Primer (2004)

DailyView: Day 141, Movie 216

Primer was a psychological science fiction movie unlike anything I had seen before. This seemed to be the ultimate independent film as it felt as if this was completely down to earth and grounded like we were watching the every day life of two friends who stumbled across an unbelievable scientific discovery.

While it was treated like real life, it was a challenging watch, with the scientific lingo being very difficult to follow. In fact, much of the story of Primer was difficult to watch and I believe that was the filmmaker’s purpose.

According to Rotten Tomatoes:

Intellectual engineers Aaron (Shane Carruth) and Abe (David Sullivan) build and sell error-checking technology with the help of their friends Robert (Casey Gooden) and Phillip (Anand Upadhyaya). But when Aaron and Abe accidentally invent what they think is a time machine, Abe builds a version capable of transporting a human and puts the device to the test. As the two friends obsess over their creation, they discover the dark consequences of their actions.

This feels like a film that has to be rewatched several times if you want to truly understand what is going on. I have always considered myself an intelligent film viewer, but I am not ashamed to say that much of Primer was over my head. There have been comments that this film deals with time travel in a manner that is the most realistic, which I found funny considering how unrealistic the concept was.

For me, this was too much like those college science classes that I did not understand. While I appreciate the originality and taking the big swing doing something unlike that has ever been before, I did not enjoy the movie much. I am glad it exists and I am happy to have watched it, but I am not sure I know what had happened.

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