Peacemaker S1 E2


“Best Friends, For Never”

Can’t house train an eagle, dud, without stealing its soul.” -Peacemaker, while in the back seat of a car with Eagley and being told that the eagle had better not shit back there.

It really is poetry.

However, there is an absolute correlation between Eagley and Peacemaker and the words of Chris Smith could easily be taken as a comment about himself.

Peacemaker found himself trapped at the hotel where he had the huge fight with the Butterfly at the end of episode one (although he still does not know what a Butterfly is). Thanks to Harcourt and Leota, he was able to escape, but not after he stole several things, including the record albums that he was impressed by last episode.

However, the team meeting that followed was not the most positive one. After this, Chris went back to his home and had a good cry.

John Cena is great here. You can see into the soul of Peacemaker, someone who definitely wants to do something different with his life, but is not sure what that is. Plus, nobody likes him because he is a dick.

Vigilante showed up this episode.

Peacemaker Episode 1, 2 & 3 Breakdown & Easter Eggs Explained

Yes, the lower level DC character makes a perfect foil for Peacemaker and the two bonded over the use of some guns, arrows, explosives in the woods.

Because Peacemaker had left his car at the scene of the murder of the Butterfly he had had sex with, the team, specifically John Economos (Steve Agee), had to change the name on the car registration. He switches it to Auggie Smith, Peacemaker’s father. The comedy in this is just hilarious, but it also leads to a huge reveal in the episode. And that is that Auggie Smith, Peacemaker’s father, holds the mantel of the White Dragon, a white supremacist with a crew ready to follow him along. So when he was brought to jail because the team’s frame job, he was shown to be more powerful than we imagined.

This is going to be a major storyline this season, clearly. It is another way to take the humor of the series and turn it on its ear, making a much more serious situation.

We have one more episode to go this week before we have to wait until next Thursday to see the next one. Peacemaker has been tremendous so far and James Gunn is clearly having a blast.

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