The Boys S3 E8


“The Instant White-Hot Wild”

Good lord, what a finale. It was amazing because during the huge showdown at Vought Tower, I wasn’t sure who I was rooting for, and that shows just how compelling this group of characters are.

The Boys season 3 has just been amazing from the beginning with Termite crawling into that penis until this final battle with Highlander, Butcher, Soldier Boy, Starlight, Maeve and the Boys.

When Homelander started the finale by going and retrieving his son Ryan, I knew things were heading for a bad end.

Then, apparently Soldier Boy had told the entire crew that he was Homelander’s father. They seemed to think this was still going to be fine.

Hughie was knocked out by Butcher and he gets picked up by Annie. Hughie still only sees the best in Butcher. He is the only one.

We see Maeve being moved out of Vought and she escapes.

The first twenty minutes or so dealt with a lot of interpersonal issues. Way more than I thought it was going to do.

And then Homelander killed Black Noir.

Did not expect that and the arrival of “Irving’s” cartoon friends after was the perfect way to bid adieu to one of my favorite characters among the Seven. Black Noir was always a mystery and, I guess, when he ceased to be mysterious was when he ceased to be valuable.

Antony Starr was brilliant yet again as the emotionally unbalanced Homelander. He killed Black Noir because he kept the truth of Soldier Boy from him, but you could see how it was tearing Homelander up figuratively as he was literally tearing up Black Noir. Antony Starr deserves an Emmy for this season.

Queen Maeve played a big part here, though her own obsession made things a tad uncertain for me as whom I should be cheering for in this battle. I have to say, Homelander was just looking for a family and his emotional moments were making me forget about the constant atrocities that he had committed this season. How he seemed to legitimately love Ryan and how the kid seemed to love him back made me think that Homelander was not a total monster. He reminded me as he was sticking his thumb in Maeve’s eye.

Hughie came through, big time. Instead of using the Temp V that could have killed him, he barricaded himself in the control room and brought the stage lights up to full power, juicing Starlight up to maximum power standard. This is the first time we see Starlight fly (which she does in the comics)

The battle at Vought was quite a powerful scene and it switched allegiances several times as many of the characters were conflicted with what they were trying to do. It appeared that both Maeve and Soldier Boy had been killed in one of his explosions after Maeve crashed them both out the window, but both of them survived… Maeve powerless and injured, off to have a relationship on a farm, and Soldier Boy in cryogenic chamber at the hands of the CIA.

The wrap up gave us a ton of things too:

  • Annie joined the Boys, throwing away her Starlight outfit.
  • Butcher found out that he was dying from the Temp V and had 12-18 months to live.
  • Homelander introduced Ryan to his fans. Then he blew the head off of a protester that threw something that hit Ryan. The crowd cheered. Very much like Trump saying he could shoot someone and still get votes.
  • MM explained his baggage to his daughter and she forgave him.
  • Victoria Neuman became the running mate for Robert Singer’s presidential campaign when the VP he wanted was found floating in the pool. We know the drowning victim was not accidental as it was The Deep following Homelander’s orders paying Victoria back for her providing Ryan’s whereabouts to him.

I really thought this was the season where Homelander would be brought down, but it sure seems as if he is only stronger. He has The Deep, A-Train and Ashley totally intimidated and he has the rabble rousers behind him.

The Boys Season 3 has been the best season of this show and I am totally ready for season 4.

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