A Day’s Pleasures (1919)

DailyView: Day 140, Movie 215

We return to the oeuvre of Charlie Chaplin tonight to come across one that is unlike many of the others… a short that is not very funny.

A Day’s Pleasure ha Charlie and his family, (including longtime co-star Edna Purviance) headed out for a day of fun and frolic, boarding a ship for a cruise. First, they had to endure the car that would not start. Once that bit was over, we had a whole series of bits involving seasickness. After the cruise, they had trouble with a cop and hot tar on the way home.

Overall, this has been the weakest Chaplin films that I have seen so far. There are moments of brilliance, such as when Chaplin has to wrestle a deck chair. This scene placed Chaplin’s expertise at physical comedy front and center, but this was the lone standout in the film.

The music, composed by Chaplin himself, is, as always, entertaining and fits the film wonderfully.

In the end, this is below the high standards of Charlie Chaplin, but at a scant 18 minutes, it is hardly a bother.

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