Daredevil #21

Preview: Daredevil #21 | Graphic Policy

Daredevil #21

Truth/Dare Part 1

Writer:  Chip Zdarsky

Artist:  Marco Checchetto

Cover Art:  Marco Checchetto & Erick Arciniega

The Daredevil series has been such high quality during this recent run by writer Chip Zdarsky and this week’s Daredevil #21 is a good example of why.  If you are being honest, nothing actually happened in this book.  And yet, it was thoroughly compelling and engaging.  I found myself turning the pages with a renewed vigor.

The battle of Hell’s Kitchen is over and now the fall out happens. Daredevil decides that he must turn himself into the police to face the consequences of his actions.  This issue is going from the end of the battle to DD turning himself in.  While there was not much plot-wise involved here, there was a bunch of remarkable character beats for Daredevil and the others involved.

There is a tense scene between Daredevil and Spider-man (with a great throwback to the previous cameo with the Wall-Crawler).  There are some amazing scenes with DD and Foggy.  Detective Cole North has become a top notch character in this arc and he continues as a fantastic piece.  DA Hochberg and Daredevil have an amazing interaction too.

Then the comic begins a new arc that is perhaps going to be one of the most intriguing and potentially influential plot in a superhero comic.  I am very excited about where this comic is headed.

Marco Checcetto’s art in this book is fabulous.  There are so many panels that jump off of each page.  His work truly sets up the tone of this book and helps with the enjoyment of the book.

Daredevil #21 felt like a transition, but it was a transition at the highest level you can get.


Preview: Daredevil #21 | Graphic Policy


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