Peter Pan (2003)

DailyView: Day 143, Movie 219

Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and to celebrate at EYG and the DailyView, I am going to be watching several classic films with a pirate theme. Starting off tonight, I watched the live action 2003 version of Peter Pan, with one of the greatest and most iconic villainous pirates of all time, Captain Hook.

Peter Pan has not had many good movies, outside of the original Disney animated classic. In fact, most adaptations of the boy who would not grow up fell desperately short. However, this 2003 version was able to capture much of the magic of the original one and managed to bring the book to life.

Telling the classic story, Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) took the Darling children, Wendy (Rachel Hurd-Wood), John (Harry Newell) and Michael (Freddie Popplewell) to Never Never Land and introduced them to an adventure facing off with Captain James Hook (Jason Isaacs) and his crew of buccaneers. With the aid of The Lost Boys and Tinkerbell (Ludivine Sagnier), Wendy and Peter face off with the pirates.

Jeremy Sumpter does a good job as the title character and Rachel Hurd-Wood is excellent as Wendy. These two characters must work if this story is to be any good at all. Jason Isaacs is very compelling and sinister as James Hook, the opposite side of the coin to Peter Pan. Isaacs, who also portrayed Wendy’s uptight father, brings a surprisingly deep performance for a character that could be very one-note.

There are some wonderful imagery in the film as well. Some of the shots are beautiful and do stand the test of time. The giant crocodile is a cool visual as are the scenes of flying through the London nighttime sky.

This is way better than Hook or that atrocity Pan (with Hugh Jackman as Hook). One of the better versions of Peter Pan.

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