Those Who Wish Me Dead

The most recent big release from Warner Brothers to be dropped both in theaters and on HBO Max came out this weekend with the debut of Angelina Jolie’s new movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Jolie is a smoke jumper who has been struggling to overcome a traumatic memory of a failed rescue attempt. She winds up in the watchtower in the forests of Montana. However, things were going to pick up as Connor (Finn Little), a boy whose father was killed by a pair of assassins, was now trying to avoid the same killers in those woods.

Ethan (Jon Bernthal), the sheriff and the boy’s uncle, is involved as well as the two assassins (Aidan Gillen, Nicholas Hoult) go to his house and terrorized his pregnant wife (Medina Senghore) in an attempt to find the boy. She turned out to be more kick ass than anyone in the movie.

Meanwhile, Jolie runs across Connor and the two of them try to hike their way out of the woods only to discover a raging forest fire, set by the assassins.

Having written those plot points, the story does sound pretty ridiculous. However, it does work better than I thought it would. It was especially touching with Connor and his father (Jake Weber). There were a few times when I felt emotionally touched by the delivery of a line from Connor, and those moments were where this film transcended itself.

I liked the relationship with Jolie and Little. They worked well together and that is vital if this was going to work at all.

The thriller aspect was limited to a couple of scenes in the film. These few moments worked well, but it was not something that carried through the run time.

This film is fine. I enjoyed watching it. I am not sure if I will remember anything about it by the end of the year. Angelina Jolie is good (but I expect her to be great in Eternals) and the rest of the cast is decent. Medina Senghore is seriously one of the standout performances in Those Who Wish Me Dead, as an unexpectedly kick ass heroine. I wanted more of her and her pregnant power.

It’s on HBO Max so watch it if you want to. I would not say go to the theater for this one since it is available to stream.

3.15 stars

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