My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1987)

DailyView: Day 270, Movie 380

I found a film on the “leaving HBO Max this month” list called My Best Friend is a Vampire and it was from the 1980s and I thought… how could this go wrong? I had a feeling about the type of film this was going to be and I felt in the mood for one of those silly, 80s vampire flicks. That was exactly what it was.

Jeremy (Robert Sean Leonard) is a teenage delivery boy who found himself at an old mansion with a beautiful woman who wants the boy in a sexual manner. During the encounter, she bit him on the neck. It is revealed that she was a vampire and he was turned into one too.

There was a professor (David Warner) with an aide (Paul Wilson) chasing after Jeremy (actually, Jeremy’s friend played by Evan Mirand) to kill him because they were trying to kill all vampires. René Auberjonois showed up as a friendly vampire to help Jeremy along. There is a girl (Cheryl Pollak) that Jeremy had a dream about and now is interested in. Fannie Flagg is here too.

This was such a stupid movie, but it had its fun times as well. The acting was not good and the story was just as ridiculous as you would imagine. Some of the adjustments they made to the vampire mythos were cool,

The first half hour or so things were decent but the longer the film continued , the worse it got.

Not much else to say. It was a decent time watching a stupid movie.

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