The Man from Toronto

I had some hope for The Man from Toronto. Unfortunately, this was just another Netflix movie that is barely worth the time.

The film is one of the typical misunderstanding films where one of the characters gets mistaken for another and then winds up in an adventure. There is nothing new about any of this.

Especially with Kevin Hart as a lead. Sadly, Hart, who I have always liked, continues to play only the one type of character. He played the same ‘Kevin Hart’ role that he plays in every movie he is in. Woody Harrelson is here too. He has played this type of character, the hard nosed, tough killer, before as well. Again, nothing new found here.

That does not mean that this film couldn’t have worked, but the story is so imbecilic that it does not overcome the predictability. The film never grabbed my attention and was so dumb that the only way that this would work is if everyone else in the film was stupid as well and that does not make me enjoy it more.

The film dissolved into the lowest form of humor, including fart jokes and vomit. It is such a waste of time. Just another flop on Netflix.

1.4 stars

3 thoughts on “The Man from Toronto

  1. Diabolically lazy and an insult to everyone who invested the time to actually watch it. Both actors are doing what has become their own routine, neither trying anything new, the direction is formulaic, the script just ticking boxes of what a comedy/action caper needs to be. Horrible.

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