Batman v. Superman Two-Voice Poem


Batman v. Superman Two-Voice Poem

Batman                                                        Both                                         Superman



I am the night                                                                                      I am the son of Krypton

He is a dangerous alien

His carelessness cost lives


I am a hero                   He is a crazed vigilante

Burning bats into shoulders

I should do something…

Protect my city

Gotham                                                                                                  Metropolis

From him

I…                                                                                                              I…

Must fight

To kill the alien                                                                                       Manipulated by Luthor

Face off

Special suit-Kryptonite                                                                         No time for talk


God will die by man’s hand                                                                   Martha

Why’d you say that name?                            Mom?                             Martha

WHY’D YOU SAY THAT NAME!                                                              Lois

Friends now

I will save your mother                                                                            I will face Lex

Trust me

Brutality.  Violence                                                                                     Kryptonian vessel


What can I do?                                                                                             He’s powerful

Is she with you?

Wonder                                                                                                           Woman

The Trinity


He’s gone

An inspiration

My fault

Together from now on.

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