X-Men + Fantastic Four #4

X-Men + Fantastic Four #4

Welcome to the New World:  The Might of Latveria has been Unleashed

Writer:  Chip Zdarsky

Artist:  Terry Dodson

Cover Art:  Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

This is one of the many mini series/regular series that have suffered because of COVID-19.  It has been such a long time since we saw the first three issues of this series that it really made this climactic chapter in this mini series feel like an after thought, and that is too bad since I had really been enjoying this series up to this point.

Everybody is trying to get their hands on Franklin Richards for their own reasons.  The series does a good job of presenting the different sides to the argument over Franklin whether it is the plans of Dr. Doom or the X-Men or Franklin’s parents.

I have to say that the art of this book has not been my favorite so far (in particular the faces of the characters), but I really think this issue stepped it up.  Some of the art here is so wonderful, especially with the images of Franklin and his power, so it helps the issue.

However, the ending scene (which I will not spoil) with Professor X and Magneto doing something that made me reconsider those two characters and their motivation.

The series also seemed to wrap up pretty easily.  Made me think about those sitcoms that introduce the story and it gets wrapped up in the half hour.  The characters’ changed their minds quickly.

The series was a decent overall read, and , if you did not have the months in between, I think it would have been all the better.  The minor quips I have are nothing major, but the final issue was not as great as my memory told me about the previous issues.



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