Phantom Thread

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The Oscar movies are finally starting to open in the areas where I can see them.  Many people had Phantom Thread in their top ten of the year that I decided to give the film a chance, despite not being high on my list of anticipation.

I was bored.

I did not like Phantom Thread much at all.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock, a fashion artist/dress designer during the 1950s.  Reynolds is very persnickety in his mannerisms and the order his follows.  It made me wonder if this guy was meant to be on the Autism Spectrum.  When he meets waitress Alma (Vicky Krieps), he brings her into his life as his newest muse.  However, Alma does not intend to be just the next disposable muse.  She is in it for the long haul.

Daniel Day-Lewis claims that this will be his final film, as he is retiring, and he does his normal great job creating this weird character.  Vicky Krieps also does a great job opposite the legendary star.  The performances of the film was not the problem.

Through the first hour or so of the movie, I was really bored.  I understand it was a slow burn, but I was squirming in my seat and dozing off and just wishing this would get over.  There is a moment in the story where the film takes a different turn.  Honestly, the film became more interesting at this point, but then I wasn’t sure if the characters were doing things that they should have been doing.  At times, it seemed as if they were out of character near the end of the film.

You always know that Daniel Day-Lewis is going to be amazing.  The film looked tremendous and extremely stylish.  I just don’t think much happened and, by the time some thing did happen, I was checked out.

2.2 stars

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