James Wan, director of Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring, has returned with a new horror film that takes the insanity to a new level. Malignant hit theaters and HBO Max today and brought with it a crazy tale of horror.

Madison (Annabelle Wallis) was pregnant, but she was in a relationship that was abusive. When her husband knocked her head against the wall, things began to become strange. A mysterious force invaded her home and brutally murdered her husband. What would become worse was this black cloaked figure would continue the murder spree with several other victims.

However, Madison was having visions of the murders as they happen. Petrified over the horrors she was witnessing, Madison and her sister Sydney (Maddie Hasson) went to the police where detectives Kekoa Shaw (George Young) and Regina Moss (Michole Briana White) were working the case.

I am not sure how to describe this one, to be honest. It does start a little slow, but the last half of the movie is just batshit crazy. There are a lot of original ideas in Malignant, and a few that were disturbing. None of them were boring though.

There was a bizarre twist that changed the tone of the movie. It was unexpected, and I may not have loved it, but I did not hate it either. I do like the fact that much of the film has ideas that you do not see much and that Wan clearly held back nothing.

The film looked great, as most of James Wan’s films are. There are some great images that helps build the tension and the mood of the time. The performances are fine, but not what I would say was the standout part of Malignant.

I could see this splitting the fandom down the middle. The audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is quite low early and I can understand why. I think the film is one worth seeing, but it does leave one wondering if the overall experience was worthwhile.

3.3 stars

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