Uncut Gems

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I hate Adam Sandler movies.

It has been so long since I have liked an Adam Sandler movie.  They are not funny and he does the same shtick in every one.  He has zero range and little to no skill.

Now, I am going to have to revise that thought.

Adam Sandler starred in Uncut Gem, an A24 film, where he plays a New York City jeweler who is out trying to make the big haul and get out from under his money problems.  And Sandler is absolutely spectacular in this role.

Of course, this is not a comedy where he tries to force in poop, drug and vomit jokes as if he were 12-years old.  This is a raw, nuanced performance of a man desperate to right his life but constantly getting in deeper.

Yes, he is more foul mouthed than ever before, and the character he plays, Howard Ratner, is extremely unlikable, but you understand his desperation and I even got to a point that I was connecting with him.  So many things go wrong to him that you can understand his frustrations.  I have to say, the swearing was something that I had to get past, and that is not even something that normally bothers me.  Not only that but everyone seemed to be talking (or yelling) over each other and that was tough to watch, but once I adjusted to it, I started to enjoy this movie.

Howard gets his hand on a rock that contained colored gems and he knew this was his chance.  Unfortunately for Howard, there are several problems that continue to pop up preventing him from taking advantage of his windfall.

There is a gritty feel to the film and you are constantly filled with anxiety about what is going to happen next.  Howard is on his toes, just barely getting through to the next situation that you never have the chance to take a deep breath.

If Adam Sandler continues to give performances like this, perhaps I might have to reconsider my opinion on him.

4 stars


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