with my mouth agape as the X-Force guys each were killed almost immediately.  Ryan Reynolds brings the goods again and Josh Brolin was fine as Cable.  The biggest issue I had was the death of Vanessa and then the fix of it at the end.  Domino, however, who is a character I was never a fan of in the comics, is sensational here.  Really funny.


#8.  BlacKkKlansman.  Spike Lee’s latest movie is exceptional.  The true story of a black cop who infiltrates a local branch of the Klu Klux Klan.  There was so much connection to today’s world that it was unbelievable and a little bit sad as well.  The acting is tremendous, the story is amazingly unbelievable and the final scenes of the movie, which shows the horrors of Trump and the hatred the world has been involved in lately.  Spike Lee brought the inspiration.


#7.  Sorry to Bother You.  Another racial toned story, but one that completely goes crazy.  I was totally enjoying this movie and then Lakeith Stanfield’s character is at the party and, in search of a bathroom, stumbles across the half-man/half horse creatures and the film completely goes INSANE.  I could not believe what I was watching and I loved it.  I know the ending with the sci-fi twist lost some people, but I thought it was something special.  It kind of reminded me of The Lobster. This film is a wonderful surprise.


#6.  Eighth Grade.  I loved this movie because I recognized everything.  As a Middle School teacher, I couldn’t believe how accurate these characters were.  And the scene in the back of the car where Kayla uncomfortably sits while the high school boy is taking his shirt off and trying to get her to do more had me on the edge of my seat. I sat there with my breath held, hoping beyond all hope that she would escape this dangerous situation.  I also loved her father, who seemed to be the perfect father for a teenage girl.  Eighth Grade was a magnificent film.


#5.  Ant Man and the Wasp.  I enjoyed the team up film quite a bit.  It felt lighter and more fun after the emotional roller coaster of Avengers: Infinity War.  Evangeline Lilly does a fantastic job as Hope and she has a wonderful chemistry with Paul Rudd.  The movie is funny, exciting and makes us feel like an Ant Man movie.  Paul Rudd’s connection with Scott’s daughter is one of the best scenes of the movie.  As a villain, Ghost has potential to be more than just a one off villain (Thunderbolts, anyone?)  The film has impressive and creative uses of the shrinking gimmick and is highly entertaining.


#4.  Mission Impossible:  Fallout.  The latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise is a great action movie and Tom Cruise continues his insanity of doing his own stunts.  You can see the actual scene in the movie where he injured himself doing the stunt.  The addition of the sufficiently mustached Henry Cavill was great as well.  I would have liked more Rebecca Ferguson than what we got, but that it picking at the nitpicks.  This is a turbo engine of action and excitement and is once again one of the great films of the franchise.


#3.  Incredibles 2.  After a decade and a half, there is finally the sequel that we have all been waiting for and they completely knocked it out of the park.  With most of the original voice cast returning, Incredibles 2 brings these characters back to the end of the first film and continues their story.  Jack Jack and his path of discovery of his own powers is great as is the step to the forefront of Elastigirl.  Jack Jack and the raccoon is one of the best scenes of the film, certainly the funniest.  The return of Edna and how she takes to jack Jack is also a fun call back.  The movie is truly a fantastic sequel and the public completely loved it as it passed the one billion dollar mark world wide.  My guess is that we won’t have to wait as long this time for Incredibles 3.  Get on that, Brad Bird.


#2.  Won’t You Be My Neighbor.  I was never that much into Mr. Rogers.  I watched it, but I was really more of a Sesame Street/Electric Company guy, but this documentary destroyed me.  I have cried in the movie theater before, but I have never cried in the car on the way home before until this movie.  And I am not really sure why.  I think part of it is how desperately we could use a man like Fred Rogers, honest, caring, straightforward, who cares about the kids of the world above anything else, now a days where we have such divisiveness and hatred.  I saw this around the time the story of the immigrant children being separated from their parents was breaking.  I can’t imagine what Mr. Rogers would think about that.  This documentary catches the humanity of this man who was the best of us.


#1. Avengers: Infinity War.  Ten years of Marvel Studio movies were building to this moment and Infinity War did not fail to deliver.  A masterpiece of ingenuity, the film handled its tremendously large cast better than most films handle their small ensembles. Then, the film went there.  The snap.  Some believed that the snap might come, but that it would come early and the movie would be trying to save the lost heroes.  In the actual comic, the snap happens very early.  Not here.  The snap was at the very end and the after effects were heartbreaking.  Spider-man’s apparently adlibbed line destroyed people.  Sure, you know that most if not all of these characters will return, but that does not cheapen what this was.  The theater I was in was dead silent as these heroes started “dusting” and the shock when the movie ended with Thanos victorious was palatable.  What a gutsy thing for Marvel Studios to pull off.  I loved Infinity War so much and I cannot wait for Avengers 4 to see where the story goes from here.


Honorable mentionsTag, Teen Titans Go to the Movies, Three Identical Strangers, Upgrade, Tully, Hereditary, Crazy Rich Asians



EYG Top 10 WWII Movies Based on True Story


Hey, welcome back to the EYG Top 10 list based on the Top 10 Show’s weekly podcast.  This week’s show featuring John Rocha and Matt Knost was the Top 10 Movies Based on A True Story.

When I first saw this category, I thought this would be one where I could not get ten films.  I am not the biggest fan of World War II movies and I knew that there would be films on Matt and John’s lists that I have not seen (for example:  Patton, Letters from Iwo Jima, A King’s Speech, Downfall etc).

However, I was able to scrape out ten films so I am going to go ahead and do the list.  Thing is, there are some films on the top ten list here that I am just not much of a fan of.  In fact, I would say that a good chunk of this list would be considered films that I only mildly like (if not even basically do not like).  It had to be done though.

Image result for dunkirk movie#10.  Dunkirk. Starting here, I am not a fan of this movie, but I do respect some of the technical aspects of the film.  I did see this movie in IMAX and the sound was just so powerful that it was shaking my body and made me almost ill.  I could feel the film in my stomach and it was just an unpleasant viewing experience.  That may have severely altered my opinion on the film and that may not be fair.  It may even be one of the things that Christopher Nolan was going for when he made the film.  I just did not want to physically feel that way in the theater so it was down my list.  It will still make the list though.


Image result for zookeepers wife#9.  Zookeeper’s Wife.  Here is the next film that is, at best, an okay film.  It would have some great performances from Jessica Chastain and Daniel Bruhl.  The film tells the story of the Warsaw Zoo and Antonina Zabinski and her husband, Dr. Jan Zabinski who ran the zoo prior to its overtaking by the Nazis.  The Zabinskis worked in the resistance and helped many Jews and animals to escape the clutches of the Nazis.


Image result for unbroken#8.  Unbroken.  Another average film, directed by Angelina Jolie.  This tells the story of Olympic athlete Louis “Louie” Zamperini whose plane crashes in the ocean.  He survives 47 days adrift and then is captured by the Japanese.  Winding up in a POW camp, Louie was targeted by the commander because of his fame and his strength. But as the title must tell you, he makes it through the ordeal unbroken.  This could have been a much better film than it turned out, but it was a strong performance from Jack O’Connell.


Image result for fury movie#7.  Fury.  Matt may have poo-pooed this choice when Jon tried to throw it in as a replacement pick, but I am keeping it on the list.  It is made up of a collection of true stories from real life Army veterans who spent their time in tanks.  It may not be based on a singular story, but that should not affect the choice.  However, it was another film on this list that was, for me, at best , okay.  It definitely has a great cast of actors here and there is distinct drama in the tale.


Image result for saving private ryan#6.  Saving Private Ryan.  Okay, truth time.  I may have only seen this once and it was years ago. In fact, I do not remember much about it, but I know it has a stellar cast and it has scenes that are as realistic as any you have seen.  I love Tom Hanks, as everybody does and the film is a really solidly created movie.


Image result for imitation game#5.  Imitation Game.  Again, this movie is a great performance from Benedict Cumberbatch, and that performance elevates the remainder of the film.  Cumberbatch played Cambridge mathematics alumnus Alan Turing to crack German codes, which included the believed to be unbreakable Enigma code.  However, the end was not good for Turning as he was revealed as gay and he was hauled off to prison.  He ended up committing suicide.  Tough end for a man who helped the Allied Powers win World War II.


Image result for allied movie#4.  Allied.  Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard play spies during World War II and they fall in love.  They wind up getting married, but the questions continue to be asked… is she still a spy and just using him?  The love story is strong and the performances are outstanding.



Image result for darkest hour#3.  Darkest Hour.  This is another movie that is elevated by a remarkable performance, which seems to be a theme among this list.  This time, the performance is Gary Oldman playing Winston Churchill.  This is the better, in my opinion, of the movies involving the removal of troops from Dunkirk, but it is best because of the Oscar winning performance of Gary Oldman.  The scene of Churchill on the train with the normal people was just as charming and touching as you could find.


Image result for hacksaw ridge#2.  Hacksaw Ridge.  I loved this movie.  The first half of the film was all setting up our character, Pfc. Desmond T. Doss, played beautifully by Andrew Garfield.  Doss was a conscientious objector to the violence of the war and he fought to not have to carry a gun.  He won that right and his platoon mates hated him for it.  However, no one hated him after he would run into fire to pull out injured soldiers. The second half of this movie was as brutal and fetus position-inducing of a film that I have ever seen.  The heroism of Desmond Doss should never be forgotten.


Image result for schindlers list#1. Schindler’s List.  This one was a no-brainer.  It was the first film that I thought about when this topic came up.  It was the most emotional film that I have seen, maybe ever.  It was Steven Spielberg’s classic that starred Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who was out to make a fortune, only to discover the horrors of the concentration camps on the Jewish population.  Schindler attempted to save as many Jewish people form the camps as he could.  The devastating scene where Oskar broke down because he found a medal on the ground that could have bought the freedom of a few more people was just poignant as could be.  This is a movie that strikes at the heart and is one of the best works ever put to screen.


EYG Top 10 Police Comedies


This week’s Top 10 Show is featuring the Top 10 Police Comedies, in honor of the release of this weekend’s The Happytime Murders.

Some of the lower films on this list are films that I feel are okay, but not great.  Comedies can be difficult because what is funny is so subjective that what one person thinks is funny can be completely unfunny to others.  For example, one of the films that could have made this list, Super Troopers, is a film that I find stupid.

And it has to be police, not private eyes, FBI, spies etc.  Police officers/cops.

Top 10 Police Comedies.

Image result for police academy movie#10.  Police Academy.  Most of the sequels were terrible and really went too far, but the original Police Academy was a funny movie with Steve Guttenberg.  Sound effect star Michael Winslow was always remarkably entertaining too.  It is not a great movie by any stretch but it is a funny movie and movies that make me laugh can cover the flaws.  And Police Academy covered its flaws well.


Image result for dragnet movie#9.  Dragnet.  Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd star in the movie remake of an older television program from the 1950s.  Aykroyd played Joe Friday, the uptight no-nonsense police officer who teams with new partner Pep Streebeck, a smart alack free-wheeling cop.  Together they have to investigate a weird cult in order to save the virgin Connie Swail.  It was funny and the pairing of Aykroyd and Hanks was very solid with strong chemistry.  The film is not great, but it was entertaining enough.


Related image#8.  22 Jump Street.  I am one of those people who did not like 21 Jump Street.  Yes, everyone else seemed to love that movie, but I did not.  However, I found the sequel to the film considerably more entertaining.  I especially loved the ending compilation for Jump Streets #23 on.  There was some serious creativity in this section.  Then, when Channing Tatum found out that Jonah Hill had sex with Ice T’s (their captain) daughter, the scene is as funny as anything on this list.


Image result for running scared movie#7.  Running Scared.  This film may not be as much of a comedy as some of the others on this list, but with Billy Crystal in the film, the dialogue is well written and the humor is natural.  The combination of Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines was great as they were hoping to retire from the street cops and retire to Florida.


Image result for zootopia#6.  Zootopia. Judy Hopps is a police officer, and she became the first police officer that is a rabbit.  She meets up with the fox Nick Wilde to attempt to solve a mysterious case in Zootopia.  There is a lot in Zootopia that is aimed at adults.  There is some drug jokes that are very funny and would have gone over the heads of the kids in the audience.  Disney had another winner with Zootopia.


Image result for The Heat#5,  The Heat.  Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are fantastic together.  Melissa McCarthy is a foul-mouthed, unlikable police detective and Sandra Bullock is a by the book investigator who is exceptional.  Together, this odd couple provide a ton of laughs as they work together to solve their case.  The comedy in this movie is one of the best of McCarthy’s career.  Paul Feig directed The Heat.  He worked on several films with McCarthy.


Image result for a shot in the dark movie#4.  A Shot in the Dark.  Inspector Clouseau, played by EYG Hall of Famer Peter Sellers, is in his prime in this, the second Pink Panther movie. Clouseau is convinced that the beautiful maid, whom everybody else believed is guilty of murder, is innocent and he is determined to solve the case… despite the opposition of his own captain.  Peter Sellers is a gifted comedic performer and his slapstick performances here are as great as you will ever see.


Image result for kindergarten cop#3.  Kindergarten Cop.  This is one of the most unlikely successful Arnold Schwarzenegger movies you are going to find.  When his partner gets sick, Arnold must go undercover as a kindergarten teacher to find the son of a killer who is hiding from his father.  The interactions with Arnold and the kids in the school were wonderful and was one of the films that helped me choose the profession of teacher.  The ending was also great and I can remember wondering how this was going to work out. And I still use the line “It’s not a tumor” in every day life.


Related image#2.  Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad.  Based on a short lived ABC television show, Naked Gun was a unbelievably funny film.  Leslie Nielsen plays Frank Drebin, a police officer who has to go to huge extremes to try and stop a mysterious crime from happening.  A mysterious crime that happens to involve Reggie Jackson.  Frank as the umpire in the baseball game is just amazingly funny.  The film also featured OJ Simpson, Ricardo Montalban and Priscilla Presley.


Image result for beverly hills cop#1. Beverly Hills Cop.  Eddie Murphy and one of the films that sent him into the stratosphere.  Eddie Murphy played Axel Foley and he went to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder of one of his closest friends in Detroit.  Murphy was the fish out of water type of character as he watched the weirdness of California everywhere.  He met the two police officers, Rosewood and Taggart, whom Axel could not understand.  Beverly Hills Cop works as a comedy, an action movie, a buddy cop movie.  Axel Foley is quick witted and smart alack cop and he is really on a roll.  Eddie Murphy becomes a massive star from this.  Plus, cameo from Weird Al is always a great thing.


Honorary Mention48 Hours, The Naked Gun: 33 1/3: The Final Insult, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear.



EYG Top 10 Undercover Movies Based on a True Story


Here we go with another week of The Top 10 Show featuring John Rocha and Matt Knost.  This week’s topic came from one of the patreons at the Boss Hogg Level meaning that it did not have an inspiration from the upcoming weekend.  It started out as Undercover Movies and then the guys added the addendum to it that it had to be from “based on a true story” films.  This made the list a difficult one to muster.

Honestly, there were a bunch of films that I tried to stretch and make it fit the list, but most of them I wound up tossing out.  For example, I thought about Trumbo because in it, Trumbo wrote movies under an alias.  I know it does not really fit, but I considered it. Other films that I considered but eliminated because they did not really fit the category included All the President’s Men, Hollywoodland, Charlie Wilson’s War, Bridge of Spies, The Imitation Game and Snowden.

Again this week, I was able to watch a couple of classics that I hadn’t seen before that wound up making the list.  I will miss this time as next week, I will be unable to do that since school will have restarted.  Those will just have to be the films that I have already seen.

Top 10 Undercover Movies that are Based on a True Story.

Image result for american made tom cruise#10.  American Made.  Starring Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, a pilot who was recruited by the CIA to fly reconnaissance missions on some countries in Central America.  However, Seal wound up doing way more than that as he started flying drugs into the country for Noriega and he became ungodly wealthy.  Cruise does his normal solid job, though the film was not a huge success.


Image result for imperium#9.  Imperium.  I had forgotten about this movie completely until the guys brought it up on their show today.  Daniel Radcliffe is amazing as Nate Foster, an FBI Agent who had to infiltrate a group of white nationalists.  Although the character of Nate Foster is not a real person, the story itself has parts of it that are true and so fits into the category effectively.  Toni Collette and Nastor Carbonell also appear in the movie.


Image result for american hustle cast#8.  American Hustle.  One of David O’Russell’s films that is filled with oddball characters and big name celebrities.  Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Robert DeNiro, Michael Pena, and Louis CK are all in the film.  It is a dark comedy focusing on Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser, two con artists who were caught by the FBI and forced into working for them in a sting operation to bring down New Jersey mayor.  This is base on the Abscam case.


Image result for snitch rock#7.  Snitch.  One of the more unusual films in the oeuvres of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  It was one of the earliest examples that The Rock had some acting chops and might not always be seen as just a big action hero.  John Matthews begs the DEA to be allowed to go undercover in exchange for the release of his son who had been caught with a package of drugs despite not knowing what was in the package.  The film involved the Mexican cartel and The Rock is able to expose a major player, only making things more dangerous.


Image result for the infiltrator#6.  The Infiltrator. Another film that I had not thought about until John and Matt brought it up today.  I did enjoy the film, featuring Bryan Cranston as US Customs agent Robert Mazur who went undercover to infiltrate the drug cartel of Pablo Escobar.  Mazur became a close confidant and friend of Escobar which led to the bust of many of the members of the cartel and members of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International at a family wedding.  Cranston is sharp and strong in the film as Mazur, under the alias of “Bob Musella,” wound up in constant danger.


Image result for serpico shot#5.  Serpico.  This was one of the films I had not seen before today.  Again, I had a working knowledge of it and I knew it was one of the amazing string of performances in the 1970s for Al Pacino, but I had not seen it until now.  Frank Serpico, a clean cop, who refused to take the money offered the police to look the other way etc.  He was idealistic and the film is really about the loss of his innocence and his idealism.  The scene where Frank gets shot in the face is a tough scene to watch and it makes you wonder what the cops might do to maintain their status quo.


Image result for the Imposter#4.  The Imposter.  Here is my cheat for this list.  The Imposter is a documentary that tells the story of a life long criminal and con man named Frédéric Bourdin.  Bourdin, in an attempt to get out of the life that he was living in Europe, pretended to be the missing son of a family in Texas.  So yes I know that pretending to be someone else is a bit of a stretch for going undercover, but this documentary is so compelling and brilliant that I am willing to expand the definition for this film alone.  The film is unbelievable and thrilling.  It brings out emotions and makes you wonder exactly what happened to the 13-year old boy Nicholas  whom Bourdin impersonated.  And what exactly did the family know about all of this.  Certainly an amazing story.


Image result for blackkklansman#3. BlacKkKlansman.  The brand new Spike Lee movie is the most recent film that fits this category.  Spike Lee tells the story of African-American police officer Ron Stallworth who, by phone, was able to get the local branch of the Klu Klux Klan to agree to meet him for potential membership.  Of course, his black skin was going to be a problem.  Stallworth convinced another fellow officer to play the role of Ron Stallworth in person so they could infiltrate the KKK.  The scam was so successful that the real Ron Stallworth actually carried on conversations with Grand Wizard David Duke.  This film has major implications for today’s world and is not shy in showing them.  This is a tremendous film and one of the best of 2018 so far.


Image result for argo#2.  Argo.  The Best Picture Academy Award winner was directed by Ben Affleck and told the story about how a group of Americans were rescued from Iran during the time of the Iranian hostage crisis.  Tony Mendez went undercover into Iran playing a director of a film looking to shoot in the country.  In order to make this seem real, they had to go through the real set up of a big Hollywood blockbuster.  The film is stolen by great performances from Alan Arkin and John Goodman as the men backing and writing the project.  I found this movie completely thrilling and it was almost my number one film on this list.


Image result for donnie brasco#1.  Donnie Brasco.  However, the second film I watched today was Donnie Brasco and it was really wonderful.  It was also both John and Matt’s number one and it was a well deserved ranking.  FBI agent Joe Pistone went undercover in the New York Mafia by hooking up with Lefty (Al Pacino) and using the name Donnie Brasco.  As the days passed, Joe was growing closer to the low level Mafioso Lefty who seemed to always be passed over when the positions above him went to “swim with the fishes.”  Joe had to weigh his job responsibilities and that of his family against his new found friend.  I was riveted with this film and it took that number one spot away from Argo.


Honorary Mention:  Black Mass and Bad Country.



EYG Top Ten Movie Remakes


Welcome back after a week and a day.  This week’s Top 10 Show featured the Top 10 Spike Lee Movies in honor of the BlacKkKlansman out this weekend.  When I looked at the upcoming movies, I was worried that they were going to do the Spike Lee topic, because I just have not seen very many Spike Lee films.  Outside of Malcolm X (which I haven’t seen in years) and Inside Man, there are not much for me to list.  I was hoping something like Monster Movies in honor of The Meg.  Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.  Spike Lee it was.

That meant that I had to tap out of this week’s list.  However, I decided that, since I am a patreon who is able to hear the past episodes from their original run, I would wait to see what topic was the replay and I would do that topic.

So, here will be the Top 10 Movie Remakes.  Course, I cannot provide a link for anyone since it is a Patreon reward.  Sorry.  Join the Top 10 Patreon and you can hear this episode too!

Some info:  This is not reboots.  This is a remake.  I did some research to make sure I understood the difference.  It may be subtle, but the remakes are basically the same (or very similar) characters and story with everything else new.

I did focus on remakes of MOVIES, which meant some choices such as Little Shop of Horrors and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (which I LOVE!!) are not on this list.

There are also some major remakes that did not make my list because I have not seen them.  Scarface is a film that has been on my Netflix queue for a long time, but I just have not found the time to watch it.

So… here is the Top 10 Movie Remakes

Related image#10.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  The film starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara was a remake of a Swedish film of the same name.  I loved this remake (although I have not seen the original and I have heard it is better).  I found this such a tragic film with our vengeful lead character just trying to find her way in the world.  There was a cool mystery to the film and I found it underappreciated by the film community as a whole.


Image result for king kong peter jackson#9.  King Kong.  Peter Jackson’s epic monster movie was definitely too long and had some missteps along the way, but other than that, I really enjoyed what we got.  Jack Black was certainly at his very best in this movie.  Naomi Watts is always excellent in whatever project she is involved in and this is no exception.  This classic story was well told and the special effects gave this version of the giant ape that extra oomph.


Image result for true grit#8.  True Grit.  This remake of the John Wayne classic starred Jeff Bridges in the iconic role of Rooster Cogburn and the film saw the debut of young Hailee Steinfeld, who steals the film from the veteran actors.  This film, directed by the Coen Brothers, also starred Brad Pitt, Josh Brolin, and Domhnall Gleeson.



Image result for 12 monkeys brad pitt#7.  12 Monkeys.  Terry Gilliam’s weird futuristic dystopian world starred Bruce Willis who came from the future to try and stop the outbreak of a plague that nearly devastates the human race and forces them to live below ground.  12 Monkeys is the remake of a French short film called La Jetée.  The remake’s best work comes from Brad Pitt, who played a man from a mental institution who Willis believes had something to do with the 12 Monkeys.  Pitt is amazing with his crazy actions and really takes the film to another level.


Related image#6.  The Thing.  John Carpenter’s classic horror movie was a remake of a film from 1951 called The Thing from Another World.    The group of characters stranded in a remote base in Antarctica already made this a tense and stressful movie, but the addition of a monster that could become any of the people that it has killed makes this even more anxiety filled.  Kurt Russell is awesome here as one of the stranded characters desperately trying to figure out whom he could trust, before it is too late.  The film is very claustrophobic and, while most of the special effects show their age, the use of the creatures are used effectively.


Image result for insomnia movie robin williams#5.  Insomnia.  A great film starring Robin Williams and Al Pacino is a remake of a 1997 Norwegian film of the same title.  Al Pacino is a police officer who is responding to a call from help in Alaska in order to escape possible charges behind him.   Once in Alaska, he can not fall asleep with the long sunlight happening.  Pacino was accompanied by another police detective who informed him that he was turning evidence against him. Unfortunately, that guy wound up dead during the course of the investigation.  Robin Williams played a creepy stalker type who knew what Pacino did and kept him on a leash.  This was a great change of pace for Robin Williams.


Image result for jungle book live action#4.  The Jungle Book.  Disney’s “live action” remake of the animated Jungle Book was a marvel of technology.  Everything in the movie, except the boy who played Mowgli, was animated/CGI.  However, the animals and the setting was so realistic and life like that you would never be able to tell if you were not aware of it before.  Jon Favreau directed the film and really brought the animated film to a new level of brilliance.  There were also tremendous voice acting going on including Bill Murray as Baloo, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, and Christopher Walken as King Louis.


Image result for the fly remake#3.  The Fly.  This was frightening.  Taking the film from the 1950s starring Vincent Price and added some more tragedy to it and made it even more disgusting, The Fly became a fantastic remake.  Jeff Goldblum brought the tragic character to life as Geena Davis could do nothing but watch his continual descent into monstrosity.  There are some really gross scenes here that are fun to watch.


Image result for cape fear#2.  Cape Fear.  The remake of the 1962 film by Martin Scorsese starred Nick Nolte and Jessica Lange who are hunted by a murderer played by Robert DeNiro.  DeNiro is amazing as Max Cady.  Nolte was a public defender who messed up Max’s case and was a reason why Max spent time in prison.  There was so many tense and suspenseful moments in this flick that you are on the edge of your seat.  You never know what is going to happen and it is a great movie.


Image result for the birdcage#1.  The Birdcage.  The remake of the 1978 Franco-Italian film La Cage aux Folles featuring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as a homosexual couple who run and perform at a drag club in Florida.  Williams plays Armand and his son (he had with a woman before he had come out) Val returns with his fiance who happens to be the daughter of a senator who expounds family values.  And surprise!  The Senator and his wife are coming for dinner.  This film goes way past the gay stereotypes and shows these characters with a realism and a humanity that had not been seen much before.  The relationship between Armand and Nathan Lane’s Albert was more than just a gay couple.  They were two people in love and who were comfortable enough with one another to show that side to everyone.   Gene Hackman appears as the Senator who is in for some shocks and some unwelcome realizations.  The Birdcage is very funny, poignant and fun.


Honorable MentionOceans 11, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Three Men and a Baby, Casino Royale, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast




EYG Top 10 Break-Up Movies


Another Tuesday and another Top 10 Show.  This week’s list was a tough one to guess.  I thought maybe we would go negative with worst spy films, or maybe we would do something connected to Christopher Robin, but instead, in honor of The Spy Who Dumped Me, the topic became Top 10 Break-Up Movies.

This was still a challenging list to compile as this type of film generally falls into a category that is not my favorite.  I must say though that I really enjoy my current schedule with Tuesday off which allows me to watch some of the recommended films from John and Matt before I have to write my own list.  I watched 3 films today from this genre and two of them have made the list.  Unfortunately, I only have a few more weeks of this to enjoy as school will be restarting later in the month of August.

I ended up liking my list quite a bit as I had several on here that neither John or Matt included.

#10.  Legally Blonde.  The tenth spot continues to be that film that is a guilty pleasure and this week, the Reese Witherspoon vehicle, Legally Blonde lands here.  Reese’s character Elle Woods breaks up with her boyfriend because he was going to attend Harvard and she wanted to prove to him that she was more than a beautiful blonde.  The film was silly and quite a bit of fun with the fish-out-of-water trope.


#9.  La La Land.  This was the spot that I debated over.  It was between this movie and about two other choices.  I wound up choosing La La Land but truthfully, I could have swapped it out just as easily.  I was never a giant fan of the musical, but I did enjoy the dancing and the music, in particular.  The end of the movie was a gigantic risk and turned out wonderfully, playing off the characters’ development and struggles.  It was a well done movie that wound up a bit overrated.  Great performances from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.


#8.  Her.  Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson are amazing in this film.  Johansson is, arguably, never better despite never actually appearing on screen.  The futuristic film was a strange one to watch, but, despite that, really covered the realm of human emotion and loneliness that we all have felt at some point in our lives.  Wouldn’t we all have loved to have had a Samantha to talk to and share our lives with.  Her was written, directed, and produced by Spike Jonze.


#7.  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  This is a huge cult hit despite the fact that it was not much of a box office smash.  Based on a graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim is played by Michael Cera who has to fight off the legion of ex-boyfriends of the woman of his dreams, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  One of the ex-boyfriends is played by the always epic Captain America, Christ Evans.  The video game style movie ending was fun and creative too.


#6.  Silver Linings Playbook.  Bradley Cooper lost his wife after coming out of the psychiatric hospital where he was for his bipolar disorder and his life was crashing around him.  A young woman, played by Jennifer Lawrence, agreed to help him try and re-win his wife.  In exchange, she wanted him to join her in a dance contest.  This does not sound like a film that I would have enjoyed that much, but I really did like it.


#5.  Casablanca.  One of the greatest movies of all time was another film that did not make it on the Top 10 list today, which is surprising.  Maybe they did not consider it enough of a “break-up” movie because the break-up ends at the end of the movie.  Although Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund did have  a previous relationship that ended in a split up.  “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”


#4.  (500) Days of Summer.  This is one of the three films I watched today for this list and I found this one remarkably charming and original.  I really enjoyed the format of the film which was narratively different than any film that I had seen.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great in this film where he was in love with Zooey Deschanel, though she specifically tells him she does not want a boyfriend.  Again, it was not a film that I would not be quick to watch, but I was engaged the entire time.


#3.  Mrs. Doubtfire.  The Robin Williams smash hit featured the immediate break up of the parents Daniel and Miranda Hillard after Miranda (Sally Fields) just can’t take it any more.  Because of the break -up, Daniel went to some extremes in order to spend time with his kids.  Robin Williams is his typical frenetic self as he is dressed in old lady drag and using that quick wit to make each ridiculous situation extremely funny.


#2.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotted Mind.  Here is the second film to make this list that I watched today that I had never seen before.  It was another one where the narrative was not just told int he same old manner and it was remarkably creative and original.  Jim Carrey gives a really strong performance throughout, mixing mostly serious with a few farcical scenes.  I love how some of these movies take the same basic idea and include some amazing creative ideas to provide us with a new viewing experience that is unlike anything we have seen.  Along with Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kristin Dunst, Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Woods and Tom Wilkinson are all fantastic in this movie. I am so glad I got a chance to see this.


#1.  The War of the Roses.  As I was researching these movies, War of the Roses popped up and I immediately said, “That’s number one!”.  I loved this dark comedy with Michael Douglas and Kathryn Turner as a married couple who just cannot stand one another any more but who both want to keep the house that they built together.  Instead of compromising, the Roses, try to pull every trick int he book which devolves into maniacal efforts against each other.  Danny DeVito is awesome here as the lawyer who just wants to help this couple get away from one another.  The War of the Roses really takes the break-up of a marriage to a new level of discourse and is unbelievably dark and funny.


Honorary Mentions:  (The film I watched today, but did not make the top 10) Chasing Amy, Manchester by the Sea, Kramer vs. Kramer, The Room (Ha Ha).



LOST Episodes Ranked

Here it is.  The official EYG LOST rankings of episodes #113 to #1.  This has been a fun month or so rewatching this EYG Hall of Fame series that redefined so much about television.  Placing this list in order is very difficult because there were very few poor episodes of LOST.  Most of them were really good to exceptional and fell together.  Because of that, some episodes that feel like they should be a higher number may be lower than expected.  Anyway…here we go.

#113.  S3 E9 Stranger in a Strange Land.  This is the easiest of the episodes to rank because it is clearly the worst LOST episode.  Jack and his tats.

#112.  S 2 E11 Fire + Water.  Charlie dealing with his drug addiction way too late and doing things way out of character.  This is the birth of Dark Charlie, but it thankfully only lasted a few episodes.

#111.  S1 E13 Hearts & Minds.  Boone is in love with Shannon and Locke gives him some weird-o commune drugs to make him see what the Island wants him to see… which is Shannon getting killed by the Smoke Monster.

#110.  S1 E22 Born to Run. Kate enlists Sun’s help to try and poison one of the guys on the raft so they cannot leave and Kate can continue to run.

#109.  S2 E5 …And Found.  Sun loses her wedding ring and we meet Jae for the first time.

#108.  S6 E10  The Package.  Desmond is brought to the Island in Charles Widmore’s sub.  Sun hits her head and forgets how to speak English.

#107.  S4 E6  The Other Woman.  Juliet has a relationship with the married Goodwin, and Ben doesn’t like that.  This is one of the few episodes where Ben shows some kind of crazy stalker desire for Juliet.

#106.  S2 E16. The Whole Truth.  A Sun and Jin flashback episode where Sun finds out that she is pregnant.  Jin wants the whole truth and Sun lies to him, though we do not know that she is lying.

#105.  S1 E3 Tabula Rasa.  The first flashback episode as we learn more about Kate and Mars.  Sawyer shoots Mars but misses the heart forcing Jack to put him out of his misery.

#104.  S3 E1 A Tale of Two Cities.  Jack, Kate and Sawyer are brought to Hydra Island and we are introduced to Juliet.

#103.  S1 E21 The Greater Good Boone’s funeral and Locke returns leading to trouble.  Shannon tries to shoot John because she thinks he killed Boone.

#102.  S1 E6 House of the Rising Sun.  Sun reveals to Michael that she can speak English as she tries to protect Jin from a misunderstanding.

#101.  S2 E22 Three Minutes.  Michael’s trip after Walt in detail.  He is captured by the Others and offered a deal that if he finds a way to release “Henry” that he and Walt would be reunited.

#100.  S6 E3 What Kate Does.  Kate escapes Mars again in her flash-sideways and hijacks a taxi with Claire inside.  However, Kate does not run and returns to help Claire.

#99.  S4 E10 Something Nice Back Home.  Jack’s appendix needs to be removed which falls to Juliet to do.

#98.  S1 E12 Whatever the Case May Be.  Kate discovers a pond and in the pond is some more wreckage of 815, including the case carried by Mars.  Inside there is something that Kate must have back.

#97.  S5 E5 This Place is Death.  The group continues to flash through time on the Island and John is ready to do what he can to stop it.

#96.  S1 E15 Homecoming.  Claire returns suffering from amnesia after being grabbed by Ethan.

#95.  S1 E5 White Rabbit.  Jack chases after the vision of his father who leads him to water and Adam and Eve.

#94.  S3 E2 The Glass Ballerina.  Sun flashback episode where her infidelity is revealed.  Jack and Ben make a deal over his back surgery.

#93.  S4 E8 Meet Kevin Johnson.  The Island is not through with Michael yet and so Michael is pulled back from the edge of suicide to find himself on the freighter as Ben’s spy.

#92.  S4 E2 Confirmed Dead.  We see how the characters from the freighter are recruited by Widmore.  Meanwhile, the people on the Island start to doubt the motives of the freighter crew.

#91.  S6 E5 Sundown.  Down goes the Temple.  The Smoke Monster attacks the Others at the Temple killing them all.

#90.  S1 E17 …In Translation.  The same story basically as House of the Rising Sun, but from Jin’s POV.  Someone set the raft on fire.

#89. S3 E3 Further Instructions.  John Locke living at a commune.  On Island, Locke tries to save Mr. Eko from the polar bears.

#88.  S4 E4 Eggtown.  Kate is on trial for her list of crimes after she returns as one of the Oceanic 6.

#87.  S2 E18  The Long Con.  Sawyer sets up a long con in order to get his hands on the guns and the medication.  Sawyer says there is a new sheriff in town.  This might be higher up the list if Sawyer had maintained the attitude for longer.

#86.  S2 E18 What Kate Did.  Kate blows up her “step”-father Wayne and tells her mother about it.  Mistake as she turns Kate in to police, starting her time on the run.

#85.  S3 E12 Par Avion.  Claire meets her real father Christian.  On Island, she tries to catch a migratory bird.

#84.  S3 E11  Enter 77.  Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle find a Dharma outpost with Mikhail manning it.

#83.  S2 E19  S.O.S.  Rose and Bernard flashback episode where we learn that Rose had cancer before coming to the Island, but that she was now cancer-free.

#82.  S3 E18.  D.O.C.  Juliet takes Sun to the medical Hatch to see when she conceived her baby.

#81.  S2 E15 Maternity Leave. What happened to Claire during the time that she was abducted by Ethan?  We find out here, including several tidbits about the mysterious Others.

#80.  S3 E15.  Left Behind.  Kate and Juliet wind up being handcuffed together in the jungle as the Others left them behind.

#79.  S1 E8  Confidence Man.  Sayid and Jack strap Sawyer to a tree to torture him in order to find Shannon’s asthma medication.

#78.  S5 E2 The LieThe Oceanic 6 agree that they must tell the world a lie about where they have been in order to protect their friends they left on the Island.  Hurley is very uncomfortable.

#77.  S1 E10. Raised by Another.  Claire is told by a psychic that she must be the person to raise her child or else bad things will happen.  This would also be higher on the list if the credibility of the psychic isn’t called into question.

#76.  S1 E9 Solitary.  Sayid leaves camp, ashamed about his actions against Sawyer and he finds Danielle Rousseau, the French woman.

#75.  S4 E7 Ji Yeon.  The show plays both a flash forward (Sun giving birth) and a flashback (Jin rushing to hospital for business).

#74.  S5 E6  316.  The Oceanic 6 (sans Aaron) get on the Ajira flight 316 that is heading over the window of the Island, according to Ms. Hawkins at the Lamppost station.

#73.  S5 E9 Namaste.  Sawyer arranges for Jack, Kate and Hurley to be on the sub and join the Dharma Initiative.

#72.  S6 E8 Recon.  Sawyer heads over to Hydra Island to see what he can find out about the Ajira plane.  Instead, he finds Charles Widmore.

#71.  S1 E14 Special.    Michael and Locke need to bond together in order to save Walt from a polar bear.

#70.  S2 E4 Everybody Hates Hugo. Hurley is put in charge of the food in the Hatch and fears that everybody would turn on him, just like everybody did when he won the lottery.

#69.  S5 E13 Some Like It Hoth.  Hurley and Miles have a bonding moments talking about their fathers and their super powers.  Miles reveals that Dr. Chang is his father.

#68. S1 E11 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.  Jack turned his father in for being drunk while he operated.  On Island, Hurley takes a census and discovered that Ethan was not on the plane.

#67.  S2 E6 Abandoned.  Shannon sees a vision of Walt.  She runs into the Tailies coming across the Island and Anna-Marie shoots her by accident.

#66.  S2 E2 Adrift.  The story of what happened to Michael and Sawyer and how they survived on the raft is told.

#65.  S5 E11 Whatever Happened, Happened.  After Sayid shot little Ben, Kate and Sawyer go to extreme measures to save the life of the child.

#64.  S3 E6 I Do.  Kate’s marriage to Kevin is shown.  Meanwhile on the Island, Jack’s plan to get Sawyer and Kate to safety is underway.

#63.  S5 E10 He’s Our You. The Others take Sayid to their “torturer” in order to get him to tell the truth.  Sayid does, but they do not believe him.

#62.  S1 E19  Deux Ex Machina.  Locke meets his real father, Anthony Cooper, who cons Locke out of his kidney.

#61.  S2 E7 The Other 48 DaysThis episode tells what happened during the first 48 days on the Island to the Tail section survivors.

#60.  S5 E4 The Little Prince.  The Island is flashing through time causing the on Island people to start to get nose bleeds.

#59.  S1 E20 Do No Harm.  Boone dies in an emotional moment.  Jack planned on amputating Boone’s leg in an effort to save him, but Boone was a “sacrifice that the Island demanded.”

#58.  S3 E4 Every Man for Himself.  In flashback, we see Sawyer con his way out of prison and we learn that Cassidy had Sawyer’s baby, Clementine.

#57.  S3 E16 One of Us.  Juliet arrives back at the survivors’ camp and is not very welcome.  Claire gets sick and Juliet is able to help her.

#56.  S2 E8 Collision.  After Ana-Lucia shot Shannon, she holds Sayid prisoner and demands supplies from Michael.

#55.  S4 E3 The Economist.  Sayid has become an assassin and he is killing people involved with Charles Widmore…all for Ben Linus!

#54.  S1 E7 The Moth. Jack gets trapped in a cave in and Charlie tries to get him out, despite suffering form withdrawals from his heroin habit.

#53.  S2 E11 The Hunting Party.  Jack, Locke, Sawyer go after Michael, who has taken off after Walt.  Kate gets captured and the Others, led by Tom, shows their strength.

#52.  S6 E13 The Last Recruit.  Sawyer leads a rebellious escape from the Locke/Smokie, but jack decides to stay on the Island and jumps off the boat.

#51.  S5 E14 The Variable.  Daniel Faraday thinks he has the answer to their time travel trouble.  He says detonate the Jughead bomb in the Swan station electromagnetic pocket.  He says that it would change the future.

#50.  S2 E21    ?.  Locke and Mr. Eko find the Pearl station and Locke loses his faith even more.

#49.  S3 E17 Catch-22.  Desmond has one of his visions of Charlie’s death, but this time, Desmond wants the vision to come true.

#48.  S6 E12 Everybody Loves Hugo In the flash-sideways, Hugo meets up with Libby and they break  out of the spell and remember.

#47.  S5 E15 Follow the Leader.  The 1977 Losties start to leave Dharma and violence erupts.  Locke starts to lead the Others to Jacob.

#46.  S6 E5 Lighthouse.  Jacob had Hurley take Jack to the Lighthouse and show him the wheel in order to get them out of the Temple.

#45.  S4 E1 The Beginning of the End.  Hurley, one of the Oceanic 6, winds up back at the mental institution when he starts seeing Charlie coming to see him.

#44.   S1 E18 Numbers.  Hurley wins the lottery by playing the mysterious numbers, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, which brings Hugo nothing but bad lick.

#43.  S4 E12 There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1.  The first part of the season finale for season 4.  Some of the survivors are transported to the freighter. Locke and Ben head to the Orchid.

#42.  S1 E16 Outlaws.  Sawyer kills a man in Australia, mistakenly believing that it was the real Sawyer.  On the Island, Sawyer and Kate hunt a boar that seems as if it has a grudge with Sawyer.

#41.  S2 E20  Two for the Road.  Michael returned to the camp and winds up shooting Libby and killing Ana-Lucia in order to help “Henry” escape.

#40.  S2 E1 Man of Science, Man of Faith.  Locke and Jack argue over the Hatch.  Locke eventually heads on down and we meet Desmond for the first time.

#39.  S3 E5 The Cost of Living.  Mr. Eko confronts the Smoke Monster and gets killed by the smoke.

#38.  S2 E14  One of Them.  We meet “Henry” for the first time, trapped in one of Rousseau’s traps.  Hurley and Sawyer hunt a tree frog.

#37. S4 E11 Cabin Fever.  We see the early life of John Locke including the never aging Richard coming to see the prematurely born Locke.

#36.  S1 E23 Exodus, Part 1.  We arrive at the Black Rock for dynamite to blow open the Hatch.  The raft starts on its journey.

#35.  S2 E17 Lockdown.  A buzzer goes off causing the Swan station to go into lockdown.  John’s legs get pinned under the blast doors and Henry helps.

#34.  S3 E21 Greatest Hits.  Charlie remembers the best moments of his life as he prepares to head down to the Looking Glass on a suicide mission.

#33.  S3 E7 Not in Portland.  Juliet gets recruited by the Others to come to the Island.  In present time, Jack completes Ben surgery and Kate and Sawyer escape after Juliet shoots Danny.

#32.  S2 E10 The 23rd Psalm.  Mr. Eko confronts the Smoke Monster and we get the best look at the “security system” yet.  The Smoke Monster leaves Mr.Eko alone.

#31.  S2 E18  Dave.  Hurley starts to hallucinate on the Island, seeing the imaginary friend he had while in the mental institution.

#30.  S5 E1 Because You Left.  Jack and Ben try to reunite the Oceanic 6 and convince them to return to the Island.

#29.  S6 E4 The Substitute.  In the flash-sideways world, Locke tries to come to balance with his paralysis and exactly what he “can’t do.”

#28.  S1 E24/25 Exodus, Part 2.  Part two of  the first season finale, where Locke blows open the hatch and Danielle kidnaps Aaron.

#27.  S3 E19 The Brig.  John Locke comes and gets Sawyer so he can kill Anthony Cooper, who is now mysteriously on the Island.

#26.  S5 E12 Dead is Dead.  Ben summons the Smoke Monster and is judged for his allowing Alex to be killed.

#25.  S6 E16 What They Died For.  The penultimate episode of LOST where the ghost of Jacob comes to the remaining candidates and answers their questions.

#24.  S5 E3 Jughead In their flashing around time. John, Faraday, Miles, Sawyer end up in the 50s and come to the Others camp.  The Others have a bomb.

#23.  S3 E14 Expose. Paolo and Nikki’s flashback episode where we find out that they are diamond thieves and their own selfishness leads to them being buried alive.  Many fans dislike this episode, but to me, it is one of the best.

#22.  S2 E3 Orientation.  We get a chance to see the first orientation video, this one for the Swan, where you have to keep pushing the button to save the world.

#21.  S6 E15 Across the Sea.  The origin story of Jacob and the Man in Black.  Mother finds the pregnant woman, helps her give birth, takes the twins and kills her.  This is another regularly hated episode that I believe is really strong.

#20.  S5 E8 LaFleur.  We see how Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Miles become part of the Dharma Initiative and we see Sawyer talk to the never aging Richard.

#19.  S6 E7 Dr. Linus Ben has the desire for power in the flash-sideways, but will he sacrifice Alex’s future to get it?  This is very much a parallel to what happened on the Island and Ben makes the right choice this time.

#18.  S6 E1/2 LA X.  It seems that Oceanic Flight 815 landed safely at the airport in LA, but there are some strange differences.  Then, how are they all still back on the Island, now in present day?

#17.  S1 E4 Walkabout.  Don’t tell John Locke what he can’t do!  The flashback shows John trying to go on his Australian walkabout but being denied because he is paralyzed.  Shocking surprise since we know Locke on the Island can walk fine.

#16.  S3 E10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead.  A funny Hurley flashback episode.  On the Island, Hurley finds an old Dharma Initiative van (the one with Ben Linus’s dead father in it) and decides that they need a win and they have to get it running. This features some of the best Sawyer-Jin dialogue of the series.

#15.  S5 E7 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.  We see how John Locke, after failing to get any of the Oceanic 6 to return to the Island, winds up in the coffin.  Ben killed him!  And that was after Ben talked John out of doing it.  A truly sad end for one of the best characters on LOST.

#14.  S3 E20 The Man Behind the Curtain.  We find out the back story of Ben Linus, including the fact that he was not born on the Island as he had always said.  We also learn that he, along with the Others, was responsible for the mass murder of the Dharma Initiative.

#13.  S4 E9 The Shape of Things to Come.  This tells us what happened to Ben after he turned the donkey wheel and wound up in Tunisia.  He ends the episode face to face with Widmore and told him he was going to kill his daughter.

#12 S2 E23/24 Live Together, Die Alone.  The Others capture Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer.  Meanwhile, John has locked himself inside the Hatch and has decided that the button would no longer be pushed.  Desmond discovered that he accidentally crashed Oceanic 815.

#11.  S6 E14 The Candidate.  Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, and Lapidus steal the submarine and try to escape only to realize too late that it was a trap from the Man in Black.  This is the episode that saw the deaths of Sayid, as well as Jin and Sun.

#10.  S6 E11 Happily Ever After.  Desmond Hume has everything he ever wanted in the flash-sideways, except for love.  Fortunately, there is Charlie Pace here to show him the flashes of another world.  One where love is what is important.  Too bad Charlie had to drive Desmond’s car into the water to make the Scot see.  Another wonderful Desmond and Penny scene here as well.

#9.  S3 E13 The Man form Tallahassee.  John Locke was paralyzed, but we did not know how.  This episode we found out.  When John is approached about Anthony Cooper, he goes to try and stop his father from conning someone else.  Cooper shoved John out of an eighth floor window.  Locke’s very own father tried to kill his son.  It is no wonder Locke was suffering from such a depression when we first see him in the chair.

#8.  S4 E13/14 There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2.  We finally see how the Oceanic 6 wound up back in the real world. Jin blew up on the freighter (not really), Ben Linus turned the donkey wheel which resulted in moving the Island and Lapidus’s helicopter went down. Desmond and Penny are reunited in a lovely moment.

#7.  S5 E16/17 The Incident. We finally meet Jacob!  We see Jack really kick Faraday’s plan into gear to find Jughead and detonate the A-bomb in the location where the Swan station was going to be built.  If there is no Swan station, there is no button to push and 815 never crashes.  Or… is this what always happened and Jack detonating the bomb was always the incident?

#6.  S1 E1/2 Pilot.  Arguably, the best dramatic pilot of all time.  The first 20 minutes is as epic as you are ever going to see with our new hero Jack running across the beach desperately trying to save as many people as he can from this devastating plane cash.  Plus, there is some kind of monster in the jungle.  And polar bears.  Guys, where are we, INDEED!


#5.  S6 E9 Ab Aeterno.  An episode that is as good as many feature films that focuses on the back story of the never aging Richard and his tragic background.  This episode confirmed that Richard arrived on the Island by way of the Black Rock.  The writers threw in a beautiful love story between Richard and Isabella, that, through Hurley’s ability to talk to the dead, is revisited on the Island, saving Richard.  One of the best single flashback episodes ever.


#4.  S3 E8 Flashes Before Your Eyes.  The first Desmond “time travel” episode as Desmond tells what happened after he turned the key in the Swan Hatch.  His consciousness shot back to his days with Penny when they were happy and in love.  Desmond planned on proposing, but Ms. Hawkins told him he could not because he didn’t do it before and he could not change the past.  Whatever happened, happened.  What would have happened if Desmond had gone ahead and proposed?  Who knows.  But this was one more example of the magic between Penny and Desmond.


#3.  S3 E22/23 Through the Looking Glass.  Season three finale where we had the loss of Charlie, sacrificing himself so Desmond would be able to live.  Charlie still took the time to let Desmond know that the freighter off the coast of the Island was “Not Penny’s boat!”  We also followed along with Jack in the real world as he was addicted to pills and having a breakdown.  When could this be taking place?  Everybody’s mouths dropped when we found out that it was taking place in the future.  Jack was off the Island!  So was Kate as we saw her too.  What does that mean?  Is it the freighter who gets them off the Island?  Who else made it home?  So many questions brought up by this, one of the best cliffhanger endings to a season finale ever.


#2.  S6 E17 The End.  The final episode of LOST delivered in all kinds of ways, and I don;t care what anybody has to say about it.  It was an emotionally beautiful story that saw the final fate of our favorite survivors of Oceanic 815.  We saw the final battle between Jack and the Man in Black/John Locke.  We saw Jack pass on the mantel of leadership to Hurley because he knew he was going to die.  The End has brought me to tears every time I have watched it.  I know there are haters out there who think that LOST dropped the ball or did not explain enough of what was going on and they are welcome to their opinions, no matter how wrong they are.  The End is an epic finale for the greatest series ever.


#1.  S4 E5 The Constant.  This Desmond episode is one of the best hours of television you are going to see anywhere.  I absolutely love The Constant as Desmond’s consciousness jumped back between present day and his past and he desperately tried to stop the jumps from happening before it killed him.  How does he do it?  According to Faraday, he had to find a constant, something in common between both time lines.  That meant Penny.  The phone call between Penny and Desmond is electric, crackling with energy and chemistry.  It is the most creative hour of the entire series, and that is saying something.


So there it is.  All of the LOST episodes in order according to EYG.  You may have some differing opinions and that is fine, but this is the list for me.  Honestly, who knows how it might change over time.  That’s the great thing about television.

See you in another life, brother.









EYG Top 10 Tom Cruise Movies Revisited


Good evening all.  This week, in honor of the weekend’s big movie release, Mission Impossible: Fallout, the Top 10 Show came back and redid the list of Top 10 Tom Cruise movies.  Matt and John said this was the third time they did this list, once on the original show and once on the Collider show.  They both said that their lists changed over the three times as opinions change.

Let me address something that happened during the show.  When John did not include Edge of Tomorrow on his list, Matt asked the audience to slam John’s Twitter account with a line and to tag Matt in it.  The line was “I don’t believe Rocha is such a schmuck when it comes to Edge of Tomorrow.”  It was a funny interaction between the two and so I tweeted it out with some funny hashtags about the SDCC flu.  Then, earlier today, I saw John post a tweet about how it has been a bad week and he seemed very offended at the schmuck comment and he talked about blocking those who did it.  I immediately deleted the tweet because I did not mean to offend John.  It felt like a fun jokey thing between Matt and John that we could all join in with.  I completely respect John Rocha and love everything he does to entertain me.  If he was offended by my tweet, I apologize.  It was not my intent.

So moving on, here is the EYG Top 10 Tom Cruise movies.

Image result for knight and day#10.  Knight and Day.  Here is the guilty pleasure on my list.  Tom Cruise is a spy who winds up getting caught up with Cameron Diaz, who is trying to get back to Boston for her marriage.  The pair have a fun action story and they do have a lot of chemistry between the actors.  It is quite the cheesy film, but I found myself really enjoying it.


Image result for Tom Cruise vanilla sky#9.  Vanilla Sky.  Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, Vanilla Sky is a science fiction psychological thriller that really takes some wild ideas and concepts.  Tom Cruise starts in a prison cell where he is telling his story to a psychiatrist.  Much of the story is told through flashbacks during this time that reveals how Cruise’s face has been scarred.  Then, it gets weirder after that.  It has been awhile since I saw this film and it might be one to revisit in the future.


Image result for mission impossible rogue nation#8.  Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.  This is the most recent of the Mission Impossible movies and a film that was extremely fun and exciting.  It included Tom Cruise hanging off of an airplane as it took off.  It also had some awesome motorcycle stunts.  Rebecca Ferguson appears as a rival in the film and really hits it big.  Rogue Nation was a lot of fun and embraced what this series of films are like.


Image result for jerry maguire#7.  Jerry Maguire.  This is another Cameron Crowe movie with Cruise where Tom is a sports agent named Jerry Maguire who has left his agency to start his own little company and he needs that big time star to sign to solidify the company.  He is hoping that this would be Cuba Gooding Jr.  While that part of the film is going on, there is also a relationship between Maguire and Renee Zellweger  and her cuter than heck son.  This is the film where the phrase “Show Me the Money” came to be.


Image result for collateral cruise#6.  Collateral.  This was the film I watched today because it was the Top 10 Show’s number one film, but I was not sure I had watched it before.  I think I had seen it years ago, but my memory of it was sketchy so I decided to watch it today.  It was really good, with Jamie Foxx as a taxi driver and Tom Cruise as a hitman/assassin, but I don’t think it was as high as the guys had it.  I was distracted by the white hair on Tom Cruise’s head.  It is one of the few times where Tom Cruise played the villain character and he does it extremely well here.


Related image#5.  Rain Man.  I loved this movie.  This is another time where Tom Cruise played a character named Charlie who was fairly slimy.  He discovered that he had a brother with classic Autism and he tried to get custody of him to gain control of the money he thought his father should have left him.  Along the way back after removing his brother Ray, played by Dustin Hoffman, from the institution that he was at, Charlie started to bond with Ray and he softened his stance on what should happen with his brother.  Charlie showed great growth throughout the film and Cruise does a great job acting opposite a brilliant Hoffman.


Image result for MI Ghost Protocol#4.  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Now the guys only put one Mission Impossible films on their list, but I wanted to put two.  I think this is the best of the franchise.  When Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is outside the building on that glass, the tension was palpable.  This was such a fantastic action adventure that saw the team having to go off the grid because they were being chased by the government.  Great stuff.


Image result for minority report#3.  Minority Report.  Another great science fiction film with Cruise working in an agency that uses psychic technology to tell the future and arrest people before the crime has been committed.  When, Cruise becomes the center of one of the crimes, he needs to look closer at the program to discover the truth.  Directed by Steven Spielberg and adapted from a Phillip K. Dick story, Minority Report is a fun mystery to try and figure out.


Image result for edge of tomorrow#2.  Edge of Tomorrow.  Here is the film that caused all the controversy today.  Tom winds up with the power to relive a day over and over again and so he could effectively affect the war going on with the aliens that have been attacking the earth.  Emily Blunt is awesome as the kick ass military officer that Tom Cruise’s pencil pushing Major has to try to convince about his ability.


Related image#1. A Few Good Men.  One of the great films.  Rob Reiner’s adaptation of a play brought Tom Cruise face to face with Jack Nicholson.  The courtroom drama has one of the most iconic scenes in film history with the “You can’t handle the truth” scene.  And while Nicholson delivered the amazing monologue, Tom Cruise matched him with every line and the scene would not have had the impact that it did without Cruise playing off Nicholson.  Cruise was so easy to root for during this movie that dealt with an issue that was hardly black and white.

Honorable MentionsTropic Thunder, American Made, Jack Reacher, The Outsiders



EYG Top 10 Denzel Washington Movies


I like trying to guess the topics for each week by what will be coming out that following weekend.  Some weeks I am close and other weeks I am nowhere near.  This week, with the release of The Equalizer 2, I was pretty certain that the topic for the Top 10 Show would be Top 10 Denzel Washington Movies.  I did not remember John and Matt doing that topic before and it worked with the Equalizer 2 and, sure enough, that was it.

I do like the summer schedule for me because it allows me to look at a few of the movies that I may have missed that I could add to the Top 10.  Last week, after I finished listening to Matt & John, I went to watch Cape Fear, which wound up at number one on last week’s list.  This week I watched two Denzel movies, and one of them did end up in the top ten while the second one, Man on Fire, ended up just outside.

Top 10 Denzel Washington movies.

#10.  Fences.  This is a film that was adapted from a play and it was a real performance film.  What I mean about that is Fences, the movie, was not as good of a movie as the performances within the film.  However, between Denzel and Viola Davis, what a pair of powerhouse performances they were.  The dialogue was out of this world and it was carried off by this duo as well as you could imagine.  The film felt too much like a play, but you won’t ever see a better dual lead performances than what Denzel and Viola gave you in Fences.


#9.  Inside Man.  This is one of the films I watched today because it was recommended by the Top 10 Show.  Denzel is a police detective who is part of the hostage negotiation crew that ends up heading to a bank robbery that has resulted in hostages being taken.  The thing i… strange things are happening and Denzel does not quite understand what is going on.  This film has some touches of noir to it, and it is a heist film, sort of.  I liked the blend of genres within the movie and the mystery of exactly what was going on was a great addition.  And Denzel was sporting one awesome hat.  LOST’s Miles, Ken Leung appeared as well.


#8.  Philadelphia.  Denzel played opposite Tom Hanks in one of Hanks’ Oscar winning roles, but you would not have had the same strength of performance without Denzel’s support. The film, which was one of the first dramatizations of AIDS/HIV in movies dealt as much with the reactions to the disease as the disease itself.  The prejudices that came along with the insidiousness of AIDS was fully on display here and brought a real topic to the screen.


#7.  Fallen.  I had forgotten about this, but as I was looking over Denzel’s IMDB page, I noticed the film.  Reading the synopsis, I remembered watching the movie and enjoying it quite a bit.  The film features Denzel as a detective investigating a series of murders that he believed were copycat killings.  The killer was basic the killings on a serial killer that Denzel had witnessed be put to death.  However, there is more than just a copycat killer happening here as there is a supernatural aspect to this thriller.  John Goodman appears with Denzel and does his typically great job.


#6.  Flight.  Flight is the story of a pilot whose plane suffered a mechanical failure during a flight and the pilot, William “Whip” Whitaker Sr., crash lands his plane without any loss of life.  However, instead of celebrating the achievement, there are a myriad of questions about how it happened and why it happened.  Seems as though Whip may have  been drinking.  Another great performance from Denzel Washington and a strong film directed by Robert Zemeckis.


#5.  Training Day.  You do not often see Denzel Washington play this type of character, a cop who is crooked and downright corrupt.  He has been assigned a rookie cop to train, played by Ethan Hawke.  Denzel played the evil man with a ton of gusto and wound up receiving his first Academy Award for the role, though many people believed that he was given this award as a replacement for another one that he should have won.


#4.  Malcolm X.  Honestly, I have only seen this movie once and it was years ago when I was younger.  I only include it on this list because it is usually recognized as Denzel’s greatest performance.  I do not remember  a lot from Malcolm X, but it has been said that he completely transcended into this role, practically becoming the Black Panther Party co-founder.  This is another Spike Lee film on this list (the other being Inside Man).  It is a very long film and maybe one day I will rewatch it with a different perspective.


#3. Crimson Tide.  I love this movie with Denzel as the second in command of a nuclear sub to the captain Gene Hackman.  The sub had received orders to launch their nuclear payload, and everything was tense from that point on.  I remember being so filled with anxiety the entire time as Denzel wanted to double check the orders before proceeding and Hackman was ready to follow them immediately.  This conflict was real and sharp between the two men of principle.


#2.  Unstoppable.  I never thought this was going to be a movie that I enjoyed as much as I did.  Chris Pine and Denzel on a runaway train?  There was no way that was going to work.  However, I have to say, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I loved this movie and I was right with them as these two men tried to do their best to stop this train from causing all kinds of death.  Just the heroic nature of the movie really pulled me in and I found it thrilling.


#1.  Remember the Titans.  This is most likely my favorite football movie ever.  I loved the scenes of the football playing matched up with the story of the racial tensions within the team and the city, this was more than just your typical sports movie.  Denzel does a great job as the head coach, even though at times it seems as if this guy was just too hard.  The message of the movie was a fantastic one- if you work together, you can accomplish anything.  This is a movie of inspiration, of dedication and of teamwork, as well as one of overcoming obstacles.


Honorary MentionsMan on Fire, Bone Collector, The Equalizer, 2 Guns, The Book of Eli, The Magnificent 7

EYG Top 10 Families in Danger Movies


This week’s Top 10 show is one of the more interesting topics of the last several months.  It allowed John and Matt to talk about some different movies that we don’t usually hear about.

In honor of Skyscraper, the Rock’s new movie coming out this weekend, the boys did the Top 10 Families in Danger Movies.

There were a lot of different genre of movies that worked for this topic so we have horror and we have action/adventure and big blockbusters. It took a while to find the films to work on my list.  There were many on the side list as well.

#10.  Contagion.  A great cast is involved in this film about the spread of a virus that would kill its victims in a few days.  Director Steven Soderbergh brought a high tension thriller that really provided a natural look at what would happen if there is a pandemic crossing the land.  Contagion was a very solid effort.


#9.  The Monster Squad.  This one might be a bit of a cheat, but there is a family at the core of the story.  Sean and his dad have a big part of the story and even the mom is involved to a sense and the little sister was the key to bringing Frank around to the good side and she was a virgin.  The Monster Squad is not the greatest movie, but man I loved that movie when I was younger.


#8.  Arachnophobia.  This is a fun and yet terrifying film about the little eight legged creatures that were out to kill everybody.  I just recently re-watched this film and it felt like a brand new movie to me.  John Goodman was great as the exterminator and I enjoyed Jeff Daniels as the lead.


#7.  The Impossible.  The true story of a family in Thailand who have to survive the massive tsunami that struck in 2004.  Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts played the parents and had to go through a tremendous amount of dangers.  Young Tom Holland stole the show with his portrayal of the young boy, one of three brothers, and he had to keep his mom alive and moving.  The reuniting of the family will certainly bring tears to the eyes of even the most rigid of people.


#6.  Cellular.  Here is one that no one ever talks about and it might be a guilty pleasure, but this film starred Kim Basinger as a mother who had been kidnapped and is trying to find a way to get help and prevent the kidnappers from grabbing her child as well.  She is able to get together a broken phone and contact Chris Evans on his cell phone and talk hm through to help her out.  The film uses every manner to keep the tension going and is really a fun ride.


#5.  Jurassic Park.  I hadn’t considered this until Rocha mentioned it this morning, but it works fine.  Maybe there is not the exact family unit, but there is a father figure, a mother figure, and two children involved here having to deal with the dangers of the island filled with rampaging dinosaurs.  The original film hit so many wonderful notes and director Steven Spielberg brought us something that would live forever.  None of the subsequent sequels matched the original’s flair and awesomeness.


#4.  Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  Mother and son being chased by a killer terminator and being protected by another.  Sounds like a normal family to me.  T2 turned out to be one of those rare sequels that surpassed the original as the action was off the charts.  John Connor, in many ways, was the parent in this relationship as he did a lot to take care of his slightly off the edge mother.  Sarah Connor would do anything for her son and it truly showed as she turned herself into a fighting machine to make sure that John stayed safe.  She spent time in a mental institution just to make sure her son had the best life possible. That is until she could not longer stay put.


#3.  A Quiet Place.  I really loved this movie.  It had one of the most intense and unlikely theater experiences.  The crowd was dead silent and the crowd could almost feel the need to stay that way.  Viewing this movie in the silence of the theater really cemented this film.  The family unit was fractured from an early film tragedy, but you could still see the love between them and, in the end, that love wound up being an important piece.  John Krasinski directs the film and he does an absolutely stunning job of it.  The acting by all involved was top notch and really worked with the tone that had been set.


#2.  The Shining.  The danger in this film came from within the family as Jack Nicholson, as Jack Torrence, lost his mind and began to stalk his wife and son.  There are haunting scenes in The Shining that are frightening to this day.  Nicholson is completely iconic as the out-of-control writer who cannot take it any longer.  And Danny, the young boy with psychic abilities, is creepy as well.


#1. Cape Fear.  This was the number one from the Top 10 guys as well, but I had never seen it, and so I decided that I would watch the film before finishing this list to see if it deserves the high ranking.  It was amazing.  Robert DeNiro was just menacing and felt like a force of nature.  Nick Nolte matched him in every scene and I am a huge fan of Jessica Lange.  The conclusion of the film was nuts and was frightening.  DeNiro, in a role that could have been over cooked in the hands of a lesser actor, is unbelievable as this convicted criminal back to exhume his vengeance on the lawyer that did not do his best to defend him.  I am very glad that I took the time to watch this film because it belongs at the top of this list.


Honorary Mentions:  Lemon Snicker’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Purge, Midnight Special, Beetlejuice, Lost in Space, Poltergeist, Sky High, San Andreas, The Babadook, Spy Kids. 

EYG Top 10 Comic Book Duos in Movies


This week’s Top 10 Show is in honor of Ant Man and the Wasp that comes out this weekend and it is the Top 10 Comic Book Duos in Movies. Ironically, on a week that they are talking about duos, the normal duo of Mat Knost and John Rocha add a third person as guest to the podcast in the person of actor, writer and performer Shannon McClung.

This was a tough list for me because. honestly, I struggled to determine a number one.  To me any of the top 5-6 on this list could have an argument made for it being number one.

Of course,when thinking comic book genre and “duo” you immediately think Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo.  However, this is in movies, and there has never been a version of Batman and Robin that is worth anything in movies.  Certainly not that piece of crap Batman and Robin movie that was my most hated movie for a long time.

I also took the idea that we are talking about one specific movie (aka the Matt Knost argument) and not the culmination of several films.

#10.  Vision & Scarlet Witch, Avengers: Infinity War.  I wanted to include them because they were such a standout section of Infinity War and they are known to be one of the great pairings in comic history.  The fight with Scarlet Witch doing everything she could to protect the wounded Vision was excellent as was the torment at the end when Scarlet Witch had to do what she had to do, even though it turned out to be a waste.


#9.  Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman.  One of the best parts of the DC movie was the relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor.  The chemistry with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine was tremendous and they worked so well together.  This relationship also had to be so strong that you believed that Diana basically went into hiding for the next 70+ years afterwards, not showing up again until Batman v. Superman.  That seems as if they are adjusting it for the next Wonder Woman movie, but still, the connection absolutely worked in the original.


#8.  Kick-Ass & Hitgirl, Kick-Ass.  This pairing really made the movie, Kick Ass work.  Hitgirl, who was just a young teenager, turned out to be more of a mentor for Kick-Ass.  And this is the first of the list to be non-romantic.  Hitgirl was an amazing character, and showed a great deal of emotion when her father, Big Daddy, was killed.  The final scene with these two was awesome.


#7.  Hiro & Baymax, Big Hero 6. I wouldn’t have thought of this duo if it had not been for Matt Knost having them on his list, but I loved them very much.  It is long overdue for the sequel to that movie.  Baymax was a perfect companion and partner for Hiro, who had lost his brother and needed the help of this giant white robot.  Big Hero 6 was a surprising hit and the biggest reason was the relationship between these two characters.


#6.  Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl, Incredibles 2.  They might have been higher without the arguments that Matt and the guest star Shannon McClung made against them and technically, they are not a COMIC BOOK movie.  However, there has been Incredibles comics after the film, so it might be a cheat, but I think it belongs.    Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl do not spend a lot of time as a duo in the movies, with Incredibles 2 being more of a Elastigirl movie, but there is enough of it here to warrant their inclusion.  As parents, they are a duo in raising their children and they are still able to balance their super hero worlds.


#5.  Logan & Laura, Logan.  One of the great movies of the last few years, Logan and Laura have the relationship that carries the film, and the knock down fight at the end really cements them as a duo.  Laura is basically a clone of Wolverine, and Logan at first does not want any part of it. However, as the film continued on, she became a vital part of his life and he was willing to do anything for her.  And Laura came to see Logan as a father figure and their final scenes together are just heart breaking.


#4.  Dr. Strange & Wong. Doctor Strange. None of the Top 10 guys included this one on their list, which I find t be a huge omission.  Stephen Strange and Wong make a great duo in the film, working together, learning from each other and battling the forces of Dormammu together at the end of Doctor Strange.  Some of the best scenes of that movie featured the interaction between Wong and the new recruit, Stephen.  The whole Beyonce joke was worth it alone.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong were fabulous together and have set up some great future magic.


#3.  Rocket & Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Yes, they form into a team by the end of the film, but you can see how great a duo Rocket and Groot are in the beginning of this movie.  From Rocket scolding Groot to not drink fountain water to Rocket firing the gun on Groot’s shoulder in the prison break sequence, Rocket and Groot show their camaraderie and their friendship.  As odd as it is, the tre and the raccoon are really the heart of this movie.


#2.  Thor & Loki, Thor: The Dark World.  This was the film that allowed Loki to show the most emotion as any of them.  I was tempted to choose Thor: Ragnarok because of where the relationship between Thor and Loki ended, but I chose The Dark World because of the loss of their mother Frigga and how much that loss affected the God of Mischief.  The Thor and Loki dynamic is always fantastic, as you can see when Loki is transforming into Steve Rogers to stick it to Thor some more. This allowed Loki to “die” in Thor’s arms as well, even though we know he was just pulling a fast one.  What else can you expect from a trickster god?


#1.  Captain America & Bucky, Captain America: Civil War. I specifically chose this movie for a reason.  This film was completely about Cap trying to help his friend out of trouble and dealing first hand with the sins of the Winter Soldier.  They fight Iron Man together at the end of the film in one of the most emotional brutal scenes in the MCU.  All the while, Cap was struggling to protect the friend he had knows since childhood, despite the list of atrocities that he committed.  There is some great moments between Steve and Bucky in Captain America: First Avenger, but the stakes do not get any higher than in Civil War.


Honorable Mention:  Evie & V (V for Vendetta), Thor & Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok), Tony Stark & Rhodey (Iron Man 2), Captain America & Falcon (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Captain America & Black Widow (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Batman & Alfred (Batman Begins), T’Challa & Shuri (Black Panther), Charles Xavier & Magneto (X-Men: First Class).

EYG Top 10 Basketball Movies


This week’s topic was Top 10 Basketball Movies, in honor of Uncle Drew that is coming out this weekend.  I am not necessarily looking forward to this one, but the Top 10 hosts are big fans of the sport.  And they added Mark Ellis from Schmoes Knows as a special guest.

Best part of the show this week was when Rocha went to fix the AC and Mark Ellis said that he could guarantee that Rocha would have the movie “The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh” on his list and then Rocha came back and it was his #10.  LOL

There were a lot more movies that were bad in this category than there were that I liked.  I worried that there would not be ten movies that I could get on this list.  However, in the end, I was able to find enough to fill it out.

I do have a couple of cheats though, starting at #10.

#10.  The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island.  Yeah, this is not a theatrical release and it is not a good movie.  But it is fun and it has Gilligan and the rest of the Gilligan’s Island crew.  I know this is just a stupid TV movie, but I really wanted to put it on the list.



#9.  Hoop Dreams.  This is one that I do not remember much, but I am certain that I saw it.  The film followed Arthur Agee and William Gates, two young African American who grew up in poor neighborhoods in Chicago.  It was considered one of the best documentaries of its time.


#8. Space Jam.  This one is up and down for me, but I love the Looney Tunes and Bill Murray so this movie was fun.  I was never a huge Michael Jordan fan, but it balanced out for me.  Marvin the Martian is one of my favorite Looney Tunes character and he makes it in this film too.



#7.  Forget Paris.  Listening to the Top 10 Show, they mentioned this Billy Crystal film as one of their lists and I thought to myself that I had seen this movie.  So I looked into it and I had seen it.  I really enjoyed it.  Billy Crystal was an NBA referee and loved his job.  The scene where he ejects Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his farewell game is excellent.  We also see Charles Barkley among other basketball stars in the film.  It may not be that much of a basketball movie as it is more of a rom com, but the film does look through the POV of a referee.


#6.  Trainwreck.  Here is the next cheat.  Trainwreck is another rom com, this one starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.  Lebron James has a role in the film, and he is actually quite good.  Bill Hader plays Dr. Aaron Conners, a sports doctor.  Schumer joins up with the NBA cheerleaders to make up with him.  Sure it is a bit of  a cheat, but it was close enough for me.


Related image#5.  White Men Can’t Jump.  Woody Harrelson and Westley Snipes star in this film as two streetball hustlers who set up cons to make money on unsuspecting players.  The film depends on the charisma between Harrelson and Snipes.  White Men Can’t Jump deals with many of the racial stereotypes that are involved in the sport of basketball.


Related image#4. Coach Carter.  Samuel L Jackson played the real life Coach Carter, who demanded a lot from his group of players.  The film highlighted the time when Carter suspended his undefeated high school basketball team for low academic performance.  The film looks at the lives of many of the players, including one portrayed by Channing Tatum.


Image result for teen wolf fox#3.  Teen Wolf.  Michael J Fox and his charisma made this movie way better than it ever had a chance to be.  When Scott Howard (Fox) realized that he came from a family of werewolves, he suddenly becomes much more popular and successful as a basketball player.  Yes, much of the basketball scenes are not very realistic, but I enjoyed them tremendously as a young person.  And the film has a good lesson about being who you are and not get lost in the fame or the popularity.


Related image#2.  Finding Forrester.  This was a second film that the Top 10 guys brought up this morning when I was listening to the program and I thought, I knew this movie.  I did not remember the title, but once they started talking about it, I remembered that I really loved this film.  Sean Connery is a reclusive author who takes Jamal Wallace under his wing, helping him with his writing so he could get a scholarship to a good school.  Connery is excellent here.


Image result for hoosiers movie#1.  Hoosiers.  Gene Hackman is Norman Dale, the new coach of the high school team from Hickory, Indiana, but he has a questionable past.  Based on a true story, the Hickory team was a very small team and Norman was a very strict and explosive type of coach (much like Bobby Knight) whose temper gets away from him on a regular basis and he gets ejected many times.  The team struggled with plenty of issues as Norman tried to establish his control over the players.  As they continued to improve, they wound up on quite a winning streak.  Hickory went to the state and, despite being undersized and the underdog, Hickory won the 1952 Indiana State Championship.  There are some tremendous on court basketball scenes in Hoosiers.  It has the great moment where Norman measures the hoop to prove that the height of the rim was the same in the little gym as it was in this huge venue.


Honorable mention:  Air Bud, Like Mike, Eddie

EYG Top 10 Dads in Movies


This week, in honor of Father’s Day this past Sunday, the Top 10 Show, featuring John Rocha and Matt Knost, did a topic listing the Top 10 Dads in Movies.  This was a topic that I actually considered doing myself as a post here on EYG on Father’s Day, but did not get around to it.  I am glad that I didn’t because now I can do it here.

Plus, I am early today as my schedule opened up this morning so I am getting this done quickly.

There are a ton of fathers on the list, and I have a healthy honorary mention section as well.   Strangely enough, a lot of the fathers on my list are fathers that might not necessarily be considered good fathers.  Fathers that are absentee or who do bad things.  Most of the really bad dads here made the honorary mentions and not the top 10, but …oh well.

#10.  Mr. Perlman (Michael Stuhlbarg) – Call Me By Your Name.  I hadn’t thought of this one until I saw one of the posters on YouTube after listening to the Top 10 Show, but it is a really good pick.  He is so understanding and loving toward his son who has been going through so much confusion and angst dealing with his sexual orientation that this makes you wish that everyone had a father this kind-hearted and understanding.  He is played wonderfully by Michael Stuhlbarg and was one of the standout parts of that movie for me.


#9.  John McClane (Bruce Willis) Die Hard.  Yeah, John and Matt poo-pooed this choice, but I love John McClane and the Die hard series and I am including him on the list.  John’s daughter was a key component in Live Free and Die Hard, which I liked, and his son was in the horrible fifth one.  Both kids were there in the first Die Hard, leading to a huge plot point, so I believe he fits here.  Sure he is a bit of an absentee father, but he brought them a giant stuffed bear, so what more do you want?


#8.  Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) Field of Dreams.  I would actually stick John Kinsella in this one as well.  Kevin Costner is more well known so I led with him, but the story is as much about Ray as the son and John as the father than Ray as a father.  How much better can a scene get than when Ray and John have a catch?  It encompasses everything that is great about baseball into the father-son relationship.  If you build it, he will come…


#7.  Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) To Kill A Mockingbird.  The quintessential Southern gentleman, but one who is willing to fight for what he believes is right and to show that belief to his daughter Scout.  Atticus always had time for Scout despite being enthralled by a major case that was causing strife across Maycomb County, Alabama.  Gregory Peck is tremendous here as well.


#6.  Matt Drayton (Spencer Tracy) Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.  I think this is another great father.  In the final days of Spencer Tracy’s life, he got this role and he was wonderful in it.  He was a progressive father who believed in rights and dignity for all people, but when his daughter comes home with an African-American fiance, he is taken aback.  Not because of race, but because of his fear for what his daughter will have to face in the world.  The movie is spent with Matt tying to decide whether he could give his blessing to this pairing or if he had to speak out against it.  Even after making the decision, Matt was worried about it. He was a great father.


#5.  Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) The Incredibles and Incredibles 2.  Bob Parr was a good dad, but in Incredibles 2, he learns how to become a better dad.  Oh, and he is a super hero.  In the course of two films, Mr. Incredible had to face the reality of losing his family, getting them back, struggle with a new role in his life, fight against his own instinct to help people, learn new math, deal with his baby’s super powers and his daughter’s drama.  Oh, and Syndrome and Screenslaver as well.



#4.  Marlin (Albert Brooks) Finding Nemo.  Marlin chased his son Nemo across the Pacific Ocean to save him from the horrors of the sea.  He could not even think about the loss of his son and it spurred Marlin on to do things that he never thought he could do.  There are so many emotional beats in Finding Nemo that it is one of Pixar’s greatest films.  The father-son relationship between Marlin and Nemo is at the center of the entire movie.  Marlin also is able to learn a lesson about letting go and trusting his son, a lesson that was hard to learn after the loss of his wife.


#3.  Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) Mrs. Doubtfire.  Daniel Hillard went to extremes to be able to see his kids after they had been taken away from him in court.  He dressed up as a British nanny and started working for his ex-wife.  Robin Williams is amazing in this role, as Mrs. Doubtfire gives him a chance to break out his atypical humor in a family setting.  Sure the story is far fetched, but you cannot deny the heart and warmth of this movie and the humor with which Robin Williams approaches the character.


#2.  Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) Taken.  ” I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. ”  Any father able and willing to do this is the kind of father you want to have, right?


#1. Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Got to agree with Matt Knost, Dr. Henry Jones is awesome.  Certainly uncharacteristic in fatherhood, Dr. Jones was able to raise Indiana Jones to be a good man with a great mind and give him the strength to be independent.  He didn’t coddle him.  Sure, sometime Indy wished he had something different, but in The Last Crusade, you see this relationship come to the front and it is the most important relationship in either man’s life.  The moment when Henry calls him Indiana (not Junior as he did all movie long) was filled with so much subtext that it is one of the best moments in the Indiana Jones franchise.  It is sad that they only had one movie together.


Honorable Mentions: Vito Corleone (Godfather), Odin (Thor), Darth Vader (Return of the Jedi), Uncle Ben (Spider-man– yeah, I know he is not officially a father- but he is like a father), Howard Stark (Iron Man), Mufasa (Lion King), Gil Buckman (Parenthood), Chris Gardner (Pursuit of Happyness), Scott Lang (Ant Man), Chief Brody (Jaws), T’Chaka (Black Panther), Homer Simpson (The Simpsons Movie)