Poker Face (1 x 07 &08)


“The Orpheus Syndrome

The next episode of Poker Face came on Peacock today and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Two big time guest stars, Nick Nolte and Cherry Jones, brought the goodness to this episode.

I also enjoyed the set up this week as we had the first murder that Charlie was not connected to as she had been typically (only slightly tied to this one), but she was much more connected to another murder that happened during the show. I like how the show makes some adjustments to the formula in an attempt to keep things fresh.

Cherry Jones was outstanding as the killer in this episode. The end of this seems to be another potential trend that is starting to show up. The killer killing themselves. It has happened three times now (if I remember correctly).

It was fun seeing Nick Nolte involved in the story as well. I liked the way they incorporated this character into the story. It felt as if Charlie was more important in this episode than some of the others.

“The Future of the Sport”

As I was doing this, I realized that I missed last week’s episode 7. It was another departure from the formula as we did not even get a murder this week. The intended victim survived and the person who we initially thought was going to be the killer, Tim Blake Nelson, was flipped. He went from someone you were meant to hate to someone who showed he was more sympathetic than you thought.

Poker Face continues to be a very engaging and entertaining series with the guest stars on each episode really bringing the quality work. Natasha Lyonne is original and unique as a lead protagonist and is always a joy to watch.

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