Unaccustomed As We Are (1929)

DailyView: Day 260, Movie 365

With the new Scream out tonight, it was time to bring up another short from the past of cinema to fill the DailyView and today we find a Laurel and Hardy short on YouTube called Unaccustomed As We Are.

The set up was simple. Oliver Hardy brought Stan Laurel back to his apartment with the promise that his wife (Mae Busch) would cook Stan a wonderful steak dinner (with nuts). However, when they arrived, Mrs. Hardy was anything but cooperative, tired of Oliver pulling this surprise on her all the time.

Mrs. hardy left Oliver, so he decided that he would cook the dinner himself, leading to all sorts of hilarities.

They tossed in a misunderstanding with the neighbors as well to add to the slapstick fun.

This was Laurel & Hardy’s first “talkie” film and it used several techniques of the medium that would become staples. Across the hall, Mr. Kennedy (Edgar Kennedy) was getting smashed by his wife, Mrs. Kennedy (Thelma Todd) and all we heard was the crashing and the breaking of objects, something that they could not have done in the silent films that preceded it.

This was a simple short and it was entertaining. Their work would become stronger over the years, but this is solid for what it was.

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