Poker Face (1 x 03)


“The Stall”

The third episode of Poker Face on Peacock was another fun episode, with Charlie finding her way into another murder mystery, this time thanks to a MAGA dog.

Picking up a barking, little dog that only stopped barking when the radio was on a far right radio podcast, Charlie got a job with a BBQ joint in Texas. Taffy Boyle (Lil Rel Howery) had his own podcast, which led to his plan to off his brother, George (Larry Brown).

Once again, Poker Face showed Charlie and her lie detecting skill in a very positive light. She is smart and the show absolutely gives examples of this.

I will say that I was not a big fan of the little dog. Its constant yipping was annoying, but the use of it as a plot device was a tad sad.

Benjamin Bratt does not make an appearance in this episode, for the first time in the series.

This is, yet, another episode that used the basic formula of showing the murder and then showing that Charlie had arrived already and had some kind of connection. So far the formula has been fine, but I am hoping that this does not make the show become repetitive. It looks as if things may be changing up soon, and I do hope it will to keep things fresh.

Good so far though.

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