She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S1 E6


“Just Jen”

A self=contained wedding episode just as everyone was jonesing for Daredevil? Excellent.

We spend some more time with Jen Walters at a wedding where she is being treated like crap by this old friend who asked her to be a bridesmaid. This old friend would be a former friend if they tried to treat me the way they treated Jen.

Still, that was the minor issue as the major one was that Titania had manipulated her way into an invite and showed up with the intention of making trouble for Jen. Titania’s jealousy over She-Hulk was on full display when she confronted a very drunk Jen and wanted her to hulk-up so they could fight.

Did not turn out very well for Titania… once again.

We also discovered that Marvel’s super villain group known as The Intelligencia is in the MCU. It was first introduced with a hate web site that posted plenty of angry posts about She-Hulk and other topics. However, it looked as if the Intelligencia was behind the attempt of the Wrecking Crew to get some of Jen’s blood. With another new needle, it looks like that effort is going to turn up the volume.

Who is behind the Intelligencia? There are several options but, in my mind, the choice is simple. It is a character who has been confirmed to return in Captain America: New World Order. He is a character who was obsessed with the Hulk’s blood back in The incredible Hulk. I believe it is Samuel Sterns, the Leader, as played by Tim Blake Nelson. I could be wrong about that and it would turn out to be Todd, the slimy guy She-Hulk went on a date with (I do believe he is involved as well), but The Leader makes a lot of sense and was involved in the Intelligencia in the comics.

Another character making a debut this week was Mr. immortal. Mr. Immortal was a member of the Great Lakes Avengers in the Marvel comics and this week, he arrived at GLK & H with a legal problem. Apparently, Mr. Immortal had been married a few times over the years (9 or more) and, he was so afraid of confrontation, when he decided that it was time to tend the marriage, he would “kill” himself, which would not stick since he was immortal.

This B plot was extremely funny and was a great highlight for Nikki. I love the Great Lakes Avengers and Mr. Immortal is a perfect fit for this series.

I have really enjoyed the fact that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been a series that has a bunch of mostly self-contained episodes and does not feel the need to be one overarching story. Even though we are getting the Intelligencia, this feels like a sitcom in structure. That is great.

And we know that we are getting Daredevil, Frog Man, a returning Abomination for sure and who knows what else they have in mind.

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