May the 4th…

Both here and in a galaxy far, far away

We celebrate a very special day.

A day of wonder, a day of mirth

Unlike few days upon this earth.

When grand heroes will step into the light

To battle forces of the night

Luke and Leia, Han and Chewy

Droids with messages that are screwy.

Tatooine, where the rule of thumb

Is villainy among the scum

Mos Eisley cantina is where you can go

To see the creatures put on a show

Or find a ride into the stars

To avoid the Empire’s radars

That piece of junk?  Just wait a sec

The Kessel run under 12 parsecs?

You know that ‘s not a unit of time…

That story is the most sublime.

Just remember, to your chagrin

In chess you let the Wookie win.

So many great moments across the sky

for those who will live and those who will die

Yoda, the Ewoks, the massive Death Star

Lando, Kenobi and even Jar Jar.

Stormtroopers shooting and once again missing

Brother and sister unwittingly kissing

The Jedis killed off by one of their own

Boba Fett was an unaltered clone.

Tell me again, tell me with care

Boba Fett? Bobba Fett?  Where?

Yoda tells Skywalker “Do or do not”

While Luke uses the Force to lift up a rock.

Vader tells Luke that he is his father

Causing poor Luke a great sense of bother

There is so much to do.  There is so much to say

On International Star Wars Day

There is only one thing that you simply must do

Say to your friends, “May the 4th be with you!”

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