Friday Night Titans #6


On time this week, without any hint of the technical troubles that caused problems for episode five, Friday Night Titans returned to Friday night with two new matchups that had a huge flavor of last week.

Ben “The Boss” Bateman took on Rick “The Rager” Raddus after Team Action came back and defeated Raddus and Brother Lomis last week. Andrew Ghai returned as Bateman’s manager for the night, pounding on a drum and showing how tremendous of a jerk he could be.

While the match was good, I had a problem with this. I did not have someone to root for. Yes, I know Ben Bateman is one of the greats of the game and that he is an excellent competitor, but his style and his gameplay has never been something I enjoyed. Raddus is another heel and not one to elicit my support. You want to see him get his comeuppance. I don’t care how much they try, Ben Bateman will never be a face. He is, at best, a tweener. The character of “The Boss” just does not inspire me to cheer for him.

Of course, Bateman doesn’t care what I think, nor should he. He just has to do the best he can to win as many matches as he can.

Neither man had a good round two tonight, struggling through with several steals involved. Bateman received a spin of Dreamworks animation and Raddus go the 1990s. Bateman had some tough questions and was in danger of getting wiped out, but Raddus’ round two questions switched the momentum of the match. Raddus had a perfect round one, but trailed by five coming out of round two. It was quite a flip.

At the winner’s interview with “Jessica” (Jen Sterger), Andrew Ghai revealed that he would not be returning to full time competition or to managing. He had found a place he feels comfortable, and it is behind the desk. So Andrew removed his sunglasses and left Team Action in the past.

The undercard featured a very impressive Innergeekdom debut for Brother Lomis. I was not sure what was going to happen, but Lomis was great as he completely dominated the new FCS performer “The Pun-isher” Alana Jordan. The puns that she kept giving were, at first, interesting, but eventually annoying. I do not see this character being a long time player in IG, but Brother Lomis could be fascinating. How about Lomis vs. Saul?

Next week is Mike Kalinowski vs. Paige Frabetti. The Killer vs. The Boston Badass. Paige joined the Fan Favorites and Korruption has seemed to have turned face. Will that be Kalinowski as well? We’ll have to see.

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