EYG Hall of Fame- Schmoedown Wing

Now that 2022 Movie Trivia Schmoedown season is underway, it is time to officially announce the official opening of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Wing of the EYG Hall of Fame.

We will be inducting our first class of Movie Trivia Schmoedown competitors/personalities into the Embrace Your Geekness Hall of Fame in 2022. Every year, in February, we will induct 2-3 new members into the Schmoedown Wing. I will cap the inductees for future years at 3 (although it could be two singles competitors and a team or some variation as such). However, the Class of 2022 will be the largest number of inductees that we will have.

I will say that some of the decisions about who to induct this first class was difficult and, since I did not want to have a huge number of inductees this first group, there are a couple of competitors that have been left out of the first class. I understand there are some people who may disagree, but understand any exclusions made are not personal. I have the utmost respect for the players and, if they are on the outside looking in right now, I expect that they will be inducted soon.

So, without further adieu, here is the Class of 2022 for the Schmoedown Wing of the EYG Hall of Fame.

“Dangerous” Dan Murrell. Of course. He is the recognized GOAT and a multiple time champion. One of the most respected players of all time. First competitor to 20 wins.

The Patriots (JTE and Jeff Sneider). The longest reigning team champions of all time. The Patriots won the first nine matches they played. Created amazing antagonists for the crowd to cheer against.

Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis. The creators. The Schmoes. The driving force behind the league. Former team champions as well.

Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing. A powerhouse in three divisions. A leader among the women in the Schmoedown.

Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski. Multiple time Innergeekdom champion and team champion. Always underestimated. One of the top heels in the game.

“The Outlaw” John Rocha. Multiple time champion. One of the first and most successful “characters” in the Schmoedown. Set a tone for what a heel was supposed to be.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022. If your favorite has not been inducted yet, February 2023 is the next opportunity. Good luck.

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