The Don’t Feed the Trolls: Insane Rage Scandal of the Year

This year’s internet rage was directed at one of the creators who the internet once loved. However, when the internet perceives that you are messing with a childhood favorite, or being too “woke” and focus on female characters… well, all the love is off.

Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelations was split into two parts and part one seemingly made the internet lose its mind. They hurled all sort of insults at Kevin Smith for daring to make this series about Teela and for killing off He-Man. The rage was building even before the show was released. Nothing gets the trolls trolling more than some unconfirmed rumors about things they do not like.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation' on Netflix: When Will Part 2 Premiere?

Poor Kevin Smith, who was just trying to keep some of the secrets secret, was called a liar and all kinds of terrible names. You could tell that, even if Kevin denied it, he was bothered by the hatred. These were his people who were turning on him, despite the first part of this series containing some excellent character work and some exceptional story telling.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part One | Ken's Alternate Universe!

Thankfully, this hatred seems to have dissipated as the second part was released on Netflix and it had all kinds of He-Man goodness.

Still, the MotU rage is the Don’t Feed the Trolls winner for 2021.

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The Don’t Feed the Trolls: Insane Internet Rage Scandal of the Year

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