Netflix has a new thriller/sci-fi film on its site today, called Awake. Will you stay awake while watching?

In a planetwide event, all electronics, including cars, got wiped out and it caused everyone on the planet to be unable to sleep. Former soldier Jill (Gina Rodriguez) tried to get her son Noah (Lucius Hoyos) and her daughter Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt) to safety from a maddened mob and an army desperate to find a cure. Matilda happened to be one of the few people who can fall asleep.

There is an interesting premise here, but when the film turns into a road movie, there are a lot of silly encounters during this time. She was trying to get the kids to the Hub, where apparently there was another woman who could sleep was being held. When they arrive at the Hub, if you cannot guess, things all go to heck.

I will admit that it was during this time period when I dozed off. Not a good sign when a film about people unable to sleep leads to an audience member falling asleep. Maybe that is my fault trying to watch this instead of taking a nap. I did then pause the video for a nap, which was awesome. After I woke up, I went back to the film and rewound some so I could see what i had missed.

It was really not necessary. There was nothing here that made this stand out. Jill came across the sleeping woman and, after hearing her speak, you knew what had to happen to fix things. The best part of this is the dazed and sleep deprived people running around barely capable after several days of no sleep.

This one is not as terrible as I am making it out to be, but there is nothing that is special about it either, and it could have been top of the line. Gina Rodriguez is pretty good as Jill and the two kids are passable. Awake could make an okay watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Just make sure you are well rested before.

2.5 stars

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