Today was a Great Day!

Today Was A Great Day!!


As I lay down upon my bed, before I slipped away,

I thought about the wondrous things that I had done today.

I learned to dance the Harlem Shake, and if that weren’t enough,

I danced it with my little dog, knee deep in marshmallow fluff.

I stopped a thief who robbed a bank, a hero tried and true.

My science trial showed its results and cured the stomach flu.

I braved the snow and frigid winds to reach Mount Everest’s peak.

And Jennifer Lawrence asked me if she should play Mystique.

About the new bill I advised President Obama.

At the zoo, without a care, I caught the escaped llama.

I wrestled with CM Punk, and I forced him to tap out.

I went to Cuba for the Dodgers as a talent scout.

Won an Emmy, Tony and the Academy Award,

I grabbed control of Disney; I’m the chairman of the board.

I read The Iliad; it was about the Trojan War.

I won an arm wrestling contest with the Mighty Thor,

I finished writing my first novel, it went really good.

My grammar may still need some work and work on that I should.

I parachuted from a plane and flew throughout the air.

And I discovered a Sasquatch inside its hidden lair.

I swam out in the swamp and I hog-tied a crocodile.

I was a tourist guide who floated upon Egypt’s Nile.

I led a crew of scientists up Kilimanjaro.

Oh, I can’t wait to see just what I will do tomorrow.





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