Box Room (2014)

Day: January 30th, Movie: 32

I made a decision this evening. Because I have a bunch of write-up to do tonight (The Last of Us and a couple of Poker Face episodes) and Monday Night RAW, I decided to push the film that I had scheduled for today to tomorrow, and I went to look for a short that would work for today. I found a sci-fi short called Box Room, which was something else.

Jerry (David Joseph Magee) was a sad and lonely young boy who lived with his neglectful mother (Erika McGann) in an apartment. When he discovered a damp space on the wall, Jerry began peeling away the wallpaper. He uncovered a strange, alien-looking orifice that was inside the wall. At first, Jerry was repulsed by the creature, but, as he continued with problems with his mother, he made a choice. Jerry had sex with the creature. And then things got worse after that.

This movie was really fairly gross. Only a hormonal and, perhaps, depressed teenager would even consider sticking his penis inside that creature. It looked horrible and left all kind of yuck across anything that Jerry put inside it (such as a pencil). How could he think this was a wise idea? There was a dream sequence in the short that was horrifying.

David Joseph Magee does a really solid job in a film where he has to shoulder a huge part of the storytelling. And the orifice in the wall was clearly designed to look like a monstrous vagina, and it was frightening. The whole thing was extremely creepy and unsettling, but was pretty great. It absolutely delivered feelings during the story and created plenty of tension. The ending was just as gross as the beginning.

It was only fifteen minutes and it was worth the grossness.

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