Poker Face 1 x 02


“The Night Shift

The second episode of Poker Face was another good episode. I really enjoyed how this murder had been set up and how Charlie went about to solve the case.

A winning scratch off ticket led to a murder of a young man, shoved off a roof and then bludgeoned to death with a crowbar. The killer made it look as if a truck driver had killed him.

Unfortunately for the killer, Charlie had met the trucker that night and the story of what happened did not ring true to her. The truck driver was an intriguing character, as if she were right out of Nomadland.

Cliff Claven himself, John Ratzenberger appeared as a local mechanic who fixed Charlie’s car.

I really do enjoy this series. Although there have been several of these “murders-of-the-week series, Poker Face has a different feel to it. I’m curious if the next several episodes are going to follow the same basic formula. That may be a problem heading forward. For now, the show feels very original and different from the other types of shows like this. I hope they can find a way to maintain such success.

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