Friday Night Titans #4


Episode four of Friday Night Titans was a special pay-per-view episode and what a match highlighted it.

I have to say, I had an inkling, a gut feeling that Marisol McKee, aka “Lady Justice” may lose the title tonight. She has been so impressive with wins over Ethan Erwin (to win the title) and then against Chance Ellison and Griffin Newman that she had made a believer out of me. But there was just something about that match Samm Levine had last week with The Barbarian. It was a feeling.

And we have a new Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion of the World, “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine.

What a trivia masterpiece this match was as two clear masters battled. Neither person missed a single question, nor did anyone have to check down to multiple choice in round two.

It came down to the speed round.

Samm Levine had made his reputation thanks to the speed round. When he won his first title, he was known to be fast on the buzzer and dominant in the speed round, but that was four years ago, and Marisol McKee is no slouch in the speed round either. Samm Levine showed absolutely zero rust on those buzzers (which by the way I LOVE the new buzzer set up on the set. A++ on that improvement) and he came out aggressive and with attitude.

Jumping the gun on the questions, there was one question that Samm nearly buzzed in too soon with the Evan Almighty choice, but it worked out for him. The speed round was the difference in the match and led to the title change.

Samm and Marisol showed so much class and respect that you could not help but be amazed and impressed with them both. Oh, and I speculated last week about the possible face turn for Marisol’s manager Shannon. This week, it has clearly happened.

Samm Levine has not missed a question in season 9 yet after two matches, and has a streak of 48 straight correct answers dating back to before his retirement. It is also Samm’s ninth consecutive victory in singles competition, tying the Patriots for that record.

Samm played with such emotion and had several times where you could see that he was not quite 100% on the answer but was able to pull it anyway including a 5 point question in Musicals.

The undercard was a entertaining match as well as William Bibbiani defeated Chance Ellison as the match came down to the final question, missed by Chance. “The Beast” had pulled a tough 5-point question in Animated Movies (Gnomeo and Juliet) to put himself the opportunity to win.

It also sounds as if they are starting to set up a team title match for April with Shazam, which includes Bibbiani and “The Kid” Brendan Meyer, in a third time rematch with Korruption, Chance and Mike Kalinowski.

An epic night of movie trivia and the first true 2022 Match of the Year contenders with the Championship match. The final scene indicated that Ben Bateman will challenging someone next week on Titans. Who could that be? Can’t wait to see. Greta night tonight. Congratulations to Samm Levine on his title win and Marisol McKee on her amazing effort.

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