Pirates of Penzance (1983)

DailyView: Day 144, Movie 221

Ahoy, me mateys! I be hopin’ that ye would be enjoyin’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day! How better to be celebratin’ the special occasion than by singin’ a song! Aye! and toss in some dancin’ as well and you have got yerselves a debauchery. Yo ho ho!

To be fillin’ this perscription be the 1983 movie that was based on the Broadway musical, Pirates of Penzance.

Frederic (Rex Smith) has left his band of pirates, led by the Pirate King (Kevin Klein), and has fallen in love with sweet innocent Mabel Stanley (Linda Ronstadt). However, his crew has followed him to the land and has attempted to abscond with Mabel’s sisters. After quick thinking from their father, Major General Stanley (George Rose), the priates were prevented from running off with the women.

Shiver me timbers! Kevin Klein as the scallywag Pirate King is utterly brilliant. The dance moves that he perform are crisp, clean and beautifully executed. He carries himself with a aura of excellence that I was not expectin’. Every step in the finale was something special.

The angelic voice of Linda Ronstadt carried much of the tunes from the Gilbert and Sullivan comedic opera that the film and the Broadway play were based, but ye should not be overlookin’ the contributions of Angela Lansbury as Ruth. Lansbury dove into the role and added some real hutzpah to the cast. Her experience in musical theater shined through.

The film was shot with a background much like the theater, instead of the more realistic setting. It made the film feel more like a theatrical experience than a cinematic one and it worked for this film.

Aye, The Pirates of Penzance was a lot of fun and had plenty of laugh out loud moments. An outstandin’ performance from Kevin Klein among others in the cast brought this adaptation to life, and the music is updated wonderfully, giving some wondrous musical interludes.

Aye, this movie be quite the booty, a treasure to behold. Savvy? Yo ho, yo ho….

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