2019 Documentaries


I actually have not seen as many documentaries of the past years and, honestly, there has not been that dominant documentary around.  Still, here are the list of 10.

#10.  Jawline.  On Netflix, the tale of 16-year-old Austyn Tester trying to become a celebrity on YouTube.  Interesting look.

#9.  Fire in Paradise.  The doc about the fire in the California city named Paradise.  It was intense and tough to watch, but it was too short.

#8.  Western Stars.  Bruce Springsteen in a barn singing his new album.  Solid work, but I did not know any of the songs.  Loved his cover of Rhinestone Cowboy.

#7.  Apollo 11.  The story of the first expedition to land on the moon featuring unaired footage and the actual news coverage.

#6.  Never Surrender.  Screen Junkies create a documentary all about the making of Galaxy Quest, the classic 90s comedy/spoof starring Tim Allen and Alan Rickman.

#5.  They Shall Not Grow Old.  A look at the soldiers of World War I through old BBC footage that Peter Jackson used technology to update the footage.

#4.  Biggest Little Farm.  An intense story of how a little farm begins and survives outside of Los Angeles.  I never thought this could be as exciting as it was.

#3.  Ask Dr. Ruth.  A documentary all about Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the noted sex therapist.  Entertaining and vital.

#2.  Amazing Grace.  A remarkable film with the performance of Aretha Franklin recording her Amazing Grace album live at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles in 1972.  The Queen of Soul brings it.

#1.  Leaving Neverland.  The six hour documentary on the Michael Jackson child sexual abuse case was devastating, painful to watch and heartbreaking.  Listening to the stories of Jackson’s alleged victims was incredibly horrific and the interviews with the families involved made you angry and wondering what these people were thinking.

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