EYG Top 10 Star Wars Movies


Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out this weekend, and in honor of that, the Top 10 boys decided to do the Top 10 Star Wars movies.   There are only 10 of them (without counting Solo, which I have yet to see) so that means that there are some films in the Top 10 that I would not consider movies that I like.

Top 10 Star Wars Movies…

#10.  The Clone Wars.  The animated film that I absolutely hated.  I couldn’t believe how bad this thing was.  Now it may have spurned a solid animated series, but the animated movie itself is one of the worst things Star Wars this side of the Christmas Special.  I can’t wait for Solo to knock this thing off this list because… it has to.


#9.  Attack of the Clones.  How can a Star Wars movie be this boring?  Perhaps by focusing on the ridiculous love affair between Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Two actors with zero chemistry spouting off the worst dialogue possible.  The rest is nothing more than CGI clutter. There is nothing to really want to support. There are zero stakes.  And the film is the worst of the prequels by far.  The other two prequels have moments that are good or intriguing.  Attack of the Clones does not.


#8.  The Phantom Menace.  Oh how we were all fooled.  We came out of the Phantom Menace after so many years of no Star Wars and we were completely in denial.  The Phantom Menace was a terrible movie, but it took us quite a while to be able to accept the truth.  Little Anakin was horrendous.  No offense to the young actor, but he was not the right fit for that role.  The Trade Federation?   Boring.  Obi-Wan?  Wasted.  Qui-Gon?  Wasted.  Darth Maul?  What looked to be one of the next great villains in the Star Wars franchise… killed.  Cut in half.  WASTED!  The film that made us all eventually question the lord all mighty, George Lucas.


#7.  Revenge of the Sith.  The best of the three prequels, but not that good.  I had heard this one would put the Star War franchise back on the right path, but the film was not good.  It featured a way too long fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan surrounded by lava.  If they cut that fight down 10-15 minutes, things might have helped.  But it was certainly overkill.  And then… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  Ugh.  You can never look at Darth Vader the same way again.


#6.  Return of the Jedi.  Here is where the films start to get better.  Sure there are Ewoks.  Ewoks that was supposed to be Wookies, but are there to make money from the kiddies.  Return also features the dramatic and emotional final confrontation between Luke and Vader and Luke and the Emperor.  Luke’s battle to reclaim the soul of his father, lost to the dark side for all these years was some of the best scenes in all of Star Wars lore.  It certainly helped overlook the Ewoks (which I did not hate anyway).  Plus, the opening scenes with Luke and his crew saving Han Solo from Jabba and the carbonite is fantastic as well.


#5.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  Rogue One was a real risk for the franchise.  Filling in the story of how R2D2 got the plans to the Death Star in his little droid body.  And it was done in the proper way.  The crew going after the plans went on a suicide mission.  We learned a group of great new characters that all found their way to their deaths.  Jyn was a charismatic character who you could easily get behind, but she was not escaping fate.  We met a brand new droid that stole every scene he was in…K-2SO.  But he “died” too.  A dark turn for the Star Wars universe but it showed how powerful and evil the Empire was.  Plus, it kind of redeemed Vader after the “Nooooooooo” line with one of the most kick ass scenes of all the series.


#4.  The Force Awakens.  After years of nothing, suddenly, there was a glimmer.  The Force was back, and this time, it was held by Disney.  After Disney purchased the Lucasfilm properties, they started the renaissance of the Star Wars films with The Force Awakens.  Sure it has some homages to the original series (especially A New Hope), but that does not make this bad.  We are introduced to some great new characters including Finn the renegade Stormtrooper,our new Jedi Rey and the son of Han Solo and Leia, the newly evil Kylo Renn.  The Force Awakens brought us back to the world of Han Solo and Princess (now General) Leia, and hinted at Luke Skywalker.  The big three back again?  It caused quite the stir among fans.  And it was really fun.


#3.  The Last Jedi.  Very divisive among Star wars fans, I really enjoyed MOST of the Last Jedi.  Now, admittedly, the Finn storyline here was horrendous and the entire section of this movie where Finn and Rose headed off to a casino world to find someone to hack into the ship of the First Order is completely ridiculous.  Strike that though and The Last Jedi is a very strong film.  The stuff that caused so much controversy among Star Wars fans, I liked all of it.  The ending sequence with Luke Skywalker vs. Kylo Renn… spectacular.  The film was gorgeous to look at.  The confrontation with Kylo Renn and Rey was also amazing and really had you unsure exactly what was going to happen next.


#2.  Star Wars: A New Hope.  The original.  The film that spawned everything that came after it. The story of Luke Skywalker, a young boy who is traveling to the stars to join the rebellion against the Empire like his father.  Along the way, we met iconic characters such as Han Solo, the rogue smuggler, the Princess, Leia of Alderaan, Chewbacca, Solo’s co-pilot- a Wookie who you should let win at chess, R2D2 and C3PO, the comedy sidekick droids who found themselves int he middle of everything, the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader, the old hermit Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, who becomes more powerful when struck down.  Star Wars continues to be one of the best, most fun films around.


#1.  The Empire Strikes Back.  Of course, what most people consider the best Star Wars movie ever, is my own favorite as well.  Not only did it deliver the greatest surprise in movies history (“Luke, I am your father”) but gave us an awesome new character, Lando Calrissian, only to have him stab Han and everyone else in the back by turning Han over to Vader.  We were introduced to the Frank Oz voiced Muppet, Yoda, who would become one of the greatest Jedis of all time.  The great first light saber fight between Vader and Luke was tremendous as well.  The film left us in a dark place as we were not sure what was going to happen to our heroes and it set up the finale perfectly.  Empire has been used as the barometer for all trilogies that have a dark entry in the middle of the trilogy that makes it look as if everything is going the villains way.  This will always be the case and the legacy of Empire is forever set.


There is no Honorary Mentions of course, until this weekend with Solo: A Star Wars Story.

As a side note, I loved listening to Matt Knost and John Rocha opening their gift from was one of the best moments of the show.  Matt Knost literally sounded like a kid at Christmas.  Big thumbs up to for his kindness.

6 thoughts on “EYG Top 10 Star Wars Movies

  1. I must politely disagree. I didn’t find Attack of the Clones any worse in dialogue and acting any more than the original Star Wars film, A New Hope. A New Hope only gets away with it because it felt so fresh and original that people overlooked the glaring flaws, well, some people. Alec Guiness hated A New Hope, as he felt it was full of bad dialogue. Revenge of the Sith is way too low on the list. It’s one of the best Star Wars movies, as far as I’m concerned, with Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One. Believe it or not, I actually found Phantom Menace more enjoyable than New Hope. But to each their own.


      • You are always welcome. EYG is the place where everyone’s opinions are respected. It is the safe place to be the geek that you want to be. If everyone agreed on everything, the world would be pretty dull. But we can always disagree with respect. That is a goal of EYG.

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