The Kid Detective (2020)

Listening to SEN Live from yesterday and the panel wound up discussing a movie called The Kid Detective. It sounded interesting so I checked it out on Starz for the next movie on the DailyView.

Abe Applebaum (Adam Brody) had been a detective since he was 12-years old. He had experienced a lot of success with the simple cases of the school. So much so that the town made him a small celebrity with headlines and awards. However, when he was hired to find Gracie Gulliver (Kaitlyn Chalmers-Rizzato), a missing girl, Abe struggled with the real life aspect of the case. Unable to find the girl, Abe had taken the weight of the failure on his shoulders, bringing him down into a depressive state for many years.

Going through the motions, solving cases of missing cats, it is not until high school student Caroline (Sophie Nélisse), the girlfriend of a kid who had been murdered a few weeks before, came to hire Abe to solve the murder.

I liked this movie quite a bit. The best part of this is Adam Brody, who carries himself with such a sadness that you can not help but root for him to solve the case even though the more you see him work, the less likely he was going to solve anything. Even still, he has a lot of charm and charisma to carry him through the film.

The story is well done, with several intriguing shifts to keep the audience guessing. This is filmed in a neo-noir style and presents that manner in a wonderfully creative way.

It is also a dark comedy, as many of the jokes deal with some seriously disturbing topics. However, it is very funny and you can’t help but laugh when the writing is this good. The dialogue is crisp and believable. The delivery of the lines and the physical comedic moments are spot on.

While it is only 90 minutes long, The Kid Detective does feel longer. The first act or two are pretty slow burns as Abe is investigating the crime as only he knows how to do. The slow burn in this case is not a bad thing and helps us develop these characters besides just the plot.

Adam Brody is excellent here and he carries the most weight of the movie. His character has many layers, dealing with his own feelings of guilt and failure while trying to find his way through the difficulties of life.

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