The Expendables Award for Acting Excellence-2020

Every year, we give out the special Expendables Award for Acting Excellence because…. well, I am not sure why. The Expendables have a big cast and this gives us a chance to be funny.

Best Expendable Actor as Santa Claus. Kurt Russell (A Christmas Chronicle 2). This was actually a difficult category this year, since there were two Expendables playing Santa Claus (the other being Mel Gibson in Fatman). However, this is the second time Kurt Russell has played Santa and he (along with Goldie Hawn) was the best part of A Christmas Chronicle 2. And the other one was Mel Gibson.

Netflix drops trailer for The Christmas Chronicles 2 | Metro News

Best Expendable Actor with a CGI Dog. Harrison Ford (Call of the Wild). Another one of the best parts of a poor movie, Harrison Ford played off the most ridiculous CGI dog that was totally distracting. Ford is always engaging though.

Review: Harrison Ford defrosts CGI 'The Call of the Wild' - The San Diego  Union-Tribune

Best Expendables Voice Over Actor. Terry Crews (The Willoughbys). One of the more fun animated films on Netflix this year, Terry Crews voices the character Commander Melanoff, one of the standout characters in the film.

Interview with 'The Willoughbys' Director, Kris Pearn | Rotoscopers

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