The Boys S3 E5


“The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies”

Amazon Prime dropped the fifth episode of the third season of The Boys tonight, continuing the outstanding season. Things are really starting toward building up to the battle with Homelander.

Homelander continues to flex his figurative muscles to the people around Vought, including board members. With Ashley taking the CEO role, Homelander looks like he is finally realizing that running a business is not as easy as he thought. This seems like one more thing that is piling upon the crazy hero.

Highlander “dealt” with Maeve this episode. We are not sure what has happened to her outside of the fact that Black Noir helped take her down. Not before she had sex with Butcher though in a violent encounter with him. Maeve has been in a downward spiral this season. I hope she is okay.

Soldier Boy has found his way to America (pretty easily, by the way) and started blowing things up as he tried to figure out what the world was now like. Paul Reiser, of all people, appeared as The Legend, who provided info to Soldier Boy off screen, and told Butcher and his group about it after wards.

Soldier Boy has apparently made a deal with Butcher now to become the weapon against Homelander. This whole deal had its share of consequences though as Butcher had to slip MM a roofie because he knew that MM would not agree to team with Soldier Boy. It also lead to conflict in the relationship with Hughie and Starlight. Starlight is not happy with Hughie for taking the V-23 for powers. This is all done very well because Hughie is taking the V-23 to feel less of a loser and to protect Starlight, but Starlight doesn’t want his protection. She just wants him. She wanted Hughie to leave Butcher and Soldier Boy, but he chose to follow behind Butcher.

Karma was rearing its ugly head for A-Train, whose tip lead to Super Sonic’s murder by Homelander last episode. Now, as A-Train tried to get the racist hero Blue Hawk to apologize after he had been brutalizing black communities, but it went really poorly, and A-Train’s brother wound up in the hospital, apparently paralyzed. This whole storyline is right out of the headlines with BLM and the police.

Kimiko recovered from the attack in Russia, but she lost her powers, which made her very happy. We also had a song and dance routine to “Who Could Ask for Anything More”. This was remarkably charming with Kimiko and Frenchie leading the background dancers through the hospital. It was all an imaginary scene, of course, but it was still so great.

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