Escape from New York (1981)

I had been having some issues with my HBO Max, because I did try to do this movie for the DailyView a few days ago. Hopefully, the kinks are worked out for now with HBO Max because I was able to watch the John Carpenter classic Escape from New York today, starring Kurt Russell as the EYG Hall of Fame character Snake Plissken.

On his way to a vital summit, the President of the United States (Donald Pleasence) was aboard Air Force One and was highjacked and forced down inside the prison of New York. In this dystopian future, the island of Manhattan is used as a maximum security prison, with a wall surrounding the entire island. The prisoners behind the capture of the President, led by The Duke (Isaac Hayes), had plans for him.

Police Chief Hauk (Lee Vann Cleef) , looking for a way to keep the President alive, came up with a plan of his own. He brought the recently captured Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) and offered him a deal. If Plissken would head into New York and bring the President out, he would receive a pardon.

Of course, I knew about Snake Plissken, despite not having seen these movies. I was surprised how extensive the cast of this movie was. Of course, there was Kurt Russell. There was Western star Lee Van Cleef. Isaac Hayes and Donald Pleasence have already been mentioned. There was also Ernest Borgnine, Harry Dean Stanton, Adrienne Barbeau, and Season Hubley. There was also former professional wrestler Ox Baker in the cast as Slag.

Snake works his way through this landscape dealing with the criminals. The action is excellent. I especially enjoyed the battle inside the ring with Ox Baker. Kurt Russell is certainly the key to this movie, as his portrayal of Snake is iconic. Russell is the reason this film worked as well as it did.

I enjoyed this. It was light hearted and fun.

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