Drain the Sunken Pirate City (2017)

DailyView: Day 143, Movie 220

The next film I looked at in celebration of tomorrow’s Talk Like a Pirate Day was a documentary found on Disney + from a few years ago. It was a National Geographic film that detailed the story of the infamous pirate city of Port Royal that sunk into the ocean in the 17th century.

Port Royal, which was the city used at the beginning of The Pirates of the Caribbean film to introduce Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, was known as the ‘wickedest city on earth.’ It was a British port that was designed to protect the Kingston Bay area from the Spanish. The doc revealed that there was a deal in place between England and the pirates to split the treasure of attacks on Spanish vessels.

However, the power of Mother Nature took over as the city was sunk beneath the ocean by the combination of a massive earthquake, powerful quicksand and a series of tsunamis.

Marine archaeologist Jon Henderson went to the area, using the most cutting edge science and technology, to attempt to piece together what caused the sinking of Port Royal and to see what they could find beneath the surface of the ocean.

It is a fascinating documentary, dealing with the discovery of many parts of the city that remained in tact beneath the waves. They carefully investigated the area and uncovered some fascinating info that helped them make their hypotheses on what happened to this city. Mixed with the historical accounts from maps and survivor’s testimony, the doc does a solid job of laying out the details of the apocalyptic event.

I would have liked more of the historical information connecting the city to the pirates. Was there well known real life pirates involved here and did any of them reach their fate during the destruction of Port Royal?

Still, it is an easy watch filled with a lot of good information and intriguing use of new technology. The 47 minute film flew by and was paced extremely well.

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