Grummy (2021)

It may not be Saturday, but I watched a short on YouTube tonight so consider it a special Sunday Short.

This past weekend, the new horror/comedy M3GAN debuted with over 30 millions dollars at the box office. One of the main stars of that film was young Violet McGraw, who did a great job playing opposite M3GAN in that film. After seeing that, I had heard about a live short that she starred in back in 2021 so I looked it up on YouTube, It was called Grummy.

McGraw played Sarah, a little girl whose imagination was flying free and she was heading into a magical fantasy land along with her stuffed toy, Grummy (voiced by Alexander Ward). Once in the land, though, Grummy ate all of the food that she had brought, immediately causing trouble.

When her father, Jack (Tom Degnan) was calling for her to come out, the magical illusion was broken and she was back in her room, under a canopy of blankets. Jack realized that she had wet the bed and he was trying to get her to come out.

At this moment, things became really dark and difficult to watch as Jack rubbed Sarah’s back and wanted them to play their “special game.” I actually said “Oh No” as I quickly realized what was being suggested by Jack.

Thankfully, she got away from him with the help of the fantasy Grummy.

This was a painful 10+ minutes as it was clear that this little girl was being abused and was searching for a way to escape the abuser.

Violet McGraw was heartbreaking in this short and she clearly has some amazing acting chops. I hope we see a lot more of her in the near future.

It was a powerful short that can approach a painful but vitally important topic.

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