Friday Night Titans #10


It is Friday night and it is time again for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown’s weekly show, Friday Night Titans. This week we get a number one contenders match for the Innergeekdom championship on task with Saul facing off with Kevin “The Smasher” Smets. The winner of the match would earn a title match against the IG Champion Mike Kalinowski in a couple of weeks.

With all due respect to Saul, who I have gotten to like more this year, the Smets-Kalinowski rematch is clearly the match that everyone would want to see.

And after a solid performance from the Smasher, we will be getting that rematch.

Smets defeated Saul by TKO. There were some questions that Saul struggled with as it seemed as if he knew the answer and just could not pull it or just missed. He answered Travis “Wyatt” for the director of Bumblebee instead of Travis Knight. I am sure Saul knew the answer, but just lost it in the moment.

While Saul was respectable in his game, Kevin Smets looked like his old self. He was powerful and even survived the dreaded “opponent’s choice” spin under a Wild Card.

Smets dedicated the match to a Schmoedown fan, J.J. Singleton, who has been fighting his own battle against cancer since 2015. Smets, of course, had a year of cancer treatment and “Smashed cancer” but he wanted to continue to shine the light on those heroes who battle the horrid disease every day. Prayers to J.J. Singleton as the entire Schmoedown community wishes him the best.

In the opening contest of the show, the Wildberries defeated Jay Washington in a teams match. Yes, I said a teams match as Jay had to compete 2 on 1. In storyline, Kristian Harloff, who is in charge of the show, was punishing Jay for his involvement in last season’s attempt to oust him. Jay was commissioner last season, but now has been reinstated as a player and Harloff is going to put him through the ringer. The handicap match was the first step.

Being fair, first round questions for Jay counted as 2-points instead of one, which definitely helped him out. In fact, he was ahead at the end of round one. Sadly, the lack of a partner hurt Jay in round two when he got a category that was not in his wheelhouse.

Of course the Wildberries were out there loud and proud and promoting t-shirts. They always bring amazing charisma and an unmatched energy.

The end of the show featured a recorded message from the current Star Wars Champion Thomas “The Major” Harper who announced that, in order to spend time with his family, he was retiring from the Schmoedown and vacating the Star Wars Championship that he won last year. It was a surprise, but he talked about how much time the Schmoedown took away from his family, including his young children, and you could understand his eventual choice. He was a dominant force in Star Wars, but it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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