Love Wedding Repeat

Love Wedding Repeat (2020) - IMDb

Apparently, this new Netflix film has quite a low score on Rotten Tomatoes (at 35%) and a low audience score (39%) as well.  This is a good example of how subjective film can be, because I really enjoyed this movie.

I found Love Wedding Repeat to be extremely charming and very funny.

It is Hayley’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) wedding day, but when an old flame Marc (Jack Farthing) arrives at the wedding with intentions of ruining it, Hayley looks to her brother Jack (Sam Claflin) for help.  She gives Jack a sleep sedative and wants him to drug Marc.  This all gets in the way of Jack’s attempts to meet up with an old flame of his own Dina (Olivia Munn).

When the plan to slip the sedative in Marc’s champagne glass goes awry, trouble ensues.

After everything plays out, we flash back to the key moment and go on an alternate version of the reception occurs.  The story then takes a new twist as the wedding moments play out in a new way.

I enjoyed the twist of the movie where they simply rewind and replay the last part of the wedding.  It was a clever and funny way to go.

Sam Claflin is at the heart of the movie and he does a wonderful job of carrying the story.  All of the pieces of the story flow through him and his down-on-his-luck character seems to fit him beautifully.  I found myself really rooting for this guy who is putting his efforts to help his sister ahead of everything else.

Olivia Munn is also very good in this movie although I could have used more form her.  She had some really great chemistry with Claflin.

There were some storylines in the film that felt like they were crammed in for really no actual reasons.  Jack’s ex-girlfriend (Frieda Pinto) and her new boyfriend (Allan Mustafa) are here and she was taunting him about Jack’s penis size.  These two were not that funny, though there were a couple of moments.  Otherwise, I enjoyed the rest of the film.

I laughed a lot during this film.  There was a very British feel to this film in the manner of comedy and it seemed to work for me.

I do not know why so many people disliked this film, but I respectfully disagree with them.  I found this rom-com clever and creative, with good humor and well acted.  Give it a try.  Keep your mind open.

3.8 stars 

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