Boss Level

It seems like every other week now, we are getting a new film that falls into the sub-genre of Groundhog Day/repeating the day films. Just within the last couple of years there has been Happy Death Day, Palm Springs, Before I Fall, The Map of Tiny Little Things and I am sure that there are some that I did not see. We could go back even further if we had to. And now we have the newest entry into the sub-genre: Boss Level.

Frank Grillo is Roy Pulver, a man who is being pursued by a group of assassins and who have died multiple times so far. Roy kept reawakening in his bed on the same day. He has no idea what or why this is happening, but as he is learning about the events, he continues to press through the day, in trial and error, to discover the truth.

Naomi Watts is here as Roy’s former girlfriend Jemma and Mel Gibson is her boss Colonel Clive Ventor. Gibson is not actually that important to the story, which is fun.

Boss Level, which is a reference to video games, is funny, fairly clever and entertainingly violent. The assassins that are chasing Roy are all just excellent and are such an awesome piece. One of the best was Guan Yin (Selina Yo) who has a Chinese sword that she uses to decapitate Roy several times, in which she responds, “I am Guan Yo and Guan Yo has done this.” LOL.

The story went in different directions as it progressed and it had some real heart, especially with Roy and his son Joe, which makes perfect sense as Joe is played by Frank Grillo’s real life son, Rio. Rio Grillo may not have had a huge role in the film, but what I saw I really liked. He seemed to have a calm presence and a natural aura about him. I really liked his performance.

This feels like the perfect vehicle for Frank Grillo and the type of character that he has played up until this point. I will say that I am unsure how I felt at the very end of the movie as they left the last scene on a bit of a cliffhanger. The more I think about it, the more I think this is a great way to wrap up a movie like this. I can see some people being unsatisfied by this result.

This time loop sub-genre has been a pretty successful one as there have been more positive movies in it than ones that failed. Boss Level was a lot of fun and had me on the edge of my seat for much of the run time. It debuted on Hulu this weekend.

4.25 stars

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