Comic Catch-Up #8

January 26, 2023

Tonight I have a list of comics, most of which I read last night. I did not want to do a third entry in a day, so I decided to hold off on the Comic catch-Up until the next day. Now, after completing the Genre-ary Sci-Fi DailyView for Thursday, I get to move ahead with the eighth post of the Comic Catch-Up.

Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1 & 2. Written by Sabir Pirzada and drawn by Francesco Mortarino, I was neat to read Ms. Marvel again. I like the character and I have missed her adventures. The Dark Web crossover is not a great story, admittedly, but the use of this great character really helps. Issue two has a nice appearance from Miles Morales too, which is always great. Miles and Kamala work very well together. Sure the whole concept of Dark Web provided a bunch of silly things that come to life. That is a flaw for the Dark Web, not the Ms. Marvel part. She brings the strength to the silly.

Sabretooth & the Exiles #1. “Under the Knife” This was surprisingly entertaining. The Exile crew was engaging and Sabretooth continues to be the most vicious of mutants. Written by Victor LaVelle and drawn by Leonard Kirk, we get the classic line, “Exiles Arise!” I laughed at that. The group’s dynamic is the best part of this series. I need to pick up #2 yet, though I have #3 in tow.

The All-New, All-Different Savage Avengers #6. “Escape from Nueva York“. I found this interesting as I was always a fan of the 2099 books and seeing the Savage Avengers make their way to 2099 and tangle with the 2099 Punisher is a lot of fun. Who know who or what else will make its way into the series and I am looking forward to it. This was written by David Pepose with art from Carlos Magno.

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1. Written by Greg Pak and penciled by Manuel Garcia, was not quite what I had in mind. I always liked Amadeus Cho and I did find the inclusion of a younger kid Skaar to pique my curiosity, but I had some trouble getting into the first issue. I liked the incorporation of She-Hulk in the tale, especially when she was with the young Skaar.

Murderworld: Avengers #1. Another series that was something that I did not expect. I thought that the Avengers were actually invovled in the story instead of it just being part of the Murderworld idea. Once I realized what the book was going to be about, I was able to settle down and get into it. The book had an absolutely shocking moment that I did not see coming and really helped put this on the map. I guess I should not have been shocked at the twist because, looking again, it is right there on the cover. This first Murderworld book was written by Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes and the art was by Jethro Morales, and I did like where it eventually took me.

Murderworld: Spider-Man #1. Once again written by Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes, this issue was drawn by Farid Karami. We were able to now focus on a new protagonist after the previous issue’s gunshot and Eden Abraha is a serious kick ass. We also get a glimpse of Black Widow who seems to be on the case. Murderworld has been a surprisingly good time so far.

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #2. Sam Wilson, aka Captain America, teaming up with Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool? Yes, please. Deadpool has always been the best when playing off of other characters in the Marvel Universe and Sam Wilson is no exception. This issue is written by Tochi Onyebuchi and drawn by R.B. Silva.

Captain Marvel #44.Revenge of the Brood Part Two” This story continued to be gripping, with the involvement of the X-Men. I’m not sure I loved what they did to handle Rogue, but the group dynamic here is worth the time. Carol and Jessica Drew’s friendship is always a strength. And the sudden switch at the end of the issue was unexpected. Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Sergio Davila have begun a story that has been very entertaining and that feature one of my favorite alien races in the Brood.

Hell is a Squared Circle. Written by Chris Condon and drawn by Francesco Biagini, this story about the world of professional wrestling and a wrestler who had done some bad things is really a great book. I believe that this is very much a story that could happen in the independent circuit of pro wrestling. Aftershock’s one shot prestige format book asks the question of “Is Wrestling Noir a Genre?” Moooo-ska! Moooo-ska! Moooo-ska!

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