Suspect Zero (2004)

DailyView: Day 332, Movie 475

I’ve said before that I like films involving serial killers. Sadly though, there are a whole lot of them that are pretty bad. Suspect Zero is one of those.

Suspect Zero featured Ben Kingsley, Aaron Eckhart and Carrie Anne Moss in a sleeper of a story that sees Eckhart pursuing Kingsley’s character across the country, believing him to be a serial killer of dozens of missing people, only to discover that he is actually killing other serial killers. Eckhart was also being tormented by psychic visions of the future that was making him irrational to the other FBI guys.

Carrie Anne Moss is here for reasons. She was a former flame of Eckhart’s character which is touch upon once where Carrie Anne seemed to be angry at Eckhart and the next scene seemed like she was desperately concerned for him.

The whole psychic flashes were here to just try and build a confusion for the story and build tension. It does not work.

Ben Kingsley was good overall, especially with the garbage that was given to him.

This is forgettable. It was a waste of time and had little to no tension. The final act was laughable and our killer had nothing to him. It is a bad film.

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