They Go Boom (1929)

DailyView: Day 345, Movie 492

This morning, we go back to 1929 for another trip to the world of Laurel and Hardy in a comedy short called They Go Boom on YouTube.

The setup: Hardy is sick with the “sniffles” and Laurel snores and the pair can not get too sleep. Hardy whines and complains about having “ammonia” while yelling at Stan to do something for him.

There is a ton of slapstick comedy involved in this short with the pair of Laurel and Hardy banging their heads and falling over things. Hardy’s sneezes and creates all kinds of chaos.

Honestly, I was not a fan of this short. It felt as if there was just too much of Hardy yelling at Laurel and I missed the typical connection between them that made their shtick funny and not mean-spirited. I know this is very much like some of Laurel and Hardy’s comedic moments, but there felt like there was a humanity missing in this.

Plus the end was ridiculous.

They Go Boom was one of the earliest talkies in the era of film that had been rediscovered and restored. Directed by James Parrot, I do not think that I would recommend this to anyone.

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