What If…? S1 Ep 6

Spoilers for What If…? Episode 6

What If…Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?”

I have to say, it was tough watching Black Panther, voiced by Chadwick Boseman, die in this episode. He wasn’t here long, but I was surprised how much watching the animated version of him die would affect me.

This week’s What If…? is a take on the character of Killmonger, voiced by Michael B. Jordan. Killmonger is considered one of the MCU’s most complicated and developed villains. His one appearance in the Black Panther movie set him up as one of the classics. Here, Killmonger takes a different path. He saves Tony Stark from being kidnapped and ending up in a cave in Afghanistan. Because of that, we no longer had an Iron Man.

However, it did not mean that Killmonger was now a heroic figure. In fact, the son of the Prince N’Jobu was as brutal as he was in Black Panther. Here he wound up killing T’Challa, Rhodey, and, eventually, Tony Stark, all in a plan to find himself in Wakanda in a position of power. He still had the intention of spreading the power of Wakanda across the planet, freeing the oppressed brothers, it just took a different path.

All of the episodes of What If…? have left off on a cliffhanger, a place where they could continue the story, if they so choose, but none of the other five episodes felt as incomplete as this one did. While the other episodes had potential cliffhangers, they also served as episodes that could stand on their own without taking it any further. This episode felt a bit empty with where it left off. I wanted more.

There is still some beautiful animation in this episode with some wonderful imagery. It is something that What If…? is becoming known for. Yet this episode felt as if it were missing something. Maybe it was the fact that it had the most non-MCU returning actors doing voices (no Tony Stark, no Obidiah Stane, no Pepper Pots, no Shuri) of any episode so far. The Tony Stark voice, done by Mick Wingert, was solid, but the others distracted me.

Episode rank so far…

1A. What If… Doctor Strange Lost his Heart instead of his Hands?

1B. What If… T’Challa became a Star-Lord?

3. What If…Zombies?

4. What If… Captain Carter were the First Avenger?

5. What If… The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?

6. What If… Killmonger Had Rescued Tony Stark?

Three more episodes to go.

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