EYG Top 10 Father/Daughter Movies


This week’s Top 10 Show is Top 10 Father/Daughter Movies in honor of Crawl, coming out this weekend.  Strange that giant alligator monsters trying to eat the main characters inspires a list of fathers and daughters movies, but who knows.

I was surprised how many movies that could have been included in this list. The Honorable Mention section is large this week.

Actually most of my list is different than Matt and Jon’s lists and that is always cool.  I have never fully seen Father of the Bride, which was the first film I thought about with this topic, so it is not on the list.


Related image#10.  Gifted.  Okay, this is a bit of a cheat, but I really liked this little movie featuring Chris Evans.  Technically, Evans’s character is the uncle of Mackenna Grace’s character, but he is raising her like a father would be.  Grace’s character Mary is a math prodigy but Evans does not want to send her to a special school because he did not want to isolate her and he went to court to protect her from his own formidable mother, Lindsay Duncan.  Octavia Spencer is great as the next door neighbor and friend too.  This is the film that shows that it does not have to be blood between fathers and daughters.


Image result for my girl movie dan aykroyd#9.  My Girl.  Anna Chlumsky is Vada and her father, Dan Aykroyd, is Harry Sultenfuss.  He is a funeral director who wife, Vada’s mother, died in childbirth and Vada has been having a difficult time with the ideas of death and a feeling of blame for her mother’s death.  Especially since there happens to be death all around her.  Harry does not understand his daughter and he spends his time ignoring her.  The scene with Macaulay Culkin’s character, Thomas Sennett is heart breaking and helps lead to the reconnection between Vada and her father.


Related image#8.  Live Free & Die Hard.  Yes, I know there are a lot of haters for this Die Hard movie, but I enjoyed it a great deal.  Sure, it is missing the R rating and suffers for it, but I thought the inclusion of the John McClane daughter worked very well.  You see how much John loves his daughter, but has struggled to be in her life.  She is angry with him, but she knows that when she is in trouble, her father will be there for her.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead is McClane’s daughter.  There is actually an awesome cast here and the film has some really great moments, including Kevin Smith himself.


Image result for kick ass big daddy and hitgirl#7.  Kick Ass.  Hit Girl and Big Daddy stole this movie and are an insane father/daughter pairing.  Nic Cage brings his whole Nic Cage-ness to this movie and is just tremendous.  An argument could be made that Big Daddy is not a very good father, considering he has turned his daughter into a vigilante murderer.  But he loves her very much.  His final scene just before he dies, he tells Hitgirl that he was proud of her.  Big Daddy continued to inspire the heroic path of his daughter.


Image result for movie eighth grade#6.  Eighth Grade.  I found this movie remarkably realistic and I loved the relationship between Kayla (Elsie Fischer) and her father Mark (Josh Hamilton).   Mark is just an awesome father and I love how he is patient and listens and allows his daughter to have whatever feelings she has, but he is there when she needs him.  This film has one of the most tension filled scenes of any movies on this list, in the back seat of the car.  Mark’s reaction to this is so wonderful that it could be a bit too perfect.


Related image#5.  Train to Busan.  I just watched this the other day and it was unbelievable and I loved it.  Sure, the father is a jerk for much of the movie and it happens to take the dead rising to pay attention to his daughter, but I am alright with this story arc.  The little girl is just amazing with her performance.  She has to cycle through all kinds of emotions as she is afraid for her life, trying to get her father to help other people and still being worried about him.  I normally do not like reading the movies ( with the subtitles) but you truly do not even realize that you are reading after awhile because you are so engaged in the plot.


Related image#4.  A Quiet Place.  I love this movie and the relationship between the hearing impaired Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and her father is at the heart of the film.  She believes he blames her for the death of her brother and her guilt causes a rift between them. However, he had never given up on her and had been researching how he could help her.  The film has some of the best, most suspenseful scenes.  And the result of the father and daughter relationship is heartbreaking.  Fantastic movie.


Image result for taken#3. Taken.  “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don’t have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.”
This scene tells you just about everything you need to know about Bryan Mills and his feeling for his daughter, played by Maggie Grace.  The iconic quote starts off a top of the line revenge movie for many years.  He will do anything for his daughter and he is really brutal.


Related image#2.  Ant Man.  This has two sets of father/daughters that the Marvel Studios film examines.  Scott Lang, just getting out of prison, is trying to turn his life around so he can be involved once again with his daughter Cassie.  The second of the pairings was Hank Pym, genius inventor and the original Ant Man, and his daughter Hope Van Dyne and they have been estranged because Hank will not be straight with Hope about her mother’s “death” and will not allow her to use the shrinking technology he had invented.  These two relationships are fully center of the heist film, as Hope shows how capable she is and Scott winds up fighting Yellowjacket in his daughter’s room.  Ant Man was a fantastic smaller film from Marvel Studios.  Michael Douglas appears as Hank, Paul Rudd is Scott, Evangeline Lilly is Hope and Abby Ryder Fortson is Cassie.


Image result for searching#1.  Searching.    This was one of the big surprises of the year because this felt like another movie that had come out.  How wrong I was.  This was wholly original and filled with tension.  This is the story of a father, John Cho, whose daughter has disappeared and is believed to have stole money and ran off.  He knew this was not the case and went about investigating her disappearance.  It used shots from the computer and the different online social media accounts to tell the story and build the tension as you wonder if the father is just fooling himself or if something dangerous has happened to his daughter.  There may not be much interaction between characters on screen but you can certainly feel the connection between the characters.


Honorable mentions.  Okay, here we go.  There is also Ant Man and the Wasp, which was another film I considered, but that has more of a connection to Janet, Hope’s mom.  There were two Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movies I considered, Skyscraper and San Andreas.  Both were fine and just weren’t enjoyable enough for the top 10.  Southpaw features a great performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, but not the best film.  The Nice Guys has a fun father daughter with Ryan Gosling and Angourie Rice.  The American President is a fun movie with Michael Douglas that I have tried to get on one of these lists, but, in this one, the father-daughter relationship was not as big as the romantic relationship.  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entry into zombie films was Maggie where his daughter was exposed and he fought to keep people from attacking her.  We Bought a Zoo has Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and animals.  What more could you need?  Parenthood is an old favorite, but there are too many family members involved.  Birdman is a great movie, but again I feel the father daughter relationship is not front and center.  Avengers: Infinity War has the big relationship with Thanos and Gamora.  Yeah, I know, but I wanted to include it in this section.


EYG Top 10 Superhero Sequels


This week’s Top Ten Show featured a guest.  The one and only Emma Fyffe joined the boys this week to talk about the Top 10 greatest superhero sequels of all time in honor of Spider-Man: Far From Home opening today (and I will see later today!!!)

I was a little disappointed with the topic because it feels like something that they have done before and I was hoping for something different.  Top 10 Spider-man movie scenes or something like that.  However, with Emma joining Matt and John, the topic had a bit of a new feel.  And of course the show was great as it always is.

There are a lot of choices here and this will give me a chance to talk about one that has just become one of my favorite movies ever.

Image result for deadpool 2#10.  Deadpool 2.  While I did not feel that this lived up to the first movie, Deadpool 2 was a solid outing with some really funny moments and a strong interaction between Deadpool and Cable.  I had trouble with the kid who is so important in the movie, which is why I probably did not rank it as highly as the first one, but the scenes with Juggernaut were awesome.  The dialogue and quips from Ryan Reynolds was done beautifully.  Domino was amazing and the X-Force stuff was as funny as anything in any of the movies.


Related image#9.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Some people put this one down because there are too many jokes and, honestly, I felt that the first time I saw it.  However, after the second viewing and onward, I have not felt the humor took away from the positives of the film.  Ego, played by Kurt Russell, is tremendous.  The whole Yondu storyline is beautiful and the ending of this movie never fails but to make me a blubbering mess.  Any drawbacks it may have are overtaken by the emotional beat of the film.


Image result for ragnarok thor movie#8.  Thor: Ragnarok.  Marvel Studios and director Taika Waititi completely reinvigorated the character of Thor and provided Chris Hemsworth with a new take on the character of the Norse God.  This film was just crazy with so much goodness.  The Planet Hulk storyline is encapsulated here.  The Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum is perfection.  Loki and Thor’s relationship continues to be the most compelling relationship of the series.  There is great humor and heart.  Some complain about the lack of emotion from Thor after the death of Odin or the destruction of Asgard, but I would push back on that because it is in the film, albeit subtle and it leads to the arc of the character throughout the upcoming Avengers movies.


Image result for dark knight#7.  The Dark Knight.  Matt and John always have this higher on their lists than I do.  While I admit it is a great movie, I’m more of a Marvel guy.  I do love Batman and the performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker is out of this world.  I do not think the film needed Two-Face though and that felt tossed in and it undercut the main story here.  Still, the interrogation scene with Batman and the Joker is amazing cinema and the film keeps you off balance the whole time.  I appreciated hearing Emma and her thoughts on the movie as it was lower on her list than Matt and John and I actually could relate to why she placed it where she did.


Image result for spider man 2#6.  Spider-Man 2.  This was my favorite superhero movie for some time because I loved Spider-man and this was the best version of him up to this point.  While I believe Tom Holland is now the standard bearer, that does not take away from this classic.  Adapting the “Spider-man No More” story, Spider-man 2 is so great.  The entire train sequence with Doc Ock and the people on the train may still be one of my favorite moments in any Spidey film.


Image result for cap winter soldier#5.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  I never would have thought that anyone could do Captain America as well as he is done in this movie.  They are able to provide conflict for Cap despite of his “boy scout” image.  The relationship with the Black Widow and Cap is done wonderfully and sets up so much for later installments.  They created a spy thriller and put Cap at the center.  It brought up themes of government interference and what exactly a soldier should be.  The Winter Soldier himself was an epic payoff and had some amazing battles with Steve Rogers.  And we had a villain in the MCU played by Robert Redford, for goodness sake.  It also introduced Falcon to the series and brought us one of those iconic scenes- in the elevator.  A classic.


Image result for Logan movie#4.  Logan.  Easily the best X-Men film we have had yet.  Logan gives us the story of a broken down hero who is just trying to get away to spend his last years of life with his friend, safe and secure.  Unfortunately, as always, life is not going to let Logan go quietly into the sunset.  They provide a young clone of him named Laura and she turned his life upside down.  Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine is easily his best.  Patrick Stewart should have not only been nominated for an Academy Award, he should have won it for his role as the slowly degenerating Charles Xavier.  This is the most beautiful send off for the Wolverine character and the rest of the characters in his arc.


Related image#3.  Captain America: Civil War.  This is such an unbelievable undertaking that when the Russo Brothers pulled it off, they showed what they were capable of and set themselves up as the correct directors to take the MCU to the heights that it could reach.  This film had a huge cast that was not slighted in the least, including our first introduction to Black Panther and the MCU version of Spider-Man, but it was also a small film that focused on the conflict between two men, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.  And it does it so well that you can relate to and connect with both of them.  Even if you are “Team Cap”, you can see where Tony Stark is coming from.  And the film never fails to feel like it is a Captain America film, which with the number of heroes involved is quite  a feat.  The action is never skimped on either.  The airport scene is one of the greatest in any movie and the Iron Man vs. Cap and Bucky conclusion brings stakes galore.  I was never fond of the comic event, Civil War, because it had characters doing things that felt as if they would never do.  That was not the case with the movie and is another reason why I love it so much.


Image result for infinity war cap and thanos#2.  Avengers: Infinity War.  This was such a gutsy movie from Marvel Studios.  They basically took their villain, played wonderfully by Josh Brolin, and made him the main character of the film.  What?  And the fact that the villain wins in the end is so shocking.  I remember seeing it for the first time and just the gasps of shock when the screen went to black with Thanos on his farm watching the sunset.  It was such a twist.  Still, you can understand Thanos’s motivation.  Sure what he wanted to do was crazy, but he thinks he is doing these actions as what was best for the universe and that makes him compelling as hell.  The film contained so much as well.  Spider-man and his death in the arms of Tony Stark nearly broke me.  The heroes being dusted drove the audience crazy.  The pairing of Thor with Rocket and Groot and their subsequent arrival in Wakanda is one of the best moments of the film.  The film is dark and sprawling.  And it does a brilliant job setting up….


Cap#1. Avengers: Endgame.  I just love this movie.  No movie has made me feel as many different emotions or made me cry as consistently as Endgame has.  I cry for many reasons too.  I am so overwhelmed with joy that the emotions come freely.  The moment Cap picks up Thor’s hammer just fills me with pleasure.  Finally hearing Cap say “Avengers Assemble” after the vortexes open to bring all the dusted characters back to the fight was so satisfying.  The film pays off the 21 previous movies in ways you never could have guessed it could.  There are so many little things that you recognize that proves that the Russos, Kevin Feige, Marcus and McFeely and all the actors made this as a love letter to the MCU and it works completely.  The time travel aspect may have been done the best in any movie ever. I worried when I heard about the time travel rumors, but it could not have gone better.  I have seen this film eight times in the theaters and I need to see it again before the July 4th holiday ends.  The idea of not being able to see it on the big screen kind of makes me sad.


Honorable MentionsX2: X-Men United almost made the list, but it got knocked off at the last minute.  The other X-Men film that would be in consideration was X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I almost included Avengers: Age of Ultron because that film gets a bad rap and is much better than people give it credit for.  Superman 2 was my favorite Superman movie.  The Incredibles 2 was worth the wait.



EYG Top 10 Musicals Re-List


Re-List…re…re…re…re-list!  Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz

Hey!  We have another Re-List from the Top 10 Show and this week’s is one that I have been hoping that John and Matt would do for quite a while now.  Top 10 Musicals.  Now, I know that Matt is not a big fan of musicals and he would have some problems making a top 10 list of them.  He explained it on the show that there would not be a lot he could contribute because he might have only seen some of these once.  It makes sense, so I was happy to hear the topic on the Re-List!

Now, the Patreons involved was Topic selected:  Tyler Spotts and two lists from Robert Haley and Jeremy Metz.  Tyler laid down the ground rules that regular musicals, Broadway adaptations, originals, or music biopics could be included.  However, I am not going to do that.  I am not including anything that does not fit into the regular category of musicals.  No music biopics.  So I am eliminating  Bohemian Rhapsody, This is Spinal Tap, Walk the Line etc.

I am also leaving off the animated movies which includes Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast which all probably makes this list if included.

Okay…here we go.

Image result for evita movie#10.  Evita.  This one is a movie that is not well liked, but I loved completely.  I was never a huge Madonna fan, but I thought her performance as Eva Perón was spot on.  I also loved the work in this film from Antonio Banderas as Che.    I wore out the CD of the songs as I listened to it constantly.



Image result for rocky horror picture show#9.  Rocky Horror Picture Show It’s astounding.  Time is fleeting.  Madness takes its toll.  Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic and I will always remember the first time I saw it, in the theater in Iowa City late on a Friday night.  I had already knew the songs and the parts you were supposed to shout so I did not seem like a Rocky Horror “virgin.”  Another soundtrack that I love and listen to all the time.  Everything from Science Fiction Double Feature through to I’m Coming Home.  EYG Hall of Famer Tim Curry is iconic in his role as Dr. Frank N Furter.


Related image#8.  Grease.  It is the word.  John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are fabulous here with some of the catchiest movie music you’ll find anywhere.  Sure, the message of the film is one that you do not want your kids following, and it may not hold up as well in today’s society, but Grease is still one of the all time greats.


Image result for mary poppins andrews#7.  Mary Poppins.  The original starring Julie Andrews.  This is such a fantastic movie with some of the greatest Disney songs ever. Songs such as Chim Chim Cheree, A Spoonfull of Sugar and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious are magical.  Magic is the key to the film and Julie Andrews, along with the marvelous Dick Van Dyke, really bring the magic out of the movie.


Image result for willy wonka#6.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Love this movie, even though Willy Wonka is most likely the villain of the film and did terrible things to a group of mean-spirited children.  He does it with a ton of charm and what more could you want?  Gene Wilder is a master and the film is one of the greats.  Not as many great songs in the film though with Pure Imagination being the best.


Image result for the wizard of Oz#5.  The Wizard of Oz.  Neither of the Re-List fellows included this, which I found shocking.  The Wizard of Oz is one of the great movies made and the music from it is unbelievable.  From the beautiful Somewhere Over the Rainbow to the If I Only Had A Brain/Heart/Nerve.  We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!


Image result for sweeney todd#4.  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  Easily the bloodiest musical of all-time.  Johnny Depp does a magnificent job as Sweeney Todd, the barber who returned to London to exact his revenge on the people who sent him to prison for a crime he did not commit and ruined his life with his beloved wife, Lucy.  Along the way, Todd wound up killing a bunch of Londoners so his co-conspirator Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) could improve the taste of her meat pies.  Dark, moody and funny, Sweeney Todd is an epic musical unlike any others on this list.


Related image#3.  Little Shop of Horrors.  Another one that did not make anyone’s list on the Re-List but is one of my personal favorites.  The Frank Oz directed classic featured the arrival of Audrey II, a gigantic Venus Flytrap-like plant (in reality an alien) that survives on blood, preferably fresh blood.  he is one mean, green mother from outer space, and he’s bad.  Rick Moranis stars as Seymour, the geeky little loser who finds the plant and names it after the woman he has had a crush on, Audrey ( played by Ellen Green, who also played Audrey in the stage play).  The original ending is considerably darker than the theatrically released one, but I may like it more.


Image result for moulin rouge#2.  Moulin Rogue.  Above all else, this is a story about love.  Or so tells us our protagonist, the young writer who arrives in Paris looking to write the greatest Bohemian play only to fall in love with the courtesan Satine.  The film is considered a “jukebox musical” because there are lots of songs from different areas in the film.  The film uses songs from Kiss, Elton John, The Beatles, among others to weave together its music.  There is also a brilliant song called “Come What May” which is performed by the lead actors, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.  This is a film that never fails to bring out the emotions.


Related image#1.  Singin’ in the Rain.  Yes, I had thought I had seen this movie as a kid, but I did not because I watched it this morning for this list and the Doc’s Classic Movies Reviewed section of EYG and I realized that I had only ever seen the iconic rain scene with Gene Kelly and the lamppost.  I was so enthralled by the film that it flew right up into the number one slot on this list.  I loved the music, the dancing was breath-taking and the performances were something special.  The fact that this was created in 1952 blows my mind.  It is so fantastic.

Honorable Mentions:  There are actually quite a few here, but not very many of them actually had a real possibility of breaking the Top 10.  Chicago almost was there, but it got bumped when I found Rocky Horror.  The new film about Elton John called Rocketman is a magical musical for sure.  Lots of people love or lots of people hate La La Land.  I thought it was fine.  The original Annie with Carol Burnett was fun.  Mary Poppins Returns was better than it should have been.  The same with the new live action Aladdin.  Les Miserables was good too.

Interestingly enough, this was the second time I did a list of top 10 musicals.  This was prior to the Top 10 Show posts that I have done.  I did not look at this list until I was done with the Re-List.  Here is that list for comparison sake:

  1.  Moulin Rogue
  2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  3. Mary Poppins
  4. Sweeney Todd
  5. Little Shop of Horrors
  6. The Wizard of Oz
  7. The Muppets
  8. Evita
  9. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  10. Grease

Fascinating.  Willy Wonka dropped to #6 and Mary Poppins slipped to #7.  I had forgotten about The Muppets, but maybe they go into the animated category (kind of).  Rocky Horror stayed at #9.  Singin’ in the Rain is the only new film on the list.  The first film I mention in the honorable mention category is also Chicago. Pretty consistent I’d say.


EYG Top 10 Jack Black Movies


Hey.  It is time for the Top 10 list of the week.  Last week, the boys had technical difficulties with their program and wound up having to do a “Topic Thunder” episode.  I understood the issue, but I was disappointed that there was no list to copy.  The next day, the classic episode featured Top 10 Michael Caine, which I considered doing, but I had to stretch to find ten.  Then the time got away from me and so I passed on it too.  (Spoiler… The Muppet Christmas Carol was my #1).

This week, however, things are going to work out and this week’s list is one from the Patreon David Mitchell-Baker (or as Matt Knost said DMB).  The list is the Top 10 Jack Black Movies.

The rule that Matt and John set, which I follow mostly myself, is that the movie has to feature Jack Black, not just have him in a small role.  I break that rule at #10, but I wanted to include that movie.  So what it means is that there will be no Enemy of the State, despite it being higher than most of the films on this list simply because Jack Black is not in it much.


Image result for the muppets jack black kidnapped#10.  The Muppets.  The one film that breaks this rule is the 2011 movie with the Muppets because Jack Black’s cameo is such a funny and standout one.  The Muppets need a celebrity for their special show, so Miss Piggy and the crew head out and kidnap Jack Black to fill the void.  He gets tied to a chair for much of the final act and he is really funny.  We also get to hear his criticism of the Muppets’ barbershop quartet version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Very funny, as was Kermit’s reaction when he discovered what Miss Piggy, Fozzie and the others had done.


Image result for be kind rewind ghostbusters#9.  Be Kind Rewind.  This is a pleasant little movie where Jack Black accidentally erases all of the videos at a local video shop, Be Kind Rewind.  In order to try and help save the shop, Jack Black and Mos Def shoot shorter versions of the movies (such as Ghostbusters) which become as popular as the actual films.  This is a cute movie and has some very funny moments.



Image result for Bernie Jack Black#8.  Bernie.  This is a dark, true story of a funeral director who is a beloved figure in the town.  When he befriends a wealthy recently widowed woman (Shirley MacLaine) whom no one else in the town could stand,  it appeared a if she were taking advantage of him.  However, when she ends up murdered and shoved in a freezer, Bernie winds up arrested.  The town comes to his aid as the strange story continues.  Jack Black received many accolades for his performance in the film, showing that he could do more than what we were used to from him.



Image result for the house with a clock in its walls#7.  The House with a Clock in its Walls.  A more recent film, this starred Jack Black and Cate Blanchett.  The magical aspect of the film kind of reminded one of Harry Potter.  Jack Black takes in his nephew whose parents had recently died.  It is revealed that both Jack and Cate are magic users and that the ticking sound coming from the walls has a major significance.  There are zombies, monsters and a great villainous performance from Kyle MacLachlan.  This is better than most people give it credit for.


Image result for goosebumps movie#6.  Goosebumps.  This was a film that I went into with low expectations that turned out to be much better than I thought it would be.  Jack Black plays a fictional version of R.L. Stine in this film, the real life author of the Goosebumps series of books, and, when you open the original copies of his books, the monsters are able to escape.  This was a lot of fun and had a surprising amount of heart.  There were also good performances from the young stars of the film, Dylan Minnette and Odeya Rush.


Image result for king kong jack black#5.  King Kong.  This is another one that a lot of people poo-poo, but I found myself enjoying quite a bit. Yes, Peter Jackson’s reboot of the King King classic is too long and goes places where it shouldn’t, but there is tons of good here too.  The King Kong/dinosaur fights are worth it alone.


Image result for tropic thunder jack black#4. Tropic Thunder.  This ensemble film features Jack Black as an actor who is struggling with addiction and while this movie will always be remembered for Robert Downey Jr playing a white actor playing a black man, Jack Black has a ton of funny lines as well.  The scene where Jack is tied up and trying to get clean is one of the best sequences of the movie.


Related image#3.  Kung Fu Panda 2.  I debated about which Kung Fu Panda I wanted on the list.  I supposed I could have put both one and two on here, but I chose to just do one movie.  In the end, I think I prefer the second version to the first one, but it is very close.  There is a top notch villain in number two that trumps the first one.  I remember going into Kung Fu Panda 2 thinking that there was no way that they could pull out another good movie and coming out of it loving it.  The Kung Fu Panda trilogy is truly an underappreciated animated trilogy and should be considered one of the best and most consistent.


Related image#2.  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.  Jack Black gave a remarkable comedic performance in the new Jumanji movie as a teenage girl.  He had every expression and line down beautifully.  You believed that this was really a teenage girl inhabiting the body of a middle aged man.  Jack Black got most of the funniest lines and he worked well with his talented co-stars, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillen, and Kevin Hart.


Image result for school of rock jack black#1. School of Rock.  This is my favorite Jack Black movie.  Jack Black is a down on his luck musician who pretends to be his roommate, a sub teacher, to get some money.  Arriving for a long term sub job at a private school, Jack Black immediately starts turning things upside down.  When he discovers that the kids in the class have musical ability, he puts together a “class project” to help him win the Battle of the Bands.  The music here is tremendous, including the title track (which I absolutely love).  Jack Black shows all of his talents, from musical to comedy here and the kids in the class are very talented.

Honorable Mentions:  Not much left here.  I mentioned Enemy of the State earlier, and I eliminated that because of the bereftness of the role.  Kung Fu Panda 1 and 3 would also be here, since I only chose one for the list.  Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny was fun too.


EYG Top 10 Danny DeVito Movies Re-List


Re-List!!!  Re Re Re-List!  Buzz Buzz Buzz.

The Top 10 Show provides us content that replaced the Thunderdome.  This week is the Top 10 Danny DeVito Re-List. Patreon members Ashely Prowles, Jason Bradshaw and Jake Froemsdorf provide the topic and the lists respectfully.

Interestingly enough, I have four movies on my list that are not on their of the Patreon’s list… including my number 1 (that’s called a tease).

Image result for Disney's Hercules Phil#10.  Disney’s Hercules.  A great voice performance from DeVito as Phil the Satyr.  Hercules is a film that gets lost in the shuffle quite a bit, but it deserves more accolades than it receives.



Image result for matilda movie#9.  Matilda.  Danny DeVito stars with his wife Rhea Perlman in this adaptation of the Roald Dahl book.  He is one of the creepiest and unlikable character in this movie and he does a great job with it.  DeVito has been typecast in part of his career playing these kind of dirtbag characters.


Image result for johnny dangerously devito#8.  Johnny Dangerously.  This is a very short appearance from Danny DeVito.  He is one of the D.A’s that was crooked and wound up being killed, opening the spot for Johnny’s brother.  How was he killed?  He was mauled by a bull because of the red jacket he was wearing.  Insane.  This is the first of four not mentioned on the Top 10 Re-List Show.


Image result for get shorty devito#7.  Get Shorty.  A great movie with John Travolta, DeVito is the famous actor that criminal/mob enforcer Travolta is trying to join his movie.  This is one of the movies that Danny DeVito is producing as well.  This is quite a fun and intelligent film.



Image result for romancing the stone#6.  Romancing the Stone.  I cannot believe that neither person had this film on their list.  Maybe I have fond memories of seeing it when I was a kid and if I revisit it, it wouldn’t be as high as I have it.  But I have not seen it for quite awhile so I only have the good thoughts.  DeVito was the slimy villain here too as he chased after Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.


Image result for batman returns penguin#5.  Batman Returns.  DeVito as the Penguin was like dream casting.  The sequel to 1989’s Batman was really more of a story about the villains (Penguin and the Catwoman) than it was about Batman.  And DeVito was creepy as could be as Oswald Cobblepot even while you were feeling empathy for the young and innocent baby Penguin once was.


Image result for ruthless people devito#4.  Ruthless People.  Here is the third film that was not included on anyone’s list.  I love Ruthless People.  It is extremely funny and downright dark and wicked.  DeVito plays a businessman who hates his   wife and he wants to kill her.  However, she (played by Bette Midler) winds up being kidnapped by another kidnapper and all forms of craziness begins to develop.  DeVito ignores threats from the kidnappers that say if they do not receive ransom money, they would kill her.  The tables turn many times.  This is great.


Image result for man on the moon devito#3.  Man on the Moon.  The Jim Carrey biopic about Andy Kaufman had Danny DeVito playing Kaufman’s manager George Shapiro.  DeVito was, of course, one of Kaufman’s cast mates on the 1970s TV show Taxi and this film gave him the opportunity to work through some lingering feeling about Andy.


Image result for cuckoo's nest devito#2.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  This is a great movie, featuring an Oscar winning performance from Jack Nicholson, and a fantastic standout performance from DeVito.  DeVito played inmate Martini.  Martini was a small role, but it was still intricate.  DeVito came right from the Broadway stage, where he had been nominated for a Tony Award, for Cuckoo’s Nest.




Image result for devito war of the roses#1.  The War of the Roses.  DeVito was the voice of the film.  He was the lawyer who was telling the sad tale of the married couple the Roses.  DeVito has been with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner several times and this time was a dark comedy that allowed DeVito to not be the bad guy once.  DeVito was our narrator as both friend of the Roses and as a lawyer.  His arrival at the end of the movie had me hoping he could talk some sense into the warring couple before it was too late.  Spoilers…he couldn’t.  No one had The War of the Roses on their lists either and it is one of my favorites.

Honorable mentionsTwins was good, not great.  He had great voice work in Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax.  I have not actually seen L.A. Confidential as it is one of those holes in my viewing.




EYG Top 10 Zombie Movies


Welcome back to the EYG Top 10 list. This is the movie list that gives the choices for EYG for the list presented each week by John Rocha and Matt Knost on The Top 10 podcast.  It really is an excellent podcast that you should be listening to… and it does not have to be just for movie lovers.  Matt and John are extremely funny and have great chemistry together and are always worth the listen.

This week’s Top 10 show was the Top 10 Zombie Movies in honor of the upcoming film, The Dead Don’t Die, starring Bill Murray and Adam Driver.  It was an interesting topic that gave them a chance to talk about some different movies.

Image result for scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse#10.  Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.  This is the guilty pleasure on the list.  Many times, that number 10 slot is saved for a movie that might not be the best one out there, but that I enjoyed.  Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse was a film I went into without expecting anything and I just enjoyed thoroughly.  Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller and Joey Morgan are your Boy Scouts that are at the center of the zombie breakout and they are great.  It is funny and outlandish and I loved it.


Image result for maggie.  movie Arnold#9.  Maggie.  This is a quiet little movie that few people have seen, but it did star Arnold Schwarzenegger as the father of a girl who had been infected with the virus that was turning people into zombies.  Arnold would do anything he could to protect her from the  world.  This was not your typical zombie movie, but it showed how you could take the concept and still do something original with it.  And it is one of Arnold’s best and most nuanced performances, especially since he returned to acting. Abigail Bresnan played his daughter.


Image result for world war Z movie climb wall#8.  World War Z.  This really should have been a horrid train wreck.  This movie had so many troubles and problems behind the scenes and there were a ton of rewrites and reshoots.  The movie was attempting to adapt a popular novel and that is never easy for the hard core fans.  And yet, World War Z turned out not only better than expected, but downright entertaining.  Brad Pitt stars in the film and it was tense and nerve-wrecking.  Much better than it had the right to be.


Image result for overlord movie#7.  Overlord.  I might have this movie higher on this list, except, as Matt Knost pointed out when it appeared on Rocha’s list, the film takes its own sweet time getting to the zombies and so it may not necessarily be a full out zombie movie.  That was a fair point, but I really enjoyed Overlord and I did not expect to do so. World War II movie combined with zombies…what else could you ask for?


Image result for warm bodies#6.  Warm Bodies.  This is another one that surprised me how much I loved it.  It is such a stupid concept that I never thought that I would enjoy it, but I did.  A zombie rom-com?  A zombie who falls in love with a human and winds up having love bring him back to life.  Sure, Warm Bodies is not subtle in its metaphor, but the great and funny performance from Nicholas Hoult goes a long way to helping make this more than what it sounds like on paper.


Image result for i am legend#5.  I Am Legend.  Will Smith is top notch in this movie, featuring him as a scientist who is now alone in New York after the zombies virus spreads across the country.  Will Smith is desperately trying to find a cure for the virus while trying to survive.  There is a sadness in I Am Legend that Will Smith plays beautifully.  The only friend he has left is his dog.  He goes about his work and his life with the understanding that anything that he does is most likely a waste of time.  There is an isolationism feel to the film that comes through well.


Related image#4.  Night of the Living Dead.  The George Romero classic.  This is basically where the movie idea for zombies came from…. despite the fact that the word “zombie” is never once mentioned in the movie.  Honestly, Romero takes the situation and makes the movie actually be about racism and the separation of the races.  Then, there was an ending that was very controversial and anything but the feelgood ending you might expect.  It truly is a classic.


Image result for paranorman zombies#3.  Paranorman.  I hadn’t thought about this one until Matt and John had it on their lists, but I loved the Paranorman animated movie.  From Laika, Paranorman tells the story of a young boy named Norman who could speak with the dead and that ability means he needs to be at the center of the town’s curse that is seeing the rise of zombies from out of the graves.  Paranorman is a dark animated comedy and is full of wonderfully beautiful images.


Image result for shaun of the dead#2.  Shaun of the Dead.  I just recently saw this for the first time and I really loved it.  The Nick Frost and Simon Pegg comedy directed by Edgar Wright takes the zombie uprising and makes it very funny.  The film is more than just running around fighting zombies and cracking jokes though.  It is a movie that deals with relationships between these characters and it does it in a wonderful, charming and still funny way.  There are some poignant moments in this film that you do not expect and that catch you off guard as the action/comedy continues.


Image result for zombieland#1. Zombieland.  I remember seeing this movie in the theater for the first time and being blown away with how much I enjoyed it.  It was creative and funny, was filled with great characters, had one of the best cameos of all time, and made me love Woody Harrelson for the first time since Cheers.  Jesse Eisenberg was better in this movie than almost any other he has made.  The use of the rules to survive Zombieland was genius, as they appear on the screen.  “Double Tap” being one of the most important in this type of genre film.  Zombieland plays with the zombie movie structure and mines it for both laughs and creative story telling.


Honorable Mention:  I actually rewatched 28 Days Later for this list, but the film just falls outside of the top 10 for me.  28 Weeks Later is much the same way.  The classic Dawn of the Dead is one that I have not seen for years and so I could not include it on my list.  The Girl With All the Gifts made Matt’s list and nearly made mine as well.  I remembered it as soon as he started talking about it, with the inclusion of Glenn Close.  I enjoyed that film very much.  I eliminated some possible films, such as the Evil Dead series and Cabin in the Woods because, while they may have zombies in them, they did not feel like zombie movies.  Slither is another one I considered, but I do not remember much about the James Gunn film.  Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was better than I thought it would be.


EYG Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies


Looks like it is time to rip some crap up.

This week’s Top 10 show focuses on the worst superhero movies made in honor of this weekend’s Dark Phoenix, which has some bad word of mouth.

And the new show features the return of the awesome Marc Andreyko who was with the guys when they did their best superhero movie list.  So it was a nice counter balance.


Image result for amazing spiderman 2#10.  Amazing Spider-man 2.  I had a complete denial in this movie.  I came out of it pretending that I liked it, but I had that pain in the gut that told me I knew it was horrible.  Jamie Foxx made me think of Jim Carrey’s Riddler.  They try to cram everything into this movie because Sony wanted to get to their Sinister Six movie.  So a movie where Electro was meant to be the main villain, ended up with the Green Goblin in the third act.


Image result for blade II#9.  Blade II.  Many people claim that Blade III is the worst film in the series, but I cannot speak to that because I never saw it.  The reason I never saw Blade III was because I hated Blade II so much.  I had enjoyed Blade a great deal so I was looking forward to the sequel and it was so terrible.  It felt like I was watching a video game.  Literally I was at some friends house prior to going to Blade II watching them play Mortal Combat, and I had the same feeling watching Blade II.


Image result for superman v batman#8.  Batman v. Superman.  Martha!  WHY’D DID SAY THAT NAME?  How do you fail when you are bringing two of the greatest heroes together of all time on screen for the first time?  There are so many stupid moments in this film, but that Martha moment is the standout. This may have made a good deal of money, but it did not make near the amount it should have and the stench of this film was a big reason, in my mind, for the eventual failure of The Justice League.  Maybe the extended version is better, but I find that difficult to believe.


Image result for x3 the last stand#7.  X-Men: The Last Stand.  The first failure of the Dark Phoenix story.  How can one of the greatest comic book storylines of all time (an EYG Hall of Fame comic) be turned into this total mess?  Why would Magneto find his hideout in the woods?  The Juggernaut?  Juggernaut is an amazing character, but Vinnie Jones just rips this apart.  “I’m Juggernaut, bitch!”  The upcoming Dark Phoenix film has bad shoes to fill.


Image result for green Lantern parallax movie#6.  Green Lantern.  I knew in the first scenes that this was going to be a horrid failure.  The CGI on Paralax in the first few minutes was downright laughable and the film never recovered for me.  Ryan Reynolds was wrong as Hal Jordan.  It is so bad that Ryan Reynolds makes Green Lantern jokes in his Deadpool movies.  This film set back the DC movies for years.


Image result for fan4stic#5.  Fan4stic.  This is the Josh Trank version of the Fantastic Four that was completely messed up by the studio.  A few days before the film came out, you had Josh Trank say to the press that this was not his version of the movie.  He tried to take the FF in a different direction and, instead, the studio came in and destroyed what he hoped to accomplish.


Related image#4.  Catwoman.  At least Halle Berry looks great in the cat suit.  That was where the positives of this movie ended.  I remember watching this movie alone in the theater, which also helped the movie.  This was not Selina Kyle.  That would not be a problem if the film had been done well.  It was not.  There was just nothing redeeming about Catwoman.


Image result for ghost rider spirits of vengeance movie#3.  Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.  The first Ghost Rider was bad, but at least there was the Elvis version of Johnny Blaze played by Nic Cage to laugh at.  Spirits of vengeance took the little positive parts of Ghost Rider and crapped all over it.  Another film where the CGI looked like a giant video game and the story was nonsensical.  Not even the cheesy goodness of Nic Cage could save this steaming pile of monstrosity.


Image result for x men origins wolverine deadpool#2.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I mean… what else needs to be said about this travesty?  This movie was well on its way to being a horrible comic book movie when it suddenly decided to go down in infamy with the treatment of Deadpool.  The Merc with the Mouth having his mouth sewed shut in the final act and then being turned into some kind of character that was Deadpool in name only.  Ryan Reynolds never gave up on the character thankfully, but this movie did everything it could to ruin it.  Then… adamantium bullet to the head?  Can I get one of those please so I can forget I ever sat through this wreck?


Image result for batman and robin#1. Batman & Robin.  This was my least favorite movie of all time for many years until Movie 43 came along to unseat it.  Still Batman & Robin just devastated the Batman franchise and superhero movies in general.  George Clooney and his rubber bat-nipples was ridiculous.  Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mister Freeze was miscast and he spouted out just the most ridiculous one-liners and puns imaginable.  Bane and Poison Ivy were just wastes of time.  The color scheme was too psychedelic.  It was as if they wanted to take the franchise back to the 1960s.  However, they still needed the McDonald’s sponsorship as the product placement was obnoxious.  The whole Alfred is dying side arc was insulting and obscene.  Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl?  This was such a train wreck that I keep going forever.  Still my second worst movie out of all movies, not just comic book movies.


Honorable mention:  I hated the Ang Lee Hulk.  I am with Matt Knost who had it in his list.  Hulk dogs.  Nick Nolte is the Absorbing Man?  Ugh.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows -produced by Michael Bay is all you need to say.  Spider-man 3 had some moments but the dance scene and the Sandman and a shoehorned Venom.  Garbage.  Superman III and IV are films that I am not sure I have seen.  If I did, it has been literal decades.  Elektra is another one that I have not seen fully, but I know it was bad.


EYG Top 10 Star Wars Villains


The next list I would have done had I had internet access.  This list was found on the Top 10 Patreon as the second show from the live show the Top 10 did in Chicago.  It was a wild show with John Rocha starting some controversial discussions from his list.  Plus, lots of alcohol.  The show was funny as can be and, if you are a Patreon, you can listen to the show too.

It was Star Wars Celebration in Chicago the week they recorded this so they did the Topp 10 Star Wars villains.

Image result for Qi'ra#10.  Qi’ra (Solo: A Star Wars Story).  We found out that she was working with Darth Maul as a double agent for the entire film and her betrayal was a major piece of the film.  Solo was not the best Star Wars film, but it wasn’t the worst either.  Qi’ra was played by Emilia Clarke and was a beautiful figure in the film.



Related image#9.  Supreme Leader Snoke.  In the end, Snoke turned out to be lesser than it appeared he was going to be.  Everybody wondered who he was.  Everyone thought he was someone special.  He looked cool.  However, the promises of The Force Awakens was cut in half in The Last Jedi, literally.  Is he fully gone or is there more to see of Snoke?  I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Image result for count dooku#8.  Count Dooku.  Played by the legendary Christopher Lee, Count Dooku may not have reached the levels that he deserved.  A Sith Lord, Dooku was at once a Jedi trained by Yoda himself.  His Padawan was Qui-Gon Jinn, and Dooku fell to the Dark Side when Jinn died.  In the end, Anakin Skywalker killed Dooku in Revenge of the Sith.



Image result for grand moff tarkin#7.  Grand Moff Tarkin.  Tarkin became a favorite of Palpatine and became the person in charge of building the Death Star.  Played by the late Peter Cushing, Grand Moff Tarkin was the man who ordered the destruction of Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan.  In the end though, Tarkin refused to believe that the Death Star had any weaknesses and he wound up killed when the Death Star was destroyed by Luke.


Image result for boba fett#6.  Boba Fett.  There has not been much about Boba Fett in the actual movies.  Honestly, he has only appeared a couple of times and there is little knowledge about him from the original trilogy.  We know he died by falling into the Sarlaac pitt in Return of the Jedi.  There was just something about the aura of Boba Fett that made us all love him.  As Han Solo said… “Boba Fett?  Boba Fett?  Where?”


Image result for jabba the hutt and leia#5.  Jabba the Hutt.  One of my favorite villains of the series.  Jabba was the crime lord of the Hutts and was after Han Solo for the entire original trilogy.  The opening scenes with Jabba from Return of the Jedi are some of the best scenes of the trilogy.  There is so much more that we could find out about Jabba and I think he is one of the most fascinating characters in the series.


Related image#4.  Kylo Ren.  Ah, poor Ben Solo.  He fell to the Dark Side and then killed his father, Han Solo.  There are many who will never forgive Kylo for that action.  Is the Rise of Skywalker about the redemption of Kylo?  Who knows.  In the end, Kylo has become more dangerous and more powerful as the new trilogy continues.  It seemed as if he may have been coming to Rey’s side when he cut Snoke in two in one of the best fight scenes of the Last Jedi.  As it turned out, it was not to be as Kylo wound up facing off with (or so he thought) with Luke.


Image result for palpatine#3.  Palpatine.  The horrible monster that was behind the entire Empire and, apparently, died in Return of the Jedi.  However, we hear his distinct laugh in the new trailer of Star Wars Episode 9.  Could he still be alive?  Is he still pulling all the strings?  He was known as Darth Sidious and was the most powerful of all the Sith Lords.  He was behind the destruction of the Jedi and the return of the Sith.  He created Darth Vader.  He was total evil.


Image result for darth maul;#2.  Darth Maul.  The new Sith Lord that appeared in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  Darth Maul is one of the coolest designs of a character that we have ever had in the Star Wars universe.  The biggest error that happened in the trilogy was killing him off in his first movie.  Darth Maul could have been a major force throughout the prequels.  However, it is now in the movies that Darth Maul did not die in that film. The secret appearance of Darth maul in Solo was one of the highlights of the film and brought him back to the film universe.  Ray Park played the great Sith Lord.


Image result for darth vader#1.  Darth Vader (DUH).  Of course the best villain in the Star Wars films is Darth Vader.  Darth Vader makes the list of the greatest movie villains of all time, and might be at the top of that list too.  Voiced by the legend James Earl Jones, Darth Vader became the iconic force of the Dark Side when he told Luke Skywalker, the hero of Episode IV and V, that Darth was Luke’s father.  That shocking revelation blew the minds of movie goers everywhere.  Originally Anakin Skywalker (and for the argument, I did not place them in different spots as John Rocha did.  I see them as the same character), Vader became the right hand man of the Emperor and the main protagonist in the original trilogy.  He killed Obi Wan Kenobi, he chopped off Luke’s hand, and he tried to lure his son to the Dark Side.  However, Darth Vader was redeemed of his horrendous actions when he saved Luke from the evil of Palpatine.  This was the easiest number one on any list in a long time.


Honorable mentionsGreedo, General Grievous, The Sarlaac, Jango Fett.



EYG Top 10 Will Smith Movies


Hey, back online!!!!  It has been a week since my internet went down so it has been a struggle to try and get some of this web content written over the last week.  I used my ipad to do the reviews, but it is not an easy tool to use.  So I skipped over the Top 10 lists last week.  I want to get caught up now that I am back on the internet.

I will start with the Top 10 Will Smith movies.  I enjoy Will Smith, even though some of the films he has been in have been pretty poor. I actually came up with exactly ten films, and there are a couple that I stretched a bit for.

Image result for seven pounds#10.  Seven Pounds.  This is one that I stretched.  I saw it once and I remember feeling the sadness from the film, and it did seem a bit cheesy.  Still, the emotions were good and Will Smith and Rosario Dawson are great together.  I probably will never watch this movie again, but I do remember it.



Image result for men in black 3#9.  Men in Black 3.  The third edition of the Men in Black franchise improved from the second one.  The time travel was pretty decent and the best part of the movie is easily Josh Brolin’s young Tommy Lee Jones imitation.  The ending of the film was a bit off because, you know, time travel.  Still, it was a somewhat fun movie.


Image result for aladdin 2019#8.  Aladdin (2019).  This was the reason this week’s list had been Will Smith movies.  Since I did not have internet, I was able to see Aladdin before I make this list so it became eligible for my top 10.  I was very anxious about this film because I loved the Robin Williams version, but the new film was better than I had thought.  Will Smith started a little shaky for me, but made the role his own as the film progressed.


Image result for pursuit of happyness#7.  Pursuit of Happyness.  This is another emotional film showcasing the relationship between a father and his son when he was trying to find a job.  He and his son were homeless and trying to get by.  Will Smith plays the father and his own son, Jaden Smith, plays the son.  This was probably the best Jaden Smith has ever been.



Image result for concussion movie#6.  Concussion.  Will Smith plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, discovered neurological deterioration that is similar to Alzheimer’s disease during an autopsy of a former NFL player who had died under mysterious circumstances.  And from this, he started looking to take on the NFL on the dangers inherent in the sport.  This real life story really shows the power of the NFL and how important Dr. Omalu’s work was in making everyone understand the dangers of brain injuries.


Image result for independence day movie#5.  Independence Day.  One of the great summer blockbusters of the 1990s.  Will Smith is among a fantastic ensemble cast in the movie that is big, dumb and lots of fun.  Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum made a wonderful pairing as the two heroes who flew into the spaceship to plant the virus.  You can light up the cigar now.


Image result for hancock movie#4.  Hancock.  This is a fun super hero movie with a down and depressed super heroic Will Smith who is extremely rough around the edges.  Jason Bateman appears in the movie and gives a strong performance here as the guy trying to get Hancock back to being the super hero.



Image result for I Am Legend movie#3.  I Am Legend.  Some people hate this movie, but I found it to be excellent.  Even with the emotional tugs with the death of the dog, this movie is a great zombie/end of the world film with Will Smith doing a great job.  There are some different endings and I like one better than the other. I found this version of the zombies very scary.  And there was the amazing Batman/Superman ad that was somehow telling the future.


Image result for men in black movie#2.  Men in Black.  This was the Top 10’s number one and my number two.  I love Men in Black.  Based on a comic book, Will Smith matched up with Tommy Lee Jones in the agency that is in the shadows and investigates the aliens living on earth.  Will Smith is Agent J and Tommy Lee is a legendary Agent K.  The pair of them and their chemistry is one of the key successes of Men in Black.  Will Smith shows that he is a star here and the film is an awesome mix of humor and adventure.


Image result for enemy of the state#1.  Enemy of the State.  I love this movie.  Gene Hackman is a hermit-like former spy who winds up with lawyer Will Smith, who is being chased by a government agency.  The spy games going on here are scary when you think about it.  What exactly does the intelligent agencies know about us?  Are they listening when we talk on the phone.  Is there a bug in our house?  Who knows what?  This is really one of the first films where Will Smith showed that he was capable of leading a film.  He fit perfectly in the role and even looked like he matched up with Gene Hackman.  This is a great movie.



EYG Top 10 Movies Set in NYC Re-List


Today, I listened to another great episode of the Re-List, a show that Top 10 hosts John Rocha and Matt Knost replaced Thunderdome with.  A Patreon member of the Top 10 choose a topic and then two other Patreons send their lists and Matt and John go through the lists and combine it at the end.  I love the idea and I hope I get a chance to participate in the show some day.  I had been selected for Thunderdome before, but I am waiting with bated breath to partake in the Re-List.

Having said that, I am going to add my own list for this week’s episode.  The Re-List topic this week is the Top 10 Movies Based in New York City.

There were a ton of choices here.  Several will be left off this list.

Image result for phone booth movie#10.  Phone Booth.  I liked this movie a lot, with the nearly singular performance by Colin Ferrell.  Sure, there may not be any phone booths left in the world, but that should not take away from this film.  Kiefer Sutherland is great as the voice on the other end of the phone that is trying to exact vengeance upon the low-lifes of NYC.  And Colin Ferrell does a tremendous job of creating empathy for a real scummy guy who you find yourself rooting for despite the rotten items he has done.


Image result for muppets take manhattan#9.  Muppets Take Manhattan.  Kermit gets amnesia just before the Muppets have their major Broadway show.  There are a lot of great moments here, including the wedding of Kermit and Miss Piggy (or is it?).  The connection between the Muppets are the selling point of this movie and the hope to find their missing leader is great.


Image result for tootsie#8.  Tootsie.  This one has never made one of these lists and I remember really loving this, so when it was one of the films based in NYC, I wanted to make sure it made the list.  Dustin Hoffman is wonderful as the soap opera “actress” Dorothy Michaels.  The whole idea of Michael and how he learns about the ways of females is fantastic.


Image result for die hard with a vengeance#7.  Die Hard with a Vengeance.  Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are great together as John McClane and Zeus, running around the city because Simon Says.  While this does not reach the levels in my mind as Die Hard and Die Hard 2 do, Die Hard with a Vengeance has a ton of good moments.  The ending may be a bit of a letdown, but getting there was worth it.  New York is a huge character to the film as John and Zeus have to run around the city trying to stop the bombs.  Great charisma between the leads exceed the limits of the script.


Image result for the fisher king#6.  The Fisher King.  One of Robin Williams’ greatest performances.  There is a wonderful connection between Williams and Jeff Bridges that really comes through the screen.  Robin Williams received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor and Mercedes Ruehl won for Best Supporting Actress.  The Fisher King was an emotional journey in many ways and Robin’s dealing with his mental health was a portend of what was to come.


Related image#5.  Taxi Driver.  You talkin’ to me?  Robert DeNiro and his epic performance as Travis Bickle, who takes the job as a taxi driver to go out on the streets of New York hunting the scum of the city.  DeNiro is brilliant and the movie itself is one of my favorite Martin Scorsese films.




Image result for the godfather#4.  The Godfather.  Okay, truth here.  I have only seen The Godfather once and I have not yet seen The Godfather 2.  It is one of the films that I intend to see and, maybe this summer, I will try and sit down and watch both of these movies back to back.  I could certainly see what the big deal was about The Godfather when I saw it at a special Fathom showing.


Image result for spiderman spiderverse#3. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.  I picked this of the Spider-Man movies because, like John Rocha stated, this movie uses New York City as a character.  And while the original Spider-Man movie does that very well too, Spider-verse is a better film than it.  I considered Homecoming too, but I just saw Spider-verse again a few days ago and it was fabulous.


Image result for ghostbusters#2.  Ghostbusters.  One of my favorite movies of all time.  I love Ghostbusters and the city of New York plays an important role in the film.  The cast is amazing with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Harold Ramis.  Ghostbusters is totally one of the most quotable movies of all time.  Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!  I do not know how many lines from Ghostbusters I have used over the years, but it is a significant number.  One of the greats of all time.


Image result for the avengers#1.  The Avengers.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe was in full swing after this major successful crossover.  Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk all had their own films prior and Hawkeye and Black Widow had made appearances in other MCU films, and now they were all brought together for the first time.  Some doubted that this could work, but The Avengers crushed the expectations and started the ball rolling over the next seven years to Avengers: Endgame.


Honorable Mention: There is a bunch.  Coming to America is one that I probably dropped off to get Tootsie on the list.  All of the Spider-man movies, from Spider-man, Spider-man 2 to Spider-man: Homecoming could have gone on here.  (Not Spider-man 3 though).  I Am Legend I kept off because I did not want to include the apocalyptic future NYC.  Big was another one that could have made the list, but I left off just because.  I could see this list being very fluid.  Rear Window and 12 Angry Men were mentioned by the Patreons on the show and I like both of them very much too, but I probably would not have thought of either without listening to the show.  Cloverfield is a great film, one of the best shaky cam films around.  The John Wick trilogy (particularly #1) could fall on the list as well.


EYG Top 10 Scenes from DC Movies


I have been so busy lately.  Jeez, I sure hope things will wind down a tad now that school is coming to a close.  However, I still found some time to listen to this week’s great new Top 10 Show.

There was a special guest star making an appearance with Matt and John.  This week, since the topic was focused on DC movies, who better to bring in to discuss than Mike “Killer” Kalinowski?  Kalinowski has become a big star in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown and he is known to be a huge DC fan.  So his inclusion made a lot of sense.  He added some interesting perspectives that differed from our normal ones from the guys.

Again, the topic was scenes from DC movies, in honor of Brightburn, the evil kid movie that seems to have a connection to the Superman mythos.  The trailer for that movie was creepy as hell and I am looking forward to seeing it some time this weekend.

So it took me until tonight to find the time to get this written and think about some of the great scenes in the DC films, not just the DCEU (or whatever it is called), but any film connected to a DC comic book/graphic novel.

Image result for some days you just can't get rid of a bomb#10.  Batman (1966). “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb”.  This is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.  I howled the first time I saw this as I was a big fan of the Batman series, since I was a kid watching them in syndication.  The movie captured the spirit of the campy series perfectly and what way to show it than to have Adam West running around a crowded pier trying to dispose of a bomb, but he cannot.  The little family of ducklings stopping him was just so great.  And Adam West’s dry delivery of that iconic line was perfection.  I almost chose the Bat Shark Repellent, but this one epitomized the series.


Image result for man of steel superman flies first time#9.  Man of Steel.  Superman flies for the first time.  I am not a big fan of Man of Steel, but this moment was one that the filmmakers got right. Everything worked here, as Clark comes out of the Fortress of Solitude and, fist to the ground, burst into the air.  I wish the rest of the film had as much hope and magic as this moment.


Related image#8.  Shazam.  Billy Batson finds his mother.  I thought about exactly which scene I wanted to include from Shazam.  I enjoyed this movie a great deal, but nothing really jumped out.  Then, I thought about the solid performance from Asher Angel and how the loss of his mother when he was just a child shaped this character.  Top have it pay off in such a dramatic and shattering way was ballsy.  And Asher Angel came through big time.  Shazam has some awesome moments, but this one was so based in character and gravitas that it stood out in my mind.  Asher Angel jumping off the roof and yelling Shazam and the lightning striking him was a close second.


Related image#7.  Watchmen.  “You’re locked in here with me.”  Rorschach is in prison.  He is missing his “face.”  We finally see exactly how crazed this guy truly is.  And the prisoners finally realize that this was not their chance for revenge on a guy who put them in prison.  It is just one more chance for Rorschach to deal with his own psychosis in the only way he can.  Jackie Earle Haley is tremendous here.  And the movie Watchmen is never as good as it is here.





Image result for batman 1989 Partyman#6.  Batman (1989).  Joker in the museum “Partyman”.  An epic Prince song accompanies Jack Nicholson’s Joker just dancing around a museum, “creating art” and displaying how unbalanced he had become.  He gets to do anything he wants and it is so funny and feels like something the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime, would do.


Image result for dark knight do you want to see a magic trick#5.  Dark Knight.  “Do you want to see a magic trick?”  I loved this scene in the Dark Knight.  My friend and I laughed my head off when it happened in the movie and everyone else in out movie theater gasped in disbelief.  It showed the magic of our friendship and our warped sense of humor.  I’ll never forget that moment and how it showed us what kind of a film we were in for.  Dark Knight is a classic and Heath Ledger made the role of the Joker one that would have huge clown shoes to fill.


Image result for Justice League Superman vs Justice League#4.  Justice League.  Superman vs. the Justice League.  Justice League had some good moments, but the film itself was a failure.  Mainly because, in my opinion, the audience saw it as too much like Batman vs. Superman and less like Wonder Woman.  This scene, though, with a newly raised from the dead Superman did not have to worry about the horrid Steppenwolf or the terrible CGI (although… there was the mustache-gate).  It was how this movie should have been.  The reaction of the Flash as he realized that Superman could react as fast as he could was epic.  Even Batman’s line at the end was fine.


Related image#3.  V for Vendetta.  V introduces himself.  I love this monologue.  The use of the V words.  It so distinguished this character from any other character you have seen in any movie.  Here it is:  But on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu of the more commonplace sobriquet, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona. Voila! In view humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the “vox populi” now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin, van guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.
The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.
Verily this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.   Epic.


Image result for dark knight interrogation#2.  Dark Knight.  The interrogation scene.  One of the greatest moments in comic book movie history is this scene that shows perfectly the dichotomy between two of the greatest foes of all time.  It showed the balance between Joker and Batman.  It was brilliantly written and it was painfully vicious as, in the end, Batman’s love of his young life pays the ultimate price in the battle between them.  It is so amazing.


Image result for wonder woman no man's land#1.  Wonder Woman.  No Man’s Land.  I had goosebumps during this scene in the great movie Wonder Woman. Where as the third act slips for me, this moment is better than anything else in the film, and it is my choice for the best moment in DC movies.  I actually agreed with Mike Kalinowski on this ranking.  This moment was inspirational, beautifully shot and rendered, wonderfully acted by Gal Gadot and balanced in story telling.  Kalinowski mentioned that the scene was beautifully written because weaker writers would have used the pun on it being “no man’s land” and having Diana say that she is no man. He was right. That would have undercut the epicness of this scene.  Setting Wonder Woman in the World War I era was a stroke of genius because it lets you play with this historic fact.  Absolutely loved it.


Honorable mention:  I already mentioned the Bat shark repellent in Batman 1966.  The Marvel family appearing in Shazam was a great moment.  So was Billy Batson jumping off the roof to transform into Shazam.  The Dark Knight could have had many other moments here as well.  Wayne Manor on fire in Batman Begins.  Wonder Woman showing up in B v S.  Some scenes with Will Smith in Suicide Squad.  There is the Lois Lane, “You’ve got me?  Who’s got you?” moment in Superman: The Movie.  And I always love when Michael Keaton is trying to tell Vicki Vale his secret, bu the can’t and he ends up mouthing the words “I’m Batman. I’m Batman” in Batman (1989) just before the Joker interrupts him.  “Never rub another man’s rhubarb.”



EYG Top 10 Best Mothers in Movies


It has been a bit since I did one of these lists and that is for a couple of reasons.  I do not want to go into it, but let’s just say that I left the Top 10 Facebook group.  I have also been very busy so it has been tough to do the lists though I have enjoyed the Top 10 shows that have gone with them the last few weeks.

Anyway, this past week, the Top 10 posted a Relist episode on the Top 10 Dads in movies and, since tomorrow is Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day to all the Geek Mommies out there), I figured I would do a Top 10 Moms in Movies.

Having said that, I found way more moms in movies that were bad moms or mothers that were evil.  I did not include the Norma Bates or the Manchurian Candidate’s Eleanor Isein no matter how iconic they were or how great a performance it may have been. Mu list is good mommies and only good mommies.

Even with that caveat, there were a bunch of choices and I had to narrow my list considerably.  I also flip-flopped on my list a couple of times with my choices.

Image result for molly weasley#10.  Molly Weasley (the Harry Potter films.)  A last second addition, mother Weasley was the mother to a whole horde of children, but she never turned away poor Harry when he needed a place to be.  She provided lots of love for her gaggle of children and brought lessons of magic in the world with her.



Image result for ramonda black panther#9.  Queen Ramonda (Black Panther).  You get an actress the caliber of Angela Bassett, you make her a queen.  Mother of both T’Challa and Shuri, Ramonda show great strength and willpower during her children’s tough times.  She was grieving her dead husband, yet she was there for her son as he became king, helped save his life after Killmonger arrived and nearly killed him, and did it all with an air of regal nature.


Image result for Mrs jumbo#8.  Mrs. Jumbo, (Dumbo).  All she wanted was to be with her newly born baby, but those creeps at the circus just would not leave little, big-eared Dumbo alone.  It nearly cost her dearly.  Thankfully, Dumbo turned out to be more talented than anyone ever believed and she was able to return to her son.



Image result for Ma Room#7.  Ma (Room).  I fell in love with Brie Larson after this movie.  Room was such an emotional film with two stand out performances that it wrecked me throughout.  And Ma did everything she could to try and give her son as normal of a life as she could in the most abnormal situation.  How well he adapted to the horrible situation tells you how great a mother she was.


Image result for holly gennero punches reporter#6.  Holly Gennero (Die Hard).  Don’t put Ms. Gennero’s children in danger or you just might take a right cross to the face.   Mrs. McClane is a force of nature and you can see that in both Die Hard and its sequel when dealing with either Richard Thornburg or Hans Gruber.  We do not get that many scenes of Holly with her children, but you know she is a mother who would do whatever for her children.




Image result for Ma Kent diane lane man of steel;#5.  Ma Kent (Man of Steel).  Martha….WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME????  Sorry, lost my train of thought there a second.  Despite her infamous use in Batman v Superman, Diane Lane made a great Ma Kent.  Man of Steel provided Kal-El with one sane parent (sorry Kevin Costner) and brought some life into Superman’s earthly mother.


Image result for frigga#4.  Frigga (Thor movies/Avengers: Endgame).  Frigga was great in the first two Thor movies, especially with some of her scenes with Loki (Tom Hiddleston), but what truly propelled her up the list was her surprise cameo in Avengers: Endgame and her talk with her son from the future.  Never before had Frigga felt like such an awesome mom as she did here, and she wanted Thor to eat a salad.  How motherly!  Plus, Rene Russo is epic as the All-Mother.



Related image#3.  Lynn Sear (Sixth Sense).  All she wanted to do was to help her son, Cole, who was going through something that she did not understand.  He would not open up to her, but she never gave up on him.  Her patience and her love allowed Cole to tell her his secret… he sees dead people.  And she accepted it.  Sure, at first she thought he was exaggerating, but she was convinced and her love was unwavering.  She did not look at her son differently and the scene of her with Cole in the car at the end of that movie was wonderfully moving.  Toni Collette rightfully received an Oscar nomination for this role.


Related image#2.  Helen Parr (The Incredibles).  Elastigirl loves her children.  You can tell from the desperate message she cries across the radio, “There are children on board!” before the missiles blew her plane from the sky.  She was able to keep Violet and Dash alive, and reunited them with their missing father.  She also stepped out as a working mom to help bring supers back to prominence in the Incredibles universe.  Helen is a mom who can really stretch.


Image result for sarah connor t2#1.  Sarah Connors (Terminator 2).  Okay, sure…Sarah Connors is bat-shit crazy.  Really you can’t blame her.  She has been told that the robots were coming and that only her son could save humanity.  Oh and that judgement day was coming.  All that Sarah Connors cared about was getting John safe, prepared and protected.  She went to all kinds of coo-coo lengths to do it, but wouldn’t everybody?  I tried to not put Sarah at number one, but when I looked at the list, she was the only one who fit the spot.


Honorable mention:  There were a bunch of others.  Erin Brockovich was at #10 for awhile before getting bumped off.  Mary from E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial was a nice choice.  The Blind Side‘s Leigh Anna Tuehy, played by Sandra Bullock was a great football mom who was not afraid to expand her family.  Annie Sullivan from Field of Dreams would probably make the list of great wives for her support of her crazy ass, voice hearing husband.  The crew from Bad Moms would have been an ironic addition to this list.  Rose Byrne’s Ellie from Instant Family is a great foster mother for sure.  Mrs. Gump (Sally Field) did so much for her son, and told us that life was like a box of chocolates.


EYG Top 10 Super Hero Movies


There are just a handful of hours before I will be in the theater watching Avengers: Endgame.  I absolutely cannot wait!  And in honor of the upcoming end of the 22 film saga, John Rocha, Matt Knost and, special guest, Jason Inman picked their top 10 super hero movies.

Now it was not just MCU films, but all super hero movies.  Of course, I just watched the entire MCU list of movies (except Captain Marvel), this past weekend as a way to prepare for the Endgame.  So this list… I am ready to go.

Related image#10.  Spider-man 2.  My favorite character.  Spider-man 2 was right near the top of my list of favorite movies for quite awhile, but with the renaissance of super hero movies, this one has slipped down the list.  The train sequence is still one of the greatest super hero moments of all time and just about as pure of a Spider-man scene as you will ever get.


Image result for spiderman homecoming washington monument#9. Spider-man: Homecoming.  The MCU version of Spider-man is just slightly ahead of Spider-man 2, although I can see these two flip-flopping over the years.  In my MCU rewatch, Homecoming was really great.  The performance of Tom Holland as our new Spidey is so pitch perfect that you wonder why you never knew what you had been missing.  And the Vulture became one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe villains as played by Michael Keaton.  He made the “old man” Adrian Tooms understandable and relatable to the audience.  The scene with Keaton and Holland in the car is as menacing of a scene in the film.  Seriously great.


Image result for spiderman into the spider verse#8.  Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse.  The third straight Spider-man movie and a fantastic animated movie. Honestly this is a piece of art.  Gorgeously drawn and animated, Spider-verse brings together a group of alternate reality Spider-mans in an idea that simply should not work.  I mean Spider-man Noir? Spider-Ham?  Penny Parker?  They should have failed.  It should have been hopelessly confusing.  Yet it was not.  It was beautiful.  It was amazing characters in a great story.  We meet Miles Morales and he is charming and fun.  There is so much awesome here.  Heck, it won an Academy Award.


Image result for the dark knight#7.  The Dark Knight.  Not a Spider-man movie.  This is my lone Batman movie on the list.  I loved The Dark Knight like everyone else because of a brilliant performance of the Joker by Heath Ledger and a strong story involving Batman and the other side of the coin that is the Joker.  I am not a huge fan of the Two-Face story, but there is so much goodness with the Joker the Two-Face stuff does not ruin anything.  Dark Knight was the peak of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. One could only wonder what could have happened had Ledger not died.  Just a great film.


Image result for captain america winter soldier elevator#6.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  This movie is really one of the first times when the MCU started messing with the super hero genre.  Fact is that The Winter Soldier is more of a political thriller than a super hero movie.  Plus, they changed their universe dramatically by revealing that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD for years and was plotting inside the organization.  Agents that we had known and met turned out to be Hydra agents.  Then, Cap’s old friend, Bucky Barnes, believed to have died in WWII, turned out to be an assassin known as the Winter Soldier.  Oh, and Robert Redford.


Image result for guardians of the galaxy#5.  Guardians of the Galaxy.  This one and The Winter Soldier could flip spots too depending on the day.  They both came out in 2014 and they were my co-number one movie of the year.  GotG should not have worked.  There is a talking raccoon.  There is a talking tree that says three words and three words only.  Yet, Marvel Studios made this a huge hit with characters that even your typical comic book geek were unfamiliar with.  James Gunn brought  wonderful humor, feeling and emotion to the film and it spawned a sequel and is expected to finally get back with GotG Vol 3 as well.  Oh, and great music, too.  Oooga Shaka, Oooga Oooga Ooga Shaka…


Image result for Avengers 1#4.  The Avengers.  The first Avengers movie was so great.  It brought together Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk… each who had just had their own solo movie, with Black Widow and Hawkeye and Nick Fury… to face off against Loki and his army of Chitauri aliens in an attempt to get their hands on another infinity gem for Thanos.  We see Thanos for the first time here in a post credit scene.  There is just so much awesomeness in The Avengers that you forget how much of a risk it was for Marvel Studios to try and pull this off.  It worked and billions of dollars later, it is still preparing to break records.


Related image#3.  Logan.  The best non-Marvel Studio comic book movie in my opinion is the brilliant Logan.  It is a bit of an adaptation of Old Man Logan from the comics, but the film was even more emotional because the actors we had become so connected to were here.  Hugh Jackman in his final appearance as Logan, Patrick Stewart returning as a broken down Charles Xavier, but we add the young Laura (Dafne Keene) as the “daughter” of Logan.  The emotion of the movie is off the chart and the tears flow fully.   It is a movie about family.  It is a Western.  It is a road movie.  It is a tragedy.  It is amazing.


Image result for capt amer Civil war#2.  Captain America: Civil War.  This had so many emotional moments between Cap and Iron Man that you never are sure who you are rooting for.  This movie had so many things that it had to do, including setting up the new characters Black Panther and Spider-man, break up the Avengers, provide enough screen time for the bunch of characters while keeping it a Captain America story.  And the Russo Brothers do it beautifully.  Whether you were Team Cap or Team Iron Man, you should be Team Civil war.


Image result for avengers infinity war the snap#1.  Avengers: Infinity War.  The snap.  Thanos, the Mad Titan, had just gotten his hands on the final Infinity stone, but Thor’s new axe, Stormbreaker, was buried in his chest.  It looked like Thanos was going to come close but not succeed.  However, Thanos told Thor that he should have aimed for the head, and he snapped his finger.  And half of the universe dusted away.  We watched our favorites such as Black Panther, Spider-man, Bucky, Falcon, Star-Lord, Drax, Doctor Strange disappear into dust.  The audience could not believe what they were seeing.  I remember the gasps when the characters started dying and when Thanos ended up at the end of the film on his farm.  Amazing.  This film was so successful that it has set up Avengers: Endgame to potentially be the biggest film of all time.  I cannot wait.


Honorable mention:  There are a bunch.  We’ll start with Iron Man, the film that started the MCU train a rolling.  Captain America: The First Avenger is one of my favorite of the first stand alone films.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has some flaws but it never fails to make me cry at the ending.  Doctor Strange has a great ending.  I enjoy the smallness (pun unintended) of Ant ManBatman Begins and Batman ’89 are both solid Bat flicks.  Wonder Woman‘s film has a weak third act, but the No Man’s Land scene is one of the best in comic movies.  I had a heck of a good time with Shazam too.  X2 is probably my favorite X-Men team movie… or Days of Future Past.  And The Incredibles should be considered as well.  I could actually go on and on.



EYG Top 10 Movies Based on Graphic Novels


Welcome back to the Top 10 list of the week.  There was a great podcast this morning with Matt and John and I was excited to get the list written.  Then I had a long day at work so it is much later than I intended it to be.

This week, in honor of this weekend’s return of Hellboy with David Harbour, the guys made their list of Top 10 Movies based on Graphic Novels. I was already ready to dismiss The Dark Knight because it was not based on a specific graphic novel and then I heard the idea come up during the podcast.  I had to laugh at that.

I am also ruling that Edge of Tomorrow is not on this list either as it was classified as a light novel, and it says, not to be confused with a graphic novel.  So I kept it off the list.


Image result for 300 movie#10.  300.  This was John’s number one, but I was never a massive fan of this movie. It was fine, but I would not put it above number 10.  This is one of the greatest violent battle films around but there needed to be a bit more for me.  There is no denying that the movie looks absolutely fabulous and beautiful.  One of Zack Snyder’s most visually appealing films.


Image result for hellboy#9.  Hellboy.  I just recently saw the first Hellboy and I enjoyed it for the most part.  There was good humor and I really liked the performance of Ron Perlman.  The touch of Guillermo del Toro is all over this movie.  I was not a fan of the first part of the movie but I really thought it picked up as the film carried on.  Hellboy’s wit was what carried the film.


Image result for Kick Ass#8.  Kick Ass.  I loved this movie and I did not expect that it was going to be that great.  Nicolas Cage brought every last bit of the cheesiness of Nic Cage to his role as Big Daddy.  And, of course, Hit Girl, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, stole every scene.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson was great as the titular hero who is sort of not really a hero.


Image result for from hell#7.  From Hell.  I have always loved Jack the Ripper… that may not have come out right.  I have always liked the mystery of Jack the Ripper and From Hell takes a specific look at the Jack the Ripper mythos.  Johnny Depp is Inspector Fred Abberline, a drunken and high detective determined to hunt down Jack.  The theory tossed out by From Hell is out there, but it actually has had some traction.  From Hell is of course what was listed on one of the letters that Jack reportedly sent to the police to taunt them about his murders.  Some believe that the From Hell letter is the only real letter.  I enjoyed this movie quite a bit.


Image result for scott pilgrim vs. the world#6.  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  This movie should have been a massive hit, but, for some unknown reason, it just never found its audience.  Those who have seen it, love it, but the film did not find its wide audience.  There is a great cast with Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Brie Larson, Chris Evans, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza among others.  Fun.


Image result for snowpiercer#5.  Snowpiercer.  Here is the second appearance of Chris Evans on this list as the sci-fi classic, Snowpiercer, makes it way onto the list.  Chris Evans really showed that he could be more of a star than just Steve Rogers.  The film was extremely high concept science fiction with the train that traveled continuously through the dangerous cold temperatures of the dystopian future.  I have only seen this once, but I really should revisit it since I know that this is the type of movie that you are going to see things that you missed the first time.


Image result for kingsman#4.  Kingsman: The Secret Service.  This was another surprise and I really found this movie to be fun.  The young Taron Egerton and Colin Firth have unbelievable chemistry as mentor -student.  And the church scene, with Lynyrd Skynryd’s Freebird playing behind it, is one of the greatest and most violent movie scenes of all time.  Fantastic.


Image result for Watchmen#3.  Watchmen.  Who watches the Watchmen?  Well, not as many as you thought.  I always enjoyed Watchmen and I did not understand the negative responses to the movie.  I had not read the classic Frank Miller graphic novel before seeing the movie and that might have kept me from finding the negatives others could see.  I loved Rorschach.  I loved Dr. Manhattan.  The film looked great.  I thought the story was awesome.


Image result for v for vendetta#2.  V for Vendetta.  Remember, remember the fifth of November.  The gunpowder treason and plot.  The film that created a new fascination with Guy Fawkes.  The introduction of V and his monologue is one of the great moments of the movie.  Of course, the creator of the graphic novel, the legendary Alan Moore, was not a fan of the movie and rallied against it.  Even still, I thought it was tremendous.


Image result for sin city marv in electric chair#1.  Sin City.  One of the best adaptation of a graphic novel to the screen, there are scenes taking exactly from the page of Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel.  The story is told in several parts with a fantastic cast that included Mickey Rourke as Marv, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Clive Owen, Powers Boothe, Michael Clarke Duncan, Benicio del Toro, Elijah Wood etc.  Sin City is as stylish as any film you’ll see with great use of black and white and comic book-like coloring.  And a classic quote…”Is that the best you can do, you pansies?”


Honorable Mentions:  There were several others that I considered, but honestly, they were all fighting for that final spot.  The Mask was one that I thought about, with Jim Carrey.  Brandon Lee’s The Crow nearly sneaked on the list.  There was Wanted and Red which kind of blend together in my head (though Wanted is another Chris Evans movie).  As I said, I had placed Edge of Tomorrow down once, but decided to eliminate it on principal.  And John and Matt had cut out the animated films or else we could include The Dark Knight Returns Part One and Two, the adaptation of the classic mini series.  I had not seen Road to Perdition in a long time and is probably one that I want to see again as a re-watch.


EYG Top 10 Michael Keaton Movies


The final episode of The Top 10 show with John Rocha and Matt Knost on the Schmoes Knows feed before the boys head to their own feed on April 2nd arrived today with a Top 10 Michael Keaton movies.  This is in honor of Michael Keaton’s appearance in Disney’s live action Dumbo coming out this weekend.

I love Michael Keaton, but, honestly, there are a bunch of his films that I have not seen.  It was also one of the rarer lists where I made quite a few changes to the first draft of the list.  It was very interesting.


Image result for toy story 3 ken and barbie#10.  Toy Story 3.  Yes, he has a small part, as he voiced the character of Ken.  However, I love this movie.  It is one of my absolute top favorite animated films of all time.  Ken and Barbie’s story was one of the funnier parts of Toy Story 3 too.


Image result for multiplicity#9.  Multiplicity.  How many Michael Keatons are too many?  Who knows, but the science fiction comedy, directed by Harold Ramis, puts that to the test.  The clones of Michael Keaton develop considerably different personalities and wacky things ensue.  Multiplicity is not a great film, but Keaton has great comedic timing and he can shine through even the bad stuff.


Image result for the founder movie#8.  The Founder.  The man credited with bringing McDonald’s to the world, Ray Croc, is the focus of this biopic.  Michael Keaton is fantastic in this movie, which may not have been the greatest film ever, but it was very entertaining.




Image result for batman returns#7.  Batman Returns.  This film was not bad, but it felt as if it was too much of the Penguin’s movie than Batman’s movie.  Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer was amazing and, Michael Keaton is one of the best Batmans that we have ever had.  This is one of the most stylish Batman movies we have had.  They took a real risk with this movie, and it worked for the most part.


Image result for birdman movie#6.  Birdman.  This was on last week’s list and it returns this week.  This was a great Keaton comeback film and you were never sure if this was Keaton’s real life story being told or if it only seemed to be close to it.  Keaton is spectacular here and the shots are amazing.  The cast is top notch and Birdman deserves all the praise that it received from the Academy and the rest of the critics.


Image result for batman 89#5.  Batman.  I remember where I was when I saw this movie for the first time.  I remember standing in line to see it.  This was such a transcendent movie that it reinvigorate the character of Batman and helped welcome in the world of comic book movies.  Sure Batman and Robin then killed it later, but you had no idea that was going to happen.  “Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”  Jack Nicholson was perfect as the Joker, and we never would have guessed that he wasn’t always going to be considered the standard bearer for the Joker role.  I’m Batman! Damn straight you are!


Image result for spotlight keaton#4.  Spotlight.  I loved this movie but the movie’s subject matter was one of those massively uncomfortable subjects that almost makes you take a shower after seeing it.  The power of Spotlight is you see this great cast playing these journalists whose job it was to uncover such horrid truths as the sexual abuse scandal of the priests in Boston.  Thank goodness these men and women are there doing their jobs.


Image result for johnny dangerously#3. Johnny Dangerously.  You fargin’ icehole!  One of the funniest spoofs you are going to see.  In the vein of Airplane and Naked Gun, Johnny Dangerously focuses on the mob and gangsters of the 1930-40s.  Michael Keaton plays Johnny, a gangster that everybody loves and who seemingly could do no wrong.  Imminently quotable, I watched this movie with my father once…once.  “Weird Al” Yankovic performed the theme song, entitled “This is the Life” and that is a big time plus for me.


Image result for spiderman homecoming keaton#2. Spider-man: Homecoming.  In my first draft of this list, I had Homecoming at number one, but I had to drop it down because Michael Keaton is not the focus of the film.  Matt Knost said the same thing today on the Top 10 and I had to, regrettably, agree.  So I dropped it to #2.  Keaton playing the Vulture is fantastic and the scene where he is in the car with Peter is just as tense and anxiety-filled as any scene you are going to see.  Michael Keaton brought a level of apprehension as he slowly put together the truth of Peter’s alter ego and his measured response was just as terrifying.  The role of Adrian Toombs is forever connected to Keaton.


Image result for beetlejuice#1.  Beetlejuice.  Speaking of being forever connected… Nobody could have played this role but Michael Keaton.  Beetlejuice.  Beetlejuice.  Beetlejuice.  The character is charismatic enough that you feel as if he were the hero of the piece, but you would be wrong.  Beetlejuice is the antagonist and, perhaps even, the villain.  There is so much in this movie that makes it one of the greatest movies to never get a sequel (although rumors abound that Keaton may be ready to become Beetlejuice once again).  The whole “Banana Boat Song” is one of the great scenes involving music in movies.  As I said, I almost had this at number two, but I think I finally got this list correct.