Peacemaker S1 E8


“It’s Cow or Never”

The week where we discovered that Peacemaker had been renewed for a second season on HBO Max, we got an excellent season finale for an excellent first season of Peacemaker. Everybody from James Gunn to John Cena to all of the remainder of the cast brought us 8 excellent episodes of superhero television and it absolutely deserves a renewal.

Among the violence and the Gunn-isms, the characters of Peacemaker all had great journeys for their arcs. It went deeper than just Chris Smith too. Yes, John Cena was tremendous and Chris was the main developing character, but there was so much more here. First, Harcourt developed into the leader that she would become. Adebayo came clean with her background and connection to Amanda Waller and found out how to make amends with her teammates and shining the light on her mother’s orgnaization. Economos found some personal strength after a lifetime of being a loser who had a terrible self-image. Vigilante….

Okay, maybe not as much character development for Adrian Chase’s Vigilante.

Of course, the biggest news coming out of the episode is the shocking cameos that appeared at the end of the episode. Early on, when Adebayo was on the phone with her mother, she made a snide reference to her mother about calling in the Justice League. Then, at the end of the show, the Justice League actually showed up. Not only was it the Justice League, but it was Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Flash. Superman and Wonder Woman were there too, but not in their famous actors. Peacemaker’s reaction to the late arriving JL was perfectly in character. And the whole Aquaman f**ks fish comes back in a big way.

Viola Davis also made a cameo in the finale as Amanda Waller to drop an F Bomb of her own.

Despite being shot in the head last episode, Robert Patrick returned as a delusion that Peacemaker would see and interact with. Patrick showed back up at the end of the episode showing that he was going to be tormenting his son’s psyche well into season two.

This has been a fantastic season of television. It grew each week, building my anticipation for the next week’s show. John Cena showed off some acting chops that I did not expect. Sure, I knew he had great comedy timing, but his work here was exceptional. I wonder how much of Cena’s performance could be attributed to James Gunn pulling it out of him. He brought Dave Bautista into the acting world by casting him as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy. He has now brought John Cena the most significant role of his not WWE career.

Here is to more Peacemaker!

Peacemaker S1 E7


“Dragon My Heart Around”

Thursdays have become Peacemaker day.

Another great episode for Peacemaker on HBO Max. This show has had absolutely no weak spots. Even episode 5, which was a step down from the epic episode 4, was still a fantastic episode. There is a finale due next week that, if it nails it, could make this not only one of the best DC Comics TV shows, but one of the best overall super hero TV shows of all time.

That is amazing when considering the level of character that Peacemaker started off as. James Gunn took this D-level villain (maybe) and turned him into one of the most complex and enjoyable characters on TV. So much of that is because of the brilliant work by John Cena, who has been able to show so much of his acting chops. Not just his comedic timing, which has always been his strength, but also some of the most emotional moments you could imagine.

Peacemaker' Episode 7 Fan Review: Phenomenal characterization blows Twitter  away | MEAWW

The episode brings Chris face to face with his father, Auggie. This confrontation is built so well, first with the flashback to the moment Chris’s brother died, where Chris punched him in a bare-fisted fight that was being promoted and taking bets on by Auggie. As the brother died, Auggie straight up blamed Chris for killing his brother.

As Auggie, or should I say White Dragon, has come after his son to murder him. His verbal abuse of Chris in this moment, and his attempted killing of Eagly, led to Chris shooting his father in the head, killing him. John Cena was just great during this scene. And you just hate Robert Patrick’s Auggie.

What Are The Songs In Peacemaker Episode 7?

We also lost Murn to the butterfly-possessed police force. With his death, the show started to elevate Harcourt to a leadership role among the crew. There is still plenty of tension with the team, especially after Adebayo revealed that she had planted the diary at Peacemaker’s and that she was the daughter of Amanda Waller. However, they were all able to put any tension aside to head out to try and kill the cow that created the food the butterflies eat.

Every Song We Heard In Peacemaker Episode 7
Peacemaker: Every DC Easter Egg & Reference In Episode 7

The show gives us another fabulous scene with Chris praying for the life of Eagly. When Eagly wakes, stands up and hugs Chris, Adebayo saw it and was inspired by the “miracle.” That eagle hug was one of the exceptional emotional moment, right up there with Chris’s pain over his father and his brother.

This was an epic penultimate episode of Peacemaker and next week’s finale can’t get here soon enough. James Gunn and the cast have been sensational and have been a highlight every week.

Peacemaker S1 E6


“Murn After Reading”

Peacemaker, after last week’s episode which was good but not as outstanding as the previous week, is right back at it with an unbelievably great episode. So much happened! It was just fantastic and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Last week we left off with Murn standing over Leota after she discovered the butterfly in his head. Surprisingly, he does not try and kill her and, after Harcourt arrived, explained his background as a butterfly. Turned out that the butterfly was not supporting the takeover of the planet unlike Goff, the butterfly that Peacemaker had captured and was holding inside a glass jar.

Peacemaker Episode 6 Promo: "Murn After Reading"

Peacemaker’s home is under attack by the police after an arrest warrant is issued for Chris Smith when Sophie Song went to a judge with the evidence that cleared Auggie. Auggie was released from jail and he went back to his home to get into his old armor so he could kill his son.

Peacemaker Episode 6 Breakdown & Easter Eggs Explained

This scene was interspersed with a scene of the newly possessed Sophie Song (who was taken over by Goff when it got out of the jar *Thanks Vigilante*) leading an army of butterflies into the police station, taking over everyone in their path in one of the best montage sequences you are ever going to get. Teh shot of Song walking through the door with the butterflies around her was so bad ass.

This was a horror-filled scene and it was so awesome with the montage style of a scene.

John Cena has brought so much to Chris Smith, Peacemaker. The little tidbits they are dropping with his origin and the death of his brother (apparently at Chris’s own hands) have been extremely compelling. Cena has brought so much to this character, a character that felt as if it did not have that depth to him. And he plays the piano.

By the way, Eagly kicked some serious ass today!

I loved this episode. It was just behind episode 4 for me. So much happened and it was still filled with plenty of character and human moments.

Two episodes remaining for Peacemaker.

Peacemaker S1 E5


“Monkey Dory”

I wrote in the first review of Peacemaker that I wondered if the opening credits would get old as the series progressed. I am here to say that it, 100% DID NOT get old, and I loved it still. I have spent time watching it on YouTube too.

Last episode was my favorite of the series. This week, the episode was still great, but I did not love it as much as I did last week. It seemed to ignore the issues that Peacemaker was dealing with at the end. It started with Chris with a hangover, and Eagley trying to help his friend out (that was awesome). The depression that Chris seemed to be in just disappeared. Again, I was into the episode, but that felt a little jarring.

Peacemaker Episode 5 Watch Online, Leaked On Tamilrokcers

Once into the episode, the team went into a Butterfly stronghold, the one discovered by Leota last week, to bring it down. It was an awesome scene where Peacemaker put to good use one of the helmets he took from his father’s workshop- the one with X-Ray vision. He could see the Butterflies in the people’s skulls which allowed him to shoot away.

We then came across the missing gorilla from last week’s news report as the gorilla attacked the group and was wrecking the shit. This was a chance for Peacemaker to finally accept John Economos, who saved them from the gorilla by using a chainsaw from behind (to the envy of Vigilante, who had held the chain saw earlier, wishing he could kill people with it). They had a confrontation in the episode over Economos’s frame job on Chris’s father and Chris gave a long (LONG) list of people he could have framed instead of his dad. That was both fun and excessive.

Yet, it seemed as if we had some team bonding after the successful chainsaw murder of Charlie the Gorilla.

Every Song We Heard In Peacemaker Episode 5

Leota, however, has been having a lot of guilt over what she has been doing during this job. Her conflict is fascinating, especially since she is the daughter of Amanda Waller. She and Peacemaker are very similar in a lot of ways and they are creating a friendship of mutual respect and connection (but Leota is still doing things that she hates).

Leota ended up back at the office where she put on Peacemaker’s X-ray helmet just to mess around and she accidentally sees the Butterfly in Murn’s head, leading him to chase after her out into the street.

They left off here at a “scream-out-loud” cliffhanger moment.

Episode five was great. I just think that episode 4 was SO awesome that it was never going to reach that level. This is still the series that I am currently looking forward to more than anything.

Peacemaker S1 E4


“The Choad Less Traveled”

I really enjoyed episodes 1-3 of Peacemaker, but, holy cow, I loved episode four.

“The Choad Less Traveled” had a beautiful balance of humor, character development, character depth and a kick ass fight. I loved every minute of it.

Vigilante is an awesome character. His confrontation in the jail with the white supremacists is a top highlight of the episode. Vigilante’s delivery of his lines was perfect and hilarious. He had a certain swag in the scene and you could tell he was having a ball. However, Vigilante was more than this. We saw him angry over the torture from last episode, reflective about the failure to kill Peacemaker’s father, and how much of a friend he is to Peacemaker.

Peacemaker Episode 4 Review: The Choad Less Traveled | Den of Geek

But we also got a great deal of character development from Peacemaker. We see some flashbacks to his youth as his father made him into a killer and we learned about the mysterious death of his brother, and that Chris had some kind of connection to what happened. John Cena does an amazing job, revealing a depth of acting that I do not think we have seen yet from him.

Every Song We Heard In Peacemaker Episode 4

I am very excited to find out more about the backstory of Peacemaker and to find out what happened to his brother (who we see having a seizure in a flashback).

Judomaster gets out of the restraints that he had been placed in by John, gives him a little pay back and then ends up in a brawl in the parking lot with Peacemaker. Peacemaker showed off some of his classic John Cena moves in this fight (including a powerbomb onto a car hood that is just epic). The fight ends early with a gunshot from the gun of Leota, who goes through her own issues over killing someone (even though she does not kill Judomaster. Oh, and Judomaster, just before being shot, told Peacemaker that he does not understand the Butterflies.

Peacemaker Episode 4 Review - "The Choad Less Traveled" - IGN

Oh, and we discovered that Clemson Murn is a Butterfly. Wha? It takes the entire storyline that we have had over the first three episodes and turned it upside down. Motives are now in question and it could go in any direction. Twist.

Peacemaker episode four was so tremendous. It made me all the more excited for what is coming next.

Station Eleven S1 E10


“Unbroken Circle”

For a moment, I was going to be really mad at this show as I thought that it wasn’t going to do something that I really wanted it to do. I thought for part of the episode that they were going to bring Jeevan to the airport and not have him meet back up with Kirsten. That is certainly how the beginning of the episode went and I was worried that it would end that way.

Thankfully, that was just my own worries.

Station Eleven Ending: Mackenzie Davis Reveals Original Version of THAT  Scene

Station Eleven’s finale was very much of a wrap up of emotional stories and character arcs that had been in the show form the beginning. As I suspected earlier in the series, the flu’s origin was not an important part. In fact, the flu itself was just a plot point that placed these characters into a situation. Station Eleven was more about the characters involved than the situation that they were in. Much like The Walking Dead is not really a zombie show, it is a show of survival and hope.

The reunion of Jeevan and Kirsten hit all the right notes and was worth the long wait. They did not clutter the scene with a lot of exposition. Instead, they just allowed the two actors to reveal their feelings through a hug and their expressions and it was beautiful.

Honestly, the one part that was less than fulfilling was the material with the astronaut and Miranda. I’m not sure what exactly this part was meant for. Apparently, Dr. Eleven (the astronaut) has a more outlined and detailed purpose in the novel, by writer Emily St. John Mandel.

The other relationships of the show were all handled with a lot of respect and care. Tyler and his mother, Tyler and Clark, Alex and the troupe, etc. There was a wonderful scene with Sarah and Jeevan as she passed away.

The episode was not high in action, but it felt more like the falling action of the plot map. It gave us resolutions to all the people that we had been following for 10 episodes.

We even had a bit of a resolution with the comic book too, as Kirsten showed the comic to one of the kids of The Prophet’s cult.

Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Unbroken Circle” – Recap/ Review  (with Spoilers)

Station Eleven was a great discovery on HBO Max. It was a limited series and came to a beautiful conclusion. It was an unexpected treat this weekend.

Station Eleven S1 E9


“Dr. Chaudhary”

We find out in this year one flashback episode the fate of Jeevan Chaudhary and how he got separated from Kirsten and how he became a doctor.

Of course, it all came back around to that graphic novel. Concerned that it was causing too much of a distraction for the young Kirsten, Jeevan took the opportunity to toss it into the woods. Kirsten was mad at the action and Jeevan went out to retrieve it. Unfortunately, he does not make it back, because he gets mauled by a wolf.

Earlier, Jeevan had contact with someone on a radio and he had told them that he was doctor. This led to them trying to abduct him when they were on a scavenging mission. One of these people found Jeevan and returned him to their home. They had a set up with a whole bunch of pregnant women, preparing to give birth to a bunch of post-flu babies, and they needed the help of another doctor.

Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Dr. Chaudhary” – Recap/ Review (with  Spoilers)

Sadly, Jeevan had to have his foot amputated from the wolf attack and he had to take time to recover. The rest of the time in this story was very heart-warming and filled with hope. Even the loss of one of the pregnant women could not dull the feelings of hope of all the births.

We also got to see Jeevan in the year 20. He actually has become a doctor and has a family of his own.

Station Eleven Soundtrack - Every Song in Episode 9 - Vague Visages

Station Eleven S1 E6,7 & 8


6: “Survival Is Insufficient

7: “Goodbye My Damaged Home”

8: “Who’s There?

I decided that I would combine a few of the write ups, mainly because I did not want to pause to write these in-between the episodes because I was so involved. So much for the idea that I would not binge this whole series this weekend. I should have known.

Starting with episode 6, Kirsten went out on her own and the rest of the Travelling Symphony wound up heading to the Museum, after being invited several times. Kirsten went to finish the deal with the Prophet/Tyler. She nearly succeeded in her attempt too as she had a knife to his throat. Tyler, however, told her that the people at the Museum were dangerous and not to be trusted and that he could show her the way.

Meanwhile, the rest arrived at the Museum, only to be quarantined and held captive. Sarah collapsed after the long trek. In a later episode, we discovered that Sarah had a heart attack and that she was clinging to life. It was clear in her discussion with Kirsten that she believed that she was going to die.

Station Eleven' Episode 6 Recap: "Survival Is Insufficient"

The Red Bandanas attacked Kirsten, Tyler and the kids on their travels, but Kirsten killed them all with her fancy knife tricks.

Station Eleven Episodes 6 and 7 Recap and Ending, Explained: What is The  Play?

She was shot with poison and so she wound up back in the first 100 days of the flu pandemic. We get the answers to what had happened to Frank?, what play were the talking about?, what was Jeevan talking about when he said they left one day too late?.

We see the events that take place in Frank’s apartment through the eyes of “ghost” adult Kirsten who could only be seen by young Kirsten. It was weird, I know, but it was an intriguing framing device to see the things that happened to get Jeevan and Kirsten out of the apartment. Apparently, Jeevan wanted to leave the day before but Kirsten wanted to put on a play, based, of course, on Station Eleven, the comic book.

This led to a delay in leaving and as they were putting on the play, a home invader arrived and killed Frank with his knife. After an extended battle with the intruder and Jeevan, the intruder was killed and they had taken Frank to his bed forever.

Station Eleven Episodes 6 and 7 Recap and Ending, Explained: What is The  Play?
Station Eleven Episodes 6 & 7 Beautifully Merge Acting and Death | 25YL

Jeevan was showing some signs of losing his grip on reality as he was beginning to talk to himself, and, at least it looked like, answering himself. At this point, we do not know the ultimate fate of Jeevan, as this is the one major plot point still unresolved from the past.

Kirsten and Tyler arrived at the Museum and, surprise surprise, it was the old airport that Tyler had left after faking his own death. Clark was still here as was Tyler’s mother.

Station Eleven' Episode 8 Recap: "Who's There?"

With Kirsten and Tyler in hazmat suits, they were not recognized by anyone. Clark made them act a scene to prove that they were actually actors. They performed a scene from the comic book, something that Clark eventually remembered.

Tyler was able to run fee around the airport because he knew all the tricks and hidden places from his time there before. He took Kirsten to see Sarah. He also was setting up bombs around the Museum.

Kirsten put all the pieces together, telling Tyler who she was and how she was connected to Arthur. She also had figured out his real identity, which was some great detective work from her. It did not prevent Tyler from continuing on with his angry plans. I have to say, the one thing that was missing in these episodes between Kirsten and Tyler was any anger from her to Tyler over the bombs that killed Gill. I needed that scene.

Anyway, Tyler’s mother, who had been tipped off by Clark’s partner Miles (in the world’s WORST wig and fake beard), who thought he recognized Tyler. She went and found him during his terrorism and spoke with her son for the first time in decades.

Every time I look at Tyler, I picture NXT wrestler Cameron Grimes.

There was a lot of wrap up in these three episodes and I am not sure what is next. I guess we still need to know what is going on with Doctor Eleven (aka the Astronaut) and we need to find out what Clark will do after his museum exploded. However, a lot of the story seems to be over. It does not feel like we will ever get an answer to how the flu started, which is fine with me. There were some hints dropped that the flu had ended and no longer a problem, though it devastated the world right off the bat.

Two more episodes remaining, I believe and I am interested to see where it takes the story next. My guess is we will get some resolution with Jeevan. Will that tie in with Doctor Eleven? We’ll see.

Station Eleven S1 E5


“The Severn City Airport”

I wasn’t sure the purpose of this episode until the final shot when I had a huge AHA moment.

It was another episode where we did not go to see the main characters of our story and spent time in the first few days after the flu struck. The main character we were with was Clark. Clark of all people? It was really unexpected. We then met Tyler, the son of Arthur whom we had only heard mention of before. So I thought, okay, we’ll meet this kid and his mom and whatever.

Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Severn City Airport” – Recap/  Review (with Spoilers)

The episode was fine. Overall a little dull. A group of survivors, led by Clark, set themselves up in a little community inside an abandoned airport. Things seemed to be going well.

The final shot of the episode showed what the real purpose of the episode was. It was to provide an origin story for The Prophet. Shockingly, Tyler turns out to be The Prophet.


It felt like a toss away episode, and then it was not.

I really thought Tyler was on his way to commit suicide when we saw him walking toward the airplane with a gasoline can, flicking a lighter. I was not sure about some of the character choices the kid had made along the way. I was not sure why he did what he did. Then, he set the airplane on fire to fake his own death and left the community.

Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Reel Mockery

This was a twist that I did not see coming and it rescued an episode that was fine, but featuring a character that I would consider second tier.

Oh, and his mother gave Tyler a copy of the graphic novel, solving that potential mystery. Obviously an inspiration for him as he grew up.

Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Reel Mockery

Station Eleven S1 E4


“Rosencrantz and Guildenstein Aren’t Dead”

So we went back to 20 years later and met up with the Travelling Symphony. We were here for most of the time with the exception of a couple of flashbacks to see some moments with Kirsten and Jeevan after they had left Frank’s place.

The Travelling Symphony were on the road, heading for their next show, and we get a sidetrack to a former member of the Symphony, the old director Gill.

The episode focused in on Alex and how she was starting to come under the influence of The Prophet. Alex gave us the first thrill of the episode as she went running downhill through a minefield to get to Gill. I was absolutely holding my breath as she took off.

Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Reel Mockery

With the dynamic of the group, Gill’s return made a huge effect on the group. Not only Alex but also with Lori Petty’s Sarah. We got some amazing music with Sarah on the keyboard.

Alex is clearly in a downward spiral and on a collision course with The Prophet. Then, when the children, who had been taken from Gill and his people, returned strapped with bombs… holy cow. I was anticipating someone blowing up all episode because of a mine, but it turned out to be from a bomb vest instead.

The graphic novel made its way back into the story here as well, making me wonder what connection that comic has to the overall storyline.

Station Eleven Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Reel Mockery

It is a very good episode and it continues to weave the mystery of what exactly is going on. It still gives me LOST vibes as well as The Walking Dead, especially with The Prophet filling the Governor or Negan role.

Station Eleven S1 E3



I am just not sure what they heck is going on with this TV show.

But I do believe that I am here for it.

After the first two episodes, which were totally different in structure and story, centered around the arrival and the after-effects of a deadly flu that has spread across the planet, “Hurricane” comes as episode three and is completely bizarre and tells the story of a woman who we met only momentarily in the premiere episode (and honestly, I did not remember that). Miranda Carroll (Danielle Deadwyler) was the author/artist of the graphic novel that was given to Kirsten when she was younger, one we thought was not widely spread.

Turns out that Miranda and Arthur (remember when Arthur died on stage in the premiere) had a great love affair and that Arthur was the love of Miranda’s life.

Station Eleven' Episode 3 Recap: "Hurricane"

We went through the entire episode and never once flashed ahead to the future Kirsten or to Jeevan and Frank or to the Travelling Symphony. We did see young Kirsten as a cameo during that time when Miranda brought Arthur the graphic novel that she had, apparently, been working on for years as a passion project that she never intended for anyone to see. In fact, she went as far as burning her work (along with Arthur’s poolhouse).

Station Eleven' Episode 3 Recap: "Hurricane"

After a failed attempt to escape the flu on a vessel out to sea, Miranda went back to her hotel room and duct taped herself inside. A knock came to the door and… who was there? The astronaut from episode one. What the hell?

Station Eleven Episodes 1, 2 and 3 Recap/Ending, Explained

I was fascinated by the episode almost as much as I was completely confused by the episode. The story structure jumped all over the time frame with Miranda and there were times when I had to stop and think to myself… “okay, WHEN is this happening now?” I seriously think the title cards that the show would drop only made it more confusing.

Does this all have to do with the origin of the flu that killed so many people or is that just a side note and meant to be just the backdrop of the entire series so we can see the lives of these people and how they lived their lives. Kind of like how we do not find out details about the zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead.

Who is this Astronaut and what is his/her story? Is Arthur that important of a central figure? Where did the flu come from? Are there aliens involved? Will next episode have anything to do with this one or will we return to the characters that we had met prior?

I’m not sure, but I would like to know.

Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Hurricane” – Recap/ Review (with  Spoilers)

Station Eleven S1 E2


“A Hawk for a Handsaw”

Okay, this took a weird turn.

We had a big time jump into the future 20 years and spent the majority of the episode with Kirsten in a traveling actors troupe through the remains of the world that had been ravaged by the flu.

We flashed back a few times to the apartment with Jeevan and Frank, including a tough scene where young Kirsten got a text in response to her text to her father stating that the owner of the phone was in the morgue.

It was a strange episode because it was difficult to understand what exactly was going on. I got a definite LOST crossed with The Walking Dead vibe to this show. Problem was that I was less connected to these people in the future than I was for Jeevan and Frank. I wanted to know what had happened to them, and they tossed us a few minor bits with them, including a flash where Jeevan told Kirsten to run.

Station Eleven' Episode 2 Recap: "A Hawk From A Handsaw"

Then there was this guy….

Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 2 “A Hawk From A Handsaw” – Recap/ Review  (with Spoilers)

Honestly, I am not sure about who this guy was, or why Kirsten stuck a knife in his gut and left him for dead. Of course, he did not end up dead, but what was the deal here? He had a cult leader feel to him and he is certainly going to be a problem moving forward.

I have to say, this episode threw me for a bit of a loop. I think it is a good thing to take a break from it right now. I may yet return to the show before the weekend is up, but this new episode changed how I was perceiving the show. We’ve yet to see if that was a positive thing.

Station Eleven S1 E1


“Wheel of Fire”

I had heard about this show on HBO Max from a few places, but I was not sure if a show about an apocalypse brought on by an out-of-control flu was exactly the type of content I wanted to watch at this moment in time.

So I gave it a chance. It was good.

You are immediately grasped by the strange relationship between Jeevan Chaudhary and the young actress Kirsten Raymonde. Kirsten was in a play where her mentor died of a heart attack and Jeevan helped out the stranded girl. However, a dangerous flu outbreak was sweeping the nation and Jeevan’s sister, who was a nurse, told him to go to their brother Frank’s and barricade them in Frank’s apartment.

"Station Eleven" Wheel of Fire (TV Episode 2021) - IMDb

Kirsten’s parents were not home and Jeevan could not leave her alone so he took her with him to Frank’s place.

There was a dramatic plane crash scene that cemented how serious the situation had become. It then ended with a couple of time jumps that shook the status that the show had started was now completely out the window.

The first episode was pretty good. Good enough for me to continue to watch the show for now. I do not plan on binging the whole 10-episodes that are available. That feels like more than I want to do right now, but I can see myself setting up a viewing schedule to complete Station Eleven.

Peacemaker S1 E3


“Better Goff Dead”

The third episode of James Gunn’s Peacemaker series, which dropped episodes 1, 2, & 3 this week, sent our crew into the field after a family connected to the Project Butterfly, opening up a moral dilemma for Peacemaker.

It appears that Peacemaker may have an issue with the potential murder of kids. Despite what he said about murdering anybody for peace, Peacemaker found himself freezing up when he had the perfect shot to take out a family that were Butterflies, something that we got a bit of a hint about at the end of the show this week.

If it was not for Vigilante following Peacemaker and the others, the mission would have been a failure. However, Vigilante did not seem to share the moral objections of Peacemaker as he happily shot three of the family members. However, this led to the arrival of Judomaster.

Judomaster proceeded to kick the butt of everyone there, capturing Peacemaker and Vigilante and taking them for interrogation. This left Harcourt, Leota, and Clemson Murn to try and rescue them and finish the job.

Peacemaker Season 1 Episode 3: "Better Goff Dead" Photos - TV Fanatic

Leota also showed that she may not be quite the chip off the old block as she may like. As the daughter of Amanda Waller, Leota did not have the killer instinct either, not wanting to kill one of the guards for the Goff family when they had the drop on him. Harcourt did it without any issue.

This episode had some pretty solid character development and was a tad slower over all. Poor Vigilante had to suffer the consequences because Goff saw Peacemaker as the Alpha who would want to keep his friend from being tortured. However, Peacemaker continued to refuse to give him any information (not that he had any to give).

When Goff had his head blown off by Peacemaker, we got a glimpse at what could be the key behind Project Butterfly.

Peacemaker: What Is Project Butterfly?

Episode four comes out next Thursday and I would expect some questions from Peacemaker about what he saw. We also saw a world map with tons of Butterflies identified worldwide.

Peacemaker S1 E2


“Best Friends, For Never”

Can’t house train an eagle, dud, without stealing its soul.” -Peacemaker, while in the back seat of a car with Eagley and being told that the eagle had better not shit back there.

It really is poetry.

However, there is an absolute correlation between Eagley and Peacemaker and the words of Chris Smith could easily be taken as a comment about himself.

Peacemaker found himself trapped at the hotel where he had the huge fight with the Butterfly at the end of episode one (although he still does not know what a Butterfly is). Thanks to Harcourt and Leota, he was able to escape, but not after he stole several things, including the record albums that he was impressed by last episode.

However, the team meeting that followed was not the most positive one. After this, Chris went back to his home and had a good cry.

John Cena is great here. You can see into the soul of Peacemaker, someone who definitely wants to do something different with his life, but is not sure what that is. Plus, nobody likes him because he is a dick.

Vigilante showed up this episode.

Peacemaker Episode 1, 2 & 3 Breakdown & Easter Eggs Explained

Yes, the lower level DC character makes a perfect foil for Peacemaker and the two bonded over the use of some guns, arrows, explosives in the woods.

Because Peacemaker had left his car at the scene of the murder of the Butterfly he had had sex with, the team, specifically John Economos (Steve Agee), had to change the name on the car registration. He switches it to Auggie Smith, Peacemaker’s father. The comedy in this is just hilarious, but it also leads to a huge reveal in the episode. And that is that Auggie Smith, Peacemaker’s father, holds the mantel of the White Dragon, a white supremacist with a crew ready to follow him along. So when he was brought to jail because the team’s frame job, he was shown to be more powerful than we imagined.

This is going to be a major storyline this season, clearly. It is another way to take the humor of the series and turn it on its ear, making a much more serious situation.

We have one more episode to go this week before we have to wait until next Thursday to see the next one. Peacemaker has been tremendous so far and James Gunn is clearly having a blast.